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19yr old college girl upskirt at craft store tube porn
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She was ready. She had heard all about what Mr. Ellis does to naughty new students and was prepared to put an end to the cruel manipulation she had heard other girls warn her about. One time he had even let other associates, female too, come in and watch his practices, daring his officials to test his authority. He was a conniving man that had learned how to get whatever he wanted out of his staff and students.

It was a cold day at the preparatory. Most of the girls were away with their families wwe aj lee sex story winter break. However Gina's family did not have the most loving members and when it was suggested that her perverted uncle take her for the holiday season she emailed back with any academic excuse she could think of.

Even though she had become an excellent student, she definitely didn't plan on spending her nights "studying for next semester". She giggled to herself realizing how lame that excuse was. She had no clue what next years curriculum would really be.

Besides she had accidentally met one of the boy's from the exclusive school 5 miles down the road and planned to rendezvous. Students were not allowed to leave the premises after dark, but Gina was a dare devil and a bit too curious for her own good.

Some of the upper classmen had talked her into meeting up for a late night bonfire in the middle of the woods between the schools during last semester. The girls were popular and attractive and since she felt a need to fit in with her peers, she agreed. She remembered how hard her young, soft, pink nipples had become even though all the girls walked tightly together, arm to arm.

The body heat of the young tribe of girls not being apparently enough warmth for young Gina. As she walked to his office, she wondered if that was going to be the topic of their meeting. She wondered if he knew what went on out there in the woods. Those prep school boys definitely didn't go out there to compare notes. Gina walked briskly, passing the secretary's desk noticing how still the office was.

Not a soul seemed to exist today besides herself and the horny, older man waiting for her behind a closed door. Normally she would have had her quiet thoughts interrupted by a bustling office scene, with eavesdropping employees and students within earshot of that expensively furnished room. There was the door with opaque glass reading his prominent title before her.

She suddenly became conscious of her uniform, wondering why she still chose to wear it even on break. The draft from the short black skirt brushed her soft cheeks. Gina never wore anything but thongs and suddenly realized how vulnerable that made her to sudden changes in atmosphere.

"Mr. Ellis?" Gina announced herself graciously by her statement upon opening the door and letting herself smoothly within the entrance. "Ah, Mrs. Martin. Have a seat." "Yes sir." She shimmied into a leather chair, pressing her thighs tightly together in an effort to warm the Goosebumps from her young skin. "Why do you wear your hair like that Gina?" He motioned to a sloppy, bouncy bun tied high on her head.

Her pretty natural blonde highlights cascaded from the knot of caramel, auburn hair piled high on her head. She felt the color rise in her cheeks not realizing she was still very beautiful messy and un-kept. She watched intently while his eyes roamed her slouching figure.

Gina rose like a cat, shielding her embarrassed expression while she looked to the floor. She raised a hand to release the knot, her lovely locks falling past her shoulders and brushing her graceful cheek bones. He stared deeply into her dark hazel eyes. Truly, she was lovely, as the last bit of sunset flooded the room and spotlighted on the girl of seventeen. She naively looked down at her protruding chest.

He always made her feel self conscious and huge dildo in their hands trying first lesbians deepfucking pantyhose erotica he had not yet made a spectacle of her, she was aware of his power over the young women at that school. She reflected on the reactions of some of the molested massage rare story sex spy camera he had played mercilessly with.

Either they became perfect cock sucking sluts and were well known for being so, or they hid in corners, walking around with their pretty faces staring helplessly to the marble tiles of the hallways.

What would he make her do? She decided than, not me. She almost forgot her mission and let the confidence that she did have rise in her posture as she moved her perfect mouth to say what was necessary. "Is that better sir?


May I ask why you have called me in here on break?" She said watching a wide grin spread across Mr. Ellis's face. He seemed impressed with her gall to address him so cocky. She looked quickly away, the lust in his eyes frightened her. She was not a virgin anymore but had never imagined being yenna and angel share a stiff cock masturbation and blonde an older man. It was too much like fucking her own father. She stared absent mindedly at the gold lettering engraved on the name plate sitting proudly on his large desk.

"Headmaster Ellis" it read, almost saying to her he would fully own her, like a piece of property soon if she let him dominate her as he surely would try.

"Ms. Martin it has come to my attention that you and several of the other upper classmen in our school disregard the high standards I have set for curfew.

Is that correct?" "I'm not sure sir. What are you referring to." Gina dared to look him dead on, encouraging him to blackmail her if he chose to. "I believe your well aware of what I'm referring to." Gina sat unmoved, stiffly straining her spine to keep perfect posture.

She reached her hands deep into her school sweatshirt and shuddered as if the cold had forced her to do so. Carefully and quietly she slipped her finger down to the recording device resting where the pocket sagged gently to the crevice between her thighs. He continued saying, "Not only is it against the rules of our illustrious preparatory to leave school grounds without proper supervision as you are still a minor, but definitely inexcusable to leave after dark.

Its dangerous out there Ms. Martin. Now what were you doing leaving school grounds so late at night with five other students?" The mood in the office shifted intensely as the silence grew between the young student and her superior.

"Headmaster, I was just curious." Gina said softly refusing to lift her chin from her chest. He rose from his heavy, official looking chair, moving around the desk towards the innocent looking girl.

She felt his presence right next to her shivering body as he stared down menacingly at her shrinking figure. "Curious?" He loudly repeated.

"Yes sir, I wanted to know what they do out there." "And what did you find out Ms. Martin? What exactly do naughty girls that disregard all rules enforced strictly for their safety do?" Gina didn't dare look up. She didn't dare answer either, not intending to incriminate her friends. "I should call your parents." He said mockingly, reaching for a black phone on his desk.

"They don't care." She muttered, defiantly. "Oh no? Your uncle who paid for you to attend this school would." Gina's eyes filled with emotion, as she fearfully looked to see her headmaster lift the receiver. Her uncle had once locked her in a closet for over two hours when she had misbehaved. At 15 he blindfolded her on Easter vacation and forced her to strip while she heard him jack himself off.

The sick fuck would have a field day if he was allowed to punish her for what she did with the boys in the woods. "Please sir, I'll do whatever to prove I didn't do anything wrong. Please, please, please don't call my uncle. Please Mr. Ellis don't do that. I beg you not to do that." "Are you afraid of him Ms. Martin.?" He said questioningly. She didn't answer. He clearly saw the desperation in her face. Gina pulled away from his heavy hand moving to stroke the supple skin of her cheek.

His fingers fell to her neck. "Why should you feel scared of you own uncle?" He said pausing to stare at the pretty young girl and take a long breath before delivering his next few sentences. "Gina, your going to have to be punished for leaving school grounds. I know that your well aware of how we punish girls here. When you were younger I would have you stand against that wall and say fifty times that you were a bad girl and than spank you over this very desk. Now I can't do that any more.

Clearly it hasn't taught you a thing to be disciplined properly because if what I think happened out in those woods did, you are a very, very bad girl indeed. Why are you fidgeting so? I have only seen you fidget like that when your hiding something. Are you hiding something from me Gina?" "No sir." She said anxiously trying to keep the rose color rising hotly in her cheeks from his eyes and stirring nervously in the cold leather chair.

"Stand Ms. Martin." He commanded. She stared at his unchanging expression and slowly rose out of her seat to stand close to his masculine body. He was handsome for an older man and was built in a way that commanded her diligence.

She attentively watched as he moved his hands from his sides to hers. "What are you going to do&hellip.sir?" She said feeling the fear creep into her voice.

"I'm going to make sure your not hiding anything from bubble butt hottie got double penetrated really well He said starting to pat her shoulders slightly.

Sexy blonde teen sucks and rides big cock he slid his hands down her feminine curves that had just started to come in.

"What are you doing??" Gina felt a strange sensation as he moved his hands slowly down her sides. She was afraid of what he would continue to do, no not afraid but unsure. "I'm frisking you for drugs, cigarettes or anything else you could be hiding." "Drugs!!??" She squealed. Gina had never even wanted to smoke marijuana. The boys she had daughter puts dildo in mom on camspicycom had offered many, many times and despite the peer pressure she had actually resisted anything and everything they had solicited her to try.

Headmaster Ellis moved his warm hands down her soft thighs, sliding his fingers gently down past her knees to where her socks clung to her well defined calves.

He slipped a finger inside the dark sock circling to the back of her muscles. Mr. Ellis looked up to see Gina's eyes welling with tears. Her glossy stare intrigued his sick need to dominate young girls. She forced the tears out of her eyes to softly drop on her rosy cheeks. She knew it only heightened his arousal to humiliate her by touching her inappropriately. He didn't want to take advantage yet.

As he slid his hands back up the slim, sexy figure of the young girl, Gina noticed that he was now taking his time, slowly rising from his knees. His hands slithered up her hips, resting under her pleated skirt and his gentle touch resting against the creases of the tight, youthful skin of her butt cheeks. "Mr. Ellis please&hellip.please don't touch me there. I will take the spanking but please don't&hellip.please don't do what you do to all the other natural tits teen smashed by her stepdad girls in our school.

Please don't, rape me." She pleaded, innocently starting into his unkind eyes. Headmaster Ellis let out a loud, hearty laugh. "What are you talking about Ms. Martin?" He said lifting his hands from under her skirt. He wiped the tears from her cheeks and continued his search for "drugs".

He pressed against the material of her sweatshirt firmly. Now the fear in Gina grew to an uncontrollable rate and she was clearly stressed with every movement of his palms pressing hard into the soft, naked flesh underneath her clothes. He took an especially long time rubbing and fondling the mounds high in her garment. He felt under her perky breasts one at a time, sometimes grabbing onto the material, massaging her tit while delighting in Gina's reactions to his touch.

She tried to move her body in a way that may cause the recording device to fall into a free hand so she could hide it. She felt as if she was breaking a sweat as she shook afraid of what he may do if he caught her. "Your shaking." He whispered in a way that made her knees slightly weak, the fear taking over her body. His hands started to slide from her breasts towards the pocket concealing her secret.

In desperation she dropped to her knees. "Please Headmaster I don't have any drugs, or anything&hellip.I would never do ANYTHING like that! Please sir, I just went out to the woods to&hellip.to……be with my friends.

I know its wrong to break curfew and sneak out. I know I deserve punishment. But please…&hellip.I&hellip.I&hellip." Gina began sobbing in between her words, babbling on, hoping it would persuade him from continuing to search her body.

"Rise." "Please…&hellip.ohhhh&hellip.please headmaster&hellip.I'll do anything but please" "Oh yes? Anything……Ha……I wouldn't be a bit surprised&hellip.I am well aware of what you and your friends do for fun out in the woods. Do you think I like hearing that one of my best students takes off her clothes and exposes her hot young body to innocent preparatory boys?

Do you think I like hearing that the girls in our prestigious school lead younger, innocent underclassmen in orgies out in the woods?

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Now. Rise and learn to behave yourself. Rise!!" Mr. Ellis yelled at the vulnerable girl kneeling at his feet. Gina started to procrastinate but his strong arm came suddenly down, his fist wrapped around the material of her clothes and yanked her up unexpectedly.

She almost fell back down to the carpet, but his left hand caught her right where the bulge in her pocket had remained concealed by the bulkiness of her sweatshirt. "Well, well, well, what do we have here." Gina's headmaster said reaching into her pocket despite her fighting him.

He pulled out the recorder staring at the button pressed firmly inward. He switched it off staring back to see Gina's eyes fill with tears. "Well?" He said grabbing the hood of the loose garment. The fire in his eyes kept her from uttering a word in reply, but it wasn't anger she saw within his mia the mouth masseuse deepthroat and fingering. "Oh Mr.

Ellis I just&hellip.I just didn't want to end up like my friends." Gina practically whined in reply as she let a tear slide down her soft, rosy cheek. "I know what you do to them when their bad girls, I just didn't want to be…&hellip.blackmailed into fucking you." "Fucking me??!

Well that's some vocabulary you didn't learn in Mr. Warenburg's class last year. Gina, I fear for your future if you live your life according to the gossip of your friends." The headmaster withdrew his warm body from the side of the shaky girl and sat behind the desk in his heavy, office chair.

"Let me see if I understand this, you believed I would blackmail you into sexual intercourse with me for being a naughty girl and going out to the woods to participate in less than educational activities, so instead of allowing me to blackmail you, you were going to blackmail me?' Headmaster Ellis let out a loud laugh.

Gina shivered in the cold of his office, aroused and confused, she adjusted her skirt and sat down looking very ashamed. "I'm sorry sir. What shall I do?" "I'm afraid all those years of punishing you when you were being a very bad girl hasn't yet got through to you. I will have to make it get through to you. Stand over the desk." Gina tried to protest but say quotahhhhquot bitch facial swallow ebony cumpilation she could think of words he was up from his chair and positioned behind her tight, round ass.

She obediently lifted her skirt as she had done so many times since the age of ten for Mr. Ellis to spank her. He started lightly beating her left and right ass cheeks. She bent further over and grabbed the hard wood of the other side of his desk, clutching onto the edge when he would beat her really hard. The loud "slllllaaaaaap" echoed in the office of every blow that fell on her hinee.

When ever she would let out a few screams Mr. Ellis would just smile and hit her harder. He loved to watch her take it, but this time he was busy calculating a plan. "So you think its okay to disobey school rules??" He said loudly over the slapping.

"No sir&hellip.owwwwww……did you have to hit so hard?" "Do you have to be so bad?! No student of mine is going to fuck some child from a boy's prep school!! You want to be a naughty slut like all of your friends, your going to be punished exactly the way they are." He said berating poor young Gina, the red from his hitting her coated her lovely, round cheeks. "You don't think I know what you do?? I never needed to blackmail your friend Stephanie, she came in here and offered herself to me when I caught her cheating last semester finals.

Oh, and your friend Madison? She sucks dick for anything from a free coke or a line of coke. But you know all this don't you?? Gina your too smart to end up like those whores you hang out with." "Ouuuccccchhhh! Please headmaster. I didn't know. Please it hurts." "And its going to hurt worse." Ellis said raising a hand high above his head and landing it with surprising accuracy on the sorest part of Gina's exposed skin. He suddenly grabbed the frightened girl by the loose material from the back of her sweatshirt, yanking her up and around to face him.

She stood with her face almost in his chest. Gina could smell his cologne. He lifted her gently onto the edge of the desk. Gina jumped a little when he ran a warm hand up her trembling thigh. His other hand followed to the straps of her thong.


"What are you&hellip." "Shhhhh." He said silencing her. "I'm going to teach you a lesson. If I find you are wet Ms. Martin you're going to be in a lot of trouble.

I didn't beat you just now as your punishment but to prove something I've suspected." Gina struggled against his hands trying to keep him from pulling off her panties. She was very wet and very confused. She had always gotten wet when he would spank her. Ever since the age of twelve, she would always leave his office with a little of her cum sliding down her thigh, humiliated and dejected.

She was so ashamed that her reaction to her discipline was that of complete surrender and arousal. He had only made her strip once, and that was for a full search for test answers which he had believed she had given to her friends for cheating.

That was last year, she had developed a little earlier than most girls and had full ripe breasts at fifteen. Her perky tits were rock hard now as Mr. Ellis pulled the white thong down past her knee socks and ankles. He gently moved his hands back up her legs and under her skirt. "Why are you shaking so Ms. Martin?" She couldn't answer his question. Gina closed her eyes realizing she was defeated and this man was all that her friends described.

She couldn't stop him because he would just send her to her uncle. It was better to let him manipulate her body than that disgusting son of a bitch. Gina nearly fell of the desk when his long finger entered her tight, wet pussy.

Mr. Ellis could feel her barley used muscles tighten hard around his digit. He struggled to pull it out of her. She moaned unexpectedly when he forced a second finger into her. He lifted his hand from under her skirt revealing a sticky transparent liquid shining on his fingers, stuck like glue to his hand. He used his free hand to turn on a light on the desk.

Even though it was very dark in his office now, Gina could still see that she had almost soaked his hand emily addison vs cali logan her juices.

She bit her lip in an effort to keep herself from asking him if he would do it blow bang with hot babes hardcore cumshots. She didn't need to ask he returned his hand. He played gently with her pussy lips allowing the liquid to coat and lubricate her hole.

Her muscles quivered with every playful movement of his finger on her hot little twat. He pulled her off of the desk so he could slide down her uniform skirt. She sat her plump little ass back up on the desk.

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Her headmaster placed his hands on her slim waist guiding her body further back on the desk. She noticed the impressive bulge in his trousers. Gina desperately hoped he would take it out and push it deep in her cunt right then.


He felt her eyes on it and watched delighted as the young slut licked her lips unconsciously. She was craving cock badly, but he continued to massage her bald pussy lips.

"You're a very naughty girl Gina. You're soaking wet. Do you want me to fuck you??" "OH GOD yes! Please Headmaster.

Make me ride it like a cowgirl!" "Really?" He said laughing at her enthusiasm. Mr. Ellis pushed the girl further back on the desk. "You don't deserve it." He said starting to alternate rubbing her clit and slapping her little kittens pound guys butthole with enormous strapons and blast sperm. He pressed his palm against the tender slit and raised his hand slightly.

"I'm going to spank your pussy. Maybe that will teach your nasty little cunt not to fuck any little boy that wants to stick his dick in you." Gina tried to pull away from his hand, but he held her fast with his free hand. "Yeowwwwch!" Gina cried out with the first brutal blow.

She realized he had no intention of releasing that large snake from his pants yet. "Headmaster please!" "Shut up Gina. This is what happens to bad girls that try to blackmail their superiors and fuck little boys out in the woods." "Ouuuuuuuchhhh! Mmmmmmm that hurt." "Ahhhhh poor little piece of twat doesn't like her punishment?? Want me to fuck the pain away??" Gina knew better now. She would not admit how badly her pussy was aching for that huge tent pitched in his pants.

She could almost imagine the hard helmet of that bulging dick pop into her practically virginal cunt. Although she cried out as if it hurt worse than getting her ears pierced, her sweet, little pussy was squirting juices all over her slick lips. "Owwwww……please sir I wont……mmmmmmm I wont do it again.

I'll stay in every night. No matter what!! Oh FUCK!……owwwwww." "Only really bad little girls get wet when their getting their pussy beaten. Tell me you're a naughty girl Gina." "I'm a naughty girl sir." "Yes, a very naughty girl." "Yes sir, very, very, very naughty……owwwww………sir I…"he groaned.

"Yes Gina, you've learned your lesson. Now hand me those panties and put your skirt back sex movie story mom son real.

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You better hope I don't hear of you ever going back out to the woods." Gina slide down the desk to the floor. She diligently handed him her panties and adjusted her skirt on her waist once she could stand. She started to leave his office as usual, dripping wet and humiliated. "When you get back to your room Gina send your friend Stephanie to my office." Gina turned and nodded refusing to look at him or the stupid recording device sitting on his desk.

She felt so foolish for thinking she could touch this man's authority. As she walked back to her dormitory, she became even more angry imagining what Mr. Ellis wanted Stephanie for. "That cock-sucker was going to use that delicious looking bulge on Stephanie and not me?" She thought to herself. She decided not tell her and went to bed early that night hoping it would infuriate her headmaster.

Gina secretly wanted to be punished again, she was such a bad girl.