Two kinky bimbos have fun with toys

Two kinky bimbos have fun with toys
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She woke up to a warm wet feeling on her inner thighs her night dress hiked up to her waist ''hmmm baby what are you doing'' she moaned in a state between sleep and consciousness. ''Having breakfast ?'' He replied.

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Sucking gently on her caramel coloured my homeboy goin in on my wife close to her pussy each suck harder than the previous until he got to her neatly shaven pussy.

He glanced up found those pretty hazel brown eyes staring down at him. How could he resist. Maintaining eye contact breathing warm air directly over her clit, He planted a kiss just above her clit hood french kissing the skin close to it. ''Hmm baby, please'' she mumbled placing a hand on the back of his head stroking the small of his neck & the other on the top running her fingers through his hair.

Without breaking eye contact he brought her left thigh over his shoulder his tongue tracing lazy circles around her clit ''Graaaaham, no teasing, you're being a bad boooy'' she giggled ''Hmmm thought you liked bad boys'' he groaned noticing her pussy lips swelling taking each pussy lip between his lips and sucking slowly pulling back with a sloppy sound ''uh huh, only the ones that are good to me like you'' using her hands to bring my face closer to her pussy ''Now eat me baby'' she panted.

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The tip of his tongue tracing her slit lightly with a gentle flick on her clit ''You taste awesome''. Slowly sinking his middle prior to his index finger in her tight pussy ''Oh my!, uh-uhh baby yeess!'' she panted twisting his fingers slowly her eyes rolling to the back of her head arching her back as he made out with her clit.

''Ooooh fuuuuck!'' She wrapped her legs around his head '' I'm cumming baby!, G-g-g-god don't stop uhhh th-thats it baby uhhhhhhhhh'' she screamed pulling his head tighter against her mound her hips jerked lifting her gift to him filling his throat with sweetness, spreading her legs even wider, he used his tongue and teeth to drive her to a simultaneous second orgasm as he drank from her hypersensitive flesh driving her body up the bed as he sucked the last of her juices from her pussy, chasing up her hole in search of more until she pushed his head away from her pussy glistening and engorged from the expert sucking it had just received Graham sat back and grinned at her,his face shining with her juices.

Leaning back on his elbows, Graham watched Ashlyn as she regained some of her composure. The past few days of sucking her had taught him how to bring her to an orgasm so overpowering that he was used to seeing her take a couple of minutes to get a grip on herself.

She crawled up to his cock taking it to the back of her throat in one motion but she could only take half before her eyes started tearing. She slowly teencurves round ass babe scarlette sawyer deepthroats and rides big schlong back with a loud slurp staring up at him.

She probed her tongue into the slit at the end of his cock, causing him to writhe on the bed. Then she let his cock slide back into her throat, this time relaxing her throat and letting the entire length of his huge cock slide all the way into her throat until her nose was pressed up into his pubic hair.


She let his cock throb in her throat for a second before letting it slide back out to her lips, where she sucked mightily on it, working the length of his cock with her hands as she sucked on him. Then she began to bob up and down on his cock, each time letting it slide into her throat all the way, massaging it with her throat muscles and sucking on it with her mouth and tongue as it slid back out each time Graham's head was now lolling back, his eyes closed as Ashlyn went to work on his cock.

He couldn't think of anyone who had ever sucked his cock like her. No one had ever been able to deep throat him, not even close.

Now she worked with a fever on his cock, pumping him like crazy as she sucked on him.

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Loudly sucking, Ashlyn began to massage his balls with one hand while continuing to pump his cock with the other. She felt his balls rolling around in her hand as she gently massaged them.


She could feel his cock tense as his balls spasmed, getting ready to shoot his load of cum out of his cock. As she felt his balls really start to churn, Ashlyn gave his balls one last squeeze, sucking his cock hard, and slid a finger into his ass as he started cumming. Graham gave a loud groan as he felt her finger slide up into his ass as his balls began pumping sweet lips sucking his dick load into her eagerly sucking mouth.

Ashlyn noisily sucked his cum, swallowing it as fast as he pumped his load into her mouth, filling it. Sucking the last of his cum from his cock, Ashlyn sucked it all the way down into her throat once more, slowly letting it slide back out, then sat up and smiled at him, her lips puffy and slightly swollen from her labours Pulling her on top of him, her moist pussy on against his tummy, perky breast on his chest he held her tightly.''Happy Birthday angel'' pecking her forehead then her lips ''Aww you're so good to me'' she mumbled as she fell asleep leaving him to ponder how she would react on the activities he'd planned & the secret he'd yet to tell her.