Shaved pussy webcam fingering by brunette camgirl teen

Shaved pussy webcam fingering by brunette camgirl teen
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Fbailey story number 268 Fat Girls Can Dance Tina came up on my porch and sat down in one of my chairs facing me. I had seen her around the neighborhood for a few years. She was pretty chunky but she was a good kid. She was polite and friendly to everyone. She was very kind to me after my wife had died last year too. She offered to mow my lawn and shovel my driveway. I refused her help erotic hand and fellatio gratifying blowjob amateur I knew that she was keeping an eye on me.

Tina had just turned sixteen years old. She was cute as hell but as I said earlier, she was pretty chunky, fat might be a better word. She was taller and much heavier than any of her friends. Finally Tina asked, "Will you teach me how to dance Mr. B.?" I replied, "Sure thing Tina. When would you like to start?" She smiled at me, fidgeted in her seat, and said, "How about now?" So I got up and led her into the house.

My wife and I had enjoyed ballroom dancing up until she got really sick a couple of years ago. We enjoyed playing our old records on a real phonograph. Tina considered it an antique and I guess she was right. You can't beat the big band sound from the forties and early fifties. I have them on cassette tapes, eight track tapes, and on CDs too but I still enjoy my records. Some of the old seventy-eights are almost a quarter of an inch thick and grooved only on one side.

My father had some of the old Edison cylindrical phonograph tubes but he got rid of them before we ever knew how valuable they really were. I asked, "Where shall we begin?" To which Tina said, "Let me get out of these first." I watched as Tina lifted up the gray sweatshirt that she was wearing and pulled it up over her head and then tossed it on a chair.

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I had to smile as she revealed a very tight fitting and several sizes too small pink leotard. Her big breasts were crushed in them and almost ready to burst out.

Next she dropped her sweatpants to her ankles while her butt was facing me. She held onto a chair as she struggled to get them off her feet. Meanwhile I feasted my eyes on her mostly exposed pussy. That leotard was right up into her pussy lips. Blonde rebecca teen shows dp and oral in group orgies fat ass cheeks were mostly exposed too.

It looked painful. I just waited until she was all set and turned back around to face me. Then I watched as she tried to straighten that leotard up to be more comfortable. She noticed me watching her and said, "This was my Halloween costume last year. I guess it's a little tight." I smiled and said, "I think it looks good on you." I put on a slow song and started to teach her a simple box step. She was so stiff and nervous that she started to sweat.

That light pink leotard started to become transparent. I knew that it was time to take a short break. I offered her something to drink and she chose plain old tap water with ice cubes in it. As we sat and drank the condensation that formed on the outside of the glass started to drip on her one breast and that nipple got hard and quite visible.

When she drank it all, she leaned back, spread her legs apart, and placed the empty glass right up against her crotch.

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It still contained some ice cubes and it was in an even warmer place for condensation to form. When I extended my hand, Tina handed me the glass exposing her wide-open crotch to me.


It was completely wet and it was completely transparent. I could practically count the pubic hairs on her chubby love mound. She looked down too but apparently could not see handjob cumshot compilation liza and glen hit the bases her belly.

However, she could see the raising lump in my shorts. Tina asked, "Am I showing too much? Mom is always telling me that my pussy is exposed. I just bffs real miami spring break friends make a sex tape her to stop looking if she doesn't like it." I couldn't help but ask, "So you know that I can see almost everything then?" Tina blushed and smiled as she answered, "Yes.

That's why I wore this silly thing. I'm fat, not stupid. I do want to learn to dance though but I also want some male companionship as Mom calls it whenever she brings some drunk home from the bar." I just smiled and let her continue to talk. Tina went on, "You see none of the boys that I know want anything to do with me.

Honestly, I've tried. Beautiful girl sex story in long hair and glasses don't even want to feel me up. They only want the skinny girls with no tits." I thought for a moment and waited to see if she was done before asking, "So how big are your tits?" Tina blushed and said, "I wear a 42-D bra now but it's getting kind of tight.

Mom says that if my tits don't stop growing that she will have to get 'Omar the Tent Maker' to start making my bras." I asked, "So what are the rest of your measurements?" She said, "Well I'm five feet seven inches tall and I weigh over two hundred pounds. According to my doctor I'm more than forty pounds heavier than I should be. He wants to put me on a diet. That's why I thought of learning to dance for exercise." I smiled and said, "So you really do want to learn to dance and you want to be desirable to me." She blushed again and looked down at the floor.

"Tina you have always been desirable to me." I got closer to her and stroked her hair. "Would you like to get out of that leotard and continue in the nude for me?" She looked right at my crotch and asked, "Are you going to be nude too?" I laughed and replied, "Yes, unless you want to be the only one nude.

In that case I'll stay dressed." She laughed and said, "No. It's just that no one ever wanted to get naked with me before." She hesitated as she thought about something and then she said, "We can have sex if you want too. I'm sixteen now. Oh, I shouldn't have said that should I?" She thought again and said, "It's okay though, I'm on the pill." Another thought and she said, "I'm a virgin too if you hadn't guessed that already." I just smiled and said, "How about we just start out slowly and get you out of that thing." She stood up and pulled it off her shoulder and then she peeled herself like a grape.

Her breasts sprang out, free from their restraint, and then she jiggled them around for me. When she had it off completely she rubbed her breasts and her pussy. Apparently she had wanted to get that tiny leotard off for quite some time. She looked at me and smiled. Finally, I realized that it was my turn to get naked with her. I slipped off my T-shirt, my shoes, and my shorts.

I did not have any underwear on, that's why my erection was so apparent to her. As we stood there naked looking at one another I decided that I should probably close the drapes so that no one could accidentally look in at us. Tina just stood there as I went from window to window pulling the shades down and pulling the drapes together.

Then I started the music and took Tina into my arms. I pressed my chest to her breasts, my belly to her belly, and then started to sway as I moved my feet. Surprisingly Tina got the whole idea and moved in unison with me. I looked into her eyes and smiled as I lowered my hand from the center of her back down to her big butt. She too lowered her hand to my butt. I could feel my cock raising up to rub against her pussy.

Tina noticed it too and rubbed her pussy into me as we danced. I hated to let go of her to put on another record. Now I knew why people had multiple CD changers. The best part of changing the record was that I got to look at her entire naked body as I walked back toward her.

After about an hour of naked dancing she had the moves down pat. Tina then said, "Do you want to have sex now? That's how Mom pays guys for favors." I smiled and asked, "You really want sex don't you?" She smiled and said, "Yes I do and more than you can ever imagine.

I masturbated before I slipped that leotard up into my pussy and it raked across my clit the whole time that I was wearing it. Then I could feel your cock touching me there and I knew that I was leaking from all of my orgasms." I looked at her astonished and asked, "You were having orgasms?" She smiled and answered, "Yes, several of them. I was afraid that you could tell." Boldly I reached down between us and ran my finger up her slit.


Wow! She was certainly sopping wet. I hit her clit and she swooned. She almost went down as her knees buckled from the intense feeling of pleasure that my finger gave her.

Touching it was not nearly enough. I pressed the tip of my finger against her clit and rubbed it furiously as she moaned out loud. I rubbed her until her knees did buckle and she slumped to her knees and then onto her back as I continued to masturbate her. As I looked at that young teenage girl lying there completely naked on her back I knew that I had to possess her. She had offered me her virginity and I wanted it.

I wanted it so badly that I could taste it but first I had to do more for her.


I kissed her tenderly on her lips, I massaged her breasts, and then I kissed them before sucking on her rather large nipples. Her areolas were about the size that my wife had even though her breasts were probably three times bigger.

I rubbed her big belly and then I kissed it as I rubbed her wet pussy. I got between her legs to taste her pussy before putting my dick in it. She cautioned me may pyae sone aung 44 minute porn storys it might not taste too good down there. It had been so long since I had tasted a woman that I didn't care if it tasted like shit. I opened up her legs wide, I opened up her pussy lips, and then I licked her clit to test the taste.

She had a rich full flavor. I assumed that she had not taken a bath since the night before and that she had peed a time or two that day. I also knew aaliyah love and her friend get slammed she had masturbated at least once before coming to see me and most likely more often than that. I ran my tongue into her pink hole and tasted her. That was much fresher and much better. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of time down there but I wanted to make sure that she knew I was willing to eat her out and often too.

I then got up on my knees and sort of walked in toward her with my hard cock leading the way right to her pussy entrance. I paused and then I slipped it in slowly. There was no need to go slow because she was so wet and my per-cum had coated my entire head. I felt no resistance what so ever. I thought about lying on her big tummy but I wasn't sure if I could keep my cock in her so I just lifted her legs up and started thrusting into her.

I did not get a whole lot of feeling so I knew that I could last long enough for Tina to enjoy her first time. She really was enjoying her first time too. I stroked into her and watched her face. It changed as she got more and more excited. Then she would cum and her eyes would open up. I had figured out her tell tale sign. After that I just watched her go from one orgasm to another.

After a good length of time I thrust into her deeply and started to cum myself. I had not pumped my seed into anyone in a good two years and it felt so good. She said that she could feel me squirt in her. She thanked me for making her first time so wonderful. I thanked her for giving me her virginity and giving me an outlet for my pent up sperm. After we got cleaned up I told Tina to come by every day for another lesson.

She said that she would. When Tina dressed she did not put on her leotard. She let me hang it up behind my bedroom door as a keepsake. Over the next two years before she graduated from high school Tina learned to dance every well. She was able to loose some weight too even though she was still chunky. We went out dancing often and enjoyed one another's company. Our sex life was great too and Tina never cheated on me. Upon graduation she moved in with me against her mother's wishes.

We discussed marriage but at sixty-five I was not sure that I wanted an eighteen-year-old wife. However, I did leave everything to her in my will. The End Fat Girls Can Dance 268