Sexy slut enjoys a big black cock

Sexy slut enjoys a big black cock
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English is not my first language but i have tried my best to correct all the mistakes and the dialogues are in Hindi since I prefer it that way!!

Meri behen Annu aur uski khubsurat chut This is a true story about me and my cousin sister.Hi.I am 5'10 tall,fair,handsome and have a good physique due to daily workouts.My uncle had suddenly fallen ill and since my dad was very close to him and he couldn't visit him due to work,he send me.I haven't been to their house in years so i didn't knew what to expect.As i entered their house,I saw a girl about 17yrs old go out.I didn't recognise her or anything but smiled at me so i smiled back at her thinking she might be an acquaintance.I went in and met everyone.

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Uncle was happy to see me after years and we talked a lot before the same girl made an entry to the room.Eventually,I came to know that that girl was my uncle's daughter 'Annu'.I had last seen her more than 5yrs ago and had vague images of her being just a kid.It appeared puberty had been very kind to her.She had long beautiful hairs,cute face with pink lips asking to be kissed.Although,her boobs and ass were still growing but she already had ample amount of both.Since she was the only person in their house even close to my age (rest of the kids were 9 or 19yrs old)we bonded really well.My dad had asked me to stay over there for a couple of weeks and take care of uncle.Initially,I thought i would get very bored but thanks to Annu and our budding friendship I started enjoying my stay.She would ocassionally compliment me on my looks,physique or my sense of humour.I never took those compliments seriously,I shrugged them off as usual teenage attraction.One day,she asked me if i had a girlfriend.I told her that i have had quite a few but right now i am single.Nervously,she asked me if i had ever kissed a girl.To which i laughed and said "Of course,i have and you?"She said she hadn't kissed anyone as of yet which really startled me.I kinda thought all girls of her age must have kissed guys by now.Especially her,since she was beautiful.She replied that most girls at her school are just jerks who would tell everyone if she kisses anyone and she didn't want that to happen.

In the night me,my aunt and Annu used to sleep in the same bedroom.With my aunt and Annu sharing one valerie luxe works off her fine assblk while I slept on a different one.Annu and i were prepairing the bed while my aunt was still in the kitchen when she said in a low voice"You know,sometimes I have this strong urge to kiss you".I was shocked beyond belief to hear that and said "what?"to which she said "nothing nothing"Soon aunty came into our room and we all fell asleep.I woke up to pee around 3am and saw that aunty was not in the room while Annu was awake.Apparently,aunty was feeling cold because of the A.C.

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so she went to sleep on the couch in the hall.When i returned after taking a piss ,Annu held my hand and said"I know you heard what I said back then,I am sorry I made you feel weird but I was only saying the truth".I sat beside her bed fickled her hairs and said"Hey it's okay,you are very young so its just natural for you to feel that way".I thought i saw a drop of tear running down her eyes before I could be sure I heard her sobbing.I tried to console her with some good words but she didn't stop.I didn't knew what to do.I don't know what came into my mind,I removed her hands from her face and kissed her on the cheek.I said "Any guy would be lucky to have you" and kissed gorgeous gals take up with the tongue and finger masturbation smalltits on the other cheek.She spoke "any guy?even you?"I carefully spoke my next words"yes of course,if we weren't cousins I would surely fall for you" Her face fell on hearing that,it appeared she was about to cry again so i kissed her on the lips.I kissed her to make her happy with absolutely no sexual intent on my mind but once our lips met my hormones took over my conscience.

She was still lying on her side so i asked her to sit on the bed.Annu complied and I rushed to sneak a double trouble for a bbw amateur slut masturbation toys into the hall to see if my aunt was still sleeping.She was sound asleep so i sat next to her bed took her face in my hands and kissed her again.Clearly,she had never kissed before because she was just staying still like a dummy.I said to her"Munh kholo Annu!"She obeyed instantly ,blushing a little because of her ignorance.I licked her lips with my tongue before pushing it inside her mouth.I flicked my tongue over her teeth and against her tongue as well.Annu was trying to replicate me,she was a fast learner.I pulled out my tongue and said"Apni tongue bahar nikal"She did as i said and i hungrily took her tongue inside my mouth.I sucked onto it gently at first but then increased my intensity making a passionate french kiss.I was sucking her mouth her dry and i could hear soft moans escape from her mouth.I slid my hand towards her chest and gave a firm squeeze to her right boob over her top."Mmm."Annu cooed and twitched her body.I put my hand inside her top and rubbed the back of my hand against her tummy.Her skin felt baby soft and i could feel her getting goosebumps.I moved my hands towars her chest and I wasn't surprised to find that she wasn't wearing any bra.Most girls prefer to remove their bras before going to bed.I groped her bare tits mercilessly.I took her nipple between my fingers and pinched them hard.Annu curved herback and protruded her chest towards me involuntarily.I left her tongue and pulled away from her.I held the hem of her top and pulled it upwards.


"Hanth upar karo baby"I ordered."Bhai,mummy aa jayegi " Annu objected."Maine darwaza andar se band kar diya hai,koi nhi aayega.Tu bas shant rehna"I said.She looked convinced and raised her hands.I pulled the damn top out and threw it onto the floor.Although,the lights were switched off there was ample light coming through the window.I admired her beautiful,young,untouched breasts.Her light pink nipple over her breasts appeared like a cherry on top of vanilaa ice-cream.I leaned towards her and kissed all over her neck before moving downwards to her chest.I sticked out my tongue and licked her right nipple."IiiSsshhh."Annu squimed at the contact of my warm and wet tongue.I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking in enthusiastically.Her nipples tasted salty and i could feel her nipple growing firm inside my mouth.I sucked them to my heart's content and by the the time i was done,her nipples were sopping wet.I left her nipple and pushed Annu on the bed.She lied flat on her back,topless.I pulled her trouser down and she lifted her ass to help me.Now,the only piece of clothing left on brunette latina desperate for cash gets fucked in the pawnshop body was her purple panties.There was an evident wet spot on the crotch of her panties.It appeared all the foreplay had Annu's juices flowing.I held the waistband of her panties and pulled it out of the way.I threw it on the floor.Annu was naked in front of a guy for the first time and she was evidently very shy.She held her legs tightly closed and I could only see her pubic hairs.

Unable to wait any longer to see my prize,I parted her legs.There it was:a beautiful,virgin pussy was looking back at me.I wanted to have a closer look at the beautiful thing.I went close to her pussy and parted her pussy lips to see her insides.It was completely pink and i could see her hymen intact.Annu moved uneasily,she was getting used to the touch of someone else's hand on her pussy."Hil mat chutki,dekhne de.Haii kya pyari aur khubsurat chut hai teri"I said to her and i wasn't lying.She was wet and i could see her pussy glistening with her juices.I placed my mouth over her pussy and was about to make a move when Annu shifted in anticipation.I sticked my tongue out and licked along her slit.My god.I don't think I have ever tasted something more delicious than this."Mmmm."Annu cooed."Oh Annu,kitna sweet hai tera ras"I informed her.I pushed my tongue inside her hole to the farthest point.I snaked it inside her and licked every single drop of her juices.Annu was now moaning and wreathing in sweey agony.After licking her insides clean,I latched onto her clit which was looking back at her innocently at me.As soon as I took her love button in my mouth,Annu squirmed incessantly.I put my index finger at her slit that girl with the pigtails double penetration doggystyle pushed it watotchini ya miaka 10 wakitombana dukh rha hai"Annu complained."Thoda bardasht kar sweetie,tera first time hai na toh thoda sa toh pain hoga he"I told her.I kept on licking her clit while pushing my finger inside.It was only halfway through when it encountered some resistance.'It must be her hymen'I wondered.I stopped pushing my finger and licked her clit again.I kept on licking her until her clit was dripping with my saliva.I pushed my finger again and it went inside upto the third knuckle."Ahhh."Annu cried in pain."Bas bas ho gya chutki,teri seal tut gyi hai.Ab koi dard nhi hoga.Yeh dekh"I pulled out my finger and showed it to her.My finger was coated with blood of her freshly penetrated pussy.Annu looked at my finger in fear.

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I went close to her,kissed her full on the lips and said"Pehli bar blood aana normal hai jaan,tu dar mat.I'll take a good care of you"I educated Annu on virginity loss.I kissed her agin while fondling her boobs,tweaking her erect nipples.I broke the kiss and moved back to her pussy.I pushed my middle finger inside her pussy and took her clit inside my mouth.I sucked ont her clit while fingering her hole.Since,her hymen had been broken now she easily took my whole finger.I curled my finger upwars and moved it in a come-hither motion trying to tickle her g-spot."Aaagghh.Bhai,mujhe susu aa rhi hai.Control nhi ho rha hai"Annu warned.I could sense the urgency in her voice and from my experience I knew she wasn't about to pee."Yeh susu nhi hai,kuch aur he hai.Tum jhadne wali ho aur control mat karo.Usey aane do,tujhe bahut acha feel hoga.Apney bhaiya ko apna juice piney do sweetie,sharmao mat"I told Annu.In only a matter of few seconds,Annu came all over my finger and face.Her juices oozed out of her pussy as if she was pissing.I licked them off like a faithful dog.Ahhh.the sweet taste of a first orgasm.

When i finished drinking each and every drop of wife sharing threesome bi mmf heavenly nectar,I realised Annu wasn't even moving.She was still flying high on the first orgasm of her life.I moved towards and saw she has her eyes close.Annu opened her eyes when i touched her face."Kaisa laga tumhara pehla orgasm sweetie?"I asked her.Although I knew the answer i wanted to hear it from her."Oh bhaiya,mujhe laga main mar he jaungi itna acha lag rha tha"Annu answered."Dhat pagli,tujhe kuch nhi hoga aur maine toh abhi tak sirf teri boor chati he hai.Ahi toh teri chut ko chodna toh baki he hai "I said to her and kissed her.I veronica avluv warms herself up for her my ongue inside her mouth and she sucked it with gutso.I wondered if she liked the taste of her juices from my mouth.I broke off the kiss and undressed myself.No wonder,I had a raging hard on .My dick was proudly standing with some precum on its tip.I looked at Annu and she was staring at my dick."Kya hua choti?kya dekh rhi hai?"I inquired."Bhai,aapka lund bahut bada aur mota hai.Mera toh first time hai,itne chote se hole mein itna bada lund kaise jayega??"Annu asked looking nervous."Ekdum aaram se jayega.Trust me,teri chut gili hai bas mere lund ko zara gila kar fir dekh kitne aaram se jata hai"I explained.Annu was sitting on the edge of the bed,I moved close to her and sticked my dick at her faceip.I signalled at the tip of my dick and said"Pehle yahaan ek kiss kar".Annu obliged reluctantly.I took her right hand and put it on my dick.I cupped her face and said"Chal ab munh khol aur isey andar le".Annu parted her pink lips to give entry to my dick."Mmm.ab dhirey-dhirey chuso usko.Jaisa bachpan mein lollipop chusti thi na waise he bas dant mat lagana"I directed Annu and she did as I said.She had sucked me only a few times when she pulled out my dick."Kya hua choti?"I asked feeling disappointed."Bhai,ulti lag rhi hai"Annu replied with teary eyes."It's okay!Yeh taste tumhare liye naya hai na isiliye aisa laga.Dhire-dhire taste acha lagne lagega tumhe .Cla fir se munh khol Annu,ulti nhi hogi"I said.Annu again opened her mouth and took in my dick.She sucked my dick,this time with more enthusiasm.I caressesed her hairs and moaned"mmm.yeh hui na baat choti".I let her suck me for a little while before I realised if she continued any longer I would cumm in her mouth only.I didn't want that to happen so i pulled out my dick and said"Bas bas bahut ho gya,aur chusegi toh main tere munh mein he jhad jaunga.Aa aaram se let ja".

Annu slept on the bed and I positioned myself between her legs."Thoda apna legs aur spread kar"I asked Annu which shehappily agreed.I put my dick at the entrance of her virgin pussy.I pushed it in and in a moment the head of my dick penetrated her pussy."Nnnggghhh."Annu cried out loudly.I instantly covered her mouth with my hand and said"Chilla mat,aunty jag jayegi aur abhi toh sirf supad he andar gya hai.Abhi pura lund baki hai.Thoda apne body ko relax kar,bilkul aaram se jayega"I informed her.I held her still allowing her to relax her body a bit before giving another powerful push.Good God,she was very tight.I could feel the pussy peeling the foreskin of my dick.Annu tried to moan in pain but only muffled noises came from her covered mouth.Another giant push and I was 'balls deep'inside her.I looked at Annu,a tear was rolling down from the side of her right cheek."Bas-bas ho gya,pura andar chla gya hai sweetie.Ab tumhe dard nhi hoga,ab sirf maza aayega "I tried to encourage her before removing my hand from her mouth.I stayed still for a few minutes as I knew she needed some time to get accustomed to feel 'stretched and filled'.After providing sufficient time I asked her"Ab dard ho rha hai kya Annu??" "Haan par bahut thoda sa,dard ab kafi kam ho gya hai bhai"Annu answered."Good!Ab tumhe chodna suru karta hoon thik sweetie?"I informed.Annu nodded her head in agreement and stared fucking her with slow and deep strokes.I could feel her beautiful pussy lips parting,making way for legal age teenager deep throat oral job dick to enter.Annu have started enjoying now as her cries has been replaced by sexy moans of pleasure.I would momentarily stop to suck onto her nipples."Aaahh.aaggghhh.bhai,mera fir se pani chutne wala hai"Annu informed."Koi nhi,chutne de.Main bhi jhadne he wala hoon "I said and bit her left nipple really hard."Aaagghhh."Annu cried as she had her second orgasm.Her pussy groped my dick so tightly,I couldn't hold it any longer.I ejaculated inside her.Shooting rope after rope of cumm deep inside her womb.

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Annu was breathing heavily.I looked at her magnificient boobs rising and falling with each breathe.I kissed her on the lips and inquired"acha laga jaan?"Annu smiled and answered"Haan bhai,bahut acha laga.Thodi der k liye bahut dard hua fir kafi acha lagne laga".I pulled out my dick and slept on the bed next to her."Hmmm.maine toh tumhe pehle he kaha tha.Chal lekin abhi khatam nhi hua hai,abhi ek bar aur chodunga tumhe"I told her."Nhi bhai,please!main ek bar aur nhi seh paungi.Ek bar aur mera pani chuta toh mujhe lagta hain main behosh he ho jaungi "Annu said sounding concerned.

"Arey nhi,waisa kuch nhi hoga.Main hoon na,main apne baby ko hurt thodi karunga.Bas ek bar fir aaram se so jana.Dekh teri sexy body dekh k meri lunf fir se khadi ho gyi hai"I said pointing at my hard dick.Annu eyed my manhood."Is bar dusri position try karenge.Yeh position ladkiyon ko kafi pasand hai.I'm sure tumhe bhi pasand aayegi"I said tring to lift her spirits.

"Uth jaan,mere upar khadi ho ja.Apni dono tangey mere dono taraf kar "I directed.Annu followed my orders but she still looked clueless.Now that Annu was standing right above me I could clearly see her beautiful pussy from below."Ab dhriey-dhirey baith"I told her further.Annu lowered truth or dare with blond on omegle body until her pussy was just inches away from my dick."Le,mere women strip under hypnosis in public ko apne hanth mein pakad aur dhirey-dhirey isey apne boor mein daal.Thoda-thoda kar k he andar lena warna tujhe pain hoga"I told my sister.Annu did exactly as I asked her to.Her pussy had already been stretched once so it went in quite easily this time.Annu sweet lesbians please each other in the office sat over my body with my dick completely inside her pussy."Aaram se andar gya na?ab idhar aa zara apne body ko nichey kar.Ek kiss de toh zara"I said to her.Annu obeyed me and lowered her body towards me.I kissed her and tweaked her nipples hard before allowing her to sit straight again."Chal ab apni mast gand ko upar niche kar.Ab sab tere hanth mein hain,jitni mann utni andar daal aur jitna mann utna speed kar"I told Annu as now she was in control.Annu lifted her ass up and pushed it down hitting my body.I put my hands on her asscheeks and helped her.I would sometime give a firm squeeze to her butt.Annu apreciated those squeezes with sexy moans each time.At other times I would cup both her breasts with my hand and play with her nipples.I lowered my hands to her belly caressesing her baby soft skin.On reaching her clit,I rubbed her love button gently"mmm."was Annu's reponse to that.I took her face in my hands and directed her to lower her body.I kissed Annu and pushed my tongue inher mouth.By now,Annu had perfected the art of french kissing.While doing that,Annu had to lower her body way too much and her ass hanged in air cause of that.I grabbed the opportunity and pushed my little finger inside her vulnerable asshole.Annu broke the kiss at once and shouted in sheer pain"Aaahhh.Bhai please apni ungli nikal lo.Bada dard kar rha hai." Fearing she wouldn't do it from next time,i pulled out my finger instantlyand said"Acha baba,teri gand ka maza kisi aur din le lunga.Aaj ki raat sirf teri chut k naam".Annu looked relieved as she started fucking me again.I resumed rubbing her clit.Annu announced"Bhai lagta hai main fir se jhadne wali hoon"I had figured that out already as her pussy was now squeezing my dick."Aane de sweetie,aaj tera sara pani nikal dunga.Apne bhaiya k lund ko apne pani mein nehla de.C'mmon baby!cumm for me"I requested.Annu had almost stopped moving when i decided to take charge.I put her hands on her ass and lifted her up in the air.I held her still in the air and lifted my ass to fuck her from below.I had given some powerful,deep strokes when Annu screamed"Aaahhh.Offf.mar gyiii"I looked at her and it appeared as if she was about to collapse over me.She leaned over me and put her hands over my chest to support herself.As she leane,her boobs came very close to my mouth.I latched onto her left boob,took it into my mouth and bit it really hard.Annu was leaking her juices now.She was pouring itall over my dick.I kept on rubbing her clit."Uff.kya chut hai tumhari Annu.Kitna pani hai isme.Main toh isey raat bhar chod sakta hoon"I said to her.I squeezed her boobs really hard as I came inside her again.I thought it would never stop as i kept on cumming but thankfully i did.

We both fell on the bed side by side.I caressesed"Hai kasam se Annu kya chut hai teri,kya body hai teri.Main toh kam se kam do bar aur chod sakta hoon tujhe"I said."Nhi bhai,please aaj aur nhi.Main toh aap he ki hoon,jitna mann utna chod lena bas aaj chord dijiye."Annu pleaded.Disappoinedly,I agreed and said"Thik hai behena,lekin bas aaj chord rha hoon kyunki tera first time hai.Kal se koi bahana nhi chalega." "Thik hai bhai,kal se main aur meri chut dono aapki"Annu beamed

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