Cory chase and bailey brooke crazy way

Cory chase and bailey brooke crazy way
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Jonah:- "Wha.Whe.Where am i" The last thing he remembered was the fight between Lance and Lucifer, the searing pain he felt, the dagger sticking out of his chest and the extra pain he was been caused by someone attempting to pull it out, the look on celeste's face as he stared into her beautiful eye's, after that all's he remembered was darkness, he was in the underworld stood in a dark field where he knew he would be doing nothing for eternity, he was in the fields of asphodel Celeste:- "You're in the infirmary, me and Aditi brought you here after he removed the dagger from you, it was touch and go for a while but the doctor was amazing and you pulled through, you've been out for the past two weeks" Jonah:- "But i died, i was mod and ain and min friend the underworld in the fields of asphodel" Celeste:- "Must of been a dream, you're in the infirmary at camp" Jonah:- "No it can't of been, i died didn't i" He was becoming a little unsure, he could of sworn he had been killed by Lord Lucifer, could of sworn he was in the underworld where he was sentenced to eternity in the fields of asphodel Celeste:- "Jonah i promise you that you never died" Now that was a complete lie, Jonah had infact died and celeste had spent the past week searching for a way to bring him back, to raise him from the dead, she was completely unsuccesful in her quest and returned to camp after two weeks of been gone.

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a few days later celeste awoke from yet another nightmare, she woke sweating and terrified, knowing the best way to help her forget her nightmares and relax a little was to go for a quick walk she decided she would do it, it was still pretty early but she quickly got dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as it seemed pretty warm out even though the time only showed 5am, she shoved on a pair of trainers and walked out of her cabin, a few minutes into the walk she was looking around when she noticed something on the ground in the distance, not knowing what it was she decided it was best to check it out, seeing it could be a threat she quietly petite schoolgirl gagging on cock before sex her way over to the object, no not object it was a person, as she got closer to the object she had realised it was a person laying on the ground, knowing full well they could be injured she ran the rest of the short distance but stopped dead in her tracks when she realised who that person was, laying on the ground a few short steps away was none other than Jonah, he was laying in the exact place he had died wearing the exact same clothes, Celeste was in complete shock but started running over to him, she reached him pretty quickly but soon noticed something was very wrong, he wasn't moving, she needed help right away so she did the only thing she sexy blonde teen sucks and rides big cock do, she screamed as loud as she could for anyone to come and help her, upon hearing a scream for help campers from all cabins rushed out dressed in an assortment of pyjamas, dressing gowns and even a few in just their underwear all carrying an array of weapons, they all assumed the scream for help came from a came from a camper who was been attacked, they were all prepared for a fight but most dropped their weapons when they noticed the real reason someone had screamed for help, laying on the floor with a girl kneeling over him was Jonah, Aditi was the last out and had to push his way through the crowd of people before he managed to reach Celeste, upon reaching her he looked down to see her kneeling over a body Aditi:- "Jonah, that's not possible, he died, he can't be here" Celeste looked up at Aditi, although her eye's were red from crying they showed a hidden fire that Aditi could clearly see, he knew if he said anything else she would probably attack, knowing he didn't want that he decided to ask the smartest question he could think of at the time Aditi:- "Is he breathing, i mean is he alive" Celeste:- "I.I.Don't know" She was almost on the verge of tears again, through everything she had forgotten to check if he even had a pulse, the most obvious thing to do and she had completely forgot about it, she was just so happy yet in complete shock about finding Jonah that the thought never occured to her, was he alive Aditi:- "Quick, move aside, i'll check" He didn't wait for Celeste to protest, he softly pulled her away from Jonah and knelt down over him, he grabbed his right arm and softly layed two fingers across his wrist, he felt what he only hoped was a very weak pulse, deciding it might not be enough he layed one hand over his heart and felt for a heartbeat, all the camp just stared on as Aditi checked for a pulse or any sign of life, it seemed like a lifetime passed before Aditi stood up and moved to face everyone Aditi:- "Get a doctor NOW!" A few campers scrambled off running towards the infirmary, a few minutes later they had returned with the camp doctor, as soon as he saw the problem he ran back to the infirmary and returned just as quick with a medical kit and a stethoscope Doctor:- "Everyone move, let me to him" Everyone did as they were told and pretty soon the doctor was checking everything he could, examining every part of him to see if he could find the reason for him been like he was to some avail, nobody had seemed to notice the blood coming from his chest other than the doctor Doctor:- "Anybody know what happened to him" Aditi:- "He came back from the dead" Doctor:- "He what, i'm not sure i can cure that but that wasn't what i was wondering, just wondering because of all the blood" Aditi/Celeste:- "What blood" they both asked in unison Both looked down and noticed that where the knife had been removed the day jonah had died seemed to be spilling blood, it was as if the wound was fresh, as if the knife had just been pulled out of Jonah Celeste:- "But that's not possible, he was stabbed chat with eufrat silvie de lux two weeks ago" Doctor:- "Stabbed, why didn't anybody tell me that, we need to get him to the infirmary right now" Celeste:- "But it happened nearly two weeks ago, he died from it" Doctor:- "Two minor problems with that, the first one is that he is alive, the second one is that the wound is fresh as if it's just been done, now is anyone going to help me"