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Two chicks enjoying hard cock and get jizz
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Prior : The Do-gooder MILF Quickly my hand went between her legs. She pulled away but I kept at her. I signaled the boys.

Time for them to get in on the action. I stepped back to watch. They were all around her. Three pairs of hands all over.

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Stroking, petting, grabbing, pinching. The Do-gooder bitch was crying, begging pleading.


One was to the front of her, the other to the back. They were rubbing up against her DRY HUMPING the Bitch. They never said a word. I was so hard I had my cock out stroking it. I walked back up to her and pulled up her tee shirt.

I kissed her through the small opening in her hood. Tommy, my youngest was behind her, his crotch up against her ass. I kept rubbing my cock up against her belly. I was kissing her hard, my tongue in her mouth. Tommy was up against her, his hands reaching around grabbing her breasts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24 Hours Earlier Joan's day had started out well.

Busy, but every day was busy. She made breakfast for the boys. Her husband was off to work early. Then she headed off to Church, she tried to go as often as she could Then she was off to the Home Improvement store where she helped in the stock room part time. Luckily the boys were old enough to take care of most of their own needs. Joan rushed sister and mom sex in brother, made dinner for the boys to warm up and then she headed off to the shelter.

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This was her church's night to prepare a special meal for the homeless. It was a busy night and she got out late. Joan walked out to her car after almost everyone had left. What a long day. Where is that key? She never had a chance, she was hooded, tied and bound in the trunk. What happened? What is going on? Joan turned and twisted but there was little she could do. Who were they? What are they going to do? What is going to happen to me? Dragged into the basement she was untied, and the hood was removed but she was forced into a large dog cage.

Her attackers wore masks. She got food and water and bowl for personal needs. Please let me go? What are you doing?

Who are you? The cage door was locked and she was left in the dark. The men would come to check on her, give her water and change her bowls. There was no sense of time. She was left in complete darkness.

The same questions my ass hugger jeans will make you nice and hard joi girl next door and domination terrible thoughts went through her mind. Why did they take her? What did they want? She was not that attractive. I have little money. All I try to do is help people. Why would they do this to me? Finally they took her out of the cage. She was frightened, now what? Yet she was happy to get out of the cage. Her arms were tied and the cloth hood put back over her.

There was only the small opening for her mouth. She screamed the same questions but there were no answers. NOOOOO. Let me down. Oh please. Who is that ?

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What are they doing. Her arms were stretched over her head. My arms ache. My legs hurt. Why don't they say anything. What are they going to do to me. Tied up spread-eagled she was helpless. OH NO NO. Joan feared what they were going to do. Now she was sure as the hands groped her.

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OH no there are many of them. Their hands are all over me. She pulled away. Smacked to the head she tried not to struggle. It was hopeless. She felt a cock rubbing against her belly. This can't be happening. Wait, stop. I am scheduled to be helping the homeless tonite. Pease I have to help tonite. She begged again. Finally, a gruff disguised voice. Fuck the Homeless. God helps those who help themselves. Fucking Do-gooder Bullshit. We are helping ourselves.

This is just the start. OHOH. Joan felt the cum on her belly. This crazy. I know what they are going to do. Why ME. I am not hot. Why did they take me. Joan tried to ask again for them t let her go but a hand covered in cum was in her mouth. Everything was closing in, there were two bodies up against her. The hand covered in cum was in her mouth. The hood and the hand in her mouth made it hard to breathe.

Hands were all over her. The hand was in and out of her mouth. She tried not to struggle, just concentrate sunny leon big hot black cock sex breathing.

Then is stopped. Just like that. She couldn't see anything. What were they doing. What next. Look, I have some money, I'll give you everything.


I haven't seen you. You can let me go. I help people. I have things to do. People depend on super cool and steamy outdoor sex vidixxx porn mp4. SMAAAACK. Joan took a crack to the head. Again disguised voice. Look we don't give a shit who you help. Old Fucks, homelss, nitwitt's we don't fucking care. Stupid bitch. OHHHHH NOOOOOO She felt the cold metal, the sharp blade. It traced along her cheek and then down on her chest It was obvious, it meant to scare her.

The sharp blade pressed against her skin Joan shuddered. She was to scared to even talk. She didn't dare move, then she felt it cutting off her blouse. OHHHH No. Stop Please. She didn't want to beg but couldn't stop. The bras was cut off. The blade traced lines against her breast.

It pushed hard against the skin but did not cut. Joan shivered. A hand grabbed her sweat pants and she felt the knife cut them off. Joan cried as the knife trace against her panties on her pussy lips. Whimpering, sobbing she felt her panties drop away.

The knife blade pushed way her pussy lips. It dragged across her thighs and ass. Joan was almost relieved as hands took the knifes place. Hand grabbed her now naked private parts. She could hear laughs, Sneers. She shuddered as she was touched in her private parts.

Smack, she felt a hard slap to her ass. The another to her tits. Then to her crotch which Was wide open, spread eagled. The smacks kept coming.


She could not see where they were coming from. Finally they stopped. Them a smack to the head. Shaken she turned her head vainly Trying to find where the next slap would come from. She head the laughter. Her legs were untied. Now what. They left her there a little while. Then hands grabbed her ankles and her legs were lifted up They were spread wide and lifted up and tied next to her wrists with ropes to the top bar.

Joan was bent like a pretzl, trussed up. She was wide open. In full panic Joan screamed, begged threatened. You pigs, stop, you will pay for this. What is wrong with you. You can't do this. She could see the bright lights even through the hood. The hood was pulled off but all she could see were bright lights. She wanted to look but couldn't.

She had been in the dark for so long her eyes were blinded. The little she could see the men wore masks. She could see some looked young. She knew what teen gets cum in mouth pornstars and blowjob happen.

When would it start?

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Her arms and legs ached. Her back hurt. She knew what was coming. How did this happen. To Be continued.