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Suny lion jism 3 sex vedio
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It had started innocently enough, my computer kept crashing and I need to do some research online for a project for school. Knowing my older brother Brian wouldn't be home for a couple of hours I saw no harm in it. Mum and Dad were going out more and more now that we were both older. Brian was 18 and I was two years his junior. We both knew basic first aid and how to phone for help if there was a problem.

Being rather average kids, our parents never saw the harm in leaving us alone together. That said, Brian never saw the harm in going out with his mates and leaving me behind. And I liked that just fine. Finding my computer kept blue screening on me, I was frustrated. I figured that if I could get this report written, I could enjoy the rest of the weekend on my own.

Knowing that Brian would be in and out, Busty blonde doing the dishes girlfriend bathroom didn't really worry that he'd be a bother, though pestering had been a long time hobby of mine.

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Truth was, after school, I stopped by the store to pick up some food for the weekend with the money our parents had left us and while pushing the cart around I decided a salad sounded yummy. While I'm not athletic, I am hyperaware of how I look and what I eat. Hearing too often how the boys and girls at my school teased the bigger kids, I try to be careful about my own figure. Yoga and recently Pilates helped. Mum wouldn't do it without a partner and finding myself flexible naturally, it was a cinch to keep up with her.

Quality Mum/daughter time. It was in the past six to eight months, I found that my normal stick figure body was curving out. Clothing I had worn in the summer were no longer fitting me properly.

My girlfriend Nici joked about it, calling my Mansfield, after the American blonde milf kristina reese slurps on big cock and gets fucked hardcore and big tits. While not quite that curvy, I took the compliment.

In the produce department I picked up a cucumber for my salad and realized how much lit looked like a hard cock. As I picked up a second one to determine which to put in my salad I realized that I could get one for &hellip. Later. Blushing furiously as I picked through the pile, I found one that was a good size, not huge, but bigger than my hairbrush handle, as that was all I had at my disposal at the time. I continued shopping and thought about the fun that I could have, feeling the closest thing to a full size dick in me.

It wasn't that I was a prude, I just didn't really fancy any 2019 sex stories sex full vi the boys at school. Back at the house, later that evening, I was trying like hell to finish my project when the computer crashed. Thank goodness I was working on a USB jump drive otherwise I would have cried.

Walking over to my brother's room I thought nothing of letting myself in and sitting at his computer. Having had nightmares that sent me into his rooms over the last six years, I had grown familiar with his place.

Turning on the monitor, a website came up that had a lot of text on it. At first glance I didn't think much of it until a tag at the top caught my eye. Incest.

My body ran cold as my interest was piqued. Was Brian thinking of Mum?


Or Dad? There were several tabs opened at the top of his browser, all from the same site, all stories (I discovered) and were all about incest between a brother and his sister. Did Brian think about me?! Instantly I felt a tingle and warmth that spread between my legs as I ready story after story.

Unable to restrain myself, I snaked my hand between my shorts and skin down to my surprisingly wet pussy. I was turned on, clearly, but… this was written by people who didn't really have sex with their siblings right? Several were marked "Real Life Story" and that made it hotter, imagining that it happened, imagining it happening to me with Brian.

Rubbing my clit, I couldn't quite bring myself to orgasm. Frustrated I couldn't just sit there either I needed to do something. Looking at the time on his computer screen, he would be out with Nick for at least two more hours. Plenty of time for me to get off. Slipping my shorts and panties off, I sat back down and started scrolling through other stories about brothers and sisters.

Finding one about a brother and sister discovering they had been lusting naughty college babes getting fucked at dorm room party each other for some time, I began rubbing my clit hard, feeling it stiffen below my fingers. By the time he started eating her out in the story I was positively warm all over, my nipples growing sensitive below my shirt. Brother had just convinced sister in the story when I wiggled two fingers inside of me.

Oh how I wished it was a cock… and Brian's cock. Breathing hard, I closed my eyes and began finger fucking myself, imagining that is was Brian and I in the story, him seducing me, trying to convince me that I wanted to.

The brother in the story was a little aggressive but I found that to be equally arousing. Was that normal? It didn't matter, the idea of Brian inside me was making me too hot. Slowly opening my eyes to continue the story I realized, I wasn't alone. Looking over at the doorway, Brian stood, opened mouthed and with a combined look of anger and total shock on his face.

"Drusilla! What the fuck are you doing in my room&hellip.and…and&hellip." His eyes were as big as dinner plates. If it wasn't so humiliating it would have been rather funny.

"I&hellip." I stopped instantly, my shame reddened my face and quickened my pace as I picked up my shorts made a run for it. Safely in my bedroom, I was terrified he would tell Mum and Dad, terrified he'd tell friends or family. I stood for a long moment before deciding to go to bed early. Tomorrow would be another day and I would pretend it didn't happen.

I tossed and turned trying to fall asleep. I looked at the clock and saw it was rapidly approaching midnight. It had been hours since I ran from Brian's room and the house had been quite quiet, save for a little music he was playing. Turning on some music of my own, I laid back and started thinking about the stories, all the variations that brother had taken sister… and how I was starting to want it myself. I felt ashamed but perhaps it was that shame that made it even hotter.

It had been ages since I had seen Brian naked, occasionally his bum as he waked around in a towel when done with the shower but otherwise, I had no idea. Remembering the cucumber from earlier, I decided I needed to finally come. I was too freaking worked up from all of the thoughts in my head and my hand wasn't enough for me. Checking that the coast was clear, I snuck downstairs to the kitchen, found the cucumber in question and snuck back upstairs.

Closing the door quietly behind me I turned just in time to see the light by my bed turn on. Brian was laying on my bed and there I was, in my oversized tee-shirt and shorts and holding a cucumber in my hand. He smiled at me holding up my panties. "These I believe are yours." He tossed them to the size.

"I would have kept them but, you know how Mum snoops in our things, I wouldn't know how to explain a dirty pair of my sisters panties in my room." He sat up. My voice was lost, more humiliation flooded my brain. "I read the story you had up on my computer." He smiled, "Pretty hot stuff there sis. Why don't you come sit by me." He patted my bed and looked at me. Unsure of what to do, I forced one foot in front of the other, feeling totally freaked out by this.

I hadn't even known I lusted for my own brother and here I was busted shortly after the discovery was made. "You surprised me sis, I'm not mad." He looked at me, his little grin on his face, I let go of a breath I had been holding onto for some time. "So… how bout it?" I looked up at him. "How about what?" I asked swallowing. He leaned forward and kissed my neck softly. I was equally startled and aroused.

"How about you and I and that bed? I would love to kiss your puss, I have always wanted to taste you, you know." My pussy twitched as my body ran hot.

"I&hellip." "Oh, you won't be needing this." He took the cucumber from me, "Unless&hellip. are you a virgin?" He asked. Swallowing again I nodded my head. "Well in that case, we could use this." He weighed it in his hands before leaning in, "Because I am so much bigger." I ddt 257 black guyma rynatsume my breathing increased, my nipples hardening, my shorts dampening.

"But… those stories, they aren't true… are they? I mean&hellip.we can't&hellip. cause… well&hellip. You know&hellip." He chuckled softly. "Did you notice anything familiar about the stories?" He asked. I shook my head no. "I wrote them all… I've been thinking about you for ages, baby girl." He moved his hand between his legs and adjusted himself.

I was mesmerized. "You wrote those stories&hellip. About me?" I asked totally stunned. He nodded, taking my hand in his, "But they were marked "Real Story"." He chuckled again. "Well… I had been looking for the right moment, but I had intended them to be true someday." I couldn't believe that this was happening.

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Blinking, I was trying to process what was happening when I felt something hard in my hand. Looking over he had my hand between his legs, I could feel his hardness and all I could think about was getting it inside me. "I'm scared… but… I… I want to." I said looking up at him.

His face softened, no longer the machismo bravado. "Dru, baby girl, I love you. You're my little sister and my good heart." He ran his hand in my hair, holding my face. "I'm not going to hurt you, though there may be a hot vixen apolonia lapiedra enjoys big cock and jizz pain at first, but I want you to enjoy this." Looking into his eyes I nodded my head and before I realized it his mouth was on mine, kissing me with abandon.

His free hand cupped my breast, massaging it. I moaned into his mouth as his hand reached up the leg of my shorts, I felt his fingers softly stroke my aching mound. In a flash I was on my back and he was wiggling my shorts down.

"Baby girl I need this so badly, you have no idea." He said quietly, tossing my shorts aside. Spreading my legs he sat there for a long time. "Is&hellip.


Is something wrong?" I asked, still bewildered but incredibly turned on. "No…it's… it's just better than I had imagined it " He moved his face down and with one long slow lick that rendered me speechless, he closed his eyes, "Absolutely perfect in every way." He groaned. His eyes opened and focused on me, I felt very much like the prey just before the hunter attacks. I wasn't far from the mark. His mouth was on me instantly, his tongue lapping at my juices that were already flowing.

I felt his tongue dance around my opening, how badly I needed something inside me! He was driving me mad, his technique made me wonder if this was not his first time and his grunts of approval reverberated through my body and straight to my core. Already I was starting to glisten all over my body as it thrashed under him. His strong arms pinning me in place from the pelvis down, my hand gripped the sheets.

He stopped briefly and looked up at me. I blinked at him, finding my chest heaving. Just as I was about to speak he dove back in, this time sucking on my button, instantly making my back arch and a permanent O of my lips. I couldn't move, the pleasure was too much for my brain to process, I was at his mercy completely. Clawing the sheets I could only squeak out noises but was not able to breathe. It was when he inserted two fingers inside me that caused my body to collapse and start to move again.

"OH SWEET JESUS!!" I cried out. I could feel Brian smile against my clit. He kissed my inner thigh before sitting up and reaching over the edge of the bed. I was shaking, having been so close to an orgasm.

"You bastard." I breathed, "I was so close." I was gulping air. All I heard was a chuckle as something cold and wide pressed at my entrance.

"You don't get to come unless I'm inside you." He said softly, almost with a hit of possessiveness to it. It made me hotter. He pushed the cucumber in further, taking it slow. It was the largest thing I had ever had inside me and it felt like black lez with big tits licks pussy would never fit.

Slowly he moved it out and then back in, going slowly deeper causing me to moan and groan as he did. It was uncomfortable but in the best way. "Relax baby girl, otherwise how am I going to fit?" He said gently.

My eyes were wide teen shae celestine gets doggystyled and jizzed on at him. Pulling the cucumber out, he dropped it on the floor before helping me to sit up. I was sore but feeling great, still too hot for me to relax. Taking a deep breath, I watched as Brian stood up and undressed quickly. My breath hitched in my throat. "Where the hell are you going to put that?" I asked, nervous. He chuckled again.

"You're going to take it all, baby girl. Come here." I obediently stood and walked to him. "Suck on me. Get me wet for you." He said, his voice slightly hoarse with want. Looking at him, I kneeled slowly before I concentrated on his cock.

It looked as long as my arm and just as big around. I took hold of it gently and noticed that for as hard it was it was so warm, his skin so soft. Moving my hand back and forth gently, it moved the foreskin back revealing a smooth bulbous head hidden within. It was beautiful. I had to taste it. I wrapped my mouth around it eagerly and rolled my tongue over the tip. I know it was supposed to be dirty, that was where he peed, but I had to taste him.

I had to know what it was like. I moved my head up and down slowly trying to take in as much of him in my mouth. Regrettably I could hold him with both of my hands wrapped around his shaft and my mouth and there was still Brian to spare. "Ung&hellip." He moaned as I continued tasting him. I remembered having watched plenty blonde lesbians get to please each other videos and reading enough magazines to know that I was suppose to suck, move my hand here, lightly tug here, lick this and if I could nibble lightly here… Brian shuddered and pulled me up.

"Jesus sis, I thought you said you were a virgin." "I am," I blushed, "I just read a lot." That made him laugh as he pulled my top off. His mouth met mine again as he fumbled with my bra, eventually unclasping it. I could feel his hardness between us, him rutting against me as he worked to get me naked. "Fuck, I have to have you right now." He whispered in my ear.

"Lay down." He stroked himself as he watched me pull back the covers and lay back. "You are so beautiful." I smiled and blushed for him. Climbing between my legs, he looked up at me, positioning his cock at my entrance. "I love you baby girl." He moved his hips forward, entering me swiftly. I saw stars. Crying out, I gripped the sheets. Looking up at him, I couldn't imagine how this pain would eventually be pleasurable. "Wait Dru," he breathed, not moving, "Relax baby, you need to breathe and relax, remember I told you the first time would hurt." "I didn't think this much!" I cried out.

"Shhhhh&hellip." He cooed, moving one had carefully to cup my face. "Do you trust me?" I loved at him and nodded my head, holding my breath. He pushed forward in a series of several hard thrusts. Again, I cried out, this time tears at my eyes. Once he was buried to the hilt (and touching my lungs it felt like) he laid down on top of me, his arm shaking.

"We'll take a minute." He kissed me, "Then, we'll take it slowly." He kissed me a little deeper, "I didn't realize you were so fucking tight sis." He squinted for a moment, laying down on his arm, wiped away my tear. "Is that &hellip.bad?" I breathed. "No… I'm just fighting the urge to fuck you senseless," he breathed. "You feel amazing." I had come this far, why not? "Then do it." I moved my legs up so that they wrapped around his waist, "Fuck me hard," I whispered into his ear.

Not hesitating, he began pounding his huge cock into me, once again, I saw stars. Once again, I couldn't move or speak. Pain mixed with pleasure, swirling throughout my body and mind. In the distance I could hear him grunting and moaning with pleasure. He changed positions and lifted my rear a little higher, somehow that gave him the ability to go deeper within me. HOW WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! My mind screamed at me.

He resumed his relentless pummeling just as I found my voice. I was still too tight to be completely comfortable, but it was sincerely the most incredible feeling ever. Crying out with pleasure, I called out his name as I felt my body start to quiver, that old but more intense feeling building up within me. "Bri… I …I…I'm gonna&hellip." My back arched suddenly and my vision was blurred in white light. "Jesus fuckin' Christ, sis." I heard through gritted teeth, "I'm going to fill your belly, baby girl.

I'm going to come deep inside you." He hissed. My body spasmed in response. "FUCK YES… BABY GIRL… HERE… IT. COMES!!" He cried out just as I felt a warmth flood my stomach. Gasping as gag on this bailey georgia peach naomi vanessa sacha knox blowjob teen facial throat fucking collapsed onto of me, Brian covered my face in kisses. I blinked and panted as I was coming down from my first sexual experience.

"Bri… that… that was…" I could feel him inside me still. "Better than I have ever written." He laughed. "How… How long hav you wanted to do this?" He asked me. This time, I laughed. "About six hours ago." The look on his face was priceless. "What about you?" I asked, touching his face.

"Since you were fourteen. I came close a few times to asking but I was too nervous, afraid you'd very little small cute sistar sex brothar fuk vedio Mum and Dad on me." I laughed again.

"Careful, I'm still sensitive." He said gritting his teeth. That made me grin. "Stay with me tonight, Bri." I asked softly. He pushed off of me and pulled himself out, I felt a gush of liquids between my legs. "I intend to." He looked up at me, "All weekend, if you'll have me." It occurred to me that Mum and Dad wouldn't be home till Monday night. "Do you think it would be wrong to be sick for school on Monday?" I asked blushing.

Brian looked at me and grinned. "Not at all baby girl.


It's a good thing I'm here to look after you." "You're not still seeing that Katherine cheerleader are you?" I asked suddenly. "No, I'm single, why?" He asked laying down next to me and wrapping me in his arms.

"Good, I. I didn't want to share you with anyone else." "One go and you're addicted?" He asked placing a kiss to my temple. "Yep. Mine." I wrapped my arms around his waist. "Listen, Mum and Dad can never know.

Which means that if we do this, then we will have to be very careful. You're obviously a bit of a screamer, so we need to be cautious. No one can know, no friends either." "My secret lover." I grinned kissing his lips. He returned the kiss, holding my face. "Always and forever." He smiled back.