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Voluptuous ebony deals dick in perfect gloryhole show
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2 AM Wow. That was all Nica could think as she walked down the sidewalk on the way home. She didn't normally do things like what had just happened. She didn't normally feel the way she felt tonight. Hell, she didn't even know that it was possible to feel the way she was feeling.

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She felt like she was walking on a cloud, floating through the air, weightless, because the last few hours had felt like nirvana. And there was just one name on her mind. Preston. ***Four Hours earlier*** Nica, where are you going?

Shelby asked. I'm just going to run to the restroom really quick, I'll be right back! Nica called in response. They were out at a local hole in the wall bar, called the Fox Head, just having a girls friday night out, enjoying themselves. Nica had already had a couple drinks, and was feeling just a bit tipsy, and it was time to break the seal. As she walked towards the back of the bar, she had that feeling that someone was watching her, so she turned to her left.

When she did, she locked eyes with the most intense gaze she'd ever seen. He was tall, about mather sleep son hot focking. His eyes were cold, ice blue. He was plain, but intriguing at the same time, and that didnt make any sense to her.

There was nothing that special about a pair of levi's and a brown leather motorcycle jacket.


Or was there? The way he seemed to look straight through her, holding her in place with his stare as if he was nailing her to the wall gave her a feeling that she couldn't quite shake. He seemed to ooze power. Calm, cool, collected, control. As she looked him over, she noticed his frame. Skinny, but strong. Marine, maybe? He definitely looks like he knows how to handle himself, she thought.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he blinked. The waitress had come to his table to ask him if he wanted a refill.


He smiled, a bright, flashy, edgy, almost predator like smile, and nodded. By the time he returned his gaze to where Nica had been standing, she had taken the opportunity to slip into the bathroom, grateful to step dad mom and companion pals daughter not his first time alyssa gets her way with escaped for the moment, but somehow craving more of his eyes, his attention.

After a few minutes, Nica had managed to make it across the floor back to her friend Shelby. "Hey!" Shelby said. "Who's your friend?" She asked. "What do you mean?" Nica asked. "The guy in the leather jacket over there. He sent us each a drink, and he's pretty cute too!" She replied. Nica looked over, wondering if it could possibly be the same guy, and as she did, locked onto those icy blue eyes again.

He smiled, and raised his glass to her, as if proposing a toast, encouraging her to drink up. She smiled back halfheartedly, kind of nervous, and looked down at her glass. As she picked it up, She noticed a business card on the napkin. 'Preston Sharp - Master' 307-978-7836 Master of what? She thought to herself. She looked back up, and he was gone. "Yeah.I guess he is." She said out loud to Shelby.

She looked around, searching for the man, Preston, she supposed, but couldn't find him, and the feeling of eyes piercing her very soul was gone. She continued to look for another few minutes, but the band on stage started playing one of her favorite songs, and by the time she got caught up in the dance floor, thoughts of Preston had all but vanished from her mind. As midnight rolled around, she remembered that she had told her mother that she would have lunch the next day, and thought about how her mother absolutely abhorred drinking, and decided that she would really rather not have the worst hangover of her lifetime for lunch with mom, so she bid Shelby farewell, much to her disappointment.

As she walked outside, she reached into her purse to dig out her cell phone, and came across Preston's business card again. She was about to call a cab, but for some reason, she was curious. She pulled up the phone app and began to dial the number on the card. It rang once, and she got an answer. "This is Preston." Came a low, almost gravelly voice, through her phone. It was the kind of voice that is just naturally sexy. The enticing, alluring voice of a man with a strong jawline, a rich five o clock shadow, and large biceps.

A voice that perfectly matched the man that she had seen across the bar. "Umm, hi, my name is Nica, I think you sent me your card at the Fox Head tonight? I don't even really know why I'm calling, but for some reason, I felt like I should." "I'm glad you did, Nica. I'm glad you did. Do you know why I sent you my card?" "N-No, not really," she stuttered. "Well, why don't you allow me to show you?" he asked. As he finished his sentence, a charcoal gray Viper roared up to the curb, and the passenger side door popped open, revealing a man in a men in black style suit, with sunglasses to match at the wheel.

"Get in." The voice in her ear said, and she heard the line click. I don't know why I'm doing this, she thought, as she hesitantly climbed in the passenger seat and shut the door. The Viper peeled away from the curb in a cloud of burning rubber, and they were on their way. As they drove, she tried to ask the driver several times where they were going, but he didn't so much as glance in her direction. After about 20 minutes, the driver slowed, and pulled up to the curb of a tall glass building, and her door was opened by another man in a suit, who gestured to the front door of the building.

She looked around, slightly confused, but walked to sunny leon xxx sexy story in mp4 door, and entered.

When she did, she saw a receptionist at the front desk, who immediately greeted her, by saying "Nica, I presume? Mr. Sharp has been expecting you. Take the elevator to your right to the 21st floor. He's waiting there for you." She entered the elevator, not sure what to expect, but hit the button labelled 21, and waited for the elevator to stop.

When it did, and the doors opened, she was a bit confused. She was looking at pitch black darkness. She couldn't even see her hand in front of her face. "Hello?" She called out. "Well hello Nica. Fucking session in different positions hardcore and creampie don't you leave your shoes at the door and take a few steps inside, welcome to my penthouse." The voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, echoing around the room, whose walls she still couldn't see.

As she stepped forward and removed her shoes, the voice continued, "Welcome to my penthouse, my playground, my world. Here, anything and everything is possible, if you only let it be. I'm sure you're confused, and I'm sure you have questions, like "Who is this?", "Why did I come here?", and "His card did say master, right? Master of what?" Well allow me to answer them. My name is Preston Sharp. You came here for the same reason that all women do. Because there's something about me that you can't quite explain.

I am a master of all things sexual. I can give you things that you've only dreamed about, and then some that you haven't yet. And you're going to let me give them to you. I know this because I know you.

I've watched you for a while Nica, I've studied the type of woman that you are, the type of woman that you don't even know that you are. And I'm going to prove it to you." A light flicked on, illuminating a hallway, followed by several more along the hallway ceiling, one at a time, rapidly towards her, momentarily blinding her.

"On the table in front of you, you'll see a piece of paper. It states that if you honestly do not enjoy the services I'm about to provide to you, I will pay YOU a lump sum of 50,000 dollars, no questions asked. I have signed it, and there is a line for you to sign as well. I'm willing to offer an agreement like this because as of yet, I've never once had to pay anyone. I'll give you a moment to ponder this offer. If you decline, I'll have my driver take you wherever you wish.

If you accept, however, we will be here for a few hours." Nica looked down at the table in front of her now that her eyes had adjusted, and saw a simple piece of paper laying in front of her, with what appeared to be a simple agreement drawn up, signed by none other than Preston Sharp.

All sorts of possibilities of what she could do with fifty thousand dollars popped through her mind, and it was pretty much an instant no brainer as to what her decision would be.

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She threw caution to the wind, and before she really knew what she was doing, the paper was signed, and Preston had come out from the shadows to guide her into his personal suite. A few minutes later, she was sitting on a bed, while he leaned on a table, and he began to speak.

"So Nica, tonight I'm going to be pushing you to discover things you may not have experimented with before. We will go over them as we get to them, but I'll need you to trust me. In the agreement you signed, it stated that I will do you no permanent physical harm, but I may cause you some temporary discomfort or pain to enhance your pleasure.

So you can trust that I won't do anything that amateur natural teen babe argentina vs spain lesbian sex hurt you. That being said, are you ready to begin?" "Where do we start?" She asked. "Right here." Quicker than she could blink, his lips were on hers in a flash, hot and ready, his tongue finding hers, eliciting a soft moan from her throat. She was having a bit of trouble thinking straight, but maybe that was just the last vestiges of alcohol in her system, trying to mess with her head.

At any rate, he was a good kisser, and he got even better when he nibbled her lip, and then sucked on the tip of her tongue. That gave her a chill.

No one had ever done that before, and it surprised her, in a good way. He continued to kiss her, slowly working his way down one side of her neck, nibbling as he went along, and then coming back up the other side, stopping to bite at her earlobe, sending another chill down her spine, and a pulse between her legs, which she then squeezed tighter together. As he worked his way back down her neck, he reached one hand up to pull her blouse down, exposing her breast, and he continued to kiss and nibble down until she gasped, and held her breath, waiting to see what he would do next.

She didn't have long to wait before she found out. He slid both hands back down to her waist and pulled her in tight for a deep, tongue filled kiss, and slid his hands under the hem of her shirt, pulling it up and over her head, only breaking the kiss for the moment where the shirt was in the way. The bra soon followed, and soon she was bare breasted, his hands exploring late for class but early for orgy inch of her exposed skin.

He started to lower his mouth back downwards, finally closing his lips around one nipple, and starting to lightly suck, swirling his tongue around in circles, meanwhile using his hand to twirl the other between his thumb and forefinger. Nica moaned, louder this time, lost in the feeling that he was giving her, and letting her hips start to move a bit.

He took the hint, and wasted no time in continuing his trail of kisses down to her zipper, and somehow that skilled mouth of his managed to undo her pants with nothing but his teeth, and he began to pull them down. 'Purple lace' he thought as he pulled her panties down. 'I like it.' The moment her panties were off of her ankles, they were across the room, and his teeth were doing exactly the opposite of what she wanted them to be.

Teasing. He kissed from her calf up to her inner left thigh, then her right, then bit down, making her jump. He blew lightly across the top of her clit, making her want it even more, and after what seemed like forever, he finally lowered his tongue to the soft, velvety cleft that was her sex.

He moved his tongue slowly at first. Long, slow strokes that left her aching for more. He brought her close to a climax, but then danced back, then back up again, several times, until she screamed his name, begging for release.

By the time he stood up, she had been so close at least 9 times, but he still hadn't allowed her to cum. When he did, she was too busy being stunned by the amazing pussy eating he had just done to notice the fact that he was undressed within seconds.

She also was too distracted to notice until it was in her face that his cock was one of the biggest that she'd ever seen.


The head was large, almost purple, and his shaft was long, almost 8 inches, and definitely ready to go. And she wanted it. Oh god, she wanted it. Preston leaned down and kissed her, before turning around to grab something out of his dresser. She didn't quite see what until he had already slipped it onto her face. It was a blindfold. "Wait, what are you doing?" She asked, all of a sudden a little nervous and surprised.

A little panicky actually.

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No sooner were the words out of her mouth than both of her wrists were tied together by some sort of cloth and pulled above her head, presumably tied to the bed frame. "Trust me." Preston said. "I told you I wouldn't hurt you." Somehow, his voice actually did put her at ease, and she started to relax as her feet were next to be secured.

Soon after that, he slipped a pair of earplugs in her ears, and then, nothing. 10 minutes passed, and she began to get a little frantic, left alone with her thoughts of being left alone, tied up, blindfolded. She started to get restless.

Almost as soon as she started to fidget though, she felt the weight on the bed shift. She was still soaking wet, and she was still wanting that cock that she had seen minutes before, but what she didn't expect was what she got.

She felt what seemed like a body positioning itself over her spread legs, and she started to squirm with anticipation. Another few minutes passed with no movement, and she tried to lift her hips upward, urging Preston to enter her, but he still didn't.

As she let out the breath she had been holding in, and started to let her hips drop, at that moment where she least expected it,all of a sudden, it felt like she had been filled more than she had ever been before.

In one liquid thrust, all eight glorious inches of his cock filled her, slamming deep into her pussy. As she clenched down in surprise, a massive orgasm friend blackmailing friends wife tfuck like a tsunami through her, sending her body into spasms, and she passed out. When Nica awoke, she shook her head, at first thinking 'where am I?', then slowly remembered the details of her encounter with Preston. 'Oh, right, Preston.' she thought.'Wait, where's Preston?' and she opened her eyes, finding herself suspended four feet from the floor, hands and feet bound together behind her back, a ball gag in her mouth, and a spreader bar between her knees.

.To Be Continued