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Wild filipina gina jones licks sperm
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Off for vacation! Another long drive down I-95. Love the road trip, but it can get pretty boring at times. My husband does the driving, so I mostly just watch the scenery go by and flash the truckers. My husband, Teddy, gets a big kick out of watching me lift my top and flash my boobs. The truckers seem to like it too. I almost never wear a bra, so it's a quick flash. Sometimes I wear a little mini skirt and lift it up just enough for truckers to get a dady sex daughter sleeping xstory when we pass them.

A few years ago we added a CB radio to our car so we could listen to the truckers. You should hear the chatter on that radio after I flash a driver. He will let every other driver know what vehicle to look for. We get a big laugh out of it and it takes the boredom out of the ride. Well this year, I decided to have a little more fun in the front seat and I brought along a few of my favorite toys and lots of batteries! The truck drivers and Teddy are really going to get a thrill this time!

We loaded up the car and headed south on I-95. The traffic was pretty heavy with trucks, so I knew it would be a fun day. Being February in the northeast, I wasn't wearing my mini skirt yet, that would come when the weather got warmer. Therefore, the first day on the road was rather uneventful. I did flash a few drivers, but nothing anymore risqué today. We eventually stopped for the night in Virginia and the weather was getting warmer.

In the morning we awoke to sunny skies and temperatures in the 50's, looking ahead down the line, we could see the temperatures were going to get warmer the further south we went.

That was all I needed to know, the mini skirt was going on today. My plan was coming together. As I said, Teddy is a big fan of watching me tease mom and boy sexs porn truck drivers, but even he didn't know of my new plan. I had my bag of toys tucked into the seat beside me. I was wearing a loose fitting tank top, no bra, my mini skirt and no panties.

We hit the road and had a perfect morning. I "saluted" a few truck drivers, much to their delight. The chatter on the radio was picking up. They were all on the lookout for the red SUV with Vermont plates and the "hot blonde" riding shotgun! The day was getting warmer and we opened the windows. I kept my eye out for the trucks and suddenly I noticed a number of trucks ahead of us.

There must have been 4 or 5 traveling in a group. Teddy looked at me and asked if I was ready? Oh I was ready, but he had no idea what I was ready for .with my legs up on the dash I reached into my bag and pulled out my old mother pleases her sons gf with a dildo toy. I was so horny with the anticipation I was already dripping wet.

Teddy's eyes got large and he looked surprised, yet very happy to see my plan. His smile was all the approval I needed. I foxy lassies pleasure dicks in the club brunette and big tits my legs, just as we were approaching the first truck.

He must have been watching his mirror, because all of a sudden he was on the radio. "Here comes the red SUV!" "Get ready boys, the show is about to begin!" I laughed a little and slid my 6" vibrator into my hot, wet pussy. I raised my tank top and began playing with my nipples, all the while keeping a steady motion on the vibrator.

Teddy slowed the car down a little so the driver could get a good view. I looked up into the cab of the first truck and started bucking my hips a bit while fucking myself with my vibrator. My fingers were twisting and pulling on my nipples and I licked my lips while looking at the driver. I was a little worried he might cause an accident, because he sure wasn't watching the road!

He caught more than an eyeful and was hollering out the window that he wanted to "lick my slit!" I chuckled a bit, but was really turned on by being watched. Before we got to the next truck, the radio was alive with the news! The first driver was telling them to hold on their rigs, cause it was going to be a full show!

I was laughing, but also becoming more horny by the minute. As we approached the next truck, the driver was leaning out the window, ready for the show. Teddy, slowed down and matched his speed, so he could get a good view.

I was still playing with my nipples and fucking my vibrator, but now it was a faster pace. Damn, was I wet! My pussy was dripping juice all over the seat and I could feel the first twinges of an oncoming orgasm. The driver was encouraging me, "keep going baby!", "fuck that pussy!" And lastly, "Cum for me honey!" While I was getting closer, I wasn't there yet! Teddy, picked up the pace and we approached the next truck. Then Teddy said, "look behind us". The last truck had pulled out behind us, and the next truck had pulled out in front of us and they were slowing down.

We were trapped in amongst these trucks and I was in non stop satisfying for wet wet cracks The driver next to us was eager for his chance to catch the show. I didn't disappoint him. My dripping pussy was on full display, as were my breasts. The tank top was off and my skirt was up around my waist. I was in full on fuck mode! Nothing could stop me now.

I turned the vibrator up to high and was fucking myself as fast as my hand would move. Teddy reached over and started rubbing my clit. I was approaching my orgasm and knew there was no turning back. I looked out the window and up at the driver in the truck next to us. He was smiling and I could tell by the motion of his arm, he was jerking himself off. This was such a turn on. Now it was my turn to yell "Cum for me baby!" After just a few minutes, I could see his load shoot up into view and his face told it all.

That did it for me, and my orgasm hit! I was shuddering and screaming, "Oh fuck yes!" I had juice running down my hands all I could do was keep going. The feeling of being watched by a stranger while I came, was exhilarating! I looked up at the driver and mouthed "Thank You!" He tipped his hat and smiled.

Then he got on the radio, telling his buddy in front of us to let us move up. We got to the next truck and this guy had to be pushing 75 years old and couldn't believe his eyes! He just watched as I was still running that vibrator up and down my pussy. I pulled it up to my mouth and put the whole thing into my mouth and sucked off my own juices.

Teddy was playing with my nipples which were hard as a rock. The cool air blowing in the window on my bare nipples and wet pussy felt very erotic and only enhanced my excitement.


While I was putting on a show for all the driver's I hadn't noticed how much we had slowed down, and now we were being forced off the road into a rest area along with all the trucks. Oh no, I thought, have I gone too far? I got a little worried until I saw who stepped out of the next truck. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was Levi! Levi is a friend of my husbands, who I met for the first time a few months back when my husband surprised me with a threesome.

Since then, Levi has been to the house many times and has become a VERY good friend. I knew we were in good hands now.

I had managed to cover myself up a little, but I was still a dripping mess when Levi came up to my side of the car. He leaned in and asked if we needed any help? Well if I thought I was horny before, seeing Levi only made it worse. I knew before we left this rest area, I would be more than satisfied! Levi helped me out of the car, Teddy and I both climbed into Levi's sleeper cab.

Luckily he has an extra large sleeper berth on his truck. Enough room for the three of us to have a little fun. It took only minutes before the three of us were gorgeous girl blows cock willing for anal copulation naked.

I first went to Teddy, and took his entire shaft into my mouth. I love the taste of my husband, with his musky, manly scent on his thick shaft. I have learned to take his entire length in, with the head just poking the back of my throat. Sucking his cock is one of my favorite things to do. Teddy certainly doesn't complain when I want fucking my ex girlfriend anal in bath tube suck him.

While I'm on my knees leaning over Teddy sucking his hot cock, Levi wastes no time and goes to work licking my still steaming pussy.

The feel of his cool tongue on my hot slit is pure ecstasy. He is very skilled with his tongue and knows how to please me. He knows I'm getting close to an orgasm and stops licking.

I protest with a grunt, only to be satiated with his thick cock ramming into my pussy. My grunt quickly turns into moans of pleasure. I'm moaning around Teddy's cock and rocking my hips back onto Levi's hot rod. I look up at Teddy only to see him smiling at me. He loves watching Levi fuck me, and I love being fucked my Levi, so it works for both of us.

But what I love most of all is being fucked by Levi AND Teddy at the same time. For now I go back to sucking Teddy's gorgeous cock and Levi continues to fuck my pussy. The sensation is incredible and I feel my orgasm building.

I start to really buck back onto Levi's rock hard cock, he has hold of my hips and is pounding my pussy. I can feel the heat between my legs and I start sucking Teddy's dick faster and faster. The momentum of the sucking and the fucking sends me over the edge and I feel the waves of a powerful orgasm rush over me.


Levi grabs my hips tighter and with a final slam into my pussy he shoots his hot cum deep inside me. I'm practically screaming around Teddy's cock when he shoots his load into my mouth, I almost choke when it hits the back of my throat with so much force, but I manage to swallow every last drop.

All three of us collapse on the bed and just lay there together for a few minutes. Laying there basking in the afterglow of amazing sex is one of my favorite things to do. All three of us laying there naked, running are hands over each other's body. Stopping to play in sensitive areas.

Both men are running their hands over my body, gently caressing my nipples, dipping fingers into my pussy, still dripping Levi's cum. It doesn't take long and both men are ready to rock and roll again. My pussy hasn't stopped throbbing from all the attention, but I'm ready for more.


Teddy leans in and kisses me, whispers "I love you!" I whisper the same back to him. Levi leans in and kisses me to, we both just look into each other's eyes. While I love my Teddy more than anything, I certainly feel a strong bond with Levi, but only because what we share, is shared with Teddy, never without him. With the sweet sentiments taken care of, Teddy takes control and pulls me on top of him, guiding me down onto his rock hard shaft.

Oh I love the feeling of his cock! He fits to me so perfectly. I'm slowly sliding up and down on his shaft, when Levi grabs my hips and slowly slides his fingers down to my pussy for some of my wetness. He then rubs his fingers on my asshole, lubricating the entrance for his thick cock.

He slowly eases his very thick shaft into my ass. Taking his time, so as not to hurt me. Once all the way in, he slowly starts sliding in and out, while Teddy slowly starts sliding up an down, in and out of my pussy.

After a few thrusts, the boys are in unison. They both slide in and out at the same time, one in my ass the other in my pussy. There cocks touching thru the thin dark lad bangs white beauteous gal interracial and hardcore between my pussy and ass.

This feeling is like no other.

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Feeling these two cocks fucking me at the same time sends me to another place. It feels like an out of body experience, only I am truly feeling everything. The boys begin to quicken their pace, I'm delirious with ecstasy. My pussy is a river at this point. I can't buck my hips, because I'm just frozen with this pleasure.

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I can feel an epic orgasm building. These two cocks are now pummeling my ass and my pussy, the feeling is indescribable. It is without a doubt, the best feeling I have ever felt. I can feel their cocks growing harder, announcing their own imminent eruptions. I feel Teddy start to spew his cum deep in my pussy. I immediately start orgasming along with him. Levi quickly joins in, feeling his hot cum in my ass, only intensifies my own orgasm. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy crash over me, my entire body is alive with pleasure.

I'm screaming with each wave and I just keep coming and coming. Finally both boys finish filling me with their own cum and my orgasm slowly ebbs. Ferrera gomez and victoria sweet share a jacuzzi literally collapse onto Teddy, who immediately wraps his arms around me, this causes Levi's cock to pop out of my ass.

I feel juices flowing from my pussy and my ass and I am just drained. Levi lies down next to Teddy and I and he holds me as well. We stayed this way for quite awhile, just enjoying the afterglow, again. I realize I am one lucky lady. After we have recovered, Teddy and I begin to dress to get back on the road.

We are both beat and ready to find a hotel for the night. Levi, laying there on the bed, playing with my nipples, asked where we were headed? In unison, we both reply "Key West"! A large smile comes across Levi's face. He laughs and says, "That's where this load is heading" pointing to the trailer behind his truck. Yup, this is going to be an amazing vacation!