Freckle teen cow girl amazing sexy mouth takes huge big dick

Freckle teen cow girl amazing sexy mouth takes huge big dick
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As boss walked in the night club he had no idea what to except. He sat right in front of the sage and waited for the show to start. As girl after girl came on and off shaking to their preferred song he noticed this was not what he was expecting. He closed his eyes and dreamed of the woman he wanted to see.

Tall, dark, and thick in all the right places. As he opened his eyes to leave there she stood preparing to dance moving slowly to the music. Standing tall in her heels and mini skirt nice see pig and girls xxx storys top nice size tits and she moved slowly to the song and started to lift her top first one nipple was shown hard as a rock then another.

As boss watched he sat thinking and wondering what the other parts looked liked. As the girl walked toward the crowd she noticed boss.

The look he gave warmed her pussy, she stepped right in front of him turning to bend in front of him to show her light blue thong under her mini skirt. He watched as again she moved her hips and ass to the music not missing a beat. He slowly got up and slapped her ass watching her reaction.


Feeling the slap thickness wanted more lifting her skirt up she felt his hand grab at her thong she jumps not expecting that. She looks down at him as he motion for her to come closer.

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She bends over and he whispers in her ear meet me in the back he says as he grabs and pull one of her nipples. Shocked and excited Ms. Thickness finishes her dance she looks in the crowd for boss noticing that he was gone and she knew she had to find him.


Once in the back she looked in the mirror in front of her anxious wanting to go find the man that made her so hot. As she stared in the mirror in deep thought she didn't hear any one walk in out of no where she hears the words "what did I tell you to do Slut!" She jumps up "what are you doing back here your not suppose to be in here." He smiles at her remark" Well how do you know that I can be any where I like and right now I want to be deep in you" he says as he pulls her into him mmmm thickness starts to moan feeling his hard dick against her.

He started to pull on her uncovered nipples. What are you doing she says, Giving you what you want pulling harder he sunny leone elephant bf storysx don't you want this you nasty bitch.


Please Please stop she cries hoping he doesn't knowing deep down in side she wants more. As she close her eyes he lift her up on top of the mirror counter and takes his other hand and puts it inside her thong she starts to moan louder ahhhhhh she feels something cold against her clit don't you want this Slut.

Yes she says he pushes two fingers in her well if you want it you better show some respect don't you want this, saying yes he pushes another finger in her call me Sir slut moaning louder from the feeling of the third finger she screams yes Sir yes Sir I want it. As he takes the cold device from her clit thickness cant help but think what it could be he forces it deep into her pussy, as he pulls on her nipples again he whispers this is what you really want turn on the small vibrator with the remote in his hands, aahhh thickness can't help but to moan as loud as she can from the pleasure this man was giving her oh please don't stop Sir please don't stop yes.

He turns the vibrator up and starts to tell her how she's such a nasty slut she keeps screaming oh yes Sir I'm a nasty slut I'm a nasty slut as she cum he says good girl. As she slowly calms down from the orgasm she just received he grabs her by the arm and says lets go. What wait where we going, he turns and looks at her were going to make you My SLUT hearing those to words made Ms. Thickness so hot she couldn't even move he gently walks her out the club to his car.

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Once in he pulls out he looks at her and ask do you know where a sluts mouth should when she is in the car with her master thickness slowly shakes her head no he grabs her by the back of her next What he says loud and firm No No Sir good girl he starts to unbuckle his belt and pants a slut my slut mouth should be on my dick when she's in the car with me grabbing her head again pulling it toward his awaiting dick with out telling her thickness begins to slide his long shaft into her mouth taking it inch by inch mmm she starts to moan enjoying the way his dick fit into her mouth she starts to suck taking more and more into her mouth until she starts to gag deep throating bosses dick he starts to groans enjoying his new juicy babe adores hot action smalltits and hardcore lips around his dick the way her mouth was heated made the feeling even better as she started to suck a little faster he says I cant wait to get my dick in your other fuck holes slut as he said that he started to pull her skirt up and slapped her ass.

She starts sucking faster from the pain wanting more he slapped her again and she started to gag more on his dick not wanting him to stop she sucked and sucked gagging and deep throating his dick until he growls as he cums all in her mouth she clamps her lips tight around his dick not letting any of his cum slip from her mouth.

He smiles wow such a good slut now sit up let me feel how hot and wet my pussy is slut he says. She starts to swallow as she sits back and open her legs. Up slut he says loud and grabs her leg lifting it up and resting her foot on the dashboard thickness quickly placing the other on it to he smacks her wet pussy wow look at that slut I haven't even touched you and you're soaking. He starts to rub her pussy tell daddy what you want.

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Ahhhh I want you to fuck me Ariel gate for my titan. Pushing his fingers deep in her what else. Oh fuck daddy I want you to use me as your nasty slut to do what ever you please to me mmmmmm please please don't stop ahhhh. He starts to finger fuck her harder oh fuck yes yes yes oh daddy fuck me. He stops and tell her to get out she looks out and sees they are in a parking lot not wanting to disobey she get out he comes up behind her slightly pushing her to the front of the car then bending her over the hood and lifting her skirt up ripping her thong off as he slowly opens her legs wider he gets ready to take what has rightfully became his, his ass, hiss mouth, his pussy, his SLUT.

Without wanting he forces his dick deep into her pussy she starts to moan louder oh fuck me yes yes she repeats over loving every minute of this rough fucking this man known as Sir is giving her. You like this slut is groans out as he fuck her oh yes Sir. You nasty slut you like being in a place where you can get caught at any time getting your pussy fucked rough. Oh Yes Sir mmm this nasty slut likes it mmmm.

As he feel her pussy tighten knowing she's about to come he says who's your daddy bitch as she cums all on his dick she screams you're my daddy Master yyyyyyyyyeeess. Once she cums he pulls out and prepare for his korean actress lee da hae hole rubbing her juices over her ass hole he looks down at her and ask are you ready for me to claim my last hole, yes Sir before finishing the word Sir he pushes his dick deep in her tight ass she starts to scream from his dick shaft forcing itself down her tight ass hole he grabs for her hair pulling her back on his dick she moans louder and louder enjoying every minute of this painful but pleasureful fuck.

He fucks her pounding her ass until he prepares to cum grabbing her and forcing her to the ground Cumming all over her face and tits. She looks up and smiles as she starts to get up he puts a hand on her shoulder wait he says she stays on her knees and he starts to piss all over her now you are all mine you are my Bitch and who am I he ask.

She looks up and smile face covered in piss and cum and says you're my Master thank you Sir.

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This is my first story please tell me what you think and what could be different.