Two mature lesbian honeys play with each other

Two mature lesbian honeys play with each other
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"The emergency phone numbers are on the fridge, and if you have any questions we'll have our cell phones, you know our numbers," my parents told me. My parents were going to Tahiti for a week during summer vacation, leaving me and my 13 year old sister Aubrey home alone for the week. When they told me this was going to happen the week before, I started going over all the plans for the party I was going to throw. "Mr. and Mrs. Robinson from next door are home all week, and we specifically told them to watch out for any partying that might be going on.

You can have one or two friends over, but NO PARTIES." They told me, throwing all my thoughts out the window. I watched them pull out of the driveway in my dad's red Audi TT coupe and speed off to the airport. I closed the curtains and looked back at Aubrey who was sitting on the couch. Her short pink skirt was sexily revealing the top of her thigh, as she sat indian style on our couch. She was about 5'1, 100 pounds, petite and very pretty.

Guys had been giving her the eye by the time she was 11, and I frequently overheard her having sex with guys as old as 18 while my parents were out at american naughty girl sex stories xxx or something.

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She had brown hair that fell just past her shoulders. She had these gorgeous brown eyes that practically jeez on legs of small tits girl out "fuck me" if she looked at you a certain way. She had breasts that were quite developed for a girl her age, I sneaked a peak at her bra a while ago, and read 34B, and she was never shy at showing off her seductive figure.

My name is Chris, I was 17 and kind of the archetypical "all-American" kid. I was the quarterback of my football team, I was 6'1 and 180 pounds of muscle. I could pretty much get any girl I could ever want, and I have. However, my sister remained elusive. I had never seriously purused her, though I had spent many nights masturbating to her cheerleading pictures, her pictures from our vacation in Hawaii and any other pictures I could find of her. We were always very open with each other.


We had frequently seen each other naked coming in and out of showers, while changing and when I had "accidentally" let my bedroom door open, and she always flirtaciously made jokes about the 9 inch piece of meat in my pants. I had made it my mission for the week to fuck my sister, by any means nessecery. I suspected that she wanted it, from the way that she seemed to wiggle her cute little butt at me and looked at my crotch whenever I had a boner.

However, her ass always wiggled, and she was perpetually horny and stared at every boner she saw, no matter who's it was. "So what do you want to do for dinner?" Aubrey asked. I looked up from my daze and saw her sitting on the couch, with her black tanktop and pink skirt.

She wasn't wearing a jilbab indatas santri bawah diantri. "Umm, I guess we could eat out if you want." I answered, my gaze fixated on her cleavage, which looked quite massive in comparison with her small figure. "Hm, I think I might want to just order some pizza maybe." she said. Later that night, nothing happened, and I was getting restless. I passed by her room, and saw her changing through the crack in her door, I decided to take advantage of the situation.

I walked in, wearing just some basketball shorts on account of the grueling July heat. "Hey there" she greeted me, putting her hair in a pony tail, standing there butt naked. I got up, and stood behind her, putting my hands on her hips. "What are you doing?" she asked, alarmed She tried to pull away from me, but my grip was too strong, I held on. "Hey Chris, stop, this isn't funny" she said, sounding frightened I started to kiss her neck, she tried to kick me, beauteous bitch loves being nailed by large dicks her tiny body couldn't get any strength that could hurt my ripped football player physique.

Holding her hips in one of my hands, I lowered my pants, and my huge boner sprung up. "No Chris! I don't want this!" she yelled "I don't care if you don't want it, you're getting it" I said, not fully realizing what I was doing. I rammed my cock into her tight asshole, which was suprisingly tight, considering she was by far the sluttiest girl in her grade.

She started to moan with incidental pleasure, but I could hear the fearful quiver in her voice as my rod got deeper and deeper into her tight little butt. "CHRIS! Stop!


I reallllllly don't want this!" she half moaned, half cried, her eyes were watering up with tears. I ignored her as I continued to fuck her asshole. I felt the cum being to well up inside my cock, and I let loose, my jizz dripped down the inside of her ass, which was red from the severity of my fucking her.

I let her go for a minute so she could catch her breath, her eyes were red and swollen from crying. "Why would you do this?" she asked "You're such a god damn tease," I told her "Maybe you'll learn not to act like such a whore around people you don't want to fuck.

I have no problem with you being a little slut like you are, but sometimes people are going to take it the wrong way. Maybe you'll learn a lesson" I told her as I turned around to face her. Russian amateur hottie makes some two holey money was sitting on her pink bedspread, my eyes gravitated towards her bald little pink pussy.

"Oh no, not again Chris, please" she pleaded I ignored her as I zereoed in on her pussy, and stuck my huge penis into her tight cunt. I heard her yelp and moan as I shoved every milimeter I had into her tight pussy. I grinned as she stopped crying, I could see that she had either begun to enjoy it, or just accept it.

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I heard her make a whimper like a frightened dog, except a lot louder. Hearing my nymphet sister make a noise like that instantly got me ever hornier. I persisted in my fucking of her tight vagina.

I felt the cum.


I heard her orgasm as my jizz filled the tight confines of her pussy, seeped into her cunt and attempted to find their way to where they were going. I pulled out, and saw that maybe she enjoyed it. "See, that wasn't that bad." I pointed out "Just please, not again." she implored "Maybe one more time," I answered, seeing the look on her face.

I reached under the bed and pulled out a pair of handcuffs "Maybe one more time" she answered