Kim k breaks the internet again nikki benz

Kim k breaks the internet again nikki benz
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I was a nervous wreck heading into work the next day. The experience of last night weighed heavily on my mind. Would Rebecca be true to her word? Would she keep the whole situation quiet? I pulled into the car park and turned the car off. I hopped out and walked to the front door of the office. I took a deep breath and walked into reception. The receptionist, a pretty lady called Sarah, looked up at me and smiled. "Morning" she said " morning" I stammered back.

Relax Micky I thought to myself. I walked through the doors and into the office. Nothing. No little quips, no pointing or whispering, no laughter. Just people with their heads down, staring into computer screens. A normal dress down Friday. I headed down to our area of the office. Carol was already in. "Morning Micky", she said with as much enthusiasm she was capable of. "Morning Carol. How was your night?" "Fine." I guess that is Carol's idea of witty morning banter.

Malcolm walked in said his hellos and sat down. He was wearing the most god-awful floral shirt I have ever seen, looked like curtain material. I smiled and shook my head.

Why would someone think that a shirt like that would be a good idea? Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rebecca walking up the corridor. She was chatting to people as she passed them. What was she saying? Did she just laugh at my expense? I'm such an idiot. She walked in to our seating area like a wonderful smelling breath of fresh air.

"Hi everyone!" she cheerfully exclaimed. Malcolm and Carol returned the hi's and carried on tapping away on their computers "Hi Micky" she said with no trace of sarcasm or anger. "Hi Rebecca, you OK?" "Yep, I love dress down Friday's. Feels like the weekend is mom force son plz fuck me here". She was wearing a sleeveless top and a pair of cotton 3 quarter length trousers. She looked beautiful. Her massive tits once again strained against the seams of her shirt and bra which judging by the small amount showing was black and lacy.

"So everyone looking forward to tonight?" she asked.

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"Sorry Becky but I'm not going to be able to make it" said Malcolm. "Neither am I sorry" said Carol. "I've got a church meeting and pot luck dinner to go to". "Oh that's a shame. You still coming Micky?" "Of course.

I hear that Steve Baker (one of the Global Managers) might be putting his card behind the bar". "Oooh - how exciting" she said as she clapped her hands together. With morning pleasantries over we all started to get on with things, desperate to have things finished so they weren't hanging over us on the weekend.

Malcolm and Carol were putting the finishing touches to the Bradford, Taylor and Gotze project and I was still trying to get the ETR 2000 project to work. After about 20 minutes I noticed a message pop up on my instant messenger system. Rebecca - Thanks so much for the ride last night. Really appreciated it.

Me - No worries. Rebecca - Did you manage to make it home OK? Me - Well duh - I'm here aren't I LOL I realized that I, a 41 year old man, had just used LOL.idiot. Rebecca - it's just that you looked like you were in a bit of trouble I could feel myself blushing. Me - Yeah.I'm mortified Rebecca - Please don't worry about it. I wanted to let you know that you have nothing to be sorry for.

Me - So you're not going to shop me to HR? Rebecca - I'll keep jizz mouthed skank throat pornstars and big dick in my back pocket when pay rise time comes around. Me - Blackmail!!!! Rebecca - You betcha! LOL I looked up from my screen and pulled a face at her. She smiled and got back to work.

The day passed as most Friday's do. Lots of people milling about other people's desks pretending to work deutsche fettarsch mutter in leder fickt mit jungem kerl beim userdate probably talking about the upcoming weekend.

Rebecca's desk was popular with people asking her about the evening. I think she was getting a little frustrated as she was trying to get her work done as quickly as possible so she could get the earlier bus home (which she had OK'd with me on Monday). Her sleeveless top had a minor plunging neckline, nothing outrageous but enough so she was showing an impressive bit of cleavage.

I was trying not to stare but I was transfixed by it. At one point she was on the phone with her head turned to her notepad writing down some information. It allowed me to have a nice long stare at her chest. She was wearing a necklace with a pendant on it that she was playing muslim blasphemy mia khalifa tries a big black dick. Sliding it back and forth as she wrote her notes.

I thought I saw her eyes flick up to catch me staring at her but perhaps she was just checking some information on her computer screen.

But almost immediately she stopped playing with the pendant and started tracing her fingers across her collar bone. After a few minutes she moved a little lower until she was brushing the swell of her breasts just above her cleavage.

It was sensuous, slow.and dare I say moriah tyler and sydney cole getting her pussy hardcore and cumshot The rise and fall of her chest quicken ever so slightly and her face seemed to flush ever so slightly.

Beneath my desk I was doing everything in my power not to slip my hand down into my trousers. She finished the call and hung up the phone and looked back at her screen. To finish the performance she leaned back and started to stretch with her arms stretched out and her back arched. She pushed her chest out and once again I thought I saw her eyes flick to mine.

She smiled and went back to her screen. I sat there staring at my keyboard, please - please no one ask me to get up from behind my desk now! The day wound down and around 4pm I got a message again.

Rebecca - I'm going to miss my early bus!! Me - Just go now Rebecca - I can't! I'm waiting for this to back up properly and the bus leaves in 5 minutes - it takes me 6 minutes just to walk to the bus stop! Me curvy beautiful babe cant live without rough sex games Oh dear. I guess we'll just have to cancel tonight ;) Rebecca - Don't you dare.

Can I ask you favour? Me - You want a lift home? LOL Rebecca - Please! Me - No worries. I'll be on my best behavior. I'm going at 4:30. Rebecca - Thanks Micky you are a superstar!! Carol and Malcolm decided to head home around the same time as they thought it wasn't fair that they should girl plays with nice tits naked and gets badly pounded reality and private a full day when everyone else was leaving early.

I was going to argue with them but actually couldn't be bothered. They had pretty much completed their project and if I did argue it would probably mean me not leaving until after 4:30 making Rebecca late.

So I smiled and told then to enjoy their weekend plans. I finished up my work, loaded some projects onto my laptop to look at over the weekend and closed my workstation down. "You ready Rebecca?" I asked. "Yep - just need to go and powder my nose. I'll meet you by the car". I walked down the corridor and out to the car.

The weather had turned a bit during the day so it was a bit nippy now. I put the heaters on in the car to get the temperature up. Rebecca walked around the car about 5 minutes later and hopped in the passenger side. "Thanks for this Micky. I thought I was going to be late". "That's OK. Can't have the guest of honour being late to her own fancy party". "Darn right". I pulled out of the car park and pressed the last sat-nav listing.

Her address came up straight away and we headed off. After a few minutes she remarked, "Whew - it's a bit hot in here. Don't think I need my jacket on. Those heaters really pump out the heat". With that she took her jacket off and put it down on her lap.

"I'll turn them down a bit". As I turned the heater down I noticed something different about her shirt. It was still tight around her tits but didn't seem to have the same texture.

It was smooth. It was almost like.Oh my God. She wasn't wearing a bra. I stared straight ahead and tried to keep my heart from jumping out of my mouth.

When we came up to a bit of a traffic jam (thanks Bassett Hill roundabout) I did a quick sideways glance and was 100% sure she didn't have a bra on. He breasts were 2 smooth mounds with no trace of stitching or lace or wire that you would associate with a bra. She had turned her head away from me and was looking out the window which meant I could stare at her easily. She moved her arm closest to me back a little so I could see that where then had been black lace was now just beautiful skin.

I was shocked by the sudden shrill noise of my phone that I had blue toothed with the car. It came up with the name of Mitch Gardener. He was one of the Project Managers for the ETR 2000 project. "Sorry Rebecca, I need to take this" "That's fine, I'll just have a day dream. This car is soooo comfy" I picked up the call. "Hi Mitch. I've got you on speaker phone and my colleague Rebecca is in the car with me". Mitch didn't care - he was an old school guy in the oil industry.

Misogynist, fat and altogether unappealing. But he was very good at his job. It was going to be a long call. Mitch had been talking for about 5 minutes. We were still crawling along in a single lane traffic jam. I has a quick look across at Rebecca, her head was resting up against the pillar and I thought she might be asleep. I was still concentrating on Mitch when I noticed that her arm furthest from me had moved so that her hand was once again playing with her necklace, moving the charm attached to it side to side.

Just like in the office she let the necklace go and was tracing her fingers across her upper chest. I allowed myself to watch as at the moment I was in no danger of her catching me as her head was turned away from mine.

Her fingers started moving up and down at the top of her cleavage, occasionally disappearing into her stunning crevasse. She moved her hand further down so that her fingers were now tracing directly over where her nipple would be. And still she had her face turned away from me. Her fingers moved as one, smoothly brushing across her huge mounds occasionally stopping every now and then to push down on the centre of her breast.

Slowly but surely her nipple reacted to her touch. The soft material could do nothing to hide the small peak that was forming under her shirt. Her fingers continued to rub and squeeze, but now they also pinched at the now fully erect nipple. Her chest was starting to heave with her growing arousal. Her head stirred and started to turn in my direction.

I instinctively shot my head around and pretended I was staring out of the front window concentrating on Mitch's project overview. Her head never turn right round to face me. She tilted her head back on to the headrest and faced straight ahead with her eyes closed. Her hand now cupped her breast with her thumb constantly brush and flicking her nipple.

She bent her furthest arm from me so her hand was tucked up near her armpit. She snaked her hand under her shirt via the opening of the shirts arm hole. I could see the outlined of her hand massaging her breast and pinching her nipple. Her breathing was starting to speed up but she was still silent. She removed her hand from her shirt and placed it under the jacket that was sitting on her lap.

I was still busy looking at her erect nipples to realize what she was doing. Her head turned away from me again but now I noticed that the jacket was starting to move. She let out a little sharp intake of breath. I could see her arm moving slowly and the jacket rising and falling rhythmically.

We were out of the traffic now and approaching her apartment. Mitch was still jabbering away but he was a mere background noise. I was fully erect now with my hand stroking my full length through my jeans.

I managed to maneuver my cock so it was hard up against my thigh down my pants leg so I wasn't tenting. The whole scene meant that I was very close to cumming and could feel pre-cum already dripping on to my thigh. Her movements under the jacket were quicker now.

I could see her grinding a little bit in the seat. Her mouth which I could only see in profile was open and occasionally she was biting her bottom lip. Her breathing was now audible to me and I had a bit of a panic that Mitch would hear as well. I continued to stroke myself in time to her fingering herself. The fact that it was hidden from me with her jacket made it even more erotic. We were only about a mile from her house now. Her hand was moving quickly under her jacket and her other hand was grabbing huge handfuls of her tits.

I saw her mouth open and a very quiet yelp escape from her mouth. Due to her writhing I could tell she was cumming. Her hand started to slow as I could see her whole body spasm.

She tried to keep it as still as possible but the flexing of her toes, feet, legs and the rolling of her head gave it away. While this was all going on I had rubbed myself to the point of no return.

I felt my cock swell and then spit its seed all down the inside of my thigh. 4 or 5 large convulsions of lust erupted from me. 200 metres until her apartment. I looked across at her and she still had her eyes closed.

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She was breathing steadily with her hand up against her chest. Mitch yapped on. *Your are now at your destination* The Sat-Nav voice let me know that it was time to stop. I pulled over to the side of the road in front of her familiar front door. Rebecca's eyes opened and she sat up straight. She looked at me. Mitch's voice still droned on. She smiled and then made 'I'll just go' signal. I smiled at her and made a 'God he can talk' signal.

She laughed quietly. I saw her look down at my crotch where a wet patch stood out against my jeans and my still hard cock was plainly obvious beneath. She looked up at me and silently got out of the car. I couldn't believe what I saw.

There was a wet patch on the leather seat. She closed the door and waved through the window and turned to walk to her door. I trailed my finger through the moisture appreciating its warmth. I bought my finger up to my nose and smelt the clear fluid. I enjoyed it's delicate aroma, I'm not a fan of an overpowering musk. I tasted it. It tasted like I imagined, slightly sweet with a little bit of mustiness.

I stared out the window and saw olivia del rio anal fuck best edits her cotton trousers were discolored around her arse. I trailed my fingers through the wet patch again and licked my fingers. My attention went back to Mitch, "So does that sound OK Micky?" Realizing I had no idea what he was saying I said, "It looks fine Mitch.

Can you send me an email backing up everything you've just said". "Not a problem". Yeah - no problems at all. The bar was busy but mainly with folk from our office. Just as I thought they would do the guys had actually made an effort. Lots of very smartly dressed guys and some very glam ladies. I noticed that Sarah the receptionist was looking particularly sexy.

A little black dress with high heels. She was talking to guy called Simon. He was the office slut - he was in and about every girl going. He was talking to Sarah with his mouth up against her ear due to the music playing (which was loud - I know, exactly the sort of thing that an old man would say).

I must admit - she was looking pretty amazing. Her small but well-shaped breasts stood out due to the cut of the dress and her legs looked fantastic in sheer black stockings. For a 34 year old she really was looking good. Rebecca had not arrived yet. I was talking to Robert Big naturals bounce on a hard member (yep - his parents seriously named him that) who was a project coordinator and one of the funniest guys I have ever met.

He was telling us a story about his last boss that had us in stitches. I had already had a couple of pints and was feeling pretty relaxed so was chuckling along with the rest of the guys. Rob's story ended on a typical big punchline and the group split into smaller groups.

Sarah had managed to prise herself from the clutches of Simon and was making a beeline for me. The way she walked was amazing. The swing of her hips and the very slight bounce of her tits. "God - I always get stuck with that guy" she said motioning over towards Simon who was currently trying his luck with a girl I had never seen before.

"Not your type?" "Is he anyone's type?" "Ha.I guess not." There was a pause in the conversation. Looking for something to say I blurted out the first thing that came into my head.

"You look lovely tonight Sarah". "", she looked surprised. Her hesitant answer caused me to panic, making me think I had said the wrong thing. "I mean you always look lovely it's just that I haven't seen you dressed like this before".

She laughed. "Relax Micky. I was expecting a line and instead I got a compliment. It threw me". "Yeah, I guess guys can be a bit predictable". "Sometimes they can surprise you", she smirked at me. We started chatting and after a while I was really enjoying her company. She was funny and had an easy way about her.

I guess it was the sexy whore amia miley rides huge cock of pool boy time I had ever spent with her. She had big blue eyes and blonde hair which was long but scrunched up at the back. Her little black dress was a shiny material that hung loose at mid-thigh and was tight around the bust area. She told me all about her hobby which was mountain biking.

She actually represented her club in national competitions. She showed me a small scar just above her knee and told me the story behind it. It was a long but interesting story, needless to say I don't think I am ever going to go skinny dipping off the coast of Australia as a scar on the knee seems to be the best possible outcome! As much as I was enjoying Sarah's company I was aware of the fact that Rebecca was yet to show. Looking at my watch I could see that it was almost 9pm.

"Am I keeping you up?" Sarah said. "Oh no no. I was wondering where the so called honored guest was?" "You mean Becky?" Why did everyone else get to call her Becky but I stuck to Rebecca? "Yeah, maybe she's bailed?" "How would that make you feel Micky", an evil smirk was plastered to her face.

"Huh.what?" "Oh come on Micky. She's gorgeous. I would hit that hard!" I was shocked. Did Sarah really just say that? And yet I laughed. "Well I am just a predictable guy!" "You're more than that Michael. I'm going to the toilet. I'll see you later?" touching my arm.

And with that she left, heading for the toilets. I stood there a little stunned.

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I was sure she was flirting with me and I honestly think that I was flirting back. A hot babe dildoing and fingering her pussy vision of her writhing on a bed under me popped into my mind but I quickly shook it away. I really need to get my mind in order. I was turning into a horny teenager. "Hey Micky" I turned around to see Rebecca standing before me. And what homemade porn videos search watch and download homemade free sex vision it was.

She was wearing a red bodycon dress that clung to her body like it was painted on. It was just above mid-thigh length. Her sexy thighs leading into those luscious calves and into 6 inch high heels. Her voluptuous tits were tightly packed in to create the most wonderful cleavage I have ever seen.

On another girl it would have looked slutty, on her it look classy and sexy. "Hi look amazing" "Thanks Micky" I stood there like an idiot staring at her. "Please buy me a drink" she smiled.

"I could really do with one!" "Uh yeah sure. What would you like" I asked. "Just a white wine" she replied I walked over with her to the bar. I could see eyes following her all through the room. Simon was already probably planning his opening gambit for her.

The girls in the room were part in awe and part seething jealousy. Rebecca seemed oblivious to it godage en voiture entre teen et milf avant un trio bord de route continued to smile at some familiar faces. But when I handed her the wine I saw something else across her face. Worry. I saw her looking around as if trying to find someone.

"Are you OK?" "Yes, sorry, a little distracted". I knew what she meant. "By what?" "Nothing. I just thought I saw someone I knew before I came into the bar. When does the band start up?" "Anytime now". And as if by magic the opening chords of a pop rock tune burst from the stage. We stood by the bar and listened to the band. They were actually pretty good.

Soon people were on the dance floor cutting some shapes. Rebecca stayed by my side moving to the music. Occasionally she bumped into me through her dance movements. Glancing at her lithe body swaying to the music was almost hypnotic. I saw Sarah on the dance floor trying to stave off the attentions of Simon. She looked in my direction and rolled her eyes. We shared a cross the room laugh. I felt a tapping on my shoulder. "Can we talk quickly" shouted Rebecca. I was afraid of this moment.

The memories flooded back to me of our bizarre but erotic car journey. "Sure" and I led her over to a quieter part of the club. "What's up?" I black guy and girl sixx vido knowing exactly what was coming. "It's about this evening in the car" "Look Rebecca don't." "No listen" she said cutting me off. "What I did in your car was out of character for me.

I honestly thought that I would be able to feel myself on the quiet. I used to do it all the time when I was on car journey's with my family. I guess I have lost the 'knack' over time. I went too far but once I had got to a point I just couldn't stop. For some reason I feel so comfortable and safe around you. I thought you wouldn't mind." "It's OK Rebecca. I mean it was a bit of a shock but it was also really enjoyable to watch" I said hoping she'd appreciate the jokey nature of the comment.

"Honestly I don't know how this all started but please don't think you have done anything wrong". She stared down at the ground. She looked back up at me and said "Did you like watching?" "I think you saw how much I liked it when you left the car".

" came?" she asked. "Of course I did." "I like the idea that you came because of me. You make me feel - good. It's been a while since someone made me feel like that." "But your boyfriend?" "He barely acknowledges me unless he wants sex. He has made it very clear what I am for. I guess that's why I'm acting like this around you. You have been so good to me since I starting working. appreciate me." "Of course I appreciate you. You're a beautiful girl and a fantastic worker." "Micky, can I tell you something." "Of course you can." "I'm scared Micky." "You don't need to be scared. Honestly it is not a big. She interrupted me again, "No it's not about that. It's my boyfriend or whatever you want to call him. He scares me. He doesn't treat me right and he threatens me. When he wants sex he just takes it".

Her eyes started to well up with tears. "I don't love him but he has been in my life for such a long time I just don't know how to not have him in my life." I noticed that a couple of people were looking over at us. I saw Robert giving me a curious look. I caught his eye and shook my head. I made a face that conveyed that she was a little upset and that I was being a shoulder. He confirmed that he understood.

"Is that why you were late?" I asked. "Yes. He wanted to know where I was going, who I was going to be with. He was furious when I told him I was going out with work friends. He called me such horrible names." She took a deep breath and composed herself. "Sorry Micky. I know that this is the last kind of stuff you want to deal with." "Hey it's OK. Does he live with you?" "No.


He just comes round sometimes. He pretends he's working late so his.well.his wife doesn't get suspicious." I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"He's married?" She lowered her head. "Yes", she said quietly. I sat down at the empty table in the corner. She sat down across from me. "Do you want to hear the story?" she asked. "Maybe I should - I'll get some drinks in". I went to the bar and ordered a pint for me and another white wine for Rebecca. Robert came up to me.

"Everything alright Micky?" he asked. "Yeah. She's having some issues at home and just wants to have a chat." "Just be careful mate. Don't let her get attached to you. It makes things very difficult at work". "I hear ya. Don't worry, I'm just letting her bend my ear". As he walked away he turned around and said, "You know Micky. You're a bloody nice guy".

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If only he knew what I was thinking most of the time I was around her or what I got up to when I was alone thinking about her. If only he knew what I had done just a few short hours ago in the front seat of my car.

Would he think I was so 'bloody nice' then? I walked back to the table and gave Rebecca her drink. And she started to tell me the story of her and Steven. When she was 14 their family moved into a new house.

They soon became very good friends with the next door neighbours. The other family had a girl (Wendy) who was a similar age to Rebecca.

They became inseparable. They were always heading of together to play and staying at each other's houses. As the years went on they stayed close. Their High School life slipped away and still they were best friends. But when University loomed they realized that they were moving in different directions. Wendy got into her chosen University but Rebecca decided to take a year out working to earn some money which meant that for the first time in 3 years they would be apart.

Wendy moved down South and the enemy of distance came between them. There was no dramatic falling out. One day when Rebecca visited Wendy at her halls of residence she just realized that they were no longer on the same page. Wendy had become very socially conscious.

She attended protests and had joined a student political movement. Sitting around talking about boys and watching stupid movies no longer interested her. She had become a vegan and her boyfriend was a guy called Alone Kennedy (possibly not his real name?). The farewell had been warm and genuine but both girls knew their time together was done. Rebecca continued to work at the ice cream parlor and had a great time. She met nice people, made some money and had a great social life.

But her home life was a bit chaotic. Her Father was always away looking after his expanding car empire and her Mum was always working odd shifts at the hospital. Often Rebecca was home alone, eating leftovers and getting the house in order. One day the next door neighbours (Candice and Trevor) popped round and invited her to dinner.

They knew that Rebecca and Wendy were no longer close but they had grown fond of her and enjoyed her company. This became a regular thing. Rebecca loved spending time with them and saw them 2nd parents. And then it changed. Two months before Rebecca was about to start at the local University she threw a birthday party for herself. Inviting friends around for a final blow out before knuckling down for her studies.

Her parents were away with work but had given her their blessing for the party as long as Trevor would keep an eye on things. The party was going well until large groups of people that Rebecca didn't know started to arrive. Things were getting out of hand. Trevor took control and managed to move things on (with a number of threats about calling the police).

Once the last people had left it was up to Rebecca and Trevor to start the needy teen couple fucks her best friend. Rebecca was a little drunk so was not exactly committed to the cleaning process. What she didn't realize that Trevor wasn't too interested in cleaning either. All night he had been watching Rebecca, leering at her. She was dressed in a collared shirt that was unbuttoned and tied in a knot around her waist revealing an orange boobtube.

It was obvious by the distinct outline of her nipples that she had chosen not to wear a bra under it. She had a pair of denim shorts on, bare legs and some running shoes. He was just using the 'cleaning routine' as an opportunity to watch her bend over to pick up empty cups. Each time she bent over her small denim shorts would pull tight against her tight arse.

He had carefully taken his phone out of his pocket and had switched it to silent. Any chance he could get he would snap a photo of her or take some video. She closed up the last rubbish bag and sat heavily down on the sofa.

She was pretty tired and pretty drunk. She thanked Trevor for helping out and mmv films sexy blonde german milf cumming solo him that she was going to have a sleep so if he could lock the front door she would be grateful. She rested her head on the arm of the sofa and tried to fall asleep. She must have drifted off. When she awoke it was with panic. Something didn't feel right.

In her still drunk haze she was aware that someone was with her. Not only that but the person was doing things to her. She could feel a hand on her breast and something else pushing up against her pussy. She was lying on her side on the sofa. Her arm back and stretched over the person behind her. Her right leg was hanging over the edge of the sofa but her left leg was being propped up by the other persons leg.

Her boobtube had been lifted up towards her neck and her breasts were uncovered and being roughly squeezed by the persons large hand.


She saw her denim shorts hanging around her right leg ankle. She was still wearing her panties but she felt pressure against her crotch. She could feel something hard thrusting against her. She was still a little dazed and the feeling of the thing between her legs was nice. She felt wet. She thought she was dreaming. She finally regained her senses and could see what was happening. Trevor was lying behind her, breathing heavily, thrusting his naked cock against her pussy.

The shock caused her to scream, push away from him and fall forward off the sofa. Trevor lay there with a shocked expression on his face.

She crawled backwards until she banged up against the other sofa. She saw that Trevor was naked, his stiff cock was not very big but it looked rock solid. Trevor got up and ran to her. He pleaded with her to calm down. She was screaming at him to tell her what he was doing. He told her that they had been chatting on the sofa and that she had made a move on him. He had carried it on because he thought it was what she had wanted and he had always been attracted to her.

He told her that Candice and him had grown tired of each and that the barely had sex anymore and he was so lonely. He didn't realize that she was asleep because she had been making moaning noises. He managed to settle her down and with his clever words made her feel like she was wonderful and his absolute desire. By morning time they had slept together.

He wasn't her first but he was only the 2nd guy she had gone the whole way with. The experience with Trevor wasn't great. But for some strange reason the closeness that she felt was intoxicating. She felt like someone was total focused on her. She also felt guilty. Candice had been nothing but good to her and here she was fooling around with her husband. She was mortified when the gravity of what she had done sunk in. A few days later after the house was completely tidied and she felt normal again she went around to speak to Trevor.

At first he was apologetic. He admitted it was his fault and that she shouldn't porn anel sex meerut free bad about the situation. Then he changed. He started to tell her that it was amazing for him and that he wanted it to happen again.

He wanted to be with her as much as possible. Rebecca had said no. She didn't want to hurt Candice like that.


But then Trevor took out his phone and scrolled through the photos and videos. He clicked on a video, pressed the screen and turned it around to face Rebecca. She saw the image of her asleep on the sofa. As the video went on it showed her moaning and writhing as Trevor played with her. Even though she was unaware of what was happening to her she appeared to be enjoying it.

The video rolled on and then cut short college gorgeous gal adores oral games hardcore blowjob she awoke and broke away. He then showed her another one of them actually having sex. She doesn't remember the sex being that good but the look on her face betrayed that thought. Trevor asked her if she wanted him to show the footage to her parents, to Wendy, to Candice?

Rebecca didn't know what to do. Trevor held all the cards, she was to become Trevor's plaything. She was sickened by the whole thing but what could she do? She eventual moved out of the family home when her parents moved to Spain. She was gianna michaels watch my cleavage a sizeable deposit so she could get an apartment closer to the University.

Her first year of Uni was horrible. The classes and lecturers were boring and uninspiring. The course work itself seemed to have no basis on how things would be in an actual office and Trevor was still coming around when he chose. Sometimes she wouldn't see him for weeks. Other times he would be around at hers every second night. Never staying long. Just enough for him to have his fun and then be away again. He became more hostile, demanding oral and anal sex, never worrying about her needs and desires.

He became controlling and jealous and a few times had really scared her with threats of physical harm. She dropped out of Uni and landed the job with Micky's team. She hoped that it might stop Trevor as she wouldn't be available during the day. But he still arrived. Still demanded. She was at her wits end. "Micky - can you help me?" Micky was stunned. He hadn't expected the epic tale that unfolded in front of him. He stared at her and downed the rest of his pint.

He didn't know what to say. He didn't know what the right thing to say was. He'd only known her for a few months. What had Robert said, 'don't get too involved'. Was he heading into a situation that was beyond his 'duty'. He looked at her and she looked back with tears in her eyes. He said the only thing he could say. "Yes.yes I will".