Kendra james and raylin ann have hot but freaky sex

Kendra james and raylin ann have hot but freaky sex
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Esther walked in to the fetish club wearing a very short leather skirt and matching vest with thigh high boots. The leather bar was crowded, dark and sweaty. Behind the counter a naked man and woman were serving drinks. In the middle of the room was a tall woman wearing nothing but thigh high vinyl boots talking to a middle aged guy in pink stockings and garter belt. Around her wrist was a manacle from which a long silver chain ran. On the other end of the chain a young naked boy stood no more than 18 or 19 years wet mouth gives hot blowjob to ny business man. A muscular black man was standing not far away, his thighs tensed, masturbating, involved in nothing more than his own feelings.

A portly grey haired man walked past in a green mini busty angela white wants it in the ass with a long cucumber protruding from his arse hole.

In the far corner a young blonde girl around 18 years old was kneeling on the floor sucking the cock of a fortyish guy. While she was watching a short fat girl whose body was trussed up tight in thin, black leather laces told her that the girl was the daughter of the guy she was fellating.

Everywhere she went there sweaty bellies and bare buttocks and men and women with rings through their nipples and cocks. Her panties were getting drenched from the site of this kinkiness, but she still could not see the friend whom she was meeting here. She sat down in a booth, but almost immediately she heard a male voice coming from the wall besides her asking her to suck him off.

She looked at the wall and could see a glory hole with a cock protruding through. Without a second thought she grasped the cock and pulled it all the way through wrapping her hand around it, stroking the whole shaft for about a minute until he came in large globs of jism into her hand.

As he pulled his cock away the show was about to start. A tall fierce looking woman with a black crew cut came dancing out into the light. She wore black rubber stockings up to the top of her thighs and a silver chain belt that ran tightly around her waist and then down between her legs.

Two muscular men in studded belts came out, dragging a thin naked and bound man with a rubber hood over his face. There was a circular valve in the hood where the man's mouth was, which showed that he had an inflatable rubber gag inside his mouth.

He could neither hear, see or speak. Plastic beakers were being passed around and she could see that the men when they masturbated should deposit their load into them.

They spread-eagled him against the far wall of the club. The tall crew cut woman danced across to a side table, holding up a hammer and an 8" long nail. She squatted down in front of him and to Esther's sadistic delight hammered a nail into his scrotum, right between the balls. Her panties were getting even more saturated. She felt a guy pressing himself against her buttocks from behind while the man beside her was masturbating probably getting as aroused as she was. The woman put on a leather glove and showed the palm to the audience.

There were tiny needles embedded in the palm. "Oh my god!" the guy next to me exclaimed. He grabbed a beaker and came into it. She could see it was over half full. He seemed to know what was going to happen next. The mistress called for two sub male volunteers and about a dozen made for the stage, but she chose the first two and had them kneel on either side of her. She whispered instructions to them and then proceeded to wrap her hand around the cock of the hapless guy.

She stroked the shaft from the balls to the tip of the penis head. Up and down. Esther knew from her own experience he was not going to use his penis for anything else apart from peeing for many days. Very soon she pointed the cock to the guy kneeling on her right dirtystepdaughter lets fuck while mom is gone his mouth open, catching the spunk ejaculating from his cock.

When she had milked him dry the guy who had been the vessel for the cum put his mouth over the open one on the other side letting the contents flow out into his mouth before swallowing the contents.

The guy was untied and carried away by the 2 muscular guys who had first tied him. On the stage a gorgeous young female was naked from the waist down kneeling on the seat of an armchair her arse facing side on the audience, her arms on the back of it. The tall crew cut woman had now strapped on a large dildo and was rubbing some lubricant into the whole length of it.

She stood behind her and started to insert the tip into her pussy slowly. It went in and the woman shoved more of it in before puling it slightly back before ramming it back in right up to the hilt.

She started to fuck her like a man- in and out many times before removing it from her pussy and reinserting it into her anus using the girl's pussy juices as a lubricant. It slid in easily. She had obviously had her arse hole trained well. After a few thrusts she removed it and got one of the 2 sub guys still on the stage to lick it clean while she put on 2 latex gloves and slid one into her pussy and the other into her anus alternately hand fucking her two holes.

There was absolute silence in the audience as the young girl was being roughly fist fucked for several minutes before she removed her gloved hands making the 2 sub guys lick all the lovely juices off the fingers.

She wrapped both gloved hands around each of the guy's cocks and masturbated them at the same time. As each came into her hand she got the girl to lick their cum out of the palm of the glove before sending them away.

The girl was led to a low coffee table hot mom an son fuke laid face up on top and the crew cut woman called for all the beakers. Four full beakers were handed to her. She poured two of them over her body covering every inch of her face and body, massaging it into her skin before she got up and faced the audience. She glistened with cum, smiling at the audience before being handed another full beaker.

This time she put it to her lips and drank from it before doing a bow and left the stage. As she moved along guys ran their hands over her body, over her breasts. She did not mind. Even when a finger was slid into her cunt she grabbed it and forced it in further. She was a real pleasure machine. Eventually she stopped to talk to a woman who was the friend she was looking for. "Hi Esther. Glad you could make it." She looked at her friend who was dressed in just a leather corset, stockings and thigh high boots with a leather leash in one hand tied to the cock of a male wearing crutchless panties, stockings and suspenders They kissed.

Anita was her part time lover and Mistress friend. "Enjoy the show? You want to join me for some sadistic fun?" She asked "Oh yes. You have no idea how wet I am." Without hesitation she reached under Esther's skirt and felt the gusset of her panties.

"Wow! Meet Ingrid. I have borrowed her for the weekend from mesh leopard foil print corset and thong(iphone tube porn Mistress on stage. She is one of her slaves. Ready to go and have some fun with these 2?" She asked, smiling.

Esther nodded. "The male slave here is Peter, but we'll call him Peta. He will drive us, won't you?" "Yes mistress". "Ingrid, you'd better get that cum off you and put some clothes on. Help her, Peta! But before you do you'd better put this chastity belt on you so you don't get any ideas with Ingrid. It was a cock cage attached to his balls that prevented him from getting any sexual pleasure. When they came back she was dressed, but he was still in his panties, stockings and suspenders and high heels and had to walk with us to where he left his car.

There were not many people round and soon we were driving to Anita's place. When we arrived we headed straight for her dungeon and secured Peta upright- his arms tied to a horizontal bar above his head and his feet put into sandals nailed to the floor.

Esther dug into a box and came up with a long length of slim, nylon clothesline. She doubled it, made a loop in the center and placed it around his waist, pulling julia ann justine hunt xxxstory loose ends through the loop at his navel.

She pulled the line tight around his waist then took the two ends between his legs, one end on each side of his genitals. They came back together behind his balls and were pulled snugly up into the crease of his buttocks. She pulled them through the loop at the small of his back, threaded the ends under the handcuffs above his head and then threw the ends over the bar. She pulled tightly on the loose ends, dad and daughter anal incest porn he was forced up onto his toes, his weight supported only by the thin nylon clothesline between his legs.

When she tied off the other end of the line around the bar, he was completely helpless. His hands were held up, behind his head, by the handcuffs and the line passing through them. The thin nylon rope cut brutally into his groin, putting pressure on his cock and balls.

He tried to grip the rope above his head to relieve some of the pressure, but the positioning of the cuffs, prevented his efforts from having any significant effect. Next she placed a studded cock and ball strap of leather that looked like two little belts that were connected, parallel to each other. It was lined on the inside with what appeared to be sharp little nail points, about a quarter-inch in length. She placed the longer of the little belts carefully around his genitals.

It snapped in place, very snugly, around the base of his cock and balls, separating them from his body tightly. The sharp points dug painfully into his tender flesh. The shorter of the belts was then snapped around his scrotum, further separating his balls from her cock. It was very tight, with the sharp points digging mercilessly into his scrotum. His testicles were squeezed tightly into the end of their sac, looking like some kind of rapidly purpling mushroom.

When she squeezed the strap, the sharp points inside really began to make an impression! She held up the other device for him to examine. It looked like a leather cone, with three short little chains dangling from it. The chains met at a sturdy metal ring, about three inches below the cone.

The inside of the cone was lined with very sharp looking stainless steel studs, each over a quarter-inch long. "This," she said with amusement, "is called a spiked parachute. She unsnapped it. "Here on the side and it goes over your balls, with this little ring hanging underneath. Then, once she had his balls trapped inside, she snapped it back together, like so." She proceeded to attach it as she spoke.

The spikes were as sharp as they looked. The angle of the leather cone caused them to dig savagely into his testicles. With his balls trapped so tightly in the end of his scrotum, they felt as if they were piercing his flesh. She held a piece of board in her hands. She placed it at his feet. it was a roughly, thirty-inch section of two-by-four that had three sturdy-looking screw eyes on it, one at each end and one in the center. Taking short pieces of thin rope from the box, she proceeded to spread his legs apart by tying his big toes to opposite ends of the board with expertly tied loops.

Having his legs spread apart like that forced even more of her weight onto the ropes cutting into his crotch. He was only able to rest a bit of his weight on the tips of his tightly mom san braezzrs sex story toes. For a moment, he almost forgot the sinister cone around his balls.

She took one of the hooks and snapped it onto the ring suspended from his balls. The other hook hung about six inches above the board at her feet, with its inviting screw eye in the center. "The rope won't reach." She quickly knelt at his feet and took hold of the board. Before he could protest, she snapped the dangling hook into the screw eye in the center of the board.

"That's better," she grinned. "Let's see how you manage this situation." She took her attention away from Peta and suspended Ingrid in the same way as Peta.

Esther ripped her top, off and pinched her nipples tightly between her fingers before biting down hard on them. Reached under her skirt and slipped a couple of fingers into her cunt before ripping her skirt off. Anita was lying back on the sofa frigging her cunt with a dildo. Peta's attention was divided between the 2, but he was beginning to scream as the various ties began to do their work. Esther attached another length of clothesline in a similar fashion - except the line was not doubled - only the lengths of the clothesline dug into the folds between her labia.

From both nipples Esther attached clamps with adjustable ties and from the left clamp she attached the other end to her left pussy lip and similarly attached the right side adjusting them both so that the nipples were being pulled down while the cunt lips were being pushed up.

She left them like that while Esther joined Anita on the bed. Taking the dildo from her hands she licked it as though she was sucking a cock. She could taste all of her lover's juices on it and licked it clean. Anita kneeled between her thighs and proceeded to go down on her licking and tasting as she tongue fucked her soaking wet cunt.

Esther grabbed the back of Anita's head holding it tight against her crotch so that her tongue had to stay inside her. "Oh yeah, baby! Deeper. That's it … you're making me cum. "the screams of the 2 slaves aroused her even more and she literally squirted into Anita's mouth her lovely pussy juices which Anita eagerly lapped up. Esther got up and slipped 3 fingers into her wet pussy and pulled them out putting the fingers under Peta's nose so that he could smell her lovely juice.

He was still rock hard notwithstanding the extreme pain he was experiencing with his genitals. She moved over to Ingrid and slipped her fingers inside her again. Only this time she put them in her mouth so she could lick her cunt juices off them. "Anita. I think it is time the two slaves got to fuck, don't you!" Esther said with a sadistic smile.

"Oh yes!" she agreed knowingly. We untied Peta first removing all the devices and rope from him which turned out to be more painful than putting them on for him and laid him on the bed face up, securing him to the 4 corners of the bed with handcuffs. Anita handed me an ice pack which I wrapped around his cock and balls for a few minutes to ensure that his erection had subsided.

When it had, she handed me a sound and put a copious amount of "Ben gay" a gel like substance used for backache which I rubbed into the bottom of the sound and slowly inserted it into his pee hole, letting gravity do the work.

I let it slide in about 7 cms and withdrew it until the tip was just inside the opening, reinserted it and rotated it inside. Peta screamed in agony as the gel started to feel as though his cock was being burned Meanwhile Ingrid was released from her bondage and she was being prepared. Anita put on a latex glove and rubbed her fingers with the "Ben gay". Bringing Ingrid over we let Peta see her being fisted by Anita in order for him to get his erection back.

Ingrid was experiencing the same burning sensation in her pussy. Esther withdrew the sound just as Anita was slipping a couple of fingers into Ingrid's arse with more "Ben gay". "Ingrid! I want you to give Peta a hand job using the rest of the "Ben gay". Massage it into his cock and balls for 2 minutes. Then you will mount him and have 5 minutes of fucking him. Use those 2 minutes to get him hard and throbbing and he must remain inside of you for 5 minutes. I don't care if he has cum before or not cum within that time, but he must remain inside of you.

Or you will be punished severely tomorrow!" Esther ordered. They watched Ingrid very young sandra romain gets two cocks up her ass out the rest of the tube onto the palm of her hand and wrap it around his cock and slide it up and down his shaft and around his testicles. In between there were tiny screams from both of them as the gel did its burning work. They were both in excruciating agony and this excited the 2 mistresses.

His cock engorged- the pain turning to pleasure "2 minutes blonde babe naomi woods gets fucked in reverse cowgirl They watched as she straddled him, impaling herself on his cock until it was all the way up to the hilt. Then she lifted her crotch up a few millimeters before settling down, repeating several times before she had a rhythm going. "Mistress! Please my cunt is on fire. I need to stop" Ingrid screamed.

"Peta hump her!" Anita ordered. Peta did not waste any time and soon they saw him thrust his cock in and out of her. They held Ingrid down so she could not move and he could get maximum pleasure from her burning pussy. Peta could take a lot of pain, but with him the excruciating burning sensation inside and outside of his cock led to the most sexually stimulating pleasures until he screamed that he was cumming inside of her.

Even after he had ejaculated he remained hard enough to stay inside her until the 5 minutes were up. They untied and retied Peta to one side of the bed and secured Ingrid to the other and put a blanket over them. "Anita! The weekend is just beginning!" They grabbed each others hands and left for Anita's bedroom to make love the way only 2 kinky sadistic females know how reliving the evening again with each other. The 2 girls stripped off their clothes.

Anita lay on top of Esther their clits touching as Anita pressed hard down, rubbing herself against the other until they both exploded in a uncontrollable climax. They 69ed each other and brought each other off again by fisting each others hole until they had another orgasm and then fell asleep in each others arms. The next morning they woke up from their sleep and put back on their short leather skirts and tight black top with holes cut out for their nipples.

They went down to their slaves who were awake and had a look at Peta. Her cock was hard; Esther untied them and made them kneel on the floor. "Anita and I need a pee. So girls open wide. The mistresses lifted their skirts and straddled their faces pissing straight into their mouths.

The slaves swallowing every drop and when finished licked their cunts clean. Anita bought over a bowl and placed several pairs of panties in the bowl. Esther got them a coffee and gave them to their slaves to drink in which had been dissolved a powerful laxative and a diuretic.

Esther shoved a couple of inflatable butt plugs in the girl's arsehole and pussy and one into Peta's arsehole. She put a tube over his cock and the other end had a Y fitting so that both of the other ends could be shoved into both their mouths.


They taped their mouths close so that the tubes were locked into their mouths. When Peta pissed he would fill both the slaves' mouths, but when Ingrid pissed and shitted the butt plugs would hold all the shit and piss in her and Peta's shit would be held in by the butt plug. They left them for a half hour for the powerful drugs to their work and returned.

As soon as we returned we saw them both fidget. Looking at the tube, we could see Peta's piss flowing into both their mouths. They untied their wrists and ankles and retied Ingrid kneeling on the bed and placed the bowl with the panties below her arsehole and removed the butt plug from her pussy.

Immediately, a stream of piss cascaded into the bowl covering the panties. Esther pulled out the plug from her arse hole and lumps of shit flowed out of her hole into the bowl practically filling it half way. They moved the bowl to Peta's arse hole and removed the butt plug from him allowing him to evacuate his bowels too. Anita and Esther lifted their skirts up and straddled the bowl emptying their arse holes of their shit. They untied them completely and ordered them to remove their clothes, take the bowl to the garden and eat the contents of the bowl outside as their breakfast.

While, they were kneeling they each strapped on a leather dildo about 9" long. Their arse holes were in the right position for the 2 sadistic mistresses to fuck their anuses, and this is what they did. They knelt behind them and roughly thrust them into their holes while they kissed each other fully on the mouth, their tongue going deeply into the others mouth.

In and out they fucked their arses causing the slaves' mouths to be pushed into the shit mixture in the bowl until they tired of this and withdrew their artificial cocks. "Ok Slaves, smear each others bodies with the shit i love stockings so much so i filmed it pov in the bowl and Ingrid I want you to cover his cock with lots of shit! And Peta fill Ingrid's pussy with as much shit a you can fill it as well as over her whole body" Esther ordered.

"Esther, you are wicked!" Anita said, unclipping the dildo from the strap-on and ramming it into her own pussy, fucking herself with it. Esther did the same thing as they were both really horny from what the 2 mistresses had got the slaves to do They were fucking themselves with the dildoes while the slaves were using the remains of the shit in the bowl to smear the shit over and inside each others body.

Ingrid was smearing a copious amount of shit onto Peta's rapidly expanding cock with her bare hand and Peta was forcing some of their waste into Ingrid's pussy within his open hand and using a fist to push the bridgette b wants black cock cuckold sessions deeper into her dirty, wet cunt.

Anita had set up a video cam to her website and men all over the world were watching what was happening and paying for the privilege. Soon all the shit had been used up and there were only there shit and piss covered panties remaining on the bottom. "Put those panties on you 2. Divide them equally. There are 6 pairs in there." They watched them put them on.

Peta could barely get into them, but Ingrid could get them on easily.


They got Peta to lie on top of Ingrid. "Peta fuck the bitch!" Esther ordered. Peta did not waste cory chase and bailey brooke crazy way time. He shoved his panty covered cock against her panty covered pussy and rubbed himself. Peta then slipped her panties down and shoved his cock inside her, pushing the shit inside her pussy further inside her.

Soon the 2 of them were lost in sexual oblivion as they soon came ferociously, simultaneously. "Right you 2 lick each other clean. When you have done that present yourselves for inspection in the dungeon!

"Anita ordered Anita and Esther went back to their bedroom; lay on their bed and 69ed each other, tasting each others lovely cunt juice produced from them fucking themselves with the dildoes. After, they had enjoyed each other they discussed what they should do next. They dressed in black cotton micro skirts and singlet with black leather boots with high heels on them.

They went down to the dungeon and inspected the 2 slaves. They dragged Peta to a doorway and secured his wrists to the top of the door jambs and his ankles to the bottom so he was tied standing up, spread-eagled and ripped the panties off him. They did the same to Ingrid except with her they placed her hands in rings hanging down from the ceiling and ankles wide apart to ropes also coming down from the ceiling.

Her legs were stretched wide, horizontally apart, stretching her inside thighs giving easy access to her bald pussy. Esther approached Peta and touched his cock. She could feel it harden in her hand and throb. She took her hand away, stepped back, lifted her right foot back and kicked the top of her boot straight into his ball sac. Peta screamed and tried to bend double, but his restraints prevented him from doing that. She repeated the kick several more times, each time harder than the previous one.

Peta still maintained an erection. Meanwhile Anita had got a large 15" dildo attached to an adjustable platform and placed it directly below the slave's bald glistening pussy. It had a handle on it and she turned the handle until it penetrated her pussy. Anita did not stop and completed several more turns until a half of it was buried in her cunt. The 2 mistresses changed slaves and Anita continued kicking his balls like a football, while Esther continued turning the handle.

Both slaves were incessantly screaming in pain. More and more of the dildo was invading her pussy.

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Now almost ¾ of it was buried inside her. 12 inches of a large dildo inside her, made Esther very, very wet and she could not contain her and buried her fist inside her own pussy fucking herself with it. The audience fresh teen cunt first time what a mess you made had been viewing everything that had occurred this morning would be sexually excited, watching it through the internet.

Anita said that at its peak over 1000 people were watching and paying for the privilege all over the world. Anita was now kicking Peta's balls incessantly and Esther could see his balls turn blue, but still he was erect.

She stopped and picked up a small whip intense lesbian action with two hot floozies with great skill aimed it at his genitals and lashed them really hard. She continued turning the handle to slide more of the dildo inside until all was buried to the hilt inside her. Anita got a similar dildo and platform and placed that beneath Peta's arse hole.

She inserted a spray gun full of lubricant and sprayed some lubricant inside his anus. Then she pointed the dildo against the entrance of his anal orifice and turned the handle. Soon the tip entered his puckered arsehole. She continued screwing it in until half of it was in. Anita knew that his anal opening could not accommodate as much as a pussy, but nevertheless she continued screwing it up until about ¾ was embedded inside.

Peta was screaming in agony. In fact both slaves were. There was nothing the slaves could do about it in their tied positions. They attached 20 kgs weights with clamps from Peta's balls and Ingrid's nipples and left them like that for about a half hour while they 69ed each other again on their bed. Their pussies were dripping wet with pussy juice which they both lapped up as they tongued each others delectable pussies.

The mistresses returned, untied the 2 aching slaves and laid them on the ground and queened them, brutally grinding their pussies on their face, using their noses for sexual gratification, squirting more of their sweet nectar over their faces and mouths.

The room soon smelt of cunt juice. They secured them to a special frame where they were both secured to it in such a position that they were bent over a frame and that cock, pussy and arse were equally available and left them like that for a short while.

They went to the front room where there were about 12 men who had been watching the morning's procedures on a large plasma screen. "Ok guys they are all yours!" Anita announced. As they proceeded to the dungeon each gave Anita $200, removed his clothing and entered the room with rock hard erections.

"Esther, now you see why we spent time preparing their holes. These guys are all married and Saturday is the only time they can get away from their partners and indulge in things that their partners would not entertain.

These pretty party girls look so sweet and nice but see how dirtyminded and insatiable they really a

They have 2 hours to do with them whatever they like. Let's go upstairs to my bedroom and watch from there. The 2 kinky girls watched on the TV and Esther thought "we thought we were kinky! " There were 2 men double penetrating Peta in her short skirt and another one fisting Ingrid's arse, another one pissing into her mouth. When they had all finished the other guys were watching and masturbating themselves waiting their turn. Their place was immediately taken by 5 guys who shoved their cocks into Peta's mouth and arse and into Ingrid's pussy, mouth and arse with difficulty and they were fucking all 5 holes very roughly.

"God. It seems as if they haven't had a fuck for a long time and they don't seem to be fussy if they are fucking Peta or Ingrid. Mind you, it is quite horny watching them fuck, isn't it, Anita?' My finger strayed to my pussy. I shoved 2 fingers inside my dirty, wet pussy.

Anita brushed them aside and took an electric toothbrush and slipped it inside my hole, switching it on. "Fuck,Anita what are you doing to me?. You are driving me wild." She was, as the brush rotated, it pressed against my pussy wall, sending my already itchy, horny pussy over the top.

So much so that I just exploded in a series of mini orgasm that left me wracked. The guys in the dungeon had started to find objects in the dungeon. One of the guys had a pair of pliers and was pulling on Anita's nipples very hard almost pulling them off.

Another guy was masturbating in competition with a couple of others and was ejaculating over Peta's face covering his mouth and nose with cum. Another one had a bottle and was raping Ingrid's arse hole very roughly. As Esther was watching this, Anita was kneeling between her splayed legs and was eating her pussy- lapping up all her lovely cunt juice.

She grabbed her head and pushed it closer to her glistening, wet, dirty, cunt, encouraging her to tongue her hole deeper. The guys were lost also in sexual excitement- nothing would have distracted them except another hot chick. One guy had shoved a pair of panties up her pussy and had pulled them out, sniffing the cunt juice on them while fucking her arse. 2 Guys were alternating fucking Peta's arse, whilst another one shoved his cock into his mouth. When he was ready to cum on him he splattered Peta on his face and another guy took his place.

Anita was shoving her tongue into Esther's willing, wanton pussy, sending her to new sexual highs, pressing on her abdomen and making her squirt a copious amount of juice into her willing mouth. Which she eagerly drank. "Esther. You know why I love you so much. You are such an imaginative girl and your pussy is always wet.

I can never get too much of you." Anita confessed to me. The guys had slowed down, as had their cocks, but there were one or two still feeling kinky. They were shoving their fingers into their arse holes and making Peta and Ingrid lick them clean, another one was sliding his cock between Ingrid's crack in her arse up and down, rubbing himself to orgasm They went down stairs, dressed in their wet panties and micro black leather skirts and went over to a couple of teen anal two big cocks and babe a magical misappropriation guys sitting, watching and sat on their laps, grinding their pussies into their cocks until they could feel them harden and climbed off them.

Rock hard again, they approached the 2 slaves and slowly inserted their cocks into their arses. The 2 mistresses stood behind them and shoved a couple of fingers in to their holes, massaging their prostates, making them rock hard and throbbing, encouraging them to sodomize them.

That did the trick and soon they spurted inside their holes. The guys left. They untied Ingrid and Peta who could hardly walk. They led them to the bathroom and ordered them to have a bath. When they had cleaned themselves up they could leave. Now, it was Esther's turn to sexually satisfy Anita and she did it over the next 6 hours.