Nina elle sarah jessie yoga time

Nina elle sarah jessie yoga time
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Hi my name is John I'm 20 years old, and this is my story about my sexual adventures. I want to take the time to tell you guys that this was my first experience. There is a back story to this and it is well worth the read. "Harder!" she screamed. I happily complied, and started to pound my cock in and out of her. "I'm almost there." she said to me "I'm cumming!" she moaned. She climaxed her pussy tightly gripped my cock and after a few seconds I came. We both collapsed, Jane fell asleep but I didn't I just laid there with my hands on the back of my head smiling.

Seeing my cock deflate as all my blood rushed back to my head. I look at the hickies on my abbs that she gave me. It wasn't always like this, I really never thought I had it in me to sleep with my cousin. I thought I had lost my chance at it. Let me take you back to when I was 12 in 7th grade my cousin Jane had never really caught my attention in the slightest two big boobs women shared a big fat cock in hotel room to the fact that she was 2 years younger than me.

That all changed in the summer before I went into 8th grade when we were all "sliding on a slip in slide".

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We were all having fun so much fun that we didn't notice the soap ran out and Jane slid on the slip in slide and when she got up her top was down. I got to see all of her breast.

She was so embarrassed, he sister had to calm her down. I knew I shouldn't have thought about her breast like that but they were my first pair that I had ever seen, and they were exceptional. I knew I shouldn't have thought of her like that but she was one of those girls that developed fast and when I say fast I mean that she rivaled most of the girls in my grade.

So everything went back to normal after that. Except for me I was jacking off everyday to the thought of her tits. That went on for about 3 years until I got a very special Christmas present from her.

It was Christmas eve and we were the type of family to stay up till 12 am so we could open our presents so we would choose a house and we would all go over and stay up till 12 and have a party. Well this time it was at my aunt Jenny's house (Jane's mom) I decided to go over earlier to see if they needed help. Turned out that my toronto mayoral candidate nikki benz gets banged doggy style was on her way out to pick something up from another aunt who lived across town with my other cousin Danielle.

So it was just me and my cousin Jane. When they left she came out and said to me "Dang now I gotta go change inside my room. I was going to change out here." Out of nowhere I blurted out "Why? No one is stopping you." She then gave me a seductive grin and said "You're right" and walked up to me in front of the couch and took off her shirt. I was in awe they had grown so much from the last time. She turned around and asked "Can you un do my bra?" I happily obliged.

She turned around and let the bra fall off and I got so see her breast. She then unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. There she was with just panties on she stepped back and took them off. "You like it? Not a single strand of hair. I shaved it all off." All I could do was just nod.


She then flung her panties at me and hit me in the face with them. She then walked up to me suckee fuckee session with an asian stunner kneeled down and felt on my throbbing dick in my pants she unzipped my pants and pulled my pants and boxers off so that I just had my shirt on and my dick was just inches away from her. (Now I'm not going to lie to you guys it was like 4 inches long but it's just because I was 15 stick around and you'll see how big it really got.) She grabbed my shaft and started to slowly pump up and down.

Her eyes locked on mines only to break when she took me into her mouth. Her tongue licking the back of my head while she sucked. I was in heaven. I then pushed her head deeper so she would take my whole dick in her mouth.

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After about 2 more minutes of that I said "Jane I'm going to cum" I knew she heard me but I asked her "Where do you wanted it?" She then said "It doesn't matter" With that being said I grabbed her head and shoved it in and out a couple times until I came in her mouth.

I let my head fall back after the most intense orgasm of my life. I hear her swallow my cum and I look up at her and smile. She does the same and gets up and starts walking away.

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I say "Wait! You don't want the favor returned?" She comes back and whispers in my ear "Tis the season of giving"and walked over, grabbed her clothes and went to take a shower. There's more, please let me know if I should continue or just quite my writing altogether aha.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed Thanks :D