Wicked beautiful gal drills virgin slit hardcore and russian

Wicked beautiful gal drills virgin slit hardcore and russian
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Chapter 15 I pull my shorts up to cover my cum soaked dick and lay across my bed looking into the bathroom waiting on Amber to step out of the shower. We talk as she dries off and makes her way to her room.


"You better get dressed so you can take us to the mall." she says as she walks by. I told her I would be ready before her. With her getting dressed in her room I reach under my pillow and pulled out the note I found in my bed when I woke.


I read it again still wondering if I had been taken by a flirty young lady and wondered if I would ever see anything of the one hundred dollars I slipped Emily with her breakfast plate, after all that was one of her conditions she demanded for not telling Amber she saw me in the bathroom last night.

That one was fairly easy compared to the other one, how was Amber going to react to seeing me fuck her best friend? I knew it could only go real good or real bad, was I really going to have the chance or was I being pamela anderson on howard stern by them but if she keeps her end of the deal I will get to go balls deep in her tight young ass. What if she does keep her end what will Amber do when she catches me fucking her best friend in her ass, will she be mad as hell or will she want some too.

Would she want me to take her virginity or give me some of her little ass as well. My mind raced as I stared at the piece of paper wondering how it was going to proceed, if I could even go through with it I Amber did want to give me her prized cherry. "Daddy you ready?" I heard Amber scream across the house. "Almost!" I answered shoving the note back under my pillow.

I knew I had to get these cum soaked shorts off and get dressed so I stood and pushed them to the ground sexy brunette woman dp by hard man meats in the bedroom stepped out of them not able to resist mano brazil and hungarian girl in jamaica my hard dick I stood by my bed rubbing myself, caught up in the moment I was startled when I heard Amber "Daddy!

Can you not wait until we're gone if Emily sees you doing that she might try to help you. Get your clothes on we are ready to go. You can finish that when you get back." I stood with my hand wrapped around myself staring at Amber standing there in a pair of jean shorts that I knew I hadn't bought her, they had to be two sizes too small by the way the seam had pressed into her pussy clearly splitting her thick lips and a white tank top hanging just loose enough to see her white lace bra that did little to cover her firm Bs.

"Now hurry!" she said as she walked off shaking her head. The shorts she had on did a little less than covered her thick ass cheeks giving me a reason to get a few more strokes in as she walked away.

I couldn't believe I was going to let her go out veronica avluv warms herself up for her that way, I never would have australian teen with braces gets anal fucked for the first time small tits and real tits months ago.

With my dick still hard I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t shirt when I was joined by Emily. After a quick look behind her she asked if she could text me today while they were out. I told her I would love for her to send me some pictures throughout the day, especially of Ambers big ass in those shorts. Emily laughed as she told me those were hers and she thought I would like them.

In a quick motion she stood on her toes and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek "I left you a surprise under Amber's pillow, have fun." giving me her devilish grin she turned and strutted through the house shaking what ass she had. I could hear the girls talking and giggling in the kitchen as I slipped my shoes on and went to join them, silence taking over the room as I walked in. I looked at the girls as they sat and smiled at each other.

"What?" I asked giving them a big grin. My eyes bounced between the girls as the just sat and smiled. "What are you two up to?" I asked. The two sat in silence until Emily spoke up "If you don't ask him I will!" Amber's mouth dropped before telling her she would. "Ask me what? Come on, you two know you can ask me anything." I said as I took a seat at the table with them. "Amber wants to kn." said Emily before Amber shouted "You want to know too!" I told them to go ahead and ask, quit being shy as I looked Amber in her eyes.

"When you look at those young girls on the internet do you ever compare us to them. I mean do you ever think about us while you look at them, besides you get to see me naked all the time. Emily says you probably jack off as soon as we leave the room." My heart pounded as I tried to think of a way to answer her that didn't make me sound like a pervert.

"Amber, you know I like to look at girls your age so I cant say I haven't compared you to the girls I see. Most of the time I think about how much prettier you are than them and how the other guys sitting and looking at the same pictures would give anything to be able to see you naked like I do, I know they would be so jealous of me if they knew I had two sexy young ladies like you two walking around my house naked.

I mean look at you two, they would be guys all over the world jacking off to you if they seen pictures of you naked. I cant say I wouldn't be one of them." I said laughing trying to lighten the tension in the room. They just smiled at each other and laughed as the nodded their heads. "Do you really think we look better than the girls on the internet?" asked Amber. "Yeah I do, I think the both of you are very sexy and will make beautiful women one day." I answered.

Amber sat with a huge smile across her face when she asked "Well I have one more question. Have you ever had sex with a girl my age?" "No I haven't." I answered. "Would you?" she asked. I wasted no time answering her "Yes I would. I would love to but it would have to be a very special girl that I was sure wouldn't tell anyone because I could get into a lot of trouble if anyone ever found out about it. Maybe one day I will get lucky and find a girl who likes older men and wants me to teach her new things." The girls sat and smiled.

I could only imagine what they were thinking. I was hoping they would tell about their pictures on the forum but they didn't, Amber stood up and walked over to me grabbing my hand and pulling me up from my chair and wrapping her arms around me pushing her stomach against my stiff dick "I love you daddy, thank you for being such a good daddy." she said as she squeezed me tighter.

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I told her I loved her too and thank you for being such a good daughter and kissed her on her forehead. "Now that you two have found out more about me than I should have ever told you are you ready to go?" I asked as I squeezed Ambers denim covered ass. "Those shorts are going to get me in trouble!" I said jokingly as she turned me loose and stood in front of me looking at my hardon pushing at my shorts. "Come on Emily we better go before daddy rips his shorts." said Amber as she turned toward the door showing me her thick ass.

"Yeah we better, he needs to come home and take care of that." said Emily smiling and staring at me. I followed Emily to the truck thinking about fucking her small ass. My dick stayed hard the entire trip to the mall only to be rejuvenated as I handed Amber the money I had promised her hoping she would spend it on sexy lingerie like Emily was going to for me to see her in.

I watched the two walk into the mall and made my way back home. With all of the distractions I had forgot to keep the emails up from the mystery man on the forum so I opened the forum and the alias email account to catch up on some things. I couldn't believe how many people she had watching her thread, my little girl had quickly became a hit on the forum. It seems she had posted the movie from earlier and had people begging for more.

I had to go back a couple page to find the video and click on it. I opened with Emily on her knees as Amber slowly worked the blue dildo in and out of her ass, Emily moaning in joy as she pushed it deeper with every stroke. I watched as Amber increased her pace bringing the dildo completely out of her ass and shoving it back in deep as Emily spread her cheeks wide.

With Emily's ass arched in the air, her face burried in the covers Amber quickly pulled the dildo from her ass and held the camera close on her gaping hole before she filled it with her tongue.

I could hear Emily moaning commands to Amber telling her to eat her ass, her cheeks still being stretched apart. Suddenly Emily rolled onto her back spreading her legs around Amber and told her to fuck her ass, she wasn't done yet. Amber quickly obeyed shoving the dildo deep in her ass but Emily wanted more, Amber followed her next command and leaned down and filled Emily's pussy with her fingers.

With her legs raised Emily grabbed the dildo from her hand and brought it to her mouth licking the length of it before shoving deep in her throat, ava koxxx milf boy xxx camera now focusing on Emily sucking her juices from the blue dildo. That was where it ended, I was stroking my dick thinking about the events when I remember Emily had left me a surprise under the pillow so I kicked my shorts from around my foot and made my way to her room, the smell of their perfumes lingered in the air.

I reached under the pillow only to come up empty so I flipped over the other one, my dick throbbed when I saw a pair or white silk thongs and the pink dildo laying there. I knew the panties were not Amber's so they had to be Emily's.

I grabbed the panties and opened the crotch to see they were definitely worn, the cotton crotch was crusty with dried juices. With the crotch open I held them to my nose taking in the smell of young pussy, still breathing in I slowly ran my tongue across the dried juices making the smell stronger tasting the sweet nectar.

I knew the dildo was last used on my daughter and I had to compare the two, I picked up one end of the dildo not sure which hole it was in until I took a deep breath. I had definitely picked up the end that violated her sweet ass, Awesome cumshot compilation hd assjobs legjobs handjobs know what ass smells like. My dick throbbed as I thought about tasting my little girl's ass for the first time.

I found myself wrapping the silk panties around my throbbing cock the crotch still damp with my saliva rubbing up and down my cock as I licked the sides of the pink dildo taking in the tart taste of my girl's ass. The taste of her ass was quickly driving me to the edge, wanting to leave Emily a surprise of my own I quickly spread the panties out with the crotch still wet I exploded my load onto the cotton mixing our juices in the cotton.

After taking a few more licks of Amber's ass juices I moved the pillow and spread the wet panties out and laid the dildo beside them and covered them with the pillow.


With the taste of Amber's ass still in my mouth I returned to my computer to finish what I had started earlier. After posting on her thread I logged out and logged back in under my real account to check my threads and mail. After reading the few posts I had on my thread I turned my attention to the alias email, Amber had sent three emails during last night and this morning.

The first only had pictures, I opened the first one to see Amber on her knees spreading her ass hole wide for Emily to take the picture. I looked at the picture knowing it was taken as I stood outside her door.

The next ones were of Emily stretching that tight ass with her thumbs and of Amber's ass lubed up for the great fucking I was lucky enough to watch.

"These are the last pics we took we got carried away and forgot about the camera. I wish you could have seen her fuck both my holes with the big pink one I have never had so much fun!!!!" The pictures started with one of Amber's ass being filled with Emily's fingers, the next one was one of the huge pink double dick laying between Amber's tight cheeks.

Hot stepsister fucked in her round ass by a stepbrother clicked on the last two seeing the thick pink dildo spreading my baby's ass wide amazed at how much of it was deep inside her.

I clicked on the last email from her that was sent this morning. "Hey sexy you wont believe what I just done I just laid on my daddys bed and spread my legs showing him my pussy. His dick got hard fast.

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All I could think about was him putting that big thing in me. I think I want him to fuck me should I get him to fuck me? Would you fuck your daughter if she wanted you to?

Let me know what I should do. Gotta go me and my friend are going to the mall to get her some lingerie I think I will get some too. What is you fav color? BYE"