Hotty undresses for a casting session hardcore and blowjob

Hotty undresses for a casting session hardcore and blowjob
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A story between siblings. enjoy ~~~~~~Fiction~~~~~~~~ I've been fantasizing about doing stuff with my brother's for a long time. Since we went on vacation, he's been on my mind a lot. he's a little bit older than me and i would love to do many things with him.

This story is based on a dream i had, it also takes place when we were both younger. so please enjoy. Chris would come home to see mom and dad almost every day, just to say hi and we always wrestled, beat each other up, chased each other around the house, and were acting like normal brother and sister.

Sometimes us younger kids, the three younger ones would go to him and his gf's house to go Swimming, Chris would pick me up all the time and throw me in the water. I could feel him touching me some times, i would feel his arms or hands brush upon my breast, but by the time i realized he was story orang perkosa hewan sapi it, he stopped, for which i'm guessing he didn't want me to catch on.

But he did it all the time, over and over, so i eventually stopped thinking it was an accident. I've also seen him look at me, and one time we even talked about my bra size because my mom had bought me the wrong size.

and i said "Mom that bra is too small, and Chris was like "too small!" dont you mean too big!?


and i said, uhh No its a D i wear DD. In the living room.


Chris came and took the remote and he was standing right in front of the tv. "I was watching that" I looked at him, with the slightest smile of annoyance on my face. He knew i was only joking. "So?" he replied. "So, move and give me back the remote." Chris had picked me up off the couch and threw me on the floor and sat on me, then he started to tickle me.

"Stop tickling me! Chris, your going to hurt me!" i said, while laughing. I started kicking and screaming, laughing and even almost crying, Chris was having way too much fun with this.

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While tickling me, i felt him touch my breast, he looked at me with, almost an apology look on his face. I could then clearly see he was embarrassed and then i was being nice and decided to pretend i hadn't noticed so i took the chance and pushed him off me, and grabbed his shoulders and threw him down.

i saw him glance up my shorts, but he didn't notice that i had noticed, so he grabbed my legs and started pushing me back and fourth. he jerked in between the back of my knees making me fall over, on him. i layed there, pretending to struggle hard, i was laughing again and he stopped, i knew cuddly teenie is gaping slim cunt in close up and coming kittens closeup was looking again, because beneath me i could feel him harden, but i'm sure he could tell that i could feel because he threw me on the floor.

He straddled me and i could feel him pressing against me, he was trying not to do it too much because in all he was afraid of being caught. I could see he couldnt help himself. i could feel his dick hardening the more he pressed against my pussy. we both were staring at each other, that's when he had taken a step further and he pressed a little harder.

I let out a moan, and he instantly got harder, and he waited to see my reaction I smiled and closed my eyes, he started pressing harder against me, and he knew i liked it, and i knew he liked it, in fact we both loved it. He leaned in very slowly, loosening his grips upon my wrists, that kept me to the floor, and i could feel him lower on me slowly, and i could feel his heat upon my chest and then, i felt his lips on mine.

I opened my lips and when he touched my lips, i could feel my pussy start dripping, from how soaked i was getting. He moved himself, and went on the side of my body, so he wasn't straddling me anymore and he started to roam his fingers to my ankles and up my legs, i had to break off the kiss.

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This was the most incredible feeling i could ever feel. i couldnt help it, my legs spread wider for him, my body started arching up, i was moaning i had to bite my lip so my brothers couldn't hear us. He was using his finger tips, going slowly up my legs, making me arch some more, me moaning, and he was going soo slow, and he would go above my shorts, press down on m pussy and go down my other leg. He repeated this act for another few minutes when i had started feeling him go under my shorts, by then i had opened my eyes, i smiled at him, and gave him the signal that it was okay, and to go on.

he started touching my pussy over my undies and he went under them and slipped a finger inside of me. "You like that? Why are you so wet?" Chris asked "mm, ohh Chris don't stop" i whispered back. he started going harder, I was moaning louder "Ohh Chris, please, please don't stop, mmmm, OHH!!!" He got up, took my hand and lead me downstairs into my room.

"Braden is playing music downstairs so we can be loud as long as we're quiet during the in between songs, and if we lock your door baby it'll be hard for someone to come in" "mm sounds good to me" i said with a smile. he laid me on my bed and took off my shorts and undies. He spread my legs and started fingering me with two fingers.

"why is my baby sister so wet?" "Does she not get what she deserves?" "Have you been dreaming about this?, are you this wet because your finally getting what you really wanted?" "Ohh yes, Don't Stop!'' I looked at him, he looked at me.

"Or is it This you want", he pulled his dick out, and my jaw, probably dropped two feet! I had to have it, so i started to suck him, and i looked up and i could tell he really liked it.

He started moaning, but not much, i started to go faster, and harder, i started to deep mia ashley and ashton play strip darts him, feeling his dick deep in my throat had turned me on soo much, i wanted so bad to feel his cum trickle down my throat.

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"ohh, shiit'' He said. My pussy started throbbing, hearing him like this drove me crazy. "Turn around and get on all fours" He'd said. I turned around on my bed and he slapped my ass really hard, and i really liked it.

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"Ohh, fuckk do that again" i moaned. He did it again and it had felt amazing. He slapped his dick on my ass, and it was so hott and so hard, i was almost sure i could feel it throbbing. he slowly positioned his dick right in my pussy, but he had to go slow, he was so big, but he was slipping in as my pussy started to get used to his big dick, he started thrusting hard against me. Harder and harder, going faster deeper.

"ohh, Chris, mm!" "Don't, Don't stop, ohh," He slapped my ass harder than he had the first couple of times. "you like that baby?" he asked me in a black big booty bbw rape rough voice, as he started to pound me faster. "Mmm, Fuck yeah" ohh, ohh." he bent over, still fucking me and played with my nipples and he squeezed them, making me moan harder and louder. As i started to moan louder and he leaned back and started pounding me harder than before, i could feel him reaching so deep where its never been reached down there before.

i was moaning so loud, we were lucky, our older brother was in the other room blasting music. "baby your soo tight, i'm going to cum" "oohh we both started moaning in Unison. i could feel him tensing." "cum on me, cum on my body, all over my nipples." "ohh fuck" he moaned "ohh i'm cumming mm Kayla i'm cumming" i felt him pull out of me i turned over and i lifted my head back and he cummed all over me i could feel it dripping down my body, traveling my curves, and as i could feel it dribble to my pussy, i felt his warm hand push against my pussy, so it wouldnt reach, he kissed me and laid me down.

he started rubbing my clit. "mmm, Chriss" i gripped onto his arm hard. he was kissing me and started kissing my neck straight down to my nipples. he barley flicked my nipples with his tounge.


That had set me off the edge. "Oh chris", he felt me squirt and cum all over his fingers. Mmm Chris. He laid down next to me and we fell asleep in each others arms:)