Club girls having a great time with male strippers

Club girls having a great time with male strippers
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Fbailey story number 665 Do You Know What I Saw I had just turned thirteen years old when I first saw my sister's boyfriend sneak out of narsi sexy story download doctor nurse bedroom and then sneak into my mother's bedroom.

It was about one o'clock in the morning because I had to go to the bathroom. After that I paid a lot more attention to what was going on, especially on the weekends.

Every Friday Linda would let her boyfriend into her bedroom after she had been sent to bed. An hour or so later he would come out of her bedroom and then go right into Mom's bedroom. After I had seen him do that a few times and he had seen me watching, he didn't even bother to get dressed, he just carried his clothes with him.

Most of the time he didn't bother to close the bedroom doors either. I wasn't sure that Linda knew about Mom but Mom sure knew about him and Linda though. I had listened right outside Mom's bedroom as they made love and talked about how he had fucked Linda and where he had cum in her. If I got there quick enough I could hear and see Mom sucking his cock while he was describing fucking Linda's cunt or ass.

No mater where his cock had been, it went into Mom's mouth first to be cleaned off. I could only imagine what it was like to fuck my sister and then to fuck my mother. I jerked off every night to thoughts of doing just that. Bobby started getting bolder and bolder as time went on. Soon he was waiting in Linda's bedroom for her and sometimes he would leave her bedroom door wide open with the lights on. He would smile at me whenever I opened my bedroom door just a crack so that I could watch them.

I'm sure that it was his idea to let me watch as he undressed my sister and played with her tits before tossing her onto her bed.

He would remove his clothes and shove his cock into her pussy without any foreplay or even kissing her. That was totally opposite anything I had seen on sexy teen aj applegate devours huge cock of burglar while watching chick flicks with my mother. Bobby would fuck her two or three times forcing her to suck his cock hard in between their fucks.


When he was done with her he would put the covers over her and walk out of her bedroom. Bobby would smile at me and then go into Mom's bedroom. He would leave that door open too with the light on. He always made Mom undress herself. Then he made her kneel on the floor and suck on his cock as he told her about all of the sex he had just had with my sister. After that he would generally fuck her pussy on the bed but occasionally he would have Mom bend over and grab her ankles, then he would butt fuck my mother in that position.

He got so bold as to open my door all the way when he fucked my sister and then take me up to my mother's bedroom and have me sit in her chair while he fucked her. He seemed to like having me in the room when he did it.

Mom seemed to enjoy it too. Several weeks later Bobby stopped coming by. Linda said that he had found another girl and her mother to fuck. By then I had turned fourteen, Linda was sixteen and Mom was thirty-seven. Then without Bobby coming around any more I took over his duties. Linda did not say a word that first night when I followed her into her bedroom after Mom had sent us to bed. She even accepted the fact that I was undressing her. Then when I pushed her back onto her bed she smiled at me as she opened her legs and held out her hands inviting me in.

I removed my clothes and paused. She just looked at me. That was when I leaned in and kissed her pussy, licking right up her slit to her clit. I worked on that little devil until she begged me to fuck her.

Now that was what I had learned from watching television, not the pussy licking part, but the part about satisfying the woman first. The pussy licking part I had learned from the kids in school talking about sex in the past few months.

Fucking Linda was great. She was my only sister but she was also the first girl I had ever seen naked and after all I had been in love with her forever. It was a logical choice that I should loose my virginity in her. It felt like my cock had been made for her pussy. It fit extremely well and I could not help myself when I started to cum in my sister.

At first I felt bad about doing it so quickly but then I remembered that Bobby used to cum in her two or three times each Friday. Well if he could so could I. Linda helped me get it hard again without my forcing her too. She did it because she wanted too. The second time was better and the third time was the best. After that Linda sent me over to Mom's bedroom.

She had known that Bobby had huge muslim first time took a fantastic refugee home going there after her. I didn't think that she knew about them.

When I got to Mom's bedroom she was waiting for me. She smiled and then she undressed for me. Before she sucked me hard she asked me to tell her about fucking Linda. I told her that what I did with Linda was none of her concern.

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Then I pushed Mom back onto her bed and started to lick her pussy. By the time I was fully hard Mom was begging me to fuck her.

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She put me on my back and told me that she was going to teach me how to make love to a woman. She wanted me to become a better lover to my sister than Bobby had been.

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She also told me to make love to Linda every night and not just on Friday. I told her that I would. Then she suggested that I start sleeping with Linda at night. As my cock became engulfed within her pussy, the heat of her body was overwhelming. She had muscle control down there and she started gripping my cock as she lifted herself up off from it.

As she eased herself back down on me she leaned over placing one of her nipples in my mouth. That was what I would call, making love. Mom and I were connected in our hearts, in our minds, and now in our sex organs.

Each night I would fuck my sister, then my mother, and then my sister for a second time before I fell asleep. As the weeks went on I just got better and better at satisfying my women. Then one day a girl in my sister's grade asked me if I would make love to her. Joyce had sex once with a boy and that didn't go over very well. He came…and then he went.

She tried it with a man that knew her parents but that was a mistake too. All he did was use her to jerk off in. He was not at all concerned about mi nuevo video en ropa sexy rosada mostrando culo y panocha pleasure. So she told me that my sister had suggested me.

I took her home with me after school, I took her up to my bedroom, and I made love to her. I used everything that I had learned from my sister and my mother. Joyce loved it all.

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She liked me giving her oral, me fingering her clit, and especially me sliding my cock into her for as many minutes as it took for her to reach another orgasm. When we were done Joyce thanked me and asked me if she could be my girlfriend.

Before I could even answer she told me that I could still keep fucking my sister and my mother, that she didn't mind, and that she would let them join us if they wanted too. I said yes and then I went to get my sister and my mother.

Joyce was still naked and lying on my bed when we all came back. They approved of my new girlfriend and then I made love to all three girls making sure that my cock went from each pussy to each mouth a few times. Believe me I didn't need too because they were sampling each other's pussies themselves. Joyce even sucked my cum out of my mother and told her how good it tasted when it was mixed with Mom's fluids.

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It isn't every day that a fourteen-year-old boy has a sixteen-year-old girlfriend. I was a hero with my classmates. Believe it or not I was a hero with her classmates as well. Over the rest of the school year she and I showed a new girl each week how sex was supposed to feel. In fact we continued to teach girls what to expect from a true boyfriend until she graduated and went on to college.

After that I was on my own again but not for long. I had more girls in grades below me to teach and were they ever willing. I had a reputation as being the best lover in the whole school.

Mom had a few requests from my teachers to join her and I in bed. Now that's a story by itself. Let's just say that we made several teachers very, very happy. The End Do You Know What I Saw 665