Stepsis avalon heart pounded by fat dick

Stepsis avalon heart pounded by fat dick
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You don't notice me walking up behind you as you enter your apartment, after you open the first door I grab your hair and force your face into the wall. You start to scream but my hand is around your throat, I push you to your door and you know to open it, once inside I throw you to the ground, you look up just as my hand comes across your face leaving an red impression on it which will last for the evening.

When the tears clear from your eyes you see my hard cock standing tall above you, you go to suck it and I slap you again. "No" I say, "lick it first" Like a good slave you do sex amateurskool xxx black guy and girl six you are told licking up and down my shaft when I grab your hair and force the head of my cock to the back of your throat suddenly.

You aren't prepared and gag immediately but I won't let you go an inch. You hands punch my sides and I pull out and slap hard again. "Don't you ever fucking strike me again" My cock is in your throat again.

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I hold it at the same point and you go to push away but you know better this time. I reward you good behavior by allowing you to breathe for a moment before I pull you to your feet by your throat. I walk you to the bedroom when there is a knock at your door, "answer it" You do as you are told and angelina valentine stroking that massive ego neighbor is there, she just celebrated her 39th birthday last week, her shoulder length black hair, her well defined waist, only turn you on more.

Dressed in only a nightie she asks is anything wrong? I walk up behind you and whisper in your ear. "Tell the truth" You tell her that you are having the best time of your life pleasing your master, at this point I pull your pants down in one fell swoop leaving you to flash your cougar neighbor. You blush but notice she does too, I whisper in your ear again "kiss her" As you go in to meet her lips for the first time she instinctively slaps you even harder than I did.

You take a step back, embarrassed. As your eyes begin to weep she gives you a deep kiss. "I'm so sorry" she also has tears in her eyes, "it was reflex" She steps in and closes the door behind her and gives you another kiss, I drop to my knees and start licking the rosebud of your asshole.

You moan into her mouth and she quivers at the knees. "Let's go to your room" I tell you both, you are both nervous and are sitting on your bed as I remove your shirt, she removes your bra as you kiss again, I open your legs and my tongue touches your clit for the first time.


You moan into her mouth again and she relents. She grabs the back of your head and your tongues clash, my fingers prod your asshole as your hand finds its way between your new partners legs. She moans into your mouth when you touch between her thighs and you scream into hers. She pulls back and removes her shirt, I'm still eating you out when she straddles you, brings her nipples to your mouth which you start to suck with the hunger of a newborn.

She lets out a loud moan and starts grinding her pussy against your stomach. You moan together as you both come closer and closer to orgasm. You relent first, when she reaches down and pinches your nipple.

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You scream and convulse, I feel your ass tighten around the three fingers I've wriggled into your perfectly formed ass. You convulsions make you neighbor cum as well, you didn't know this but she squirts.

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And she squirts all over your chest. She pushes you down and mounts your face. She hasn't finished he orgasm yet and her juices begin to projectile into your mouth and nose. You start to cough so she gets up teen friends dad and dirty hairy fighting for affection I push her back down.

"She loves being smothered" I tell her. She smiles and gives me a long kiss on the lips as she stars grinding her cunny against your lips and nose. You take breaths when you can but you can feel yourself loosing oxygen. As your face turns blue she lifts herself from your face and I plunge my cock into your pussy. You try to scream but you haven't caught your breath yet, it comes out as a sigh. Your neighbor is at your side, kissing your neck and playing with your nipples as I hammer at you with a rhythm.

You rock back and forth because you don't know what else you can do when your neighbor holds your legs steady and brings her lips to your clit. You let out a scream for real this time. To keep you from doing it again your neighbor brings one leg over your head an rests her pussy on your mouth. I pull out from between your legs and she greedily puts it in her mouth, she sucks me hungrily as she rubs her clit against your chin.

After what seems like hours of sucking and licking and moaning she turns herself around, your pussies touch for the first time and your eyes open wide as she brings her lips to yours again.

She bounces her ass in the air, an invitation for me I suppose, I take my place behind the two of you and rest the head of my cock against your neighbors well trimmed cunt. "It's been so long since I've had anyone" She whispers in your ear I push myself inside her and she moans into your mouth once again, your nails find her back and begin to scratch, she archest her back as I pull out of her and rest my cock at your opening. You let out a loud sigh as I push myself deeper into you, I only go half way when I pull out.

Your face looks defeated, sad, but it fills with dread when I push the head of my cock against your asshole. I push.


You scream. Your neighbor brings her lips to yours to smother the screams. When I am completely inside your ass she releases you from her lips, tears are streaming down the sides of your face.

I pull out slowly. Then push in again. I begin to pump inside of you steadily faster until you are simply moaning with pleasure. Your neighbor spins herself around again and rests her slit on your face, when her lips meet your pussy again you scream into hers, this is a new sensation for you. a welcome one. I can no teen sex porn sex stories nxg hold my seed while massaging the inside of your ass and relent, filling you with a wave of warmth, this is also a new sensation, coupled with a woman's mouth on your clit it puts you in a state of exctacy.

You continue to lie there as I slowly pull myself out with a pop, you are leaking cum from your ass when you finally drift to sleep.