Sex and a video bonus facial cumshot and natural tits

Sex and a video bonus facial cumshot and natural tits
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"My goodness, Don, I think you made me cum about ten times. How do you last so long?" I had just emptied my nuts into my 24yr old neighbor, Nancy. The girl (at 58, It's still permissible for me to call one that age a 'girl') was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Al, but he was out of town… and she was horny.

"Honey, you should have known me in my younger years. As the saying goes, "I used to do it all night… now it takes me all night to do it." Vidya balan xnxx fuck story not sure I'm able to do this good of a job every time, but I sure do hope this ain't the last time.

You, young lady, are good… mighty good." ************ It all started a couple months ago, when I moved to the small mobile home next door to Nancy and Al. He saw me unloading a few furniture pieces and asked if he could help. Of course, I accepted and we knocked out the pickup load in no time. Nancy was cooking some burgers on the grill and I was invited to join them. I learned that Al worked at an independent auto parts store and Nancy trained horses.

As with most girls that ride a lot, she had a plain face, wide ass, and an absolutely awesome, firm set of tits. Nearly always, she would be home two to three hours before Al. They had been together for almost two years, but had no kids.


I filled them in on my hobbies… cooking and writing. It was a good evening and the next day, I smoked a delicious pork roast, smoked corn-on-the-cob, and baked a blackberry cobbler.

This time, they came to my small patio for supper, "Wow, Don, this is the best corn I've ever tasted.

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What did you do special to make it so good?" I explained to her about leaving the corn inside the shuck and cooking it slowly on the upper rack of my smoker. I also told them the long, drawn out, story of my divorce. "Yeah, well, The corn is really good, Don, but I'm kinda partial to the pork," Al spoke up, "What kind of rub do you use?" Again, I love to cook.

I rarely glance at a recipe.

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But I tried to explain what seasonings I used. What I didn't tell them was that I had 'rubbed' my cock and mixed my cum with the other spices, then smeared it all over the roast. What they didn't know wouldn't hurt them, right? Each time I fixed a meal for my new, young neighbors I managed to serve my body fluids to them in one way or another. Yeah, I know… I'm a sicko bastard. But a couple weeks afterwards, Al had to go out of state for a 'car accessories' convention.


I cooked a pot of venison chili, thinned it a little with some piss, and when I saw Nancy get home, Caged tushy shoplifter strip search spooned up a big bowl full and slipped on some clothes.

For the record, I'm single; nobody lives with me; so I rarely wear any clothing around the house. About twenty minutes after she drove in, I left my back door and walked across our back yards.

As I walked up the steps to their deck, my eyes were treated to a sight I wasn't expecting. Just inside the glass sliding doors, lying in the evening sunlight shining through them, was Nancy… naked and masturbating.

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Many thoughts went through my mind, but only one thought went to my dick… The sunlight was bright enough that she kept her eyes turned away from the doors… she never knew I was watching. When I saw, and heard, her having an orgasm, I set the bowl of chili on the patio table and walked back home. Ten minutes later, I sent her a text, "Did you find the bowl of chili I left for you?" The return text read, "Yes, I did.

Thank you. It's still hot, when did you bring it?" "About 15 minutes ago.


I was going to say 'hi' but I could see you were&hellip. 'busy'." It was probably another ten minutes before she responded, "You saw me?" "Every beautiful inch." "OMG!" "No problem, I have to do that, too. I'm single, remember?" "OMG! I can't believe this. Please don't say anything to Al." "No problem, enjoy the chili… and I'll enjoy the sight embedded in my memory." I didn't hear anything else from Nancy that evening.

The next day, I got a text, "Chili was very good. Supper's on me this evening. My place, ok?" "Wonderful. Do I need to "dress" up?" "Whatever&hellip. I'll be dressed the same as yesterday." "Sounds fantastic to me. I'll plan on doing the same." "Ok… eyes only, though. No sex." "Grrrrr… but I can live with that. 5 o'clock?" "5 is fine." When I tapped blonde babes get pounded in various positions the glass door, Nancy waved for me to come in.

She was at the kitchen range, wearing an apron, only. Her fine, wide ass made my dick stand at attention, immediately. I removed my light robe and laid it on the back of a dining room chair. "Wow!" she pointed at my stiffie, that didn't take long." "He likes your ass… and your tits… amazing milf sucks like a real pro that sweet little bush down there." "Well, I'll take that as a compliment.

Sit right there, I'll put the chicken and dumplings on the table." "Mind if I pet him a little? If I don't, I'll probably get splinters from the underside of the table." She set the big bowl on the table and smiled, "Here, let me do it. That way we can eat while it's still hot." Nancy took my rod in one hand and my nut sack in the other.

She stroked it for a minute or so, then dropped to her knees. Her small mouth was full when she engulfed about half of Ol' Fat Boy. Another thirty seconds, she was pulling cum from my toes and lungs, out the end of my hard cock.

It wasn't her first rodeo… she never lost a drop. "Whew! I've had blow jobs before, but never had one that good. I thought you said 'no sex' this evening." She stood and began spooning the food into the plates, "That's right. You have to remember, Bill and Monica swore that blow jobs weren't sex. I'll accept that. Now, eat." After the delicious meal, I asked, "What about if I eat you, would that be having sex?" "I'm not worried about getting splinters.

I don't think it would be a good idea. This is Al's pussy, Don. For now, I think it better stay that way." We watched a little TV and had some strawberry shortcake for dessert. She teased me by licking the whipped cream with her tongue, and scraping the skin off the berries with her teeth. It was easy to see that she was pleased with herself as her manipulations made my shaft hard again. "You do know I'm not going to be able to take much more of that." "So?" "So spread those legs and let me eat that cunt.

You won't regret it…" *********** That brings me back to where this story started. Nancy and I have been pleasing each other for nearly a year, now. She just found out she's pregnant and was worried the baby was mine, which would end her marriage to Al.

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I told her not to worry, I'd had a vasectomy several years ago. I didn't… but it eased her mind… and I'm still fucking her.