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Beauteous teen in slavery gets pussy wet schoolgirl and japanese
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I sat covered in sweat and dirt after soccer practice waiting for my parents. Being only 16 I had my permit but unfortunately hadn't gotten it until 6 months after my birthday so I was still dependent on my parents for rides. How cool is that right?

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Anyways, I sat away from my team mainly because I liked to be alone but also because I was gay. I mean I can control myself and everything but one of my teammates, Davis, was just too much for me to handle. He was everything anyone could want and I didn't feel like making a fool of myself.


I sat there patiently, ignoring my teammates and going through Facebook on my android when Davis started walking towards me. He sat down next to me and my heart was racing. Why would he want to come over here?

"Your parents still aren't here?" "No, I think they finally decided to abandon me for sure." "Haha I doubt it! Did you call them?" "Yeah, but they won't get here mother tests dick out for her horny step-daughter tube porn another hour.

They're still on their way back from Alabama." "Well if you want, I can drive you to my house and you can just spend the night." "For real? That would be sick! Let me just call them." "Sure, go ahead." I immediately dialed my dad and anxiously waited for him to answer. "Hola?" "Hey dad, Davis offered to let me stay the night at his house since you guys are still on your way back from Alabama.

Is it cool with you guys if I stay with him?" "Sure mi hijo. Just be safe." "Sweet, I'll see you tomorrow." I hung up and put my phone into my soccer bag.

"They said yes." "Nice! My car's over there." "Okay, let me just get my stuff together." "Sure thing. I'll wait for you in the car." "Alright. I won't take long." As he walked away I couldn't help but admire how cute he really was. He had blond hair that was short enough so he didn't have to style it. He was tan and had a very nice build that I couldn't help noticing especially when we changed jerseys before games.

His eyes were a startling grayish blue that would always take my breath away. I may not be great friends with him but I'm lucky enough to be in his presence. I was still mesmerized by his physique when my phone rang again. Broken out of my trance I took it out and looked at the caller ID. It was my best friend Caleigh.

She was one of the only people that knew that I was gay. "Yolo," I answered.

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"Do you really need to say that every time you answer your phone?" "Of course! Well not really but I enjoy annoying others.

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What's up?" "Not much I was wondering if tomorrow you wanted to hang out?" "Probably not." "Why not!? Is it because you hate me!?!?!" "Haha, no. I'm spending the night at Davis's house tonight." "Oh that guy that you've been crushing on?" "Yeah, he's waiting for me in his car as we speak." "Make momma proud and get some! Ow ow!" "Haha well I have to go. I'll tell you more tomorrow." "Alrighty then. Good luck sweetie." I quickly gathered my things and ran to his car hoping that I wasn't too much of a burden on him.

"What took you so long?" "Sorry, my friend called me." "About?" "Uhhh, about…some plans that she had planned." "Oh okay." I don't know why but for some reason he sounded disappointed to find out that it was a girl I was making plans with. I wasn't sure why at the time but I didn't pay much attention to it at the time. It was a half hour ride back to his house and we talked mainly about what teenage guys talk about.


Ironically enough he and I are good kids so we talked about why teenagers would drink and do drugs. We skipped from topic to topic as if we were listening to music on our ipods and we had it on shuffle.

From the soccer team to the newest video games and even about my witch chemistry teacher who I was pretty sure that she was racist. We eventually got to his house and it was huge!

"HOLY SHIT! You have a nice ass house!" "Haha, thanks although it's not that big…" "Not that big!? You have a fucking pool!" "Well&hellip.that's true haha. Anyways lets go in." The inside of the house was just as impressive as the outside. Clearly he had money yet he acted so modest and humble and I'll admit that that was cute.

He led me to his room and although he had a big ebony babes take turns getting bonked by white stud his room was about the same size as my room. We dropped our stuff at the edge of his bed and I sat down on his bed while he went through his closet. "Your parents here?" I asked "No, they are at a party and won't be home until like three in the morning.

Trust me." "Sweet." "Do you want to take a shower first?" he asked me. "Nah you can go first. I'm just gonna have to borrow some clothe from you unless you want me running around the house smelling like shit." "Haha we wouldn't want that now would we?" "Of course not." "Here just use these for now." He threw me some brightly colored clothe and then a towel for later.

As soon as I caught all of it, he started to take off his clothe. He was perfect in every way. His pecs were gorgeous and he had a slight outline of a six pack on his body.

He was practically hairless. He took off his shorts and he only had his compression shorts on which hugged onto his beautiful ass. I wasn't that bad myself but he was just an Adonis compared to the rest of the world.

He looked at me and said, "I'll be quick. No peeking" I smiled and replied, "Whatever you say." He walked into his bathroom and locked the door behind. Having nothing to do I explored his room a little bit. It was really nice and I was looking at his books when he came out of the shower. "Alright, your turn." "Okay." I took off my shirt and my shorts and started to head for the bathroom. Right before I went into the bathroom I heard him say, "Wait." I turned around and looked at him hottie lola milano sucks and rides doggystyle and deepthroat my head tilted slightly.

"What?" I replied "Can I ask you something?" "Sure, what is it?" "You have to promise not to tell anyone." At this point my mind was racing with questions.

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"Uhh ye-yeah. I promise." "Have you ever slept with a girl?" "No, have you?" "No but that's because I don't like girls." I sat down next to him and asked in utter confusion, "Wait…what?" "What I'm saying is that I'm gay" I was speechless. I couldn't breathe at all and my heart did a little flutter in my chest.

He kept going and said, "The reason why I invited you here is to tell you that I like you and that I couldn't take it anymore being on that team with you and you not knowing." "Are you serious?" I responded "Look I'll understand if you don't want to talk to me but I just had to let you know." "Well I guess I have something to tell you too.

I've had a crush on you since I first saw you." "Really?" "Yeah" I whispered I leaned in and my lips made contact with his warm soft lips. I pulled away and looked into his eyes and I could tell that this was going to be a fun night.

I came in again and kissed him. He hesitantly put his tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it. We continued making out and slowly I began to lay him down on the bed. I laid on top of him feeling his warm, soft skin make contact with mine. I could feel my dick getting harder and through his towel I could feel his stiffen too. I slowly began to grind against his dick while we continued to make out. Our hands began to slowly explore our bodies.

I could feel his back muscles contract as his hand explored my back. Little by little his hands went lower and lower down my back until he started to grope my ass. I pulled him in closer and broke away from his lips. "What?" he asked. "Shh, just trust me." I whispered.

I started kissing his neck and began to creep supercute teen gina gerson stuffs clay dick inside her ass way down his torso. I stopped at his pecs and sucked on his nipples. Davis moaned. I then went on to his abs and kissed them passionately. Teasingly I took my time as I went down his torso while his panting slowly began to pick up.

With every kiss, he moaned louder. With every inch, his breath quickened. I unwrapped his towel and took his rock hard into my hand. I looked up at him and slowly jacked him off. His breaths quickened and I took his rock hard beauty finger drilled and pounded lingerie japanese into my mouth. I slowly sucked his dick bobbing my head up and down. Davis continued to moan and he put his hand on my head.

I began to suck his succulent dick faster and faster and Davis continued to breathe quicker. His moans came faster and louder. "Uh, uh, oh god, you're going to make me cum!

Uh! Uh! Oh god! I'm gonna&hellip." I already knew before he could even finish his talking and I felt his hot man juice squirt into my mouth. I swallowed it all and cherished his manly seed. I sucked and sucked until there was nothing left. I let go of his dick and looked up at him. "That was amazing! Have you done this before?" "No, the internet is an amazing thing." "Now there's only one thing to take care of." He said with a smile. "What's that?" I asked smiling back.

"You still need to take a shower and it's a pretty big shower." He replied with a wink To be continued…? *Hey guys tell me what you think this is my first story so please be gentle and let me know if I should continue this*