Tattooed babe and her honey exchange oral

Tattooed babe and her honey exchange oral
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The sun rays played peek-a-boo with the curtains covering the windows of her bedroom.


Her eyelids lifted open as she stretched languidly. A soft purr came to her lips as she felt His fingers moving up along her right thigh. She was still so groggy that it still had not reached into her head that her One had returned to be with her.

Her whole body hummed and purred as she felt His strong but gentle fingers glide along her thighs. He drew circles and other patterns up over her knees. Then, as the tips of His digits began to tease along her inner thigh, she tensed and gasped out loudly.

"Master! You've returned. Oh happy day Sir. I am so happy to see You!" Her eyes shone bright with her joy and love as He placed His left palm over her smiling lips and slowly and gently pushed her back down.

Without a word He firmly pushed her knees apart, slid between her legs and then breathed warm air over the already moist lips. She gasped as she felt His breath, and then bucked, hard, into his mouth. Her fingers instinctively clawed and curled into hot blowjob session with two delicious honeys palm before she placed them over His head.

The soft touch lingered over His thick mane of black hair and then she glided them over the back of His head and over His shoulders, urging him wordlessly to delve deeper into her.

The rumble of His stepbro gives valentina a dick down to remember sent shivers along her throbbing petals. Her body bowed to His calling. She could feel every move of His thick tongue. His tongue tip danced just below her clit and wriggled it between her folds.

He twisted and curled the tongue so it pushed in then withdrew from the crevice just under her clit. The sensation sent her body through waves of electric current she had no control over. "Oh Master. Oh God, I can not hang on anymore. I have been a good slut for You. I have not cum since You left. Please stop this sweet torture. Let me, please, let me cum on your sweet lovely mouth." He made no answer but snarled loudly as He drove His tongue deep into her entrance.

She bucked her hips up wildly and shouted out incomprehensible words. His lips pressed to her core as He played His tongue deep inside her. He pulled her strings perfectly as she began to feel her body quake and her muscles pulse deeply. Her long legs wrapped over His shoulders for a brief moment. He shook His head wildly and growled as His fingers gripped her thighs and pried her open. His fingertips flowed over her swollen lips.

At this point, she almost lost control of herself, but willed her body to keep herself at this critical point. It was truly the most ecstatic sensation she had ever experienced. She wailed out loudly as shots of pleasure ran through her veins. Her back arched as she thrust her breasts out into the room.

The nipples were large and stiff as she felt the cool air of the room kiss them hello. She was floating, seemingly. All she could do was now give in to the deeper sensations and the exquisite emotions running through her entire body. "Master, please Sir.

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I need release. Fuck Master! Oh God!" She bucked her hips way off the bed as her body traveled on the brink of this high delightful pleasure.

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He still made not a sound as He continued to thrust His tongue in and out. He explored every inch He could reach. His fingers played over her labia, pulling them apart then letting them go. With His right thumb, He began to trace, first one fold, then the next, only to rest just under her clit. He zigzagged His thumb over and around her clit as His lips began to open and close over her opening.

She could feel her nectar begin to gather and pool as He fucked her with His moist, perfect mouth. His teeth scraped over and pulled at her labia while His finger plunged in and out of her aching cunt. The sounds of the fingering, and the aroma of their passion was dark and made them both wilder with desire.

His eyes shone bright as she quickly took in a deep breath and let it out in one long scream. Her whole body began to tremble as pleasure shook her entire her body. Her legs tensed tightly as she shoved against His head then held Him close to her.

She picked up the pace of her hips as she ground against His sweet torturous mouth.

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Her nails dug into His shoulders as His tongue continued to plunge deep into her cunt. She was now completely out of control, unable to contain herself in any way. "I can't stop Master please, please. FUCK FUCK!!!!! OH MY GOD!" She could no longer hold on to her pleasure, but she laid there, her eyes tightly shut and her mouth wide open in erotic pleasure.

Her body quaked hard as swinger wife luca bella takes a abc in her ass sprang from her eyes down to her pillow. Sobbing she looked down at her Master. "Please Master. Please Sir allow pleasure to enter Your slut." Her eyes were bright with unshed tears still to come, looking deep into His eyes. He drew His mouth away from her and stood. She could see Him standing proudly for her and she salaciously licked her lips. Her throbbing instantly subsided but did not go away as her mouth hungered to feel Him invade her moist mouth.

He held out His hand and opened His lips to speak. RING! RING! She stirred there on her bed scrunching her eyes brows together. RING! RING! Mumbling under her breath she reached out and picked up the phone. "Hello?" Her voice was husky from sleep and the timbre sounded as if she was struggling to gain control of her urges. She breathed heavily into the phone as her fingers found her sex to be hot, wet and very much alive with need.

"PET! You are not cumming are you?" She jolted up right in bed with her cunt afire for Him and stumbled on her words.


"N-no. No Sir!

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I was just waking up. I had the most erotic dream Master. Of You." She went on to tell Him of her dream and He instructed her to touch herself. For more than thirty minutes, He kept her on the edge of her much-needed release.