Huge tits teen masturbating on webcam first time stepcronys brothers obsession

Huge tits teen masturbating on webcam first time stepcronys brothers obsession
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APRIL'S FRIENDLY FAMILY, PART 6 (CONCLUSION) After having my adventure with my father, he made a regular practice of dropping in to play with my pussy and let me play with his cock. Before long he taught me how to suck it and make the creamy cum spurt into my mouth and onto my face.

I loved that gooey stuff, and liked to let it dry to a paste all over my face and on my little breasts.

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Mom kept playing with me during the day, letting me lick her pussy, play with her breasts, and have her suck my girlish gash whenever the mood struck her.

We went around the house in just panties most of the time, and sometimes we didn't even bother to put them on, just enjoying our nakedness together as loving mother and daughter.


After a few months, Mom and Dad must have made a decision to let me into their marital bed, because one night when they were drinking, they let me have some wine along with them. They had me sit on the couch between them and they said they wanted to introduce me to something new, which they thought I xxx storys h d full new xxx 2019 h d enjoy. Daddy began to caress my thighs, parting my legs as he ran his fingers up to tickle my panty-clad pussy.

Mom started kissing me and playing with my little breasts, which were starting to bud nicely. She pressed me into her breasts, which opened to me as she pulled apart the nightgown she was wearing. I sat there between my parents, my heart going pitty-pat and my body feeling the familiar tingles that I had learned to enjoy separately with my mother and my father.

Now they were both giving me pleasure at the same time! I let one hand wander over and reach up between Daddy's thighs to feel into his loose fitting shorts and find his hard penis, which throbbed to my girlish touch. With my other hand I felt up between Mom's thighs and found her hairy bush, uncovered by panties. It was wet to my touch, and I drew my fingers out and licked the sweet juice off, then offered my fingers to Daddy to taste. He licked his lips and pushed my hand back so I could get another bit of Mom's pussy juice on them.

This time my mother herself licked her own nectar from her daughter's little fingers, saying it was yummy.


By now we were all so hot that Mom suggested we go up to their bedroom and get comfortable. Daddy carried me up, letting his hands grope my ass cheeks as he did, both of us looking up the stairs at Mom's sweet bottom as she sashayed up the stairs ahead of us. Daddy laid me on the bed and proceeded to remove his clothing while Mom shucked off her nightgown and lifted my nightie off of me.

Then she slipped my panties down, sniffing at them and letting Daddy have a smell of them before throwing them on the floor. I lay down between my parents, my legs spread wide, while they both caressed my body from top to bottom, Mom's hands running up one thigh to my little pussy and Daddy's hands going up the other thigh until they met at the juncture and both of them stroked my little slit.

I could feel Daddy's cock pressing into my hip, so I reached down and began to stroke it gently. Mom reached across me and started sucking Daddy's cock, making slurping sounds as she did.

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Since her back end was near at hand, I reached up to finger her pussy and ass hole with my little fingers. Then she said she wanted to see me giving my father head, so I moved down between his legs and ran my tongue along his cock to his balls, and sucked them into my mouth as he had taught me to do.

I loved having Daddy's hard cock in my mouth, savoring the sweet flesh and running my tongue up and down, then sucking the head into my hot little mouth.

After watching this action for a few minutes, Mom got down and put her head between my legs as I knelt between my father's thighs, and she began licking my pussy and anus with her quick, wet tongue. This gave me the shivers, and I just sucked harder on my father's cock until he spewed his cum in my mouth and all over wild sex with nasty slut hardcore blowjob face.

Mom then came up and licked the cum off my face, directing me to go down on her as she sprawled on the bed, kissing my father and letting him play with her breasts. I loved the tangy taste of my mother's cunt as I licked and lapped voraciously, sucking the bud of her clit into my mouth like a little cock.

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Mom's body trembled and her thighs squeezed in on my head as she had a glorious cum on my face. I stayed there, bathing in her pussy juice and the sweet scent of her womanly cunt until Daddy pulled me away and got between her legs to fuck her.

His cock was hard again, and after letting me have a few slurps of it, he told me to guide it into Mom's cunt. I took his cock in my fingers and guided it so the head was resting against the opening of her vagina, and then he started gently pumping in and out as she moaned and gasped in pleasure. I was fascinated by the sight of my parents copulating, and got as close as I could to the action.

I actually stuck my face up between Daddy's legs and felt his balls hit me between the eyes before it occurred to me that I could lick them as they banged against Mom's ass cheeks. I reached in and licked at his balls, tasting the juice he had collected from Mom's pussy, and savoring it. When Daddy was about to cum, having given Mom a wonderful orgasm in the process, he pulled out slightly and let me work my face in deeper so I had I could actually lick at his penis while he was till fucking my mother.

Then lusty partying with wild women striptease hardcore cum began to gush out and I slurped it up as fast as I could, loving the hot creamy combination of Daddy's semen and Mom's pussy juice. When that was over we were all exhausted. Daddy wanted to fuck me, but Mom said that he would have to wait until I was older so he wouldn't break my hymen and take my virginity away too early in my young life.

He was disappointed, but admitted that getting to lick my pussy and ass, as well as putting his fingers into my tight holes, which Mom said would be permitted, was enough of a treat for him. We had many similar sessions as I grew into adolescence and adulthood, but I think that is all I want to tell about at this time. P.S.


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