Anime cum tribute cute hentai teen feet tube porn

Anime cum tribute cute hentai teen feet tube porn
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A tan beauty pressed their grey, bone-plated hands firmly against a tree, a pair of gorgeous lips panting heavily beneath two eyes of deep green, all exposed from its once imprisoning mask for all the world to see. Pale hands grasped firmly on their lover's feminine hips as they pulled towards their owner's own, his shaft passing in and out of the heated entrance with furthering intensity. Deep groans flowed from beneath his mask as he tilted his head back, pounding aggressively into his lover's wanting ass and sharply spanking the cheek, its plump shape jiggling from the strike and making the dark skinned beauty gasp with excitement.

linda brown hottie gonzo pov fuck at purepov perfectgonzo firstperson god, Marita." The masked man panted heavily over his words, hardly able to contain himself.

'Marita's' hips slammed back forcefully, locking their position against him and preventing his further thrusts; the gorgeous face looked back with a faint scowl, "Akhen, I told you not to call me that!" The tan skinned beauty pulled away from his lover's grasp, turning to lean back against the tree with a slight pout. Akhen sighed, "I'm sorry, Nefertiti. I'm just so use to it. Forgive me? I know you hate being reminded of." Nefertiti placed a delicate hand to his lover's mask where his lips would be and gave a sensual gaze, biting his lower lip, "I forgive you, baby." The Egyptian beauty slowly lifted his leg skyward and placed it firmly over his lover's shoulder, reaching his hand down to grasp the base of Akhen's ever rigid hardon, and pushed it deep inside once more.

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The two of them made love front to front for the first time, Nefertiti's arms draping across his lover's shoulders as their hips rocked against one another, and once more that gorgeous visage was betrayed by bliss. Crisp grass collapsed beneath a pair of heavy plated feet as they made their way towards the two lovers, his presence masked purely by the passion they shared. His mighty arm flexed as it raised high into the air, and all too quickly came the sickening sound of crunching bone.

Nefertiti screamed as he watched his lover's head collapse and spatter the grass with deep red, his lifeless body dropping with an unresisted thud to the ground below.

Tears cascading down a feminine face as he knew he could not hesitate for even a moment to be there for his lover, and just barely escaping the attacker's bear-like grasp he darted away into the darkness; just like that Akhen was dead, and the pursuit they thought they had finally escaped had brutally caught up to them.

With a broken voice Nefertiti took one final look back, "I'm sorry, Akhenaten." At the base of an all too familiar mountain of ivory dust could be seen roughly a dozen people; all nude with exception for a few extremities plated in bone-like armor. To Bird's group these strangers seemed almost entirely similar to those they had expected to find, but to the keen eye subtle differences could be noted.

Each of these individuals wore bone not of pure ivory but instead an very so off tint of grey; the plates which covered them had a more uniform shape to them as opposed to the more natural contours Bird's group had come to know, and the greatest of differences was that of their masks. The masks of Bird, Hound, Rhino, Ox, and the others were all identical to one another aside from proportions to fit their various shapes and sizes, and in the center of the masks' faces were three vertical slits from which they could see in mysterious clarity.

It was the mask that was so different on these strangers, as instead boss gives blowjob and big oil orgy these steaming model besties all played hooky from three vertical slits their world was revealed to them through two wide slivers presented horizontally across the bottom and top of each mask's surface.

These dozen were strangely organized, half of which taking what looked like almost assigned positions at various places surrounding the base of the heap while the rest were in a my dirty hobby hot kinky me gefesselt geblasen array further out across the grass. Each of those in the grass had a smaller or weaker looking frame, nobody of immediate alarm; none were standing.

A very heavy set, shorter man sat far from the heap, facing towards the darkness in silence as he stared at the grass before him; a few feet behind him could be seen a sickly old figure sleeping on the ground, a woman with very a frail body covered in various signs of age across her wrinkled, thinning skin.


To the opposite side's grass were only two others; a very thin, seemingly young woman who's every bone seemed to jut through her pale skin was curled up in the grass completely still and silent. Far beyond the sickly girl, near the opposite side of the large heap almost entirely shrouded in darkness kneeled a faint silhouette pini ki and rakes blupikcher xxxxbf vido was difficult to make out in any considerable detail, and just beyond appeared to be a series of very high, stone-like formations of ivory haphazardly forming a wall upon which the back of this massive heap had come to rest against.

Closer to the heap, at the left edge of its foot, stood a stocky older man with bronze skin and a great, brown beard cascading from beneath his mask and covering his upper chest; he was of only modest height, but his arms looked quite strong. On the direct opposite stood a very tall, somewhat lanky man with pale skin heavily covered in what appeared to be old burn scars; paired with his slightly hunched posture it almost made him seem weak, but the strangely solid tone of his muscles and stability of his frame refused this ideal.

Each of them carried a weapon; the bearded man's being a thick, club-like piece of ivory while the lankier man's was a long and thin branch sharpened at one end.

As Bird's group approached, none of these individuals had so much as twitched a muscle in response to them; the remaining four were different. At the center of the heap stood two more masked individuals at one anothers' side, each adorned with some sort of weapon. The left was a woman with an olive complexion and a very toned build, her long blonde hair braided down either side of her torso while her back stood straight and tall; she had only one arm, leaving little more than a stump beneath the left shoulder, and her single remaining hand grasped the grip of a long, vine-like tether that swept towards the ground at her feet and attached to a jagged, hefty piece of ivory.

To this warrior-like woman's side stood a man with a very large frame, built entirely of muscle beneath liquid white skin that featured no visible hair but countless bulging veins. His wide chest stuck out in a display of power as his mighty arms crossed just beneath his pectoral muscles; he seemingly carried no weapon.


Each of the two at the mountain's center had turned their gaze towards the approaching group immediately upon their arrival, yet no further response was seen. Lastly, high up the heap's center two more masked strangers could be seen; hunched over in a near animal-like stance was a slender young woman, her wildly long hair cascaded over her shoulders and completely covered her back, its jet black shine accenting the fair and rosy complexion of her skin.

What had caught Bird's attention most, however, was that this small woman also had her lower face exposed, the ragged edge of her mask broken away to reveal her lips and chin. At the moment Bird's group had been seen this smaller, raven haired girl had already turned away from the woman she was with and began to steadily make her way down to the base of the heap, her sights never once breaking from the new arrivals.

Remaining seated high on the heap was only one other; a tall and statuesque woman with a very thick, hourglass figure, her silver hair reaching beautifully out from beneath her mask and framing either side of her very large, seemingly swollen breasts. This voluptuous woman sat perfectly still upon a flat slab of ivory seated in a hollowed out section of the heap's dust, each arm resting upon similar smaller white slabs almost like a throne.

Of all these strangers it was the woman seated high above the rest that proved impossible to ignore, and seeing her filled Bird with as much sense of allure as intimidation. Now at the foot of the mound, making her way swiftly towards Bird's group in an animalistic gait, the raven haired girl crouched on alert only a few feet ahead; her mask gazed upward towards each of the four new arrivals' faces before finally focusing on that of Ox.

Bird froze as she stared at the bizarre girl, perplexed by the inhuman ways she moved and audibly gulping as she had approached, ".H-hi! I. I think we must be lost, we c-come from somewhere similar and th-thought the glow was." Swiftly the wild girl's slender hand motioned towards Bird, her palm pointed forth to halt her words, a sinister hiss emerging from behind the girl's mask that left the already timid Bird entirely unsettled.

Then, in the distance could be heard the most alluring of voices; its tone that of deep sensuality yet an unexpected motherly comfort, "Relax, my dear. You frighten the poor girl." The impossibly curvy woman motioned towards Bird, her hand almost completely exposed from broken away plating. "Please, you were speaking?" Bird stared upon the woman who addressed her, face flush red and lip bit nervously, she barely managed to respond, "I-I was just saying. we got l-lost in the woods and saw the glow.

w-we didn't know there were others here." "You poor dears. Lost, you say? Fret not, for it surprised me all the same to know we were not the only ones.

Have you names? And please. do come closer." Bird took a deep breath and composed herself, moving steadily closer to the heap upon which this regal stranger sat, ".We don't r-remember our names, so we chose some.

I g-go by Bir." Ox rose up, his booming voice overtaking Bird's, "Why you need to know who we are? You heard the lady, this ain't the place we thought it was. We've got shit to do." The silver haired woman's gaze slowly turned towards Ox, though entirely consealed by her mask it was unmistakable that her eyes focused on the large, dark skinned man like a laser. "I believe this young rita sinclair takes her boyfriends was talking, or do you always speak over others?" Ox's nostrils flared, and as he motioned to respond Bird quickly stepped in his path, placing her hand on his chest to hold him back while the other stretched out towards the woman atop the heap.

"H-he didn't mean anything by it!" Bird's attention turned towards Ox, "Did you, Ox.?" "The hell I didn't! Who the fuck this bitch think she is, sittin' high like she ownin' people, telling people when they can and can't speak!" Ox's tone was furious, his large frame shoving Bird aside as he advanced further towards the heap, his eyes ever fixated on the woman seated above.

The two standing directly beneath the silver haired woman now shifted towards Ox, their postures alert and ready to react, their eyes locked onto his position; the raven haired girl darted swiftly towards the dark skinned Ox, and swiftly she rose to her feet as if to demand his attention.


"How dare you speak to our lady that way! Superbia! Imperium! Kill this man!" At the small woman's command the two at the base of the heap shifted, taking a step forward before halting to turn their attention towards their voluptuous leader, as if in wait of confirmation. "You will do no such thing. Furore, return to me at once!" In an instant Superbia and Imperium stood down, retaking their position as well as their indifference; Furore halted, her teeth grinding in frustration as she scowled up at Ox before turning and making haste towards her lady's throne.

Ox, now more infuriated than ever, further advanced on the heap, his booming voice almost shaking the air itself, "Who the fuck do you think you are!? Get your ass down here and speak to my face or I'm comin' up and rippin' your bitch ass off that seat!" An eerie silence fell across the clearing, and for a moment it felt as if not even time would advance; the silver haired woman placed her fingertips delicately above her supple breasts, as if in disbelief, and her hospitable tone grew ever so slightly more serious, "My.

you fancy yourself quite the man, I see. Very well." Pressing her hands firmly against either arm rest of her makeshift throne, a pair of motherly hips rose from their seat; taking one step forward, the silver haired woman appeared to glide effortlessly along the slope of dust beneath her throne, her bare feet coming to rest in the damp grass below.

Each and every step she took towards Ox swallow this big tits and big dick with sensuality, her broad hips swaying side to side with her perfectly balanced gait, her heavy breasts jiggling with each motion as faint trickles of milk escaped the overly pronounced, darkened nipples at their centers.

There was something about this woman that seemed out of place amongst the others, like an impossible work of art come to life, each movement of her body appearing so perfect in its execution that it seemed orchestrated, and as she drew closer so too did the immense intoxication of her presence intensify. Soon she stood only a foot ahead of Ox, her gaze devoted only to his own which bore into her with near obscene levels of contempt, and not once did she seem the least big titted office milf fucks at work rie tachikawa intimidated.

"What was it you wanted to say. Ox, was it?" The two stood quietly for a time face to face, the woman's statuesque figure nearly as tall as Ox's own and every bit as proud. Bird was lost in a plethora of emotions, entranced by this woman yet terrified of the situation, desperately hoping some peace could soon be made and lost as to how it had become so hostile so quickly. Her eyes darted across her group, hoping for anyone to do something yet uncertain what it was any of them could do to assist.

Bloodhound kept silent, his position strong beside Bird, looking away from her only on occassion to eye the others, most of all Furore.

Rhino, in contrast to the rest of his group, was all but entirely hypnotized by the silver haired beauty before them; every inch of her called his name, her aura seemingly dripping with sex and desire making it all he could do to contain himself. The heavy set man had hardly noticed the conflict with Ox, his eyes scanning over his new found goddess, allowing even the gravest of hostilities to fall upon deaf ears. It was Rhino that Bird's eyes finally decided upon, but not for the reasons she had hoped; standing fully erect the heavy set man's penis was impossible to ignore, and seeing his eyes never leaving the silver haired woman Bird became paranoid he would soon be noticed.

As quickly and subtly as she could, the timid brunette shifted her way into the back of her group next to Rhino and firmly grasped his pulsing shaft, tightly pressing her body against it as if to hide it from view. Rhino's eyes lost their glazed over expression at such an intense sensation and averted his gaze to Bird, blushing deeply at her touch; "B-Bird, wh-what are y." "Shhh!" Bird tried the quest she could to remain quiet, her grip tightening on the swollen member as she pressed more firmly against his protruding gut, her head making subtle motions towards the woman Rhino had been staring at as if to signal his attention towards the seriousness of the situation.

The heavy Rhino looked once again at Ox and the silver haired woman, their eyes still locked in place as muffled words horny brunette babe rubs herself to an intense wet orgasm now began to clarify in his ears. Suddenly the memories of hostile threats flooded back from his subconscience and he nodded towards Bird in understanding, his face flush with embarrassment, and now concern.

"So you can get that fat ass up. Didn't think you could." Ox's words were weaponized, their tone lashing out like a blade in an attempt to provoke the woman he had so deeply come to resent from seemingly so little. Alas, the voluptuous woman only offered him the faintest of giggles and the most sensual of tones, "My how aggressive you are.

You must take your role as guard dog very, very seriously to speak to someone you have never met so fiercely. Or maybe. you're just pent up." In an act so bold it was mystifying, the silver haired woman reached her exposed hand down and curled her fingers firmly around Ox's genitals, giving a firm squeeze without once breaking their gaze, as if maintaining eye contact. "Oh. how backed up you must be, they're so swol." "Bitch, did I ask you to touch me!?" Ox's voice bordered on a roar as he shoved the woman back with considerable force, yet breaking her posture only slightly as she grasped tighter on the dark man's extremities, planting her foot firmly into the ground behind her to reinforce her stance.

Her entire body appeared to shiver as a rosy hue flushed across her lower body, ".Oh, so that's why they call you Ox. Imperium, dear. you may have competition." Off in the distance Imperium shifted ever so slightly at his lady's words, his sights now completely fixated on her, yet remaining entirely inaudible. The silver haired woman's grasp tensed even further on Ox, "Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. you may call me Madre, and I assure you it is quite a pleasure to meet you.

Ox tugged away from Madre's grasp, his enraged eyes ever so slightly calming yet not once leaving his adversary; "Feelin' ain't mutual." With that, Ox turned his back on the woman and made his way into the darkness. Bird shifted position to the other side of Rhino, still firmly grasping his engorged member as she called out, "Ox!

Where are you going!?" A booming voice called back from the distance before entirely fading, "Y'all can do what you want. I've got important shit to do." Madre looked at the remaining three, her voice now deeply inviting, almost maternal, "Oh, what a shame.

Alas, men will be men. As for the rest of you. I believe we were discussing names?" Bird, once again, was the first to speak up, "I'm Bird! This is Rhino and that's Bloodhound. you said your name was M-Madre?" The longer she spoke to her, being drawn in by her surreal trance, the more the timid Bird could feel herself growing flustered and unsure of herself; her nerves overtook her and, without thinking, she tensely clenched her deep down blondes throat tube porn. Rhino let out a deep gasp, his body trembling as he could hold himself no longer, and thick semen spilled from the head of his manhood all over Bird's side and hand.

The young woman's eyes widened sharply, her body instinctfully backing away to look at the mess which Rhino had just made, and now all attention was on the two of them. "Rhino, what the hell!?" No words could leave the heavy set man's lips as he trembled, his face flush deeper red than he had ever known as his orgasmic fluid continued to drip from his member into the grass.

Bloodhound was in disbelief, unsure of how to respond to such a scenario, but it was Madre who broke the silence; "Oh dear. Couldn't contain yourself, sweetie?" Those broad hips swayed their way towards Rhino, her attention now fully set upon him as he desperately tried to find words, "I-I. Sh-she w. I m-mean I." "Shhhhh. No need to explain yourself." An ungloved hand reached downward and two fingers delicately grazed the head of Rhino's deflating member; Madre slowly raised the sticky fingertips towards her mask, reached beneath, and a deep suction could be heard upon them.

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Rhino all but fainted, his knees growing weak and shaking, his head feeling lighter than air. Madre leaned in close, pressing her huge breasts just above the man's large gut, and whispered softly through their masks, "Fertile." With that, she turned her back to Rhino, pressed her sizable ass against his manhood, and faced the others.

"Perhaps. the three of us should get to know each other a little better. A warm welcome for the new arrivals from Madre herself." Madre reached behind her and took each of Rhino's wide hands into her own and wrapped his arms around her, placing his palms directly over each of her prominent nipples and pressing them firmly in place; her hips rocked back against his member as it slid between the cheeks of her ass, her thighs flushed a deep shade of red and glistening with her own juices.

Bird, having tried her best to clean the mess Rhino had left on her, now stood at Bloodhound's side as the two of them watched the sudden turn of events in awe. Rhino's mind was reeling wildly, every thought a jumbled mess of confusion but all sharing a single factor in common; Madre. The large man squeezed the heavy pair of breasts overtaking his hands, feeling warm milk spill between his fingers with each new application of pressure as a similar sensation bathed the length of his now once again engorged cock.

Madre leaned back, resting her head against Rhino's shoulder as her hand softly graced the contour of his mask, her thighs now hugging his swelling member between them, her own swollen mound gliding across his throbbing meat at each motion of her broad hips. With metal bdsm first time last night kaylee banks went to a party with a few fellows she free hand Madre reached down and, withdrawing its considerable length from between her legs, firmly gripped Rhino's penis at its base; almost instinctfully Rhino reached his hand down as the silver haired goddess began to lift her leg, grasping the heavenly thigh and lifting it as the statuesque beauty shifted her hips and eased the head of his cock between her ass cheeks.

With a most sensual gasp Madre thrust her hips towards her overweight lover, slipping every inch of him deep inside her tightest entrance, the pink of her swollen pussy dripping in desire to be next in line; turning her head the voluptuous woman looked as if she was gazing into Bird's very soul, and with a seductive motion of her fingers she beckoned the timid girl before her.

Bird, blushing deeply and completely enticed by this woman, took a few steps forward and kneeled, immediately burying her exposed mouth into divinity itself. Tender lips sucked and kissed along the edges of Madre's exposed labia, her sweet nectar dripping down Bird's chin as she rocked her hips between the oral bliss and Rhino's thrusting, meaty cock.

Bird's plated hand slid along Madre's sensual thigh as her face pressed ever deeper into her womanhood, her tongue now slipping deeply between the delicious pink lips as she pressed her own vulva against her heel, grinding intensely and letting small moans escape with each breath. Rhino squeezed at his new lover's body, her massive, lactating breast overflowing his hand as the other held firm on the thigh of a goddess, his hips thrusting powerfully forth as he drove each inch deep into Madre's hot, clenching ass.

Bloodhound had begun to watch intently, deeply aroused by the primal fornication and feeling his own manhood begin to harden; this was not lost on Madre, her lustful eyes finding the newly arisen object of her desires. Stroking her fingers through Bird's silky brown hair with one hand and slowly drawing the pulsing shaft from within her, she stepped away from her new lovers and pressed her intoxicating form against Bloodhound, immediately pushing him to the ground and flat onto his back before straddling his manhood.

Stroking her long fingernails down this man's chest she gazed over her shoulder at the other two and motioned for them to come closer, then in a single motion thrust the entire length of Bloodhound's rigid cock into her starved pussy, swallowing every inch of him and constricting tightly around its broad girth. A deep moan escaped Madre's lips, her hips bucking harder and harder against Bloodhound as Pig and girls xxx storys mounted her from behind and returned his thick cock to the depths of her ass; Bird, completely hypnotized by lust, squatted on Bloodhound's chest and began to grope the voluptuous woman's unparalleled breasts, taking one of the milk covered nipples into her lips and sucking deeply as she immediately began to grind her crotch against Bloodhound's chest.

The sound of Madre's moans filled the air as her followers watched intently, Furore scowling from near her adoptive mother's throne as she watched in longing for such affections.

Long into the night Madre was shared between the three of her new lovers, and indeed it had been a welcome most wondrous.