Christy and zoey enjoy squirting on sofa

Christy and zoey enjoy squirting on sofa
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The Big Bang Theory Chapter 2: The Quantum Virgin Hey guys, welcome to the second chapter of my Big Bang Theory erotica series. If you're a new reader I strongly suggest that you read chapter 1 first, a lot of the story and build up to this chapter is in there.

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the first chapter I got a lot of positive response and it became my highest ranking story so far. This chapter is very vital to my overall story line and I want to see if I can do a good job portraying Sheldon having sex. It is my belief that if Sheldon had sex just once he would realise how awesome it is and maybe have a little fun for once. Also I've had a couple of complaints about using Leslie Winkle as the only girl in these stories.

I'm planning to use the other girls soon but Leslie is vital for the story lines I've thought off. I actually don't mind Leslie that much, she's kind of hot, pretty slutty and was perfect for my series, so live with it.

Standard disclaimer, I'm not a literary pro just a talented amateur and fan, so don't expect the writing style and wit of the original show.

Also this is a sex story about the Big Bang Theory if that offends you, please stop reading and do not leave any irritating comment. I'm going to be changing the story lines and personality of the characters so it's not going to be 100%. Keep in mind it's a sex story, you're all reading this to get off so please don't send a bunch of comments about how the characters wouldn't do this or that, or that a tiny detail is wrong and ruins the whole story.

Please read and enjoy, I'll be interested in legit feedback, so creative criticisms only please. Just a quick reminder this story is set at the beginning of the fourth season, and it is only a few seconds after my first story. This chapter has a lot of dialogue in the beginning, it takes a while to get to the sex, but I thought it was vital to explain why Sheldon might change his views.

Also I might have gone overboard with the larger words and the scientific phrases and stuff, but that is how they speak in the show, hope you guys don't mind too much. It was late in the small city of Pasadena and yet the night was young, sex was on the mind of many of the cities inhabitants and the ravishing blonde starlet delivers a fantastic handjob masturbation big tits was about to change for one individual in particular.

In one small apartment sex was on the mind of two young horny girls as they navigated through the dark towards their prizes. While both their adventures are exciting and arousing, we will only focus on one of these ladies for now, and save the sordid tales of Penny for later.

Leslie Winkle slowly exited the room of her lover and now casual boyfriend Leonard and slowly advanced down the hall, naked and smelling of sex. She had already had one hell of a night with Leonard, they had fucked three times and blown each other's minds, Leslie was still shaking slightly from her orgasms.

Leslie was a very sexual being and she felt sated for now, having all 3 of her holes filled in one night did that to her. She didn't desperately need any more sex tonight, but she was going to get some anyway. However instead of doing it for her own pleasure, she was instead doing it for the good of somebody else, and for humanity as a whole. She reached the door of Leonard's room-mate Sheldon Cooper and stopped, mentally preparing herself for what she had planned. Sheldon was her arch-nemeses, he had always competed with her during her tenure at Caltech, trying to prove that he was the smartest, and often losing to Leslie due to small errors in judgement.

Sheldon was a unique individual, in some cases he was one of the smartest people on the planet, whose theories and ideas could make you gasp in scientific joy. However he appeared to most people as an unbalanced and selfish being with no concept of human interaction.

Many found him comical or extremely unusual, but Leslie knew it was just how his brain worked and it was a side effect of his brilliant mind. He knew how the world worked down to the smallest electron and yet was completely clueless when it came to dealing with the person next to him.

While some people just accepted his brilliance and left him alone most other people were easily annoyed by his antics. Leslie had often wondered what would become of Sheldon if something happened that changed one of his core beliefs about how he saw the world, would he evolve into a new person or would his mind shatter. She slowly opened the door in front of her and quietly entered Sheldon's room, careful not to make any noise that would wake Leonard. She shut the door behind her and waited for her eyes to adjust to the light given off by a solitary glowing goldfish.

Leslie was less worried about making noise now that she 40women 18boy sex story sex stories porn in Sheldon's room, she knew that Dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories had soundproofed his room during Leonards relationship with Penny, due to the excessive screaming Penny made when getting fucked.

She slowly moved to the bed and carefully pulled down the blankets covering Sheldon's body, and gave a happy gasp. It turned out that Sheldon slept in the nude (actually true, mentioned in one of the episodes) and Leslie deep anal and throat tube porn staring at Sheldon's naked and slightly scrawny body.

What really grabbed her attention was Sheldon's massive tool, which seemed slightly disproportionate to the rest of his body. While it was soft at the moment Leslie guessed that it could get as long as 9 inches in length and appeared to be thick enough to please any horny girl. Through great strength of will she managed to tear her gaze away from the dick in front of her and sat down on the bed next to Sheldon before shaking him.

Sheldon away with a start after a couple of nudges from Leslie and glanced around blearily, trying to get his bearings.

"Mummy is that you?" he asked trying to see who was sitting on his bed. "No dumbass, it's me, Leslie, we need to talk, its important". Sheldon visibly recoiled "Leslie, Leslie Winkle, why are you in my room, this is my room, no one else should be in my room". "Yeah, yeah I know, you're pretty anal about your room, look I need to talk to you about something so calm down and hear me out". Her words were lost somewhat on Sheldon as he realised that he was no longer under his blankets, he made a grab for the sheets but was stopped by Leslie who held onto them so he couldn't pull them up.

"What are you doing, I'm naked here, I'm naked because it's my room, why are you here while I'm naked". Leslie laughed "relax poindexter I'm naked here too" she said pointing to her naked body "look tits, pussy, ass, the kind of things a naked girl has". Sheldon nearly had a heart attack at this point "why are you naked, why are you naked in the same room I'm naked it, this should never happen to anyone".

There was a cough from Leslie at this point, but she decided laughing at Sheldon japanese beautiful little girl sex story get her anywhere, but perhaps honesty would. "Well Sheldon, the reason that I'm naked in the same room as you is because I want you to have sexual intercourse with me". Sheldon went as white as a sheet and sat there frozen for several seconds, before grabbing a whistle of the nightstand next his bed and blowing it hard several times.

Leslie covered her ears for the first few whistles before realising that he wasn't going to stop blowing. She reached over and grabbed it out of his mouth and threw it onto the ground "what the hell are you doing?" she asked. "It's a rape whistle, I'm blowing the rape whistle because you want to rape me, people hearing the rape whistle are supposed to come to my aid, you should know what a rape whistle is" Sheldon responded in terror looking towards the door expectantly.

Leslie groaned inwardly, she really should have approached this in a different way. "Ok Sheldon, I realise that this is very stressful for you but I need to you to stay calm and not over react, I'll explain and everything will be fine". Sheldon stared at her in disbelieve "it's not fine, it will be fine when Leonard gets here to help me and he arrests you and you go to jail, then it will be fine, because Leonard heard my rape whistle".

Leslie looked at the door for a few seconds and then raised her eyebrow at Sheldon "yeah I don't think he's coming" she said.

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Sheldon gave one of his false laughs "oh course he is, why wouldn't he respond to my rape whistle?" Leslie paused for a second before responding "well there are a few reasons why he wouldn't come in here because your blowing a whistle, but I think the main reason would be because he can't hear you, you soundproofed your room, remember?" Sheldon gasped in recollection "oh no, I soundproofed my room, I soundproofed my room, curse Penny and her unnecessary screaming during coitus".

Sheldon sat up straight and made to stand up, presumably to go out the door but was again stopped by Leslie who pushed him back into bed with one hand. "Dumbass, shut up for a second and let me speak" she said forcefully "trust me, physicist to physicist you're going to want to hear what I have to say". There was a snort from Sheldon "I would hardly classify you as a physicist, you are a sub-par scientist at best, the equivalent to a geologist or a plumber, and I don't listen to geologists or plumbers".

Leslie stared at him for several seconds and then stood up "well I tried to talk, I'm just going to punch you in the face a few times so you forget this meeting and go, I just hope you don't go too crazy when you lose your job".

The last comment stopped Sheldon dead, "lose my job, what are you talking about? I'm not going doxy is fully in love with sex games lose my job, I'm way too important to Caltech, why would I lose my job, are you going to make me lose my job?" Leslie sat back down "Sheldon shut up and listen, I'm not trying to take your job, I'm trying to help you keep it".

Sheldon looked at her is disbelief before calming down a little "what are you talking about, explain everything to me". "OK" she said, trying to sound calm "here's the deal, do you know that the university recently made me a human resources liaison for the physics department"? Sheldon nodded "of course, an interesting choice in my opinion, I considered applying for the job but decided it would be unnecessary busy work with people I don't like".

Leslie groaned inwardly at this last comment but continued anyway "right, anyway as the HR liaison they have to consult me on who they are planning to give tenure to and who they are going to make stand down. Well both the dean of Caltech and the head of the physics department have made it clear that they want to kick you out of the Caltech physics program". Sheldon gasped in surprise "but why, I'm the only genius doing physics here, without me all their work would be meaningless".

"Well I don't have all the reasons but I think they said something about you being an arrogant ass, a borderline socio-path and the leading reason for fat dildo makes a cute girl moan in your department". "So what?" responded Sheldon, "what has that got to do with keeping my job, it's physics not some useless and mopey science like medicine where you have to actually deal with people".

Leslie sighed again "I know you are going to have a hard time accepting this but people don't like you and your negative actions with people is going to impact on your work".


"But what have I done that's so bad?" Sheldon asked quizzically cheerleader stepsis got fucked by her nasty stepbro like to think that I interact with people in the appropriate social manner". "Hah" Leslie snorted and then saw Sheldon's expression "oh you're serious". She breathed in deeply to calm herself "Sheldon you are terrible with people, you treat them like crap and they hate you for it".

Sheldon looked at her in disbelief so she continued "ok I'll back up my theory with examples, your department head hates you because you gave a speech disproving half his papers". "So, lots of scientists give presentations disproving each other's work, it's a part of scientific advancement". "True" said Leslie "however normal people don't give insulting speeches when their boss is accepting a prestigious award, he was so pissed at that".

Sheldon looked surprised "I cream pie 3 times daddy realise that he was offended by that, he should have said something, anyway that was an isolated incident".

"He told you to shut up and get out of the hall, wasn't that a clue that you pissed him off, no wait let me guess, you thought he was jealous of your brilliance? You know what don't bother answering that, besides that wasn't they only instance, you refuse to collaborate with anyone, you insult the students and force them to change majors to geology, you made a 50 year old tenured professor cry and god knows what you did to the biology department but rumours are they are attempting to create a virus to eat your brain".

"I still don't see what the problem is, I know that I have issues with social interaction, but none of those seem like good reasons to get rid of me, how would the university replace me and my advances in physics?" "Well while it's true you would be a major loss, the university believes that it is an acceptable loss, especially if it means they keep every other physicist in your department, they all threatened to leave if you stayed on".

"They threatened to leave, this is terrible, and there is no mom and teen son romance the university would logically choose one person over an entire department, no matter how brilliant he is, what do I do know?" "Well, that's sort of why I'm here right now" Leslie explained "I convinced the dean to give me a chance to deal with you, to try and sand off your rough edges and mellow you out, he didn't give me a lot of time so that's why I'm naked with you right now".

"I don't understand why you think having sexual intercourse with me is going to help my social issues" Sheldon responded. "Sex is for the weak people who can't reliably control their bodies, it affects their minds and dumbs them down, look at Howard for example, he pee punish fuck me like a lil whore for sexual interaction with females all the time and what has he achieved in life, a masters diploma, ha".

"Have you actually ever had sex?" Leslie asked, "Because it seems to me that only a very poor scientist would come to conclusions without supporting evidence or experimentations". "Bah" said Sheldon "I get all that from observation, great thinkers such as myself rarely have sex and as such we are more mentally evolved the rest".

Leslie shook her head sadly "oh you poor thing, the reason that 'great thinkers' like you rarely have sex is because other people can't stand you, you have to realise that you're born smarter than everyone else, sex has nothing to do with it".

"My observations of Leonard as a long term test subject would disagree with your hypothesis" Sheldon desperately countered "while he possess higher than average intelligence and has occasional flashes of what could be considered genius, his constant worrying about females and sexual congress constantly distracts him from his work".

"Ah Leonard, yes an interesting case study" Leslie nodded sagely, finally at the crux of the problem "Leonard is easily distracted by sex, it's true, but have you not noted correlations between his sex life and his physics work?" Sheldon looked confused xex in the first time, I've never noted any correlations, what are you talking about?" "It's simple" Leslie responded "all of Leonard's most significant work occurred after he had sexual encounters, you probably didn't notice because you don't see sex as a significant factor".

There was a faraway look in Sheldon's eye as his brain checked Leslie's facts "gosh, you're right" Sheldon gasped in surprise. "There is indeed a correlation between Leonard's sexual encounters and some of his slightly impressive brainwaves, one of his main theories even occurred right after one of his romps with you".

Leslie nodded in agreement "but did I get an acknowledgement" she responded with a smile. "There is one problem I see with your hypothesis though" Sheldon replied "Penny".

"Penny?" Leslie replied in confusion "what does barbie have to do with this". Sheldon looked at her in intellectual triumph "I'm talking about Leonard's relationship with Penny, he has been constantly distracted by that girl and yet has no academic work to show for it, can you explain that?" "Actually I can" Leslie replied, "I'm surprised you didn't know actually, Leonard handed in a new paper to the university a little while ago before his breakup with Penny".

"Preposterous" Sheldon replied "I haven't heard anything about this, I make sure to look at all of Leonard's work, he didn't have anything new back then". "Well it's all pretty hush, hush at the moment, the university got me and a few other people to review it the other day, they want to make sure that his theory is valid, the science seems sound though and his new work is pretty ground breaking".

"Huh" Sheldon said in disbelieve "perhaps there is a correlation, well at least something good came out sunny leone com vivad com Leonard's relationship with Penny". (Ok I know shit about physics so don't expect me to go into any more detail about his theory, although perhaps black holes are involved). "Look you have to understand something" Leslie continued "sex is a natural thing we all need, it helps us unwind and relax, clears our minds, it relieves the pressure and the chemicals that the brain releases are amazing".

Sheldon still looked uncomfortable at the idea but he knew he need his job at Caltech "do you truly believe that having sex will help me become more socially acceptable, you tell a good story but I'm not convinced". Leslie went for one final push, she could sense how close she was "well why don't we make it an experiment" she suggested. "Let's have sex right now to test my hypothesis, if successful you become more socially acceptable and keep your job, if unsuccessful well at least you have first-hand experience of a vital biological occurrence".

"Hmm" Sheldon mused, he sat perfectly still for a long while, ideas bubbling in his brain before he came to a conclusion. "Alright we shall have coitus to test your hypothesis, but that is the only reason we are doing this". "Works for me dumbass, let's have some fun" Leslie said moving closer to Sheldon.

"We are not doing this for fun" Sheldon responded, holding a hand up, "we are doing this for science. Also amelie pure receives a rough pounding pornstars and cumshot we start, what about Leonard and Amy?" Leslie looked at Sheldon puzzled "what about them, you want them to be here for your first time". "Well they may offer unique view points, oh are you being sarcastic?" Sheldon asked. "Just a little" Leslie replied, "what are you concerned about" she asked.

"Are Leonard and Amy going to be ok with this" Sheldon asked. "Aww that sounded nearly human, don't worry they don't need to find out anytime soon, and besides I have an arrangement with Leonard, and I'm pretty sure Amy is going to end up thanking me". "I think you are right about Amy" Sheldon said in agreement "she's been harassing me about sex for ages, it must be the biologist in her, oh well on with the experiment".

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Sheldon looked around quickly to make sure no one else was in the room before coughing in embarrassment "so, umm how do we start?" Leslie laughed and leaned forward "you just follow my lead dumbass" she said kissing him. The kissed for several seconds, with Leslie sticking her tongue into Sheldon's mouth briefly.

The broke apart briefly and Sheldon had a surprised look on his face "oh my, you were right, I noticed an interesting and enjoyable chemical signal when I kissed you just then". He moved in metal bdsm first time last night kaylee banks went to a party with a few fellows she a second kiss, their mouths joint once again, Leslie reached behind Sheldon's head and held him there as their tongues intertwined.

After a few minutes of making out they eventually broke apart, Sheldon had happy smile on his face "you were right Leslie, this is biologically enjoyable, I can see why my body is programmed to seek this out, oh this is one beneficial experiment". "Well I'm glad you're enjoying it" Leslie said softly, she could feel her pussy getting wet already "but honey, you really haven't seen anything yet".

She slowly grabbed Sheldon's hands and brought them to her chest, forcing him to grope her boobs. Leslie leaned in for another kiss before pulling away "start squeezing those gently" she said before going in for another kiss. Sheldon started to softly squeeze her tits while making out with her, all in all he thought this was very enjoyable. As they continued to make out, Leslie started to moan softly into Sheldon's mouth, causing Sheldon to pull away.

"Am I doing something wrong, you are making noises?" he asked in concern. Leslie moaned again, "just keep squeezing those titties, it feels so good". "Oh, I see" Sheldon said, his eager latina slut bounces on dick hardcore and big tits lighting up at his discovery "squeezing the breasts is a sexual act, it must therefore provide some pleasure to the female".

Leslie nodded before moaning again "yeah it feels really good, make sure you squeeze them just like that during sex" she instructed. Leslie then grabbed Sheldon's head a brought his mouth down onto her right tit, "suck on the nipples" she commanded.

Sheldon went straight to work sucking on her right nipple, before moving onto the left, his hands squeezing the alternate tit as he went. After a few minutes Sheldon broke away and looked at Leslie "so how was that?" he asked. Leslie slowly opened her eyes "that was a good start" she said softly, breathing fast. "That felt really good Sheldon, you got my pussy running already". "That's good right?" Sheldon responded in confusion "that's what we were going for right?" Leslie nodded happily "oh yeah that was what we were going for".

Sheldon smiled "good, I'm glad that those actions produce satisfactory biological reactions within you, I too am experience a biological change, the blood has started to rush to my penile tissue causing an interesting engorgement reaction" he said happily.

Leslie was pretty horny and distracted at this point so it took a moment for her to comprehend this "you have a engorgement reaction, what do you, oh you have a hard on". "Well yes, if you want to be crass about it, my penis has become erect due to sexual interaction with you, I believe a combination of kissing, grasping your breasts and the smell of you vaginal secretions has produced this response within me, what do we do now?" Leslie looked down at his thick rod, which had swelled up to an impressive 9 inches, and licked her lips "now you just sit back and let me rock your world" she responded.

Leslie pushed Sheldon back onto the bed so he was lying down and straddled his chest. Her pussy was a few inches away from his cock and she slowly teased herself by rubbing to the tip of his cock across her outer lips. "Oh that is going to be sweet" she mutter as she moved up and lowered her head to Sheldon's, kissing him once more. After a few minutes she slowly worked her way down his body, kissing along his slender chest until she reached his groin.

She grabbed his hard dick with one hand and held it triumphantly in front of her, salivating at its girth. She slowly started to wank his shaft, causing a happy groan from Sheldon "oh my, physical contact along the penile tissue produces a pleasurable sensation, who knew". Leslie grinned at him "not many people, just every teenage boy in existence" she said as she wanked him off.

As a trickle of pre-cum escaped Sheldon's cock, Leslie could hold back no longer, she needed to have that dick now. She slowly licked along his shaft, causing a surprised moan from Sheldon.

She continued to lick up and down the length of his dick, savouring the flavour of his salty pre-cum. Leslie gave a long, extended lick down the shaft until she reached Sheldon's balls; she started to lick those too, causing happy groans to escape Sheldon's mouth. Leslie was taking her time, as she alternated between licking Sheldon's cock and his balls; she wanted Sheldon to remember his first blow job. After several minutes of this Leslie decided to stop teasing Sheldon and show him what real sexual pleasure was.

She slowly engulfed the tip of Sheldon's cock into her mouth and started to suck on it like a lollipop. Sexy sex games for a tight pussy hardcore and massage eyes nearly popped out of his head, "oooh, this is unbelievable, to think physical contact could actually be fun, oh Leslie this just keeps getting better and better". Leslie gave a grunt into his cock in response; she was having trouble getting Sheldon's large cock into her mouth.

She slowly engulfed 6 inches of his rod into her mouth and found she could go no further. She decided it would have to do, she just needed to get Sheldon to relax, she didn't need to break any records. She started to vigorously suck Sheldon's thick dick, moving her hot mouth up and down his shaft, coating it with spit.

She rolled her tongue along his shaft and kept sucking on his penis tip, causing gasps of pleasure from Sheldon. She kept bobbing her head up and down Sheldon's cock for another few minutes, enjoying herself so much she barely came up for air. She could feel the twitching sensation in Sheldon's erect organ and the rest of his body and knew he was almost ready.

"Oh Leslie, I'm feeling the most wonderful sensation in my penile structure, I believe I'm about to ejaculate my genetic material". Leslie bobbed up and down his cock even harder, desperately trying to cause Sheldon to cum. Sheldon shook on his bed and grasped Leslie's head with both his hands, holding her on his cock. "Oh Leslie, yes, yes, yes, oh my penis feels like its exploding" he yelled as he came into Leslie's mouth, his cock unloading strand after strand of sexual neglect into the back of her throat.

Leslie swallowed as his cum with glee, and slowly released his thick cock from her mouth, giving his nob a vigorous lick as she raised her head, trying to get all the cum she could. Sheldon fell backwards onto his bed, sexually satisfied for the first time. "That was an amazing experiment Leslie, thank you so much for opening my eyes". Leslie lied down next to him "that's alright, I was happy to do it, I probably just saved the world from your next immoral experiment so it was worth it".

She smiled slightly at her little joke, but in reality she was very relieved, she hadn't believed this would work "I must say you seem calmer already" she said to Sheldon. "Well of course I'm calm" Sheldon said "why wouldn't I be, I've just had an awesome biological experience and I can already feel my brain expanding and reaching new amazing conclusions, oh all the things in life that I was wrong about". Leslie smiled happily, she had done it, now all she had to do was slip away quietly and her work would be done.

Unfortunately, as she was about to leave Sheldon stopped his musings and asked "so can I do something like that to you". Leslie paused "sorry you want to do something to me?" Sheldon nodded "of course, it's a basic rule of reciprocation in nature, if someone does something beneficial to you, do something beneficial to them". Leslie was facing a bit of a dilemma at this point, she had thought it would be best just to blow Sheldon and leave, that way she would get her results and not get caught by Leonard.

While she did have the new arrangement with Leonard about sleeping with other people, she knew Leonard would freak if he found her banging his neurotic roommate. On the other hand she had only just noticed how soaked her pussy was and how horny she was. Fuck it, she thought, she needed some release now and busty lucie wilde getting fucked by a anal toy was fairly certain Leonard would probably be too out of it to satisfy her, let alone catch her.

"Well now that you mention it Sheldon, I'm really sexually aroused right now, you can get me to climax by eating my pussy out" she said. She moved along the bed until her back was against the wall and spread her legs, grandmother and fack son xxxx her dripping slit.

"Get your head in between my legs and start licking everything" she said, motioning Sheldon forward with her finger. Sheldon obediently went down on her and started to lick up and down her slit "ooh what a curious taste" he said gliding over her pussy with his tongue once again.

Leslie groaned causing Sheldon to look up in surprise "did I do that right? I noticed an involuntary response from you?" Leslie looked down at his face panting "do it again, just like that" she demanded loudly. Sheldon obediently continued to lick Leslie's slit, causing Leslie to moan and groan like an animal as waves of pure pleasure radiated from Sheldon's tongue. She grabbed the back of his head and forced his mouth down hard on her clit.

"Lick my clit, lick that spot as hard as you can you little bitch" she screamed causing Sheldon to cringe a little in fear as she orgasmed hard. Leslie moaned deeply and flailed around on the bed as her orgasm hit her. "Oh my god, do not stop" she begged as she gasped in pleasure.

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"Should I keep licking you like that?" Sheldon asked, trying to keep the sex crazed lady happy. "Yeah that sounds good" she gasped "but start using your fingers, rub my clit dude seduces a playgirl for sex hardcore blowjob finger my pussy hard".

Sheldon obliged by rubbing her clit slowly and delicately causing Leslie to moan long and hard "yeah, momma likes that". Sheldon continued to work her clit, slowly rubbing it "so this is pleasurable for you, I imagine that it's a similar reaction to what I have with my penis, likely due to their similar biological beginnings".

Despite being in the thralls of sexual pleasure Leslie looked down at Sheldon incredulously "Sheldon, shut up and get your fingers into my pussy" she demanded. He slowly inserted 1 of his thin fingers into her open twat, causing her to groan in pleasure. While looking at Leslie to gauge her reaction he slowly withdrew his finger until only the tip was still in her.

"Oh don't tease me" she begged, "fuck that pussy hard with your fingers, get another in there and ram me hard". Listening to his slutty mistress he inserted another finger and started to fuck her hard with his fingers.

He soon had her thrashing around on the bed groaning in pleasure as the fingers in her pussy squelched as her excited cunt leaked like a broken tap.

"Fuck, fuck fuck" she groaned as she felt her body start to shiver in orgasm and her pussy exploded in a surge of juices that covered Sheldon's fingers. Sheldon slowly withdrew his fingers and looked at his soaked digits "well that appears to have been two successful orgasmic events for you, I do hope that makes us even, I must say making people happy this way is an interesting experience". He sniffed his fingers and then looked down at his groin in confusion "oh I say, your excretions appear to contain some sort of pheromones, I appear to be sexually aroused again" he said as his cock bobbed slowly to attention.

Leslie looked down at Sheldon's growing hard on, a little growl escaped from her throat as she realised how much she needed another fucking. Sheldon barely had to time to move before Leslie was up and had shoved him down onto the bed. Leslie straddled Sheldon's chest and kissed him hard, her tongue dancing around his mouth.

Sheldon tried to protest "surely we're done here; we both gave sexual pleasure to each other, what more can we do". Leslie pushed herself up and grasped around behind herself until Sheldon's shaft was in her hands "you are going to fuck me you little nerd".

She lowered herself down until the tip of his cock was brushing against her opening "time to open your eyes, and my cunt" she said with a wink. With a grunt Leslie impaled herself onto Sheldon's giant rod and groaned in pleasure "aw yeah, love that big cock". Sheldon moaned in surprised pleasure "oh my, that feels amazing, even better than what you did with your mouth". Leslie used her knees and started to move up and down Sheldon's cock, using it to fill up her pussy with long hard strokes.

"Oh god I love cock" Leslie moaned as she moved up and down on Sheldon's cock, she had planned to take it slow but the feel of another massive dick within her pussy was driving her crazy. She rode him as hard and as fast as she could, her ass slamming down hard onto his cock, she was banging him so hard bruises were appearing on Sheldon's legs.

Leslie was grunting like a wild animal as she fucked Sheldon as hard as she could, his big cock filling up her pussy. She felt so full and knew she was going to burst at any second. "Oh god, I'm going to cum again, fuck I'm going to cum all over your nerd cock" she yelled as her pussy clamped down on Sheldon's shaft, causing him to gasp in pleasure with an "oh my".

Leslie collapsed momentarily onto Sheldon's thin body "oh fuck, what is it with you nerds, my pussy is still on fire" she moaned. She slid of Sheldon's cock and like a women possessed grabbed his hard on and engulfed him in her mouth.

She sucked on his hard dick with relish, loving the taste of both of their juices as she felt the fire in radiating from her slit begging for more. "Mmmm, this is tasty" she said looking at a euphoric Sheldon "I could suck on this all day". "Please do" said Sheldon "it truly is an amazing experiment".

catches partner bosss daughter masturbating forgetful stepsis lands in wish I could my hung dumbass, but I need more dick in my pussy" she said as she slowly got on all fours in front of him. Sheldon slowly knelt behind her, spreading he cheeks to give him a better view of his target "I must say Leslie, my opinion of you has dramatically changed, I thought that your promiscuous behaviour was holding you back but know I can see the advantages it brings".

"Mmmh, Sheldon honey, I'm glad you see the world in a new way but I really need you to fuck me" Leslie said with a smile. Leslie reached behind her and guided Sheldon's cock towards her dripping pussy until the tip had entered her slit. "Oooh, ok that's good" she said softly "now I need you get that cock in as deep as you can, as fast as you can and keep doing that" she begged.

Sheldon obliged and with a slam he found himself balls deep within Leslie. Leslie gasped in pleasure "aw yeah baby, just like that". Sheldon pulled out slowly and then slammed into her again, causing both of them to grunt out loud. He slammed in again and again, loving the feeling of Leslie's pussy on his cock, he was in heaven, his cock was happy and his mind was racing with new ideas about string theory. He continued to fuck her hard and fast until he found a rhythm, his massive rod felt so good and he was loving the way Leslie was groaning like a bitch in heat.

"Oh fuck, fuck fuck" she moaned as she looked back at Sheldon banging the shit out of her, she knew that this was wrong on so many levels, but she didn't care. "Fuck I'm a dirty girl" she moaned to Sheldon, "spank my slutty ass Sheldon, spank it".

Sheldon paused in confusion "why would I do that?" he asked. "Just do it" she screamed in anger, she then gave a loud yelp as Sheldon brought his hand down hard on her ass. "Oooh god, this is so hot" she moaned as Sheldon spanked her ass cheeks red as he fucked her. She felt so alive, her pussy was building up to an incredible orgasm and she was loving it. Sheldon felt himself ready to blow as well, his mind was racing and his identic memory remembered something he had read once. Looking down he noticed Leslie's tight back door was red and slightly agape, he concluded quickly that Leonard must have fucked her ass that night.

With a devilish smile that was slightly scared to find itself on Sheldon's face he slowly extended his hand to the bed side table and grabbed a previously unseen bottle of baby oil. Leslies head was buried in Sheldon's bed covers as she felt her pussy getting close to orgasm. Suddenly she jerked her head up as she felt oil drizzle onto her back passage "what are you&hellip." She started to say but all that came out after was a high moan of pleasure as Sheldon buried a finger deep into her back passage.

"You naughty little nerd, right in the shitter" she managed to gasp out as the combination of Sheldon's meaty cock in her pussy and his slim finger in her ass caused her to cum for a final time. "SHIT, I'M CUMMMMIIIIINGGG" she screamed as her pussy contracted hard around Sheldon's shaft. Her whole body shook as she had a massive orgasm, and she almost blacked out collapsing onto the bed in a tangle of shaking limbs.

Sheldon pulled out for the last time and with a loud "OH MY" his cock spurted a massive load of cum all over Leslie's ass before he also collapsed onto the bed.

They both lay gasping on the bed for several seconds before they pulled themselves up and leaned on the pillows on the top of the bed. They looked at each other, both had euphoric looks on their faces and they moved in slowly for a long lingering kiss. "So what happens now?" Sheldon asked "does this mean we're in some sort of relationship or something?" Leslie looked at him for a second "let's not get too far blue movie sex watch mp3 of ourselves, this was meant to be a one-time deal, although after that performance you can bet I'm going to be sneaking into here a whole lot more".

"Oh, ok, good" Sheldon said with a happy nod, before he grimaced "oh no, what about Leonard and Amy". Leslie winced slightly, she had forgotten about Sheldon's sort of girlfriend Amy.

"Ah ok, we'll get to Amy in a second but let's start with Leonard, he and I are in a sort of relationship but we are both allowed to fuck other people, so what you and I are doing here shouldn't be too big an issue".

Sheldon nodded, looking slightly relieved "that being said" Leslie continued "I would appreciate it if you didn't mention it to him just yet, I'll bring it up later". She looked at Sheldon's face and then remembered an important detail "oh crap you have that issue with not being able to big booty teen with tattoos and the worst part is that my figure liked it secrets don't you?" Sheldon though for a moment and then looked up at Leslie in surprise "I don't think that will be an issue anymore, after that encounter parts of my brain aren't as complicated any more, I think I can keep this from Leonard until you want to tell him" he said.

"Ok that's good" Leslie said with a brief sigh of relief "I'll tell him in a bit once everything is settled in, should be fine." "What about Amy?" Sheldon asked "I feel terrible about that, I mean she has been rather annoying lately about not getting any physical contact from me, but I don't know if this is going to please her".

Leslie looked at him "hmm, well I'm not too sure what to do with her, you should probably tell her but maybe keep it a secret?" Sheldon looked unsure so she continued "well you could always fuck her first, give her what she wants, and then see how she feels". "Do you think that would work?" Sheldon asked, "It might, and personally I think she would be very forgiving after you give her a hard fucking". Sheldon big boobs mom ebony girl "ok well I guess I'll try that, she's a very complicated woman so who knows what she's thinking".

Leslie slowly crawled down the bed and stood up, swaying slightly on legs still shaking after a night of hard fucking. "Ok I've got to get back to Leonard's room, thank you for an amazing night; I have a feeling you're going to be keeping your job". "Thank you Leslie, I'm sorry about my prior behaviour, I feel like a new man".

Leslie smiled and opened the door. As she stepped out into the hall she paused and looked back "by the way, why did you have a bottle of baby oil in your room?" she asked with a cute girl gets her face fucked anal eyebrow. Sheldon completely missed the sly look Leslie was giving him "hmm, oh that, I was conducting an experiment on water density before with a new liquid I developed, why else would I have oil in my room?" Leslie snorted "oh, just wondering" she said.

She turned again "by the way, next time you feel like playing with my back door, cut to the chase and stick that massive tool of yours deep into my ass, I love anal" she said with a wink. Sheldon gulped "I think that sounds both sexually arousing and somewhat unhygienic, we must try it." Leslie smiled at this, she was liking the new Sheldon.

"I do hope you didn't mind me fingering you rear access door, I read in one of Leonard s online diary's that he was doing that to Penny and she was really enjoying it". Leslie looked at him in shock, before she burst out laughing "Penny likes stuff in her ass?

Really? I wouldn't have thought that about Barby, still that's good to exquisite stunner is displaying her gaped yummy vagina in closeup she said.

Leslie gave one last longing look at Sheldon's cock, licked her lips and closed the door.


She made her way back to Leonard's room with a chuckle, imagining hot, blonde Penny with a finger in her ass. Little did she know that the object of her thoughts was again hiding in the bathroom, breathing hard, with her panties missing and her pussy leaking cum.

Things were about to get interesting in Pasadena. Make sure to tune into my next update, where we explore Penny's wild and sordid night out. Well I hope you guys enjoyed the story. I japanese teen takes on two cocks uncenso a few people will be a bit negative about it but I figure most will like it. I was worried that it was a bit wordy and needlessly complex but I think it works, it gives a good explanation for why Sheldon would finally have sex.

At the moment I'm planning to continue this storyline out for another chapter or two to and then jump back into my Teen Titan's storyline. I recently had a huge brainwave when it came to that series and I honestly enjoy writing about the Teen Titans. I hope you guys keep following my stories and giving me some great feedback, I plan to make some changes based on what you think. Thanks again for reading, I'll try and get something new out soon.