Allie james in fishnet stockings gets fucked

Allie james in fishnet stockings gets fucked
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Stood by the door hunched the bloodied figure of Jay, a splinter of wood jutting out from his temple. The seatbelt retracted from around Charlie as Jay let out a piercing roar "ROJO WILL HAVE HIS PRINCESS" He cried, lunging for Charlie. She shimmied across to the passenger seat and lept out of through the door and began to run to the tunnel. She looked around at Jay, staggering confused baack out of the van. She looked back around just in time to notice the tunnel.

It was painted on. Like a Roadrunner cartoon. She stared at it in disbelief. "NO! YOU WILL NOT TAKE ME!" SHE SCREAMED, desperately looking round for an escape. The hillside was too steep to climb, the only way out was the cliffs or the beach. She ran as fast as she could towards the cliff edge and peered down.

The waves below were far from their usual blue, more a dark angry grey, crested with white, crashing into the rocks below. The drop was between 10-20 feet. It was survivable, she thought. She turned back around to see Demon Jay charging towards her, his belly swaying from side to side as he ran. She had one shot. As he lunged towards her, she hit the floor, getting as low as possible. If he made any sort of contact, she'd be gone. She heard a large roar, then a loud distant crack.

She peered around. Silence. Just the waves against the cliffs. She tentatively looked over the edge of the cliff. Below she saw the twisted body of Jay, the waves filtering around the outline of his bloodied corpse.

She gently stood up and sighed loudly, before bursting into tears. "WHY WON'T YOU LET ME LEAVE? WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU?" She screamed at the ocean. As if on command, the waves grew less aggressive, reverting to a gentle lap against the sandy rockface.

She sighed again, wiped the tears from her cheek and headed back into the house. The hallway was still covered in glass, pieces of urn, and the bright red powder. She carefully stepped through the mess, up the stairs, leaving a trail of red powder footprints up the stairs.

She walked straight into the shower, the energy totally drained from her body. As the warm water hit her body, her knees buckled, she hit the floor and began to weep uncontrollably. She awoke on the floor of the shower room, the warm water still cascading over her, the room full of steam.

She stood up cautiously, her knees weak, her body drained and broken. She leant eva notty with small boy the wall, turning the large steel knob that controlled the shower off. Blindly fumbling through the steam, she grabbed one of the large white towels hung up, then opened the shower room door.

The steam plumed out into the bedroom, then dissipated. Charlie wrapped the towel around her body, and wandered out into the room. The television was on, showing CCTV footage from the house. It showed a video feed of the bar room, the time stamp at the bottom showing it from the night before. She watched as the two men were ravaging her young body, one in her ass, the other in her pussy. Her arms were free however, her mouth wide open. She turned the volume up, and heard herself moaning with pleasure.

She was then bent over the bar by Boss, who still looked like Boss, not the demon version she knows had ravaged her the night before. She watched as glasses and bottles crashed to the floor, as Boss grabbed her hair, pulling her head back, watching herself enjoy being fucked.

She looked closer. Her hair was in a tight ponytail in the video. She had put her hair in a bun that morning. She felt at the back of her head. The bun, although much more untidy than it had been, was still there. "I FUCKING KNEW IT!" she cursed loudly. She grabbed the tablet off the bed. >Cameras >Kitchen >History >Tuesday She opened up the recording that she been shown of her pleasuring herself in the kitchen. Her hair was loose, hanging over her shoulders.

She had tied her hair in a ponytail that day. She remembered the vines grabbing her by it, pulling her head back. "This footage is the hallucination" she thought,furiously drying herself off with the towel "It was real. Everything, but." she pondered how everything had redhead first time with lesbian on cast tidied up. There must be someone else here.

The woman on the phone? Percival? Or someone else? Or something else? She pulled a clean set of clothes from her bag, laying them on the bed. She plugged her hairdryer into the wall, and began to dry her sodden hair as best she could, running a brush through the knots and tangles.

Charlie pulled a t-shit over her head, flicking her read hair back over her shoulders, gathering it behind her head in a ponytail again. Just then, her phone vibrated. A message. Unknown sender. Charlie. You are not the first to have been lured here.

I want you to be the last. My name is Tara. I am trapped here in this house but I don't know where. I know I never left There might be others. I'm sure there are others. Please find me. Let me help you end this. Charlie stood up quickly, and started to type a reply.

Tara. I want help. I want to leave. I don't know what's going on. I think it's the powder he keeps in the urns. What can you see where you are?

I can't see anyone on the cameras. Message again when you can. Stay safe. Charlie. SEND. She half expected it not to send, but it went. Then it hit her. The police. They'll tear the place apart if they suspect there's people held hostage here. 911. No dial tone. "Figures" she said out loud. She thought back to what Percival had told her. Panic buttons in each room. She her parents aren t here so i m doing what i want the large red button near the bed, and waited.

And waited. 20 minutes passed. Nothing. She hit it again. And again. An hour passed. Nothing. She had hoped that Percival had actually told the truth about something. She trudged back downstairs, tablet in hand. She glanced down into the hallway. The urn was unharmed. The glass box solid. No mess Her stomach started to rumble. She realised she hadn't eaten since the pizza. She swiftly ordered another pizza, caring not that it was only 10am.

She tried the front door. It opened. Stepping outside, she looked at the tunnel. Picking up a rock, she launched it towards the opening. Her heart sank as it deflected off the solid wall. "Got to be another way", she muttered to herself. Then she thought. "The pizza will be here soon. I'll just follow him when he leaves" So she sat on the doorstep, staring at the tunnel.

20 minutes passed. Then she felt a tap on her shoulder. "Pizza?" A young man, about 18 years old stood behind her, pizza in hand. "Thanks" Charlie took the pizza from him. She placed it down on the floor. "Listen. I have." she rummaged in her pocket "Fuck, nothing. Look, I'm desperate. I need to get out of here I'll do anything".

She moved in close to him, bending over and whispering seductively in his ear "And I mean anything" She wasn't afraid of using her femininity to get what she needed. The young boy twisted awkwardly, clearly trying to hide an erection. "O.okay." he stammered. "The pizza place always tell me to come through the walkway rather than the tunnel as it's quicker.

I have to leave my bike at the entrance, so it's a bit of a walk" Charlie smiled widely. Walkway. A way out. She planted a kiss on the young man's cheek "Thank you. You'll get the rest later" she winked at him and licked her lips. The young man smiled nervously. "It's this way" He stammered. Charlie grabbed the pizza, following him into the woods, down the trail that led to the beach. They reached the top of the steps that lead down to the sands, and turned left instead of right, down a barely visible trail between two large hedges.

"Through here" the boy beckoned. Charlie nodded and followed, already on her 4th slice. She brushed passed the bushes, ducking under a branch "He doesn't order much pizza, it's usually the girls that watch his house that do" he started, suddenly catching Charlie's attention.

He had been talking a lot of nonsense about his job before, staring at his phone, while she concentrated solely on her food. "Go on." she asked hesitantly with a mouth full of pizza. "Yeah, he goes away about once a month. He'll come and pay the bill when he comes back.

He'll always show us some old urn or mask or something that he's brought back from wherever. He's a nut if you ask me, but he pays his bill on time" the young man continued. "My buddy dropped pizza off a couple of days ago. Said the girl answered the door in just a bikini, slipped him a 10 and slammed the door in his face.

Here" He showed Charlie a slightly blurry picture of a girl in a bikini, with red hair, turning around with a pizza box in her hand "That's you isn't it?" Charlie blushed slightly and swallowed her pizza, moving in close to him.

"Get me out of here and you'll get to see a whole lot more than a blurry ass shot" she purred in his ear. She had no intention of doing anything with him. She just needed to get out. Get help. The young man tentatively put his arm around her, gently groping her backside. Every part of her want to smack him in his acne riddle face, but she resisted. He was her ticket out of here. She saw a small tool shed that backed into sexy casting for a excited nubile hardcore and blowjob hillside.

"It's through the toolshed" he gesture towards the wooden shack. Charlie thought back to the camera feed for TOOL-01. "Makes sense" she thought. He'd want to guard a secret way in. As they approached, the woodland became thicker, the pathway less obvious.

Everything seemed darker, more enclosed. The morning air was colder here, and Charlie shivered slightly. They reached the busty blond slut analyzed by black cocks, and the pizza boy took his hand from her backside.

"Through here" he gestured, swinging the door open. Inside was dark, the only light provided by small gaps in the wooden planks pussy hammering for a mother i would like to fuck the building "Let me get the light" he muttered, fumbling around for a pull cord.

He flicked it on, and a small, dim light bulb glowed softly above them. She looked around, spying the camera she had looked through, and all the tools, paint pots, ropes and generally DIY equipment. Then from a behind a shelf jumped 2 guys, all in pizza company uniforms, clad in plastic masks depicting an Aztec god. Charlie turned around and tried to flee through the door. A third masked person blocked the door, although they didn't look male.

She was overweight, quite considerably, but unmistakably female. Charlie tried to barge past, but the large girl blocked her with ease.

She turned desperately to the young man who had delivered her pizza. He had pulled on a mask himself, and had a video camera in his hand. "You said you'd do anything" He sneered, his voice vibrating through the flimsy plastic of the mask. Charlie felt two large arms loop around hers, and she was pulled back into the large girl, falling backwards into her chest.

The man with the camera gestured to the other two. "Let her feel the wrath of the gods" The taller of the two masked men grabbed at her jeans, pulling them down below her knees. The other guy put a hand over her mouth and a knife to her throat. "Co-operate, or you'll bleed to death in a rotting shed" he growled. She nodded, tears building in her eyes. "On your knees" he ordered. She felt the large arms force her down onto her knees, then hold her head firm, one sweaty hand either side, the sensation creeping Charlie out.

"Cuff her" the girl ordered. The shorter guy obliged, grabbing Charlie's arms, forcing them behind her back. Rather than the wrists, he clamed the cuffs above her elbows, the metal digging into her skin, her elbows pulled uncomfortably together. Charlie knew what was coming. But it felt different. Nothing supernatural, nothing out of the ordinary. Well, out of the ordinary for gang rape anyway. These were just kids. One had got his rocks off to a cheeky pic of her ass and they'd planned to get a little more.

She could take these. Just gotta think. She heard the distinct sound of tape being stretched, then everything went dark. The tape had been placed over her eyes. Charlie could see little glints of light from the bottom edge of the tape, but nothing definitive. "Please, you don't need to tie me up. I already told your buddy I'd do anything for him. I.I'll fuck you all night long. Any time you want, I'll be there.Just get me out of here" she pleaded.

"Yeah, we could" the voice of the original pizza guy piped up "But you would be able to keep the gods happy!" He put on the sort of voice you'd make when impersonating a ghost, and was followed by riotous laughter from the other three people in the shack. She felt he head being forced forward, and she felt a cock push into her mouth. She gagged briefly as it forced her tongue down, and then gagged again as her nose buried into the pizza guys crotch.

He smelt unwashed and unkempt. Charlie felt more disgusted by this than the fact she had a strangers penis in her mouth. HE started to slide his cock in and out of her mouth. She resisted trying to please him, keeping her tongue and lips as far away as possible. She felt a sharp prick against her right shoulder. "I suggest you take this seriously" the female voice advised harshly. Charlie obliged "The quicker I get these guys off, the quicker I can go" she thought.

She wrapped her lips around the man's shaft, working her tongue around the shaft as best she could. It didn't take long. After about ten seconds, the guy pulled out her mouth "Go" he urged.


Charlie heard jostling about "What's the matter little boy?" Charlie asked, licking her lips "Too much to ha-" she was gagged by another cock, much shorter but wider than the first, the same stench of dried sweat accompanying it. "Shut up whore!" the second boys voice shouted, thrusting his cock as far into Charlie's mouth as possible, the tip not quite reaching the back of her throat.

She repeated the same trick. This time he lasted a little longer, maybe 30 seconds more. "Fuck" he yelled "Chris, get in there" "He, we said no names dumbass!" Chris snapped in reply. Chris was long and thin, each time he slid between her lips, the tip of his cock slid partially down her throat, bbw gets pleasured by a big staff her gag.

She worked on him more, her tongue doing most of the work. A couple of minutes later, he stopped. "Sheena" he ordered.

Charlie felt something Push against the back of her head, the a warm, sticky feeling on her face. She was being shoved face first into the crotch of the large girl. Struggling to breath against the flesh, she resisted, trying to push back.

"Let's see if you're as good with a pussy as you are with a cock, whore. Make me cum!" Sheena yelled at her, the guys all cheering. The closest Charlie had come to any sort of lesbian experimentation was kissing her best friend for free drinks at a rock club.

The thought did nothing for her. She figured I couldn't be to hard, and she knew what got her off. She hung her tongue out, blindly looking for Sheena's opening. The hand on the back of her head helped guide her. Running her tongue across the large girls opening, she felt the perspiration building on Sheea's thighs, under her stomach. "Persevere" she thought to herself, doing her absolute best to try and get the girl to cum.

She felt a weight push down on her head, Sheena's knees giving out slightly at the stimulation Charlie was giving her, causing the folds of her stomach to drop onto Charlie. "Oh god, I'm, I'm." Sheena began to gasp, before letting on a loud shriek. Charlie choked and gasped as a flood of juice cascade into her mouth. It tasted foul, and it was all she could do to repel it. She felt the pressure on the back of her head subside. "Get her clothes off" Chris growled.

Charlie felt hands all over her, riding her t-shirt up, her bra being pulled down. She felt inexperienced hands paw at her breasts, a teenage finger probing her pussy. She sat on the xxx small tit teen gets tied and fucked of the shack, her panties and jeans around her ankles.

She felt the pain of the tape being ripped from off her face, her eyes taking a moment to adjust to the light. The 3 guys were stood around her, cocks in hand, masks over their face. Chris had the camera aimed straight at her. At this point Charlie didn't care. Her logic was 'make them cum, they'll be done' "Come on then lads" she beckoned. "Reckon you cum harder than that bitch?" She grinned, sticking her tongue out.

Her head was grasped again by Sheena, holding her steady. "No need for that sweetie" Charlie replied. Almost in unison, the streams of cum hit her face, one load shooting across her right eye, one from her forehead upwards into her hair, the other onto her lips. Charlie licked her lips involuntarily, the saltiness hitting the back of her throat as she swallowed.

"We all done boys?" She grinned. "How about we get out of here and I'll show you a real good time?" "We should be going" Sheena chimed in "We're gonna be in so much shit as it is guys" "Shut up bitch" Chris shouted, striking her with the palm of his hand across the face.

Sheena reacted angrily, shoving Chris back into some shelving. Various containers fell to the ground. Paint pots, small wooden boxes, tools and screws bounced of the wooden floor.

Charlie shuffled across the floor, trying to avoid the cascade of debris. She heard a loud splintering of wood, and watched as the heavy steel shelving crashed through the side of the tool shed, She got onto her knees, up onto her feet, and darted for the door, diving through the small gap before the building came crumbling down. A large plume of red and black dust rose from the ruins of the shack.

"Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck" Charlie muttered to herself. She slumped against a tree, the bark rough against her skin. There was an ache in her elbows, the circulation to her lower arms being slowed suckee fuckee session with an asian hooker the tightness of the cuffs. She stood up, cautiously heading back towards the destroyed shed. She saw the lifeless bodies of two of the pizza men, their masks broken, bloodied. She couldn't see Sheena anywhere.

She heard a noise. "He-help me." She turned around and saw Chris leant against the hillside that rose behind the shed. "Why the FUCK should I help you, you despicable piece of shit?" Charlie yelled. "I-just-please." He gasped. She looked down and noticed she had the handcuff key in his hand. "Get these off and I'll consider it" She muttered, keeling down in front of him, facing away.

She heard the click of metal on metal, and then felt the intense sensation of blood rushing back into her hands. "Thank you" Charlie big boobed blonde mom fucking in red stockings around. Chris was slumped to the side, the life gone from his eyes. Charlie pulled her jeans back up and readjusted her bra and t-shirt, before glancing back down at Chris. The video camera lay on the floor next to him, surprisingly unharmed.

Charlie gently lifted it from the ground. Still working. She brunette mona kim gets fucked for a fist full of cash and briefly looked to see if she could see Sheena. Assuming her to be buried beneath the twisted wood and metal, she turned and headed back towards the house. Charlie sat down on the guest room bed, the camera in her hand. He had rinsed the dried semen from her face, freshened up and finished off her pizza upon returning to the house.

She sat staring at the screen, flicking through the recordings. She watched a shaky recording of her blowing the 3 pizza guys, followed by a shakier still capture of her bringing the girl to orgasm. The film continued, showing her being hit by wads of cum.

She cringed as she watched herself lick the thick white goo from her lips. She didn't remember enjoying it as much as she appeared to be in the recording. She carried on watching, the argument, the shelves and building collapsing. It caught the perfect angle of the plume billowing up from the building. There in the smoke, Charlie was sure she could make out the outline of the mask she'd seen previously.

She flicked through frame by frame. There, clear as day was the image. The menacing eyes, intricate pattern, distinct shape. She closed the screen of the camera into the main body and stared blankly at the wall. Was that part of this 'curse'? It felt different, like kids messing around. But the mask.their masks.nothing made sense. She stood up and wandered back over to the bathroom mirror, staring intensely at herself.

She bent down and splashed water across her face. She looked back up into the mirror. Stood behind her was Sheena.

She quickly turned around, but there was no-one there. Charlie growled angrily to herself. "Now I'm fucking seeing shit" she scowled, heading back into the main bedroom. Suddenly she felt a tug at her ponytail, and was dragged across the room and thrown face down on the bed.

"Fucking leave me to die, bitch" a shrill voice echoed through the room, no real source. "ROJO WANTS HIS PRINCESS" a scream pierced the air, wailing like a banshee. Charlie covered her ears, and made a bolt for the door. "Going somewhere?!" The voice shrieked. Charlie looked lunged for the door, but crashed into the hard wood as it slammed close "Loo-Look, I'm sorry. I tried to find you but couldn't." Charlie begged "And anyway, you fuckers tied me in the woods and fucked my mouth.

You fucking deserved it!" she yelled. She stood near the door, angry, panicked, naked, looking for a way out. She felt something brush against her ankle. She looked down but saw nothing. She felt the feeling again across her chest. Like an expensive silk, but ice cold. She looked around once more, and then felt the ghostly touch wind around her ankles, then tighten.

Charlie tried to run, but could only move her feet an inch or two before they were pulled back into place. She was rooted to the spot. "GET OFF ME!" She growled. Her knees suddenly buckled in towards each other, as she felt the satiny chill bind her legs milf cums from large dildo mature and asian below her kneecaps. This caused her to fall forwards, managing to stop herself smashing face first into the floor with an outstretched arm.

She looked down to her feet, desperately kicking as her ankles were drawn together, leaving her legs stuck together. The chill of the invisible cloth burned into her skin. Charlie tried to grab at it, pull it from her skin, but found nothing there. "What the hell have you done to me?? LET ME GO!" pretty blond sucks off and drilled in ice cream parlor blowjob bigcock squealed, kicking her bound legs in desperation.

Charlie crawled over to the bed, hauling herself up using the wooden frame, and sitting on the edge. She tried again to free her legs, pulling them apart and scrabbling at where the bindings should be, but to no avail. The loud shriek echoed through the room again, causing Charlie to once again clamp her hands over her ears. She looked around the room, and watched as again the television flickered into life. On screen was Sheena, her face adorned with one of the plastic masks, dirtied, broken and spattered with blood.

"You left me to die" her voice howled through the room. "You disrespected Rojo and Los Colores. They want you for their princess. They will have you. They will take you, break you and make you their own." The whole room suddenly became uncomfortably warm, like someone had lit a fire in the nubiles porn her face looks perfect covered in cum beneath.

"YOU BELONG TO LOS COLORES" Sheena shrieked again, before her image vanished from the screen. Charlie hurriedly tried again to separate her legs, sweat starting to bead all over her body. "Come on, come on." she muttered to herself. Then she felt the icy cold silken feeling along her arm, the contrast in temperature from the room making her jump in shock.

The ghostly cloth wrapped around her wrist, then between her legs, lashing her arm to her knees. She grabbed at it with her other arm, panicking desperately. She felt the cold up her other arm. She flailed it wildly, trying to shake of the spiritual silk, but was easily overpowered, leaving her hunched naked over on the edge of the bed, her arms bound just below her knees.

"URGhh.Let me go you fucking ancient prick!" she growled angrily. Two icy hands grasped her around the midriff, hauling her onto the bed, tipping her forward onto her knees, her face buried into the soft bedding, her ass stuck high into the air. Her hair was tugged back as far as possible, her chin now resting in the blanket, her pony tail stretched out backwards by the invisible force.

"Ahh! That hurts! Let me go!" She gasped. Suddenly she felt a chill on her lips, like a Popsicle being rubbed across her face. The chill had no taste or texture, just a sensation. The sensation became stronger, eventually gaining some form. The chill was wide and rubbery, like a spectral dildo, and was being forced between her lips.

There was nothing there, nothing physical, but the nothingness began to slide in and out of Charlie's mouth. She gagged loudly as the ethereal cock hit the back of her throat and stopped there.

Charlie gasped and choked around it. She could feel herself getting weak and just as she was about to pass out, the invisible dick with drew, leaving Charlie gasping for air "cough plea. cough" The force slid back into her mouth, repeating the same thing over and over, staying in her throat to the point of blacking out, then withdrawing, letting Charlie get oxygen back into her lungs.

"St-stop, please, I'll-"Charlie gasped between the oral assaults. The television screen flickered back on. Charlie was facing directly at it. She tried to avert her gaze, but could not avoid the large screen. She squeezed her eyes shut, but was forced to open them as the ghostly appendage gagged her again. "No amount of begging will stop this" the voice started, before the screen cut to a live feed of the camera in the bedroom. Charlie saw herself, face down on the fed, her arms bound to her legs, her curvy as stuck high in the air.

The heat in the room had made her perspire, giving her body a slightly wet sheen that glistened in the light as she desperately tried to wriggle free of the invisible bindings.

Her eyes widened as she saw two large indentations appear in the bedding behind her. "MMMMMmmmmff!" She tried her best to scream around the visible intrusion in her mouth as she felt two frosty hands grasp onto her hips. She looked at the camera feed, and could just about make out the indentations of two ghostly hands against her.

She desperately tried to look around, but was restrained by the spectral pull of her pony tail, and the cock gagging her mouth. She felt the frigid chill spread across her ass, and a weight being pressed down onto her, as if there was a large person leaning onto her. She screamed out in shock as felt a coldness press against the opening of her pussy. "NNNNNNNNNNN-!" Her muffled cries blocked by ghostly nothingness as she was slowly penetrated by the spiritual chill, her lips being spread as it drove into us.

It had very little friction; it didn't feel rough or slimly, more like how she would imagine being fucked by a long shaft of ice would feel. It pummelled into her, relentlessly, vigorously. It had no rhythm, alternating speed and power, each thrust splitting Charlie apart, causing her to yelp around the invisible shaft in her mouth. The heat of the room, the intense cold of the ghost fucking her, and the lack of oxygen caused by her throat being gagged made her body tremble, losing strength rapidly.

There was very little pain, and she began to feel moisture running down the inside of her thighs, mixing with the beads of sweat adorning her body. The yelps turned to moans, groans and screams of pleasure. She couldn't help herself, felt her body betraying her. The invisible intrusion in her mouth pulled out as she reached a thundering orgasm, her satisfied scream filling the room.

The waves of pleasure crashed through her body repeatedly, draining her of what little energy she had left. Her eyes rolled back in her head, the consciousness slowly vanishing from her body. Charlie awoke with a start, and intense ache in her arms and shoulders. She looked around and realised she was suspended about three feet above the bed.

Her arms where fastened together behind her back, stretching straight up towards the ceiling. Her right leg was suspended by the ankle, stretched out as far to the right as possible. Her left leg was folded in, her thigh bound to her ankleand again being suspended from the ceiling. She tried to yell out, but was prevented by what felt like a rag in her mouth. She tried to rock from side to side to free herself, but swung gently in her bindings.

She glanced at the camera feed, still live on the large television. Her body was hanging there, suspended in mid air. No ropes or chains. Her mouth was open, but had nothing in it. She could see where ropes would be, the invisible bindings digging into her skin.

She widened her eyes as the door swung open, and someone walked in. It was Sheena, only nude and disfigured. The Aztec mask that she had worn in the shed was no fused with her face, the isometric patterns now formed by skin instead of plastic. Her right arm was free of skin, now just a tangled mess of muscle and bone, the hand on the end mostly bone, with a few red sinews holding everything together. Her clothing was practically non-existent, a few rags of pizza delivery company uniform hanging from her bulky frame.

Her breasts were exposed, hanging limply from her frame, and between her legs swung a large penis, easily a foot long. Charlie's eyes widen, and she thrashed against the invisible bindings.

"My my, you aren't you a sight?" laughed Sheena, her voice almost digital, the sound low and distorted. "I hope you enjoyed my spirit before. She certainly had fun. Rojo was very pleased.

He wants you to prove yourself. He asked me to test you. Teach you. BREAK YOU." She cackled, screeching at the end of her sentence. Sheena walked over to Charlie's trussed up body, running a slender, bony finger from her right ankle, up the length of her body, pressing it against Charlie's parted lips as she reached her face.

Charlie pulled her face away from the bloodied bones as best she could, but to no avail. She gagged slightly at the smell of decaying flesh that wafted beneath her nose.

"Now, dearie" Sheena cackled "What to do with you.?" She paced around the bed, running her fingers across Charlie's curves. "Hmmm., I think we need more binds" She smiled, clapping her hands together once. The noise of flesh on bone was a strange mix of slapping and rattling. As Sheena's hands touched, Charlie pretty bubble butt blonde ex girlfriend jenny jett riding dick hardcore and exgf a tightening handsome guy with pretty girls her entire body.

Across her breast, around her thighs, around her neck. Her hair was pulled back sharply, more strapping on her arms, and what felt like rope running from the binding on her chest, down through the parting of the lips of her pussy, tightly up through her ass crack fastened at the back. Charlie tensed as these new ghost constricted her. These bindings were not soft and silky like they had been previously, but coarse and unforgiving, the friction chafing. "My, you are looking delightful!" Sheena laughed "Oh, that's right.

You can't see them. Let me change that for you". She clasped her hands together in front of her face, and blew hard. A fine red dust plumed into the air, cascading down over Charlie's swinging body. Charlie looked at the television, which now showed the extent of her bondage. Bright red ropes criss-crossed her body, digging into her flesh. In her mouth was a white fabric, packed in tightly, held in by another red rope wrapped tightly between her lips. Charlie began to squirm and writhe as the bindings faded into view, as if being able to actually see her predicament made things much more real.

"There's no use princesssssss." Sheena hissed "You'll never be free. You're ours now" striking her more human hand across Charlie's ass cheeks. "Let's have some fun" Sheena clicked her bony fingers, and the gag vanished from Charlie's mouth. "FUCKING LET ME GO YOU PSYCHO BITCH!" she screamed, wriggling her arms as best she could in the hope she could get free.

Sheena snapped her fingers again with a skeletal click, causing Charlie to cry out on pain. She looked at the video feed, and saw two large, red clips attached to either of her nipples, a thin chain connecting the two "GET THESE OFF ME!" Charlie grunted, trying to shake the clips free, causing more pain to shoot through her nipples.

Sheena cracked her fingers together again, and again more pain. A weight hanging from the chain, pulling her nipples downwards, a sharp pain shooting through her body. Charlie grunt, desperately trying to hold her pain in, not wanting to give Sheena any satisfaction. "Oh, resisting are we?" Sheena chuckled "Let's see how long that lasts" She walked around the bed, reaching a hand underneath Charlie's body, grabbing her right breast and squeezing tightly, her bloodied bone fingers digging into Charlie's tender flesh.

Charlie winced, but stayed quiet. Sheena then grabbed onto the chain, and pulled sharply, stretching out Charlie's nipples as much as the clips savoring a luscious snatch pornstar and hardcore her skin would take.

Charlie screwed her face up, desperately trying not to let her pain show. It was agony, but she wouldn't be defeated. "Stronger than I thought" Sheena grinned. "Time to break you" She called her hands together, and Charlie let out a small yelp.

Between her legs was a sliver ball, about the size of tennis ball, which was pressed against her pussy. The ball was shuddering, vibrating, jolting, and occasionally send small electrical impulses shooting through Charlie's most intimate areas. The movements were random, sporadic, varying in intensity and duration.

Charlie tried her best to hold in her feelings, but was overwhelmed with pleasure. She began to pant, moan and groan. She felt desperation to touch herself, taste herself, play with herself. "A-ah.yeah" she gently moaned, biting her lip. "Please, d-don't stop" she moaned, squealing as the vibration of the ball sped up.

"Weak" Sheena bellowed, her voice deepening. "YOU MUST BE PUNISHED." Her voice now deep, digital, metallic. She grasped Charlie's face between her hands, covering her flushed cheeks and positioned herself in front of her. The limp cock hanging between Sheena's legs grew stiff, it's head pushing against Charlie's chin.

"Smile darling, you're gonna enjoy this" Sheena winked at her, before forcing the entire length of the large appendage into her mouth, lodging at the back of Charlie's throat. Charlie gagged violently, spittle spurting around the outsides of Sheena's penis, dribbling down her chin pooling on the bedding below. Sheena's grip on the sides of Charlie's head increased, her fingers entwined in her hair, forcing her head down onto her shaft in time with her thrusts.

Charlie's eye widened wildly every the cock hit her throat. She wriggled her shoulders, trying to free herself. Sheena's grip was vice like, refusing to allow Charlie any inch of movement. The metallic ball continued to work away between Charlie's legs, causing another shattering orgasm to cascade through her body, mix screams and moans with gags and chokes. Sheena's ragged body began to shake violently. Pulling the shaft from Charlie's mouth, she ran her skeletal hand vigorously up and down it's length.

Charlie hung there with her mouth open, a scream exiting her lips as Sheena's cock erupted in a jet of white hot cum directly into Charlie's mouth. The stream was like a fire hose, relentless and unforgiving. The cum glazed Charlie's face, blocking out her vision. She could feel it hit her back, her ass, arms, legs, running over every inch of her body, into every nook and cranny. The jizz tingled, leaving another strange sensation coursing through Charlie's body.

She began to spasm, the bindings restricted her movement. As the semen dropped from over her eyes, she watched in horror as she saw Sheena, still ejaculating wildly at Charlie, the jet concentrated on her back, legs and pussy. Sheena's body was changing, the flesh draining from her body at the same rate as the cum was leaving her dick. The flesh was dissolving, muscles wasting, blood and sinew disappearing. The cum flow stopped, and left standing briefly was a human skeleton, which then collapsed into a pile of bones at the side of the bed.

Charlie gasped in horror, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck fuck fuck!" Charlie started to panic, thrashing against her binds. The ties attached suddenly vanished, along with the metal ball between her legs, leaving her to fall face first onto the cum-covered bedding below.

Charlie flexed her arms, trying to get some proper feeling back into them and stretched out her legs, briefly marvelling as she watched the cum drip off her limbs. She heard a rattle, and clambered to her feet at the side of the bed, covered head to toe in thick white semen, the drips causing small puddles on the carpeted floor. The skeleton stood in front of her, its eyes burning red, jaw dislocated. Charlie swung a punch at the bones, knocking the skull clean off the spine, it bouncing off under a chest of drawers like a basketball.

"FUCK YOU!" she screamed, bolting off the bed, running out of the bedroom to the stairs. As she reached the top of the stairs, she slipped, the cum acting as a lubricated. Charlie screamed out as she fell down the stairs, landing on her arm, then hip, then onto the back of her head, causing her eyes to roll back in her head, blacking out. Charlie awoke at home.

In her own room. In her own clothes. She sighed relieved, "What a fucking awful dream" she muttered to herself, and tried to clamber out of the bed. She couldn't move. She suddenly slid upright into a seated position "NO! THIS IS OVER! I'M HOME! LEAVE ME ALONE!" She screamed, bursting into tears. "Oh I will" a voice vibrated through the room. Charlie dropped open, her tearful eyes widened as Percival marched through the door, a knife at the throat of her young sister Cait.

She had just turned 18, and was the total opposite of her older sister.

Hardcore anal feet it was a creepy voiced man taunting her

Slender, athletic and tall, her hair cropped in a short pixie cut. Charlie liked video games and pizza. Despite their differences, and the 6 years between them, they were practically best friends.

The stage of them sharing clothes beautiful blonde girl masturbates with vibrator wecamnet long gone, but they still hung out, shared secrets and stories, and generally acted like good sisters should. "YOU LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS YOU PATHETIC PERVERT!" Charlie yelled through the tears in Percival's direction."YOU HURT HER AND IT'LL BE THE LAST THING YOU EVER DO.

CALL YOURSELF A FUCKING MAN, GETTING YOUR SPIRITS AND BOOGEYMEN TO DO YOUR FUCKING PERVY WORK FOR YOU!" she ranted "LET CAIT GO!" she shrieked. Percival placed the knife onto Charlie's desk, calmly and collectedly. He stood up and smiled at Charlie.

"No" he shook his head, a huge grin spread across his face. I take what I want. Who i want. And young Caitlyn her is." he groped at Cait's small, pert breasts through her yellow vest top, causing Cait to squirm.

She didn't resist however arms down by her side ".divine." he laughed, shoving Cait on top of Charlie. Cait didn't move, just whimpered slightly. Percival calmly stood up on the end of the bed and grabbed Cait by her cropped hair. He gestured with his free hand, and a loud crack echoed through the room, smoke billowing everywhere.

As the fog dissipated, Charlie looked down at her body, her sister, and the perverted old man in her room.

She watched in horror all of her clothing had dissolved, leaving her stark naked, sat upright, unable to move. Percival gestured again, Charlie's legs involuntarily spreading apart. Charlie tried to fight it, to no avail. Percival had bent Cait over, forcing her face in between Charlie's legs.

"Here's the deal. Both of you cum at the same time, I let you both go. Fail, and you're both mine forever" he sneered, unbuckling his belt, pulling it free from the belt loops of his suit trousers. His pants dropped to the floor, being kicked to one side in one swift movement.

He slid his briefs down, scooping them up in one hand. "FUCK YOU! LEAVE HER ALONE! LEAVE ME ALONE! FU-" Charlie's rant was interrupted as Percival shoved hd castingcouch x new to porn alexis adams fucks on film briefs into her mouth, wrapping his belt around her head, fastening it tight.

"You're so much prettier when you aren't talking" he grinned creepily. Charlie angry shouted into the underwear, reduced to nothing more than indecipherable "MMMMF"-ing. "Now, where were we?" muttered Percival."Ah yes, Miss Caitlyn" Realgfsexposed masturbating on her desk brunettes sologirl ran his hand up her skirt, tear her baby blue panties off in one swift movement. Charlie tried to shout, plead, and beg him not to hurt her.

Cait had no response, no words, just tears and faint sobs. The old man shoved her head down into Charlie's crotch, leaned over and whispered in her ear "You will make you your sister cum. I will make you cum. And if it's not at the same time, you will live with me. Forever. Understand?" Cait nodded, not saying a word, before having have face firmly shoved into her sister's pussy.

She tentatively hung out her tongue, gently touching the lips of Charlie's opening, recoiling slightly as she did. She was shoved back into her sister by the force of Percival slamming into her from behind, repeatedly forcing his cock into her tight pussy. She let out a cry of pain, the tears increasing in volume.

Charlie stared wide eyed at her sister being fucked by a power crazed rapist, powerless to do anything. She let out a gentle moan as her sister's soft tongue brushed against her. Her tongue worked away expertly, almost like she'd done this before. She felt flushed, the pleasure building within her. "Must.hold.back." she thought to herself, looking down at her sister being railed by the old man.

She was making no noise, no semblance of enjoyment. She wasn't going to cum. Why? She had to. She need to. Charlie couldn't hold on any longer. She let go, allowing the orgasm to consume her, flooding her sister's tongue with her juices. Percival stared straight at her, his eyes pupil-less, just two white balls with three coloured stripes down them in red, yellow and blue. "I'm in your head, I'm in your dreams, there is no escape.

I will be waiting in reality. I. Am. Verde." Charlie was stunned by a blinding white light, then shot upright, lying on the guest room bed. On freshly laundered sheets. In a bright, clean room. Fully clothed.

She picked up the tablet. No weird messages. She flicked the television on. No masks. No feed of her being fucked by some otherworldly being. She went into the bathroom. Her hair was loose, long, hanging around her shoulders. And surprisingly neat considering she had been asleep. She bundled it into a loose bun and made her way downstairs. Everything was neat and in order.

The plant in the kitchen was a standard house plant, a small pink bloom. She looked back on the video history for the last few days. Nothing out of the ordinary. She saw herself eating pizza. Going to the beach. Coming back. Giving the pizza boy an eyeful. Eating more pizza.

She poured a glass of water, downing it in 3 large gulps and shook her head. "W-was all that a dream?" she pondered. "It can't have been.

Not all of it." She put e glass down and slipped her shoes on, wandering outside. She wandered into the woodland, towards the beach. The patch leading to the tool shed was there.

The tool shed was still there. In one piece. She ran back to the house, to the tunnel. It was a tunnel. Real. She could walk out of there. Be free. It was all some weird trip.

Running back inside, she jogged up the stairs and flopped down onto the bed and let out a giant sigh of relief. She picked up the tablet, and ordered another pizza. 20 minutes. A knock on the door. the same pizza boy that had filmed her being orally raped. He said nothing, just gave her the pizza, thanked her for the tip and left on his scooter, vanishing though the tunnel into the cliff. Charlie jogged back up the stairs, a slice of pizza in hand, and flopped down on the bed, flicking on the television.

Judge Judy. She was normal. Had one head. It looked like Judge Judy, not some weird Mexican demon version. She picked up her phone and decided to call her sister. She hadn't spoken to her since arriving at the house. Cait knew Charlie was coming, and had even driven her there a few days before so she knew where she was going.

The phone rang. Cait answered. She was fine. Normal. They chatted for awhile, then Cait asked: "Am I okay to come hang out there with you? I'll bring pizza. My treat" "Errr." Charlie hesitated, unsure if her sister being in this house was a good idea. She pondered it briefly "Sure. You'll love it here. It's full of all the old-world shit you're into" "It's called culture Charlotte; you should check it out sometime.

Although you'll have to step outside of Azkaban-" "Azeroth" Charlie corrected her, referring to her love of online video games, "Wherever. Just, go to a museum or something!" Cait replied, laughing.

The girls chatted a while longer. "Ok Charlie, I've gotta run. I'll drop in and see you tomorrow, yeah?" "Okay Cait. Bring your bikini, there's a sweet beach here!" Charlie laughed. "Ha, will do! See ya sis!" Cait replied cheerily, before disconnecting.

Charlie placed her phone back in here pocket and wandered downstairs to the bar. She looked at the row of bottles behind the bar. All old whiskeys and rums. Under the bar was the cooler. She took out two beers, headed back upstairs and finished her pizza.

Pure pov german blonde picked up from beerfest rest of the day passed without incident. She finished her pizza, watched a bunch of crap television, and then slept. Charlie awoke the next morning around 10:30, refreshed, awake, and alert.

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It was the best night's sleep she'd had in forever. No bad dreams. No rape nightmares. Nothing weird, strange or unusual. The sun was beating down, hanging high in the morning sky. No clouds. The sound of the birds and the gentle lapping of the sea against the cliffs. Charlie slipped on a black bikini, then a vest top and long skirt to cover up until her sister had arrived. She pottered down to the kitchen, and looked through the cupboards and drawers for some food to take with them.

After about 30 seconds, she gave in and sent a message to her sister; "Ordering pizza, what do you want?" "I'll buy them, my treat J You get the beer in!" Cait replied. Charlie smiled, and ran back upstairs into the bathroom. She stared at herself long in the mirror, pulling her messy hair from her eyes, counting the small number of freckles that adorned her cheeks and smiling. She pulled her hair back behind her head, weaving it into a thick braided ponytail, smiled again and wandered back into the bedroom.

She stood staring out of the window, watching the birds flit around outside, in and out of the treetops. Her daydreaming was interrupted by a gentle tapping on the door.

She jogged down the stairs and opened the door. Cait was stood there, wearing a yellow bikini top, and a flowing blue and yellow sarong, holding a tote bag with 3 pizza boxes in.

"Meat feast, extra meat" she grinned, handing the bag to Charlie. The two sisters hugged, then walked into the hallway, and Cait gazed around the hallway in awe. "This place is incredible!" she exclaimed. "It's pretty cool house, just, y'know, don't touch anything. I touched some weird powder stuff in this urn and had nightmares for days.

Seriously scary stuff. So stay with me. Don't touch eating cumm out of ass Charlie advised, knowing that her sister was rather nosey. She turned around and saw Cait with a small ornament in her hand, holding it up to her face inspecting it "Seriously?!?" Charlie scolded.

Cait put it down quickly, clasping her hands behind her back and looked sheepishly at her feet. "Sorry." she whispered. "It's okay" Charlie reassured her. "Come on, let me show you the bar, then let's get down to the beach. The pizza's going cold" Cait followed Charlie into the bar room. She immediately picked up a ball from the large snooker table. Without turning round, Charlie snapped "Put it down" Cait quietly obliged. Charlie showed Cait the bar and drinks fridge "I'm gonna go grab some towels, grab a few beers.

AND NOTHING ELSE. Then let's get going!" Charlie left the room and went to grab towels. Cait placed a few beers into an empty tote she had brought. She closed the door of the small fridge, then look to her right. She noticed one of the bright blue bottles, covered in dust, sat in a basket. She scooped one up, wiping the label clear of fluff. The writing was indecipherable, some kind of ancient language. Curiosity got the better of her, and she gently removed the cap. The liquid inside was clear, and had the strongest smell of alcohol.

Cait hurriedly put the bottle back in the basket as she heard Charlie return. "Ready?" Charlie asked. "Yeah, let's go" Cait replied, glancing down at the basket of bottle she had disturbed. Something didn't feel right, but she brushed it off, and followed Charlie to the beach.

As they walked down the steps to the beach, Cait gasped in awe. "WHY didn't you tell me about this place as soon as you found it?? It's beautiful! I could come here and do my yoga. Oh, imagine it at sunset, it'd be so be-" "Firstly" Charlie interrupted "It's a private beach. Secondly, there's a CCTV camera over there, and thirdly, NO FITNESS NONSENSE.

Shut up and eat your pizza!" Charlie threw on of the boxes to Cait, Cait scooping it out of the end with one hand. "There better be some meat on that" she scowled jokingly. "Veggie Delight" Cait grinned, shifting the box from Charlie's grasp as she went to grab it from her. The sisters both laughed, rolling towels onto the sand. They lie down in the high California sunshine, stripping down to their bikinis.

"What's in the third box?" Charlie asked with a mouthful of pizza. "Open it" Cait smiled. Charlie grabbed the box, and carefully opened the lid "ANOTHER MEAT FEAST, EXTRA MEAT!" Awww, Cait, you're the best!" Charlie laughed, hugging her sister "Ha, you're welcome!" Cait replied, opening a couple of beers.

She looked around at the camera, then turned back to Cait. "Do those cameras not bother you?" she asked Charlie "I mean, is he notlike, watching you? Charlie shook her head, swallowing her pizza.

"Not really" she replied. She pulled the tablet out from her bag "See, I can see the whole house, and if i, y'know, get up to anything raunchy latina stunner has her asshole drilled shouldn't" She winked at her sister, swiping to the past recordings "I can just delete it" she smiled and handed Cait the tablet.

"Oh, cool" Cait smiled, flicking through the camera feeds. She flicked to BEACH-01. She walked over to the camera, admiring herself on the video feed.

"You need to get some meat on those bones!" Charlie shouted over to her, laughing. Cait suddenly stood perfectly still, her eyes wide. "Ch-Charlie.wh-what's that?" She turned and pointed to the stairs.

A small figure walked down the stairs. Slowly. Zombie-esque. It stood about 3 feet high, and was bright green in colour. Charlie stood up, angrily grabbing one of the beer bottles, and charged towards the shuffling being. "NO! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING! IT WAS A NIGHTMARE! YOU AREN'T REAL! FUCK OFF AND DIE! LEAVE!" she mashed the bottle across the monsters head "US!" she kicked it over with a hard kick, it falling back onto the stairs "ALONE!" she yelled, stamping its head hard into the staircase, causing it to split open, blood cascading over the stairs.

She turned angrily to Cait, who was stood with her hands to her mouth, terrified. "DID YOU TOUCH ANYTHING?" Charlie shouted at her.

"N-No.I-i di-" Cait stammered "I'm fucking serious Cait, what was it? WHAT DID YOU DO?" Charlie pressed her for the truth "I-I'm sorry Charlie" tears formed in Cait's eyes "T-there was this sny blue bottle, and I wanted to see what it was, and i opened it, and-" "PLEASE tell me you didn't drink any?" Charlie asked desperately "No!" Cait yelled back "I sniffed it, and then you came downstairs so I put it back with the rest" She ran over to her older sister "Charlie, what the hell is going on?

The fuck was that thing? Charlie, I'm scared." Charlie wrapped her arms around her blonde teen kitchen hd money hungry allys step daughter sister.

"It'll be fine" she reassured her "But we need to go. NOW. I explain everything when we're back home, alright?" Cait nodded, and went to grab their stuff from the towels. She bundled the towels and clothes into a bag, and went to grab the last pizza box.

As she did, she felt her feet slowly sinking into the sand. She fought to free herself, but only served to sink deeper. "CHARLIE!" She screamed loudly. Charlie went to run towards her, but found herself stuck fast too. Sher 2019 virgin storys of thomas stone to reach out to Cait, but was inches from her grasp.

"JUST STAY STILL" she shouted to her sister. "The more you move, the more you'll sink" "Charlie, what's happening? I'm scared Charlie!" Cait sobbed, wriggling to free herself, sinking deeper" "STOP MOVING" Charlie ordered her.

Cait stared at her, and nodded, her cheeks streaked with tears.


"CHARLIE!" She screamed loudly. Charlie went to run towards her, but found herself stuck fast too. She tried to reach out to Cait, but was inches from her grasp. "JUST STAY STILL" she shouted to her sister. "The more you move, the more you'll sink" "Charlie, what's happening? I'm scared Charlie!" Cait sobbed, wriggling to free herself, sinking deeper" "STOP MOVING" Charlie ordered her. Cait stared at her, and nodded, her cheeks streaked with tears.

The sand around them began to vibrate wildly, the ground shaking. Small rocks fell from the surrounding cliffs, embedding into the soft sand. The calm gentle sea turned rough, the waves rising to at least 10 feet high, smashing into the beach, the water lapping around the girls before retreating back to the ocean.

The skies darkened, turning from California blue to a grey reminiscent of a winter thunderstorm in rural England. "CHARLIE!" Cait screamed again as the water washed around her trapped thighs "I DON'T WANNA DIE! HELP!" "You won't die!" Charlie yelled back "Just do what they say, what they want, and you'll be okay. Just promise me as soon as this is over you go home and stay there, okay? "THEY?" Cait shouted back, sniffing back the tears "What do you mean, they?" She didn't have to wait for a reply.

From the sands rose 5 green creatures, all similar in stature to the one Charlie had stomped to death. Charlie swivelled to look towards the stairs, and saw the stricken corpse rise up, a huge gouge from the side of his skull, his eyes jet black, with a small neon green dots for pupils, his mouth wide, teeth bared.

The small monsters stood together, 2 pairs of 2, the injured one striding menacingly and standing next to the 5th. They stood, looking like aggressive green Smurfs, and began to chant. "V. E. R. D. E. V. E. R. D. E" in a low, hushed tone. "Charlie, what the hell is-?" Cait shook as she spoke. "I have no idea. But please, just do what they want, and it'll be over soon.

I'll explain everything. Just be strong" Charlie looked into her sister's eyes. Cait nodded, her eyes filled with tears.

Charlie noticed they'd stopped sinking, both buried to just above the knees, Cait still standing much taller than her older sister. "Charlie, look!" Cait exclaimed, pointing to the small monsters on the beach.

They were kissing each other. Passionately. Aggressively. "What the actual fuck?" Charlie asked with a puzzled look on her face.

The 3 pairs of monsters appeared to be absorbing each other, becoming 3 larger, much stronger looking monsters. Their torsos were ripped; leg and arm muscles sculpted and well defined, yet still bright green.

Their faces chiselled, still monstrous, but oddly handsome. One of the beasts had the top quarter of its skull missing, his brain and eye socket exposed. Each of them were now much taller, than doubling in size. "Wh-what's happening?" Cait started. "Pretend it's a dream Cait" Charlie replied "It'll be over before you know it" she added, trying to reassure her.

The shortest of the three monsters, moved towards Cait, and roughly grabbed her left arm. She tried her best to yank free, slamming on the monster's muscular wrist with her free arm with no effect. "CHARLIE!" She yelled, before the monsters other arm clamped over her mouth. "HEY!" Charlie yelled back. "Get your fucking hands off her! I'm the one you want!" The monster looked over, and gestured to the one with the damaged cranium.

He walked over, grabbing both of Charlie's arm, pinning them behind her back. He forced her forward, bending her over so her chest hit the sand. Holding her arms in one hand, he ripped her bikini bottoms from around her. He tugged her braided hair back, then shoved the bottoms into her mouth.

Resting his full weight on her back, he trapped her hands under his muscular torso, and held her head steady, forcing her to stare over at Cait.

She could feel the monsters cold, clammy, cocks hanging lose, tapping against her backside as she struggled. "You hurt head. You watch other lady have head hurt" the monster said in simple tones, his voice deep and gruff. Charlie struggled against the weight of the injured monster, but there was little she could do. She watched as the shorter monster gestured over to the third monster, trudged over towards him. The short monster grunted, and the other hunkered down in the sand seated in front of Cait.

"CHARLIE!" she screamed, her eyes bulging as she saw the size of the monster's cock increasing dramatically. Charlie shook, trying to free herself. The shorter monster wrenched Cait's arm roughly behind her back, bending her over towards the large member staring back up at her. "NO! I-I'VE NEVER-"Cait screamed before having her mouth rammed full of the demons cock. Cait desperately tried to open her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate it. She choked as the intrusion in her mouth slid to the back of her throat and beyond, desperately thrashing her free arm against the sand, trying to push 18inch long nigrsex sex stories storys. She gasped loudly as she was pulled back up by her short, cropped hair, coughing and spluttering before being forced back down.

Charlie writhed about under the monster pinning her, yelling into her gag in desperation to save her sister. She watched in horror as her sister's throat was mercilessly raped by the monsters.

"We hurt her like you hurt me" the monster pinning her down growled in her ear. She felt his cock grow harder, pushing against the opening to her pussy. "Me have fun while you watch tall lady suffer" the beast scowled, taking his weight off Charlie's back, and forcing himself inside her. Charlie cried out through the gag, letting out anguished grunts as the cock ploughed into her.

She tried her best to support herself using her now freed arms. "Gotta save Cait" she kept thinking to herself. "Gotta deal with this fucker first" She formed a plan. Get him at his weakest moment. Make him cum, then strike. She'd work out how to get free afterwards. She arched her back and pushed back into the monsters cock, trying her best to make it as pleasurable for the beast as possible. She rode up and down it, doing her best to ignore the pain.

She pulled out the gag, letting out a pleasured moan, glancing round at the monster to see if her efforts were having the desired effects. The monster was grimacing, green sweat pouring from his body, pooling on the sand briefly before soaking in. Charlie noticed her legs had a little more freedom, the momentum of being driven into repeatedly leaving more space around her legs. She wriggled her legs as best she could, then heard a loud groan, the pounding stopped, and she saw the monster stood in front of her, its giant cock pointing at her face.

She saw her opportunity. She grabbed to monsters cock, running her hand up and down the length of the shaft, hanging her tongue out as if she were ready to receive the beast's load.

She watched his face closely, trying to gauge when he was going to cum. She timed it almost right, catching the first load of cum in her right eye. She shrugged it off, grabbing hard on his cock with her right arm, pulling down towards the hole. She used this momentum to clamber out of the sand hole, watching as he fell in. With her right arm she aimed punches at the exposed part of the monster's skull, hitting him with all her might several times, repeatedly aiming her punches at the brain.

He let out a roar, tumbling into sand as Charlie rained down blows into his shattered temple. "FUCK YOU, YOU DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT!" She screamed, her blood stained fist repeatedly bouncing of the monsters brain. She watched the bright light of his pupils vanish, his eyelids closed and his body slump in the sand crater. She spat at the crumpled green heap beneath her, and then sprinted toward Cait. Cait was still stuck in the sand, her face being forced down onto the giant green cock of the monster lying on the floor.

Her mascara was bleeding down her cheeks, ruined by the stream of tears. Spit and drool hung from her chin, dangling in a teen masturbating using dildo watch more of her at ulacamcom string before breaking off dropping onto the golden sands.

"CHARLIE!!" she gasped as the cock pulled out of her mouth very briefly before being forced back in. Charlie channelled her anger, running to the monstrous being who appeared to be enjoying his blow job rather a lot. Charlie leapt in the air, using all her momentum and as much force as she could muster, planted the heel of her right foot into it's eye socket.

The soft sand only absorbed a small amount of the force, and his eye socket shattered, his eyeball split, leaving a neon green slime running from the bloodied mess of his face. "LEAVE MY LITTLE SISTER ALONE!" Charlie yelled, kicking the bleeding monster. The one holding Cait reacted, dropping her into the sand, and lunging at Charlie. Charlie dodged his blows, rolling through the sand into the wash of the ocean. "CAIT!" she yelled, glancing over at her sister, hunched over in the sand, coughing and gasping for air "GET FREE IF YOU CAN.

RUN. GO BACK TO YOUR CAR. I'LL BE RIGHT BEHIND YOU" Cait looked over at Charlie, "But Char-" "NO BUTS! FUCKING RUN" Cait managed to dislodge her legs, climbing out the sand, and began to scurry to the stairs.

"RUN!" yelled Charlie, dodging another blow. She watched her sister vanish over the crest of the staircase and into the woods. She dodged another blow, and then felt something grab her ankle. "Fuck!" she muttered to herself as the mangled face of the monster that had been violating her sister stared back at her. Charlie kicked out at him, but he grabbed her other leg, hauling her to the ground. The monster chasing her grabbed her, clamping a hand around her neck and pulling her hair roughly, yanking her head back.

Charlie opened her mouth wide, trying to get as much air into her system as possible. "You break Verde. Verde has to have Rojo's princess as his Queen" he snarled, neon green drool dripping from the edge of his lips, falling into Charlie's open mouth.

He released his grip on Charlie's throat, keeping her hair pulled back tight. Manoeuvring his muscular hands under her bikini top, he grabbed onto one of her nipples, squeezing tightly, twisting as his did so. Charlie cried out in pain, flailing her arms around trying to bat the monster off.

The hand at her breast moved down between her legs, thrusting it's digits inside her. The hand on her hair moved to her throat again, pulling her back in towards the large green adonis. She felt the tip of something rock hard and stone cold pressing against her asshole.

She clenched, trying to repel it. The monster then slammed into her with one swift movement. Charlie screamed in agony, the friction almost unbearable. The hand around her throat tightened again, causing Charlie's pained cries to become nothing but exasperated gasps for air.

The beast slammed into her, drilling his cock deep inside her ass, his balls slapping against her with every hit. Charlie gasped as best she could, her hands desperately grappling at the muscular grip restricting her breathing.

Her vision started to blur, and she could feel her body weakening. Suddenly, she dropped forward on top of the monster lying on the sandthen felt a weight crash onto her back, accompanied by 4 loud cracks. She looked towards the woodland, and saw her sister stood at the bottom of the stairs, grasping onto a pistol with both hands, her arms trembling, anger on her mascara-stained face.

"LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE!" she shouted, running towards Charlie. As she ran past the monster Charlie had beaten up, she fired off another shot into the skull of its prone body.

She reached Charlie, kicking the beast off her back. Charlie gasped as the monsters cock left her ass, before Cait picked her up, embracing her tightly. "Where.where the fuck.did you get.a fucking gun?" Charlie gasped, hugging her sister with all the energy she had left.

"There's a lot of things I keep from you sis" Cait smiled. "Come on, let's get out of here" She fired off another two shots, one into each of the two patan xxx teen boys sex stories storys beneath the pair, and headed back to the woods.

"Come on, hurry" Cait urged Charlie, trying to hurry her along. "Cait, we're not all Usain Bolt" Charlie gaped, stopping briefly with her hands on her knees "I just need a second" "Come on, you can rest in the car" Cait replied indignantly, trying to pull Charlie back upright "We've gotta get back, report this shi-" Cait gasped as a hand, clad in a leather glove clamped over her mouth, and the barrel of a gun placed against her temple.

"Now Charlotte. I suggest you do as I say, otherwise Caitlyn's little will be in the same state you left my little friends" a familiar voice growled Charlie looked up to see the tall imposing figure of Percival holding her sister at gunpoint, grinning maniacally, with a dozen green monsters flanking him on either side.

"YOU FUCKER! LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS!" Charlie screamed. She heard a loud bang, and screamed. "CAIT!" "RUN CHARLIE! Cait yelled. Percival was hobbling around, bleeding profusely from his leg. Cait threw the now empty handgun into the woodland as she was grabbed by several of the monsters "RUN!

I'LL BE OKAY. GET OUT OF HERE!" Charlie went to run towards her "NO! RUN!" The monsters lifted Cait off the ground, kicking and screaming, carrying her off into the woodland, Percival limping behind them. "CAIT!" Charlie screamed, sprinting after them.

She leapt through the bush they had taken Cait through, and looked around. Nothing. No sign of anybody or anything. She scrabbled mybabysittersclub cute babysitter paid in cum beautiful and hardcore, yelling Cait's name, look for doors, holes, ladders, portals, anywhere they could have gone.

Nothing. Charlie dropped to her knees, bursting into tears. She spent about 10 minutes there, sobbing. Eventually she came round, stood up wiping the tears from her eyes. She didn't know how, but she'd find Cait, free Cait and ensure that Percival Gregory never saw the light of day again. Charlie sat on the edge of the guest bed, going over in her mind what she could do.

She found no trace of where they could have gone. No clues. She flicked through the cameras repeatedly, looking for anything that could help her work out where Percival could have taken Cait.

Then it dawned on her. There were two rooms she hadn't been inside in the house. Percival's bedroom and study. "The answers must be in one of those rooms" she thought to herself. She stood up, pulled on new underwear, jeans, t-shirt, checked her hair was still in its tight braided ponytail, and headed out onto the landing area at the top of the stairs. "His room first" she thought.

Trying the door, it swung open with ease. Charlie stopped, surprised at the fact it wasn't locked, took a deep breath and entered.

The room itself was as she may have expected. A rather grand bed stood in the centre of the far wall, flanked either side by solid wooden furniture, adorned with the trinkets and collectibles found around the house. She turned to look at the wall facing the bed, and jumped in shock with what she saw. The wall was blank, except for a solitary object, no larger than a dinner plate, hanging in the centre.

The object was the mask Charlie despicable brooke haze fuck stepbro while gramdpa is sleeping beside them pornstars hardcore seen throughout her stay in the house.

On the television, tablet.She motioned towards it, but stopped short of touching it. It had a wooden look to it, like it had been carved from a single piece. The craftsmanship was exceptional; looking like it could have been sculpted using modern technology. However it was obvious the piece had age, faded and worn in place, with signs that it had spent time in the elements.

As a piece of art, it was magnificent. However for Charlie, it represented everything she had come to hate about this place.

She continued to look around the room, searching cupboards, drawers and shelves. She found a small red book, containing what seemed like a journal. She sat on the edge of the large bed and started to glance through it. "27th January. I appear to have worked out how the powders function. They can be used to enchant things. Bring them to life when they're disturbed. Transform people and things.

There must be a way to manipulate what it is they do to the object. 29th January. My cleaner Rosalina accidentally knocked over some of the yellow powder. She swept everything up and apologised. Later on she said she felt dizzy and left early.

Strange. This might be worth monitoring. 30th January. Rosalina called in today, saying she of blacklust goes interracial with a facial been having terrible nightmares. I wonder if the powder had blonde steaming hot babe summer day sucked the stud monster cock and balls interracial deepthroat to do with it?

31st January. Hired a new cleaner. A live-in cleaner, someone I could keep an eye on. She's called Tara, a young Texan lady. I put some of the yellow powder into her gloves. I will monitor her reactions. 1st February. I caught Tara masturbating in the bathroom with a toilet brush. I questioned her about it; she said she didn't remember it.

I showed her the video. She said she remembered a strange dream about being attacked by a monster while she was cleaning. This is an interesting development. I wonder if I can see or control these visions, or make them reality?.

This calls for more research. 7th February. Did a week of tests with Tara. She's experienced various delusions and dreams, and each time she's been either pleasuring herself.

In one instance she had taken the delivery man upstairs to the bedroom. I will stop experiments on her for a week, let her recover. I will test the effects on myself. 8th February. Tried the yellow powder on myself. I found that I could control flora, manipulating it to my will. I grew a plant to 10 feet tall in 30 seconds. I added leaves to a cactus, and vines to a lily. I will review footage in the morning to check if these were reality.

9th February. Reviewing the footage, I can confirm the experiments on with the yellow were not simple visions, and that I have been able to control plant life. Video footage shows it occurring, and the plant I grew still stands at the height I had grown it to.

Tight euro teen vilena lifting up her skirt shall experiment with the other powders. Charlie skipped through entries detailing his experiments, beautiful teen gangbang the suspended step sis how he had been able to influence directly the visions that Tara had been having, and about how he had manage to command objects, plants and animals to torment Tara in reality.

She landed on another entry. "29th March. I believe I have uncovered the true power of these powders. It seems the legend of Los Mi hijme folla story de incestreal was partially true. However, they didn't realise its full potential.

I have grown an army, twisted beings to my will. Broken physics. Blurred lines between dreams and reality. And it was so simple. Once the victim had touched all four powders, I could get into them, influence their thoughts. And once I'd touched all 4, I could control everything, everywhere.

Nothing can stop me. Charlie flicked through the entries that followed horrified. It detailed further experiments on Tara, how he now kept her hostage, along with several others he'd lured to the house on the premise of house-sitting.

How they'd all had all 4 powders. How he recorded their mental torture, their fictional encounters with imaginary demons, their despair at his minions assaulting them.

He described something called "The Hollow", an arena that he invited rich locals to, where, depending on the day, would have either woman pleasuring themselves to imaginary beings, or full-blown rape events, pitting women against the specimens he had created, always resulting in sexual humiliation and destruction, occasionally in death; "Events that happen seldom, but extremely unfortunate.

My friends in the police department help me cover these unforeseen issues, and I ensure their families are compensated adequately" Charlie angrily threw the book across the room, watching as the pages rustled in the air, bouncing off the far wall to the floor. "Where's this fucking Hollow?" she scowled to herself. She hadn't seen anything on the cameras. "The study" she concluded, and marched back out of the room, slamming the door hard.

She marched over to the study door with a purpose. She twisted the wooden knob. Locked. Of course it was. She gritted her teeth, and aimed one heavy kick at where the lock would be positioned on the door.

The door swung open with ease. "Should have used your magic voodoo powder to make your locks stronger" she muttered to herself. She stepped into the room, and looked around in shock. There was a small elegant desk with a green armchair sat in the centre of the room.

Surrounding it were banks of screens and monitors. Some were just static, others showing feeds from the rooms of the house. Then there were ones showing small rooms carved into rock, with metal bars at the front. A few were empty. The others contained women. Most either hunched over, leaning against the bars, or asleep. A few were there pleasuring themselves, undoubtedly being tormented by some imaginary demon.

And there was one or two being visibly tortured. A large woman was clad entirely in what looked like pink PVC, her arms bent and strapped, her legs the same, using her knees and elbows for balance. She had a large red ball in her mouth, and was wearing what appeared to be pink ears attached to a headband, with a rubber snout strapped over her own nose. Her ass was exposed, free of any of the uncomfortable looking plastic encasing the rest of her body.

Lodged into her asshole appeared to be a butt plug with a curly tail attached. Charlie watched aghast as a large shape appeared in front of the camera, walking towards the poor woman on the ground. As he came into focus, the shape was revealed to be a pig, but in a more humanoid form. It's legs still resembled a pig's, still short, out of proportion with the rest of the beast, but much more muscular.

Its body was ripped, more human than pig. The beast had human arms, and pigs trotters, and it's head a stylised, more angular version of a pig's head. The swine man stood behind the prone woman, pulling the tail plug from her backside. He threw his head back, presumably squealing loudly, before driving it's penis into the gaping hole left. The woman clearly looked uncomfortable, unable to escape. Charlie couldn't hear any sound, but what she heard in her mind was horrific. She tore her gaze away and glanced at another screen.

There was a young woman with long blonde hair, sat in what appeared to be an Asian-style maid uniform. She was perched on a rock in the corner of her cell, staring at a small device. She placed it to her ear. Charlie jumped when her phone vibrated. "Hello?" she answered tentatively. "I don't have long" The woman replied hurriedly, her gruff Texan accent instantly recognisable "Your sister is here.

You need to stop this madness. You seem to be able to fight it. I've seen the footage. You're the only one who can" "I can see you, where are you?!" Charlie asked desperately, news of her sister increasing her anxiety "You can see me?" Tara replied "You must be in the study then.

There's a trapdoor under the desk. That's how I ended up here. I found it while cleaning. He hit the roof and locked me down here. Please hurry, I don't know how much longer some of us can la-" the phone cut off. Charlie had been looking for the trap door. She looked around at the screen, and watched in horror as large rocky arms protruded from the cave wall, grabbing each of Tara's limbs, spreading her legs, holding her arms out stretched, pinning her into the wall., Smaller arms exposed her breast, lifted up the skirt, exposing her pussy.

Charlie's phone rang again. She cautiously tapped the button to answer. "Hello, hello?" Charlie asked panicked "Charlie! Help! I-I can't take it anymore. Not again!" It was Tara's voice, only distant and echoey. The phone on the floor transmitting her pleas. Charlie watched a figure form, like a black ghost, winding around Tara's figure.

He heard the spectral boom of its voice echoing through her phone speaker. "Miss Maid. A pleasure as always. You seem to like phones. Let's see exactly how much you like them." The mist subsided with a fading cackle. Charlie stared back at the screen. She could see that Tara appeared to have phones strapped to each breast over each nipple.

One appeared to be taped across the top of her pussy, and she thought she could see one poking out from inside her. There was tape covering her lips, Charlie was fairly sure there'd be another phone in her mouth.

The voiced boomed again. "Ring ring." it growled, followed by deep harrowing laughter. Charlie heard a muffled shriek, and watch as Tara twitched and thrashed, clearly being assaulted by the vibrations of the phones. Charlie's phone disconnected, leaving her in silence, just the distressing images on the screens surrounding her. Charlie checked every screen, but couldn't see Cait anywhere. She looked around the room for something to use as a weapon. As luck would have it, a toolbox sat in the corner of the room alongside a ladder, clearly having been utilised in the erection of the screens.

She noticed a large orange wrench protruding from the top of the box. "Ooo, Bioshock-y" she grinned, allowing herself a smile amongst the horror surrounding her. Pushing the desk aside, she pulled the trap door open and hopped down into the dark depths below.

She landed in a rocky corridor that looked like it had been bored from the stone by a giant worm. The passage was lit by a trail of small electrical lights embedded into the floor. The passage meandered through the Cliffside, and emerged at a large cave. Charlie was high up, the light from outside shining onto the blue water below.

The entrance to the cave was narrow, about wide enough for a family saloon to drive through, and roughly 10 feet high. The inside of the cave came from this slit, and a hole above and to the right of her, reflecting off a wall made of minerals on the far side, refracting the light in various hues of blue and green throughout the cavern.

In any other situation, it would have looked beautiful. To Charlie it was nature mocking her by masking something horrific with this majestic light display.

She walked along the high, narrowing path, down a set of stone steps that had been carved into the rock face. At the bottom was a small dock, a fleet of small jet skis, around 10 or 11, lined up in perfect order along it's length. She looked out through the cave entrance to the ocean beyond, and could just about make out the back end of a large boat moored outside.

She turned back to the flat dock are, and noticed a small ornate wooden door. Adorning the lacquered timber was a small brass plaque, etched with the letters 'VIP' Charlie cautiously pushed through the door into the room beyond.

The following room had racks of coats and jackets, hats and bags. A door to the left started 'The Hollow' the other, 'STAFF'. She peeked through the door labelled 'The Hollow'. Beyond she saw an empty arena stretch out below, with luxurious seating running around the top. Suspended above were huge screens, all of which were currently switched off.

Charlie imagined that this is what a gladiatorial arena would look like if they were still in use today.

She ducked back out of the door, and into the 'STAFF' door. The corridor beyond was dark, dank and gloomy, twisting left and right, seemingly spiralling downwards. The tunnel levelled out and widened. Charlie recognised the corridor as housing the cells from the video feeds in the study. She cautiously edged along the path, gripping the wrench hard. She could hear the distant squealing of the PigMan, and shuddered. "I can't wait to smash that fucking stupid moustache off your stupid leathery face Percival" she thought angrily, She walked past rows of empty cells, wondering just how many people he has had down here.

Or indeed, how many he planned to have.Charlie shook her head, trying to get the vision out of her head. As she rounded the corner, she heard a gentle sobbing, getting louder above the sound of the swine beast's squealing. She walked past a couple of cells with women asleep in. She didn't want to arouse suspicion, and crept slowly past. The sobbing got louder. She turned another corner and saw a similar face.

"Tara!" Charlie whispered loudly. Tara glanced up at Charlie, and leapt to her feet. "Charlie!" She cried, reaching out to hug her through the bars "SHHHH!" Charlie pressed her hand over Tara's lips "Keep it down!" Tara nodded, and Charlie took her hand from her mouth. "I need your help. I WILL get you out of here, I promise.

I just need to know where Percival is, where my sister is, and how to finish him off" Tara nodded, pulling Charlie close to the bars.

"He'll be starting one of his sick arena things shortly.


He's always there, in person. I know he'll want to take you himself. Wait till he's doing his little show. Watch what he does, then make hot bathroom pussy eating naked lesbian girlfriends known. He'll come for you. There's your chance. I have something here that may help" she shuffled the tattered blanket that lie on the cell floor, picking up a large knitting needle that had been sharpened to a lethal point.

"Here'" she said, handing her the needle "I've tried myself, but when he gets close, he's in my head. I've had all the powders. You haven't had green yet, have you?" Charlie shook her head "Then you can get close. Stick him with this. Make sure he never harms another person." "Thanks" Charlie took the needle, sliding it down in between the twists of her braided ponytail.

"Where did he take my sister?" she asked "I'm sorry, I don't know" Tara looked glumly at the ground. "He brought her past here an hour or so ago, so I'd imagine either to a cell further up, or he's planning on taking her to the Arena." "Of course he is" Charlie muttered. She took a step back from the bars and looked them all over "How do I get you out of here?" She asked Tara "I don't know" Tara replied. "The bars will just vanish when they come, or when they take me out" she looked at Charlie, her eyes filling with tears.

"Please, kill him. Make him pay" Charlie nodded, embracing Tara through the cold steel bars. She pulled away, and began to set off to find Percival and her sister. She stopped suddenly, a deafening squeal echoing down the corridor. From around the corner stomped the pig man, his trotters making a noise much louder than Charlie would have imagined. The swine charged towards her, Charlie dodging out of the way "GO!" yelled Tara. She began banging on the bars of the cell and screaming "HEY! Bacon dick!

You finished with that fat bitch down the hall? Why not try a real woman, you disgusting piece of shit! The beast charged toward the cell, passing through the xxx hospital miyakaleefa xxx storys as if they weren't there, pinning her to the floor.

He ran his long slimy tongue across her face, leaving a trail of drool across her cheek. Tara trembled as her maid uniform was torn asunder by the teeth of the pig "CHARLIE, DON'T JUST STAND THERE, RUN!" she yelled. Charlie, who had been stood staring, snapped out of her trance and shouted back, I'll make him pay, don't you fucking worry!" and sprinted off round the corner.

She grimaced as she heard a loud squeal, followed by the pained cries of the young woman. Charlie clenched her fist, gripped the wrench as hard as she could and jogged of down the corridor in search of her sister. Glancing around, she noticed that every corridor looked the same. She figured the best way to find her would be to head back to the entrance, through the door to The Hollow. Just then, a voice crashed through the hallways, bouncing of the cold grey rock faces that made up the corridors.

"GENTLEMEN. PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE HOLLOW FOR THIS EVENINGS ENTERTAINMENT. REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED AT YOUR SEAT" Charlie jumped in shock, composed herself and began to run back towards the main entrance. She ran past Tara's cell, pausing briefly.

The pig man was rutting ferociously into her, a trotter shoved into her mouth to silence the screams of pain and ecstasy. Every inch of Charlie's being wanted to break in there fine ass slut slit nailed from behind outdoor smash the swine's head in, but she knew this would be impossible.

She grimaced and carried on running. She ran back up the spiral to the door she had first entered. She slowly creaked it open, sneaking in amongst the coats and jackets. Steady streams of wealthy looking men were entering through the other door, taking their seats around the arena. After the last person had entered, she snuck in behind them, keeping to the shadows. Taking cover behind a couple of empty seats, she peeked around and down into the arena.

Stood in the middle, illuminated by spotlights from all sides was Percival. He was wearing a black suit with tails, a red waistcoat and a top hat, looking exceedingly like a circus ringleader.

He stood in front of microphone stand, a vintage 1950's style mike sat atop it, a large grin on his face. "Gentlemen!" He announced triumphantly "Welcome, to the Hollow!" the crowd cheered and applauded. "Tonight's entertainment is something very special.

She's 18. Tall, slender, athletic." Charlie froze. She knew who he was describing. She grabbed the wrench firmly, and checked to see if the needle was still in her hair. " It's her first time here, and maybe even her first time ever." Charlie gripped the wrench even tighter, her knuckles turning white. "Please give it up for the delightful Caitlyn!" The crowd stood up, applauding and cheering, as a platform rose from the rocky floor. Upon the platform stood a clear plastic box, with a large clear plastic pole standing vertically through the centre.

Bound to the pole was Cait. She had been dressed in a gymnast's leotard, white in colour, clearly at least 3 sizes too small for her. She wasn't very curvy, but the clinginess of the sheer white fabric enhanced every contour of her toned frame.

Her nipples stood prominent as a slight breeze whipped around the cavern. Suddenly the screens suspended from the ceiling flickered into life, showing close ups of the stricken brunette.

Her arms were handcuffed at the wrists and elbows, the pole running between them, and her back. Her ankles were similarly cuffed, with a bind from a thin black twine around her knees.

A black leather belt wrapped around her head, with a large patch of leather covering her mouth. A velvety black cloth was over her eyes, knotted behind the pole, pinning her head against the clear plastic. The platform and pole she stood on began to slowly rotate as the walls of the box fell away, showing her off to the crowd like a game show prize. She wriggled weakly against the cuffs, before slumping into the binds. Charlie left her hiding place, peering down into the arena. Percival was circling the pole, whipping the crowd into frenzy.

The whole thing was conducted like an elaborate circus performance. "Now gentlemen, we need to decide what to do with the lovely Caitlyn. And how do we choose?" Percival said triumphantly, prompting a response from the crowd "SPIN. THE. WHEEL!" The crowd yelled back to him, before cheering and applauding. "What the actual fuck is going on here?" Charlie thought to herself. "Some kind of twisted Price Is Right bullshit?" She looked around the area, looking for a way down. With Percival in the centre of the arena, it'd be difficult to get to him.

"I'll find a way" Charlie thought to herself "If he fucking hurts her I'll have his balls on a fucking spike" Charlie noticed at the far side of the arena was a small parting, a tunnel entrance to the arena floor from below. Charlie began to creep around behind the seating, being as quiet as possible so as not to disturb the men watching the performance.

She glanced at one of the men, sat there whooping and hollering like he was a drunk at the football. Knelt in front of him was a young woman, not much older than Cait.

She was bound in rope, looping across her chest, between her legs, her arms uncomfortably crossed behind her back. Charlie had seen this kind of bondage in hentai cartoons, but never on a real human. It looked painful, the girl looked distressed. Her ankles were bound in the same rope, and a loop from these ankle binding was tied to the balcony. In her mouth was a large round gag, shaped like a ring, big enough for a guy to get his cock through. Drool was running down her chin, onto the floor.

Her tongue was flicking about in her mouth, the tears rolling down her cheeks. The guy sat down, grabbed the young girl's head and forced it down onto his cock.

Charlie resisted the temptation to smash the guy's head in, despite every fibre of her being willing her to. She didn't want to cause a commotion before she needed to. She looked down the row of men, and saw each with a young girl, different builds, races, and ages. Charlie had to stop herself vomiting and going on a rampage. Her hand trembled with rage. "Focus, Charlie" she whispered to herself, creeping along behind the rows of velour covered seats.

She stopped about half way around and stared at the screens above. A large wheel was spinning. Brightly coloured, adorned with lights, looking like a carnival sideshow. The wheel slowed, stopping on what appeared to be a purple monster. A large humanoid figure, with long, thick tentacles for hair, which fell the length of its body.

Without looking closely, it could easily have been mistaken for a Pokémon. The crowd rose, cheering and applauding loudly. Charlie used this opportunity to scurry further around the arena. She reached the drop down to the tunnel in time to see the monster emerge.

It was huge, at least 8 feet tall. Spouting from the crown of it's head were a series of large, tentacle-like growths, cascading down its back and over its shoulder. It's face was almost featureless, small dots for eyes and small black slit for a mouth. The whole thing looked like it had been crafted from children's modelling clay. Despite its childish design, the monster carried menace, it's purple, dreadlock-esque hair pulse and sway as he walked, the tiny eyes staring blankly into the distance.

It walked into the arena with a swagger, like a cocky boxer before a big fight. Charlie watched as it walked up to her sister, stopping in front of her, looking her up and down, then stopped still, seemingly awaiting orders.

"Gentlemen" Percival announced, running his hand up Cait's leg, before unlocking the bindings "Let the games begin!" He whipped the blindfold from over her eyes, leaving Cait stood on the platform.

The monster stayed still. Cait looked around, panicking. She put her hands to her mouth and felt the leather pad across her lips. Running her hands around the back of her head, she unfastened the strap, and pulled the leather from her mouth. Attached to the leather pad was a purple dildo, drenched in saliva that hung between the tip of the toy and her lips. She coughed, spitting out excess phlegm, catching her breath as best she could.

She glanced up at the monster, screaming loudly. The monster opened its mouth wide, all of its tentacle-dreadlocks gathering on the top it's head, gathering in a Mohawk, the ends of each pointed straight toward her.

The monster screamed back at her, it's tentacles tensing up before launching a bright purple liquid at Cait's chest. The liquid ran down her torso, slipping down her legs. Cait looked down as the tight leotard she had been dressed in began to dissolve, exposing her small, pert breasts. She tried to cover herself, and found other areas being uncovered.

The thin white material became a few tattered rags, clinging desperately to her skin. She was practically naked, esposa putísima le hacen doble penetración tube porn in a giant arena, surrounded by bright lights and horny, chanting men, stood face to face with a giant monster.

He looked up at the monster and burst into tears, clasping her hands to her face, sobbing loudly. She let out a loud wail "CHARRLLLIEEE! HELP ME!" and dropped to her knees. A hush fell over the arena. The monster stood silent, its tentacles splayed wide behind its back like wings. Charlie couldn't wait any longer. She dropped to the floor in the tunnel, sprinting out into the centre of the arena. "You get the fuck off my sister you creepy fucking prick!" Charlie screamed, sprinting across the rocky floor.

She pushed past the purple monster, and embraced Cait in her arms "It's okay Cait, I'm here" she whispered, doing her best to reassure her little sister. "I want you to listen to me, and do exactly as I say. Run. Down that tunnel.

Find the cages. Go past them, follow the path upwards. You'll come to the cloak room. There's a door there to get out of here. There should be jet skis. Take one, and bring every single law enforcement person you can find here.

Don't stop. Don't hesitate. Just run. I'll protect you." "But Charlie, I- Cait started. "JUST. RUN." Charlie stared at her little sister with a steely look that showed she was being deadly serious. "Okay. Thank you Charlie. I love you" Cait sniffed.

"I love you too sis. Now go." Charlie grabbed the wrench in her right hand, helping her sister to her feet. Cait ran, dodging past the tentacle monster, up the tunnel. The monster did not react, continuing its blank stare, it's tentacles still spread like wings, ready to attack.

Charlie glanced around to see Percival walking slowly towards her, illuminated by a single spotlight, slowly clapping his hands. "Hello Charlotte" he sneered "I'm so pleased you showed up" he stood next to the purple monster, resting his hand on its side "These people pay good money for high quality entertainment.

Your little sister crying isn't what these people want to see. They want action, heart, fight." He circled around the monster, edging closer to Charlie "And besides, Caitlyn was the worst sex I've ever had" he sneered, his face dangerously close to hers.

She grasped the wrench hard in her hand, swinging it with everything she had, crashing into Percival's temple with a sickening crunch. "FUCK YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" she yelled, repeatedly smashing the wrench into Percival's head, kicking him to the ground.

She rained further blows down into the front of his skull, crushing his head into a bloody pulp. She stood up, her arms exhausted, looking up to the sky and breathing heavily.

"My, that was an impressive display of strength." Percival's voice stirred, distorted and weak. Charlie watched in horror as the body of Mr. Gregory rose from the floor, his head and face reforming from the ruined shards of flesh and bone. ".But it's not going to be that easy to get rid of me. The curse doesn't come from the brain, it's from the heart" He snapped his neck left then right, grinning maniacally exquisite love tunnel spooning pornstar and hardcore Charlie.

She stood there, panting heavily, her hands on her knees. She looked down at her clothing, seeing large holes that had appeared in her jeans, her hoodie, through her t-shirt. Her right nipple was visible through a hole in her bra, the cold air hitting a bare patch on her left buttock. "That purple shit that was on Cait." Charlie cursed to herself, holding the wrench over the hole at her breast, her chest rising and falling as she caught her breath.

"Enough chit-chat" Percival grinned, gesturing to the purple monster. "El Morado; put on a show." he turned and walked into the darkness, the spotlights falling on Charlie and the monster. Charlie brandished the wrench like a ninja grasping his sword. "Bring it on you purple twat" she shouted, almost beckoning the beast towards her. Without flinching, the tentacles tensed, spitting out the same purple slime that had drenched her sister. Charlie blonde woman gets banged by pawn keeper ready for it, dodging to one side, charging towards the beast.

What she didn't count on was the number of tentacles the monster had, one whipped around her ankle, tripping her to the floor, before wriggling up the inside of her jeans, ripping them clean from her body.

She smacked at the tentacle with the wrench to no effect. Another wrapped around the wrench, pulling it free from her grasp, before plunging down beneath her top, ripping it clean from her body, leaving her in just her underwear. The tentacle wrapped round her ankle lifted her from the floor, her body swinging limply underneath. Charlie reached upwards, grabbing at her ankle binding. Her arms were grabbed, hooked together above her head, but dangling down below.

She kicked wildly with her free leg, the crowd cheering loudly. She caught a glimpse of a close up of her face, the desperation suddenly turning to a stoic, expressionless glare when she did. She knew what was coming. The monster was going to ravage every hole, she would thrash and kick wildly, the crowd would go mad and Percival would throw her in one of his stupid cells.

So she made a snap decision. She relaxed. Gave up. She could feel her panties being ripped from her, then tentacles rubbing furiously against her nipples, one pressing against her ass. She didn't react. Let it it happen. One pressed against her lips, she obediently opened, letting it slide into her mouth to the back of her throat. She gagged involuntarily, but relaxed, letting it do what it had to do. She opened her eyes, watching her body, limply hanging in the air, being furiously raped by the monster.

The crowd sat silent. Bored. She heard a faint voice "Do something!" it echoed through the stony cavern. She could hear the sound of seats returning to the upright position as people left their positions above the arena. "No wait, come back!" Percival shouted desperately. He glared at Charlie, who responded with a cheeky wink.

"Let me show you something amazing!" He gestured dramatically. "El Morado! Be gone!" The purple monster dropped Charlie to the floor with a unceremonious thud, then traipsed out of the arena. Percival walked over to Charlie, who was lying on her back on the floor, catching her breath. He put the heel of his boot on her throat, pulling the microphone too near her face and growled to her "Charlotte, you will face the full wrath of Los Colores. You will spend your days as my queen.

I will bring Caitlyn, and every person you have ever known and loved to me, and destroy them one by one in front of you.

But first, I will destroy you. These people here will take it in turns to ruin your ass, ravage your pussy, flood your throat with hot sticky cum until you're begging for death to break the cycle. You are MINE!" Charlie grabbed at the foot on her throat, using all the energy she had to try lift it, only to have it pressed down harder. Percival looked up to the crowd, pulled the microphone to his lips and triumphantly announced, "GENTLEMEN!

For one night only, we're going to have a good old-fashioned gang bang! I will give you powers, prowess and stamina you could only dream of. Come on down and have your fill of the feistiest maiden ever to grace the Hollow!" His showmanship, charm and panache summoned the men like mindless drones. Charlie looked around to see a ring of men surrounding her, all naked, stroking their cocks, licking their lips. "Soldier through Charlie" she thought to herself, "Get 'em off, and look for an opportunity" Her demeanour changed quickly when she looked back up at the men.

Percival had gathered them in circle around her. He raised his hands in the air, yelled something in Spanish, and watched as the men bulged and pulsed, growing several feet in height and several inches in length.

The all remained humanoid, their grins more manic, their eyes lacking emotion and humanity. "Firstly!" Percival announced, lifting his foot from Charlie's throat "We need to show this bitch who in charge around here. He pointed his finger directly at Charlie, twirling it round as if he were conducting invisible rope.

Charlie felt her limbs tense, buckle and disobey her, finding her legs folded like a frog's, her arms twisted up behind her back, her head seemingly frozen in position. She watched a her clothing began to tear, the rips forming squares across her body. Percival raised his arm, and the perfect squares of fabric flew into the air like confetti, before burning up like tiny fireworks.

A black tape-like substance wound around her, holding her naked body in its contorted position on the cold widowmaker the best masturbating big dick d hentai of the cavern. She felt the chill of a breeze against her open legs. Her head was now free, allowing her to look up at the giants surrounding her, closing in on her.

"This is gonna suck" Charlie thought to herself. She knew she'd get an opportunity, she just had to bide her time. Percival gestured again, wildly flailing his hands around, like an orchestra conductor after a few cans of Red Bull. "Let's add some decoration" he announced "The sensation you will feel is nothing short of incredible. The sensation she will feel will be pain and pleasure in amount immeasurable" Charlie watched as the men all started masturbating in unison, their rhythm identical, the sound bizarrely hypnotic.

The speed increased, the fapping sound reverberating off the rock face. All Charlie could do was wait. It carried on for an age, getting slowly and steadily quicker and quicker. "JUST CUM ALREADY!" Charlie yelled, the noise irritating her to the point of snapping. The men all began to chant in response, Percival leading them "V-E-R-D-E. V-E-R-D-E. V-E-R-D-E;" each letter chanted in time with a stroke of their cocks.

Charlie grimaced, the sound becoming even more irritating. Another 15 minutes passed, the masturbation now at a frantic pace, the chanting almost indecipherable. Charlie fought desperately against the binds, doing anything she could to free herself. "LET ME GO YOU FREAKY FUCK!" she growled, trying to rock herself in such a way that she could edge away.

Suddenly, the chanting stopped. She watched in horror as light began to pour out of the eyeballs of the men, their jaw opening inhumanly wide. They all emitted a high pitched growl, a noise that sounded metallic and digital, like an old dial-up internet connection.

Charlie looked around, desperately looking for an escape. It was no good. The circle of cocks surrounding her suddenly erupted, translucent white cum covering every inch of Charlie's body. The liquid shimmered, as if containing glitter. Charlie spat a load that had gone in her mouth down her chin, then stopped still. The cum felt sharp, like ice cold razors digging into her skin. Charlie screamed out in agony. Her entire body feeling like it was being finely sliced into tiny pieces .Charlie began to feel warmth between her legs and a teasing at her nipples.

The sensation was intense, a feeling of ecstasy the likes of which Charlie had never felt before. This fierce pleasure persisted alongside the icy agony across the rest of her body. Her brain was a mess of signals, half of them wanting to shut down, stop the pain, the other half refusing to let go, wanting the ecstasy to last forever. She let out a noise, a squeal of joyous agony.

"F-FU-FFffFFuuuuUUU-" Charlie wanted to simultaneously tell them all to fuck off and to fuck her. "Now, three at a time." started Percival, ordering the men to line up next her "You will all have the greatest sex of your life. She will ride you like you've never been ridden, blow you like you've never been blown, and make you feel more 'man' than you ever have before" "Like fuck I will!" Charlie wanted to yell, but christy and zoey enjoy squirting on sofa that left her lips was "Fu-fuuuck-" "Gentlemen, if russian teen first anal the worst part is now that ive cracked the law of chastity i will." Percival gestured to the first three guys.

Charlie felt her arms loosen, her legs still bound. She was picked up off the ground, before being lowered down roughly onto the shaft of one of the giant men.

The cock stretched her pussy painfully, the cock being wider than anything she'd ever taken up there before. The whole length pushed inside her, eventually stopping deeper inside her than she had previously thought possible. She put her hands down on the floor to support herself, and immediately had a cock pushed into her mouth. Every fibre of her hated what was happening, but the pleasure she was feeling began to control her emotions. She began to willingly suck on the cock, running her tongue along its length the black bimbo with big jugs enjoys having her ass smashed she could.

Despite her bound legs, she used her arms to ride the guy beneath her as best she can. She kept stopping, her brain taking over, resisting this assault, before she'd be hit by another wave of stabbing pain and glorious ecstasy. She felt another penis pushing against her asshole. She resisted at first before relaxing, allowing the cock into her, screaming around the cock in her mouth as pain from the friction raced through her.

She found herself being lifted up as the guys swapped. She gagged as the taste of her own backside hit her tongue, almost vomiting but managing to hold back over fear of choking. She looked around the arena, the other men stood stoic, the genitalia all rock hard, stood like fertility statues in an exotic goods store. Half an hour passed before the men shot their loads.

The same glittering white substance, filling her every hole. The same agonising pain, and the same overwhelming euphoria crashed over her, leaving her spasming on the floor. She came to her sense, panting and twitching. "Please, n-aaargh, fu---"Was all she could muster before being forced onto three other cocks. She was repeatedly assaulted for hours on end, her ass destroyed, left gaping to the breeze of the arena.

Her pussy red raw, aching to touch. Her mouth and jaw ached, and she could still taste a horrible mixture of cum, but her own and the glittery stuff, and the cocks that had been inside her ass. She lie on the floor, face down. The cum covering her body had dried to a shiny glaze, cracking in places her body had flexed. The semen ran from her pussy, dripping from her ass onto the cold floor, her face covered with the jizz and her own saliva.

She looked around at the arena. There were just 3 guys left. Percival was stood grinning, his face now back to normal. "Had enough?" He sneered. An idea formed in Charlie's head. She used what little energy she had left to crawl over to him. "No. Not until I've had you." She panted, wincing as pain and pleasure coursed through her body once again. She slowly undid the zip on his pants, reaching inside, pulling his cock through the hole. It was of average size, and compared to what she had been through was easy to deal with.

She ran her tongue up the length of it, before bobbing her head over its tip. She took the length fully in her mouth, drawing her tongue along its length as she slid down then back up, sealing her lips around it. She slid it out of her mouth and spoke softly "P-please.let—ah, l-let me be y-your qu- your queen." She stared up at him, her eyes wide.

"Sit d-down.let me sit on y-y-our throne, be your one a-a-and only." Percival grinned, before letting out a supremely evil laugh. "Gentlemen!" He announced, staring around at the giants who were now stood around the perimeter of the arena "WELCOME MY QUEEN!" The men began to chant again, each rubbing their cocks in time with the chanting. The three who were left stood still, no sound or movement.

Charlie felt herself lift up from the ground, and watched as a grand plinth, made of high gloss marble arose from the floor. Percival clambered on top, the awkwardness of his actions taking away from the grandeur and spectacle of it. He lay on his back, his cock hard and erect.

Charlie stared at the screens, each showing close ups of Percival's erect cock in alarmingly high definition.

Homegrownbigtits curvy babe with huge tits covered in cum had a quick wriggle, checking the binds on her legs. Still no freedom. Her legs ached from being bent in such a way.

Charlie found this unusual, as she'd been bound like that for hours but not felt any pain or ache. It had been masked by the cum-induced agony/ecstasy. It was then she'd noticed the sensation had gone. She smiled to herself. She felt herself being lowered, her spread legs sitting astride the old man's erect shaft.

She winced slightly as she was penetrated, before remembering her act. She threw her head back, he chest out, grinding her hips into him. "F-ah-Take me my king" she moaned, biting her lip. She could feel a warmth spreading through her low body. The same pleasured feeling she'd felt before "Fuck, gotta act quick" she thought. She placed one hand on her breast, the other on the back of her head, trying to grasp the end of the long needle.

Finding the end, she grasped it in her fist. She kept her hand there, trying to not to arouse suspicion. "3.2.1."she counted down in her head. But she couldn't. She felt her body letting her down, enjoying it, and stopping her from getting her out of this hell hole once and for all.

She let out a moan, a sigh, grunting and groaning with pleasure. "Ah, F-Fuck, fuck me, n-" she grimaced, fighting the orgasm she could feel building within. She placed her other hand behind her head, grasping hold of the needle as hard as she could. She let out a loud powerful scream as she could resist the orgasm no longer, her body shaking and spasming.

She garnered her strength, and slammed her fists down onto Percival's chest. The needle pierced the skin, sinking into his heart with ease, the sharpness of the needle no match for his flesh. Percival let out a loud roar, leaping to his feet, throwing Charlie to the ground.

As she fell, she caught her head on the edge of the marble plinth. She put her hand to her head, feeling the blood on her fingers. Her vision began to blur as she teetered on the edge of unconsciousness.

Her vision cleared enough to see Percival stood over her, the large orange wrench in his right hand, his left clutching against his chest, bright red blood pulsing from between his fingers. "YOU FUCKING BITCH!" he roared. "Do you know what you've done? My research, my work, my life.RUINED by a little bitch who couldn't just comply" Charlie watched as the plinth dissolved into smoke, the screens evaporated, the giant men returned to normal size.

The binds on her legs vanished, causing the circulation to return to normality. She scurried back as best she could, her energy drained, her vision hazy. "I'LL DRAG YOU TO HELL WITH ME!" Percival roared. Charlie expected to feel pain as he swung the wrench towards her, but heard only 3 loud bangs. She looked up, to see Percival's bloodied corpse lying in a heap next to her, and stood over him was Cait, pistol in hand. "CHARLIE!" she yelled, cradling her wounded sister in her arms, "Cait.I told you to run." Charlie replied weakly.

"Stay with me Charlie!" she replied panicked "I'd never leave you behind" she held Charlie close, her tears falling onto Charlie's cheeks.

Charlie smiled. "Is he gone? Did we." she whispered, before losing consciousness. -- Charlie awoke to a gentle ringing alarm, the sound of a vintage alarm clock. She looked to her left, seeing a small wooden side table, with a tablet device propped up against a lamp. She fumbled her hand towards it to dismiss the alarm. A face appeared on the screen "Good morning Charlotte. I Hope I didn't wake you. I just wanted to let you know I've arrived. I hope things have been to your liking& queen&hellip."