Cute teen fucks her sweet pussy with a huge toy

Cute teen fucks her sweet pussy with a huge toy
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Spider Man part 2 Peter swung through upper queens. It was a bright and sun filled day. As Peter swung from web to web his spider sense began to tingle. Peter's cock also began to harden whatever was happening was also extremely sexy.

Peter began to follow not only his spider-sense but his "cock sense" as his boner pointed him in the right direction. Peter swung over a dark alley to notice a gang surrounding a beautiful blonde. She was about 5'7'' with blonde her and green eyes that shown in the dark. Her tits were a solid c 34 and her black tank top pushed her breasts out showing her milky white cleavage. " was that"… peter began to think as he realized who was in the alley below him it was Gwen stacey his high school romance.

Peter jumped down into the alley summer saluting in mid air and kicking the gang leader in the face. The gang leader sprawled to the ground as Peter whirled around and disarmed two other gang members guns with web strikes.

peter flipped through the air as the gang rushed him. the gang was no match for spider man as he twirled in the air striking fierce blows in all directions. Peter soon wrapped up all the criminals and walked over to gwen stacy.

" Lucky i was around" Spider man quirped. " A pretty girl shouldn't be walking around dark alleys alone." Gwen stefani said " It looks like you have one more bad guy to wrap up" she said as she grabbed peters throbbing cock through his spidey uniform Peter let out a long moan as gwen stefani lowered down and pulled out peter's thick cock.

she licked the tip and slowly began to push peters purple head deep into her mouth. Peter sighed in relief as precum leaked into the gorgeous blondes mouth. Her tongue swirled around peter's cock. Peter grabbed the back of gwen's head and began to pump her on his cock. Slamming his hips into her face as fast as he could gwen's face began to smack against teen couple make a homemade sex tape cold brick wall behind her.

Peter could take no more as he let out a turrent into gwens excepting mouth. "oh you dirty whore take my super cum bitch" Peter yelled as his hips slammed hard into gwen's face. Brunette slots sucking hard knob striptease and hardcore began to swallow as fast as she could but Peter's huge load began to guzzle out of her mouth and onto her cheeks.

***** Back at the Parker residence Mary Jane fell back asleep in bed. Near the front of the apartment door a black ooze began to bubble. It slowly slid under the apartment door and began creeping towards the back bedroom.

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the ooze stopped at the front of the bed room. It sensed Parker was gone but something else was here. The ooze slowly crept up the bed and wrapped around mary jane 's feet. The ooze used itself as rope and bound mary janes legs to the bed post. Venom busted through the apartment door. He roared as he flew into the back room and shot a black web over mary jane's mouth " Wheres parker im going 2 eat his spleen ?" venom hissed " Well since parker isn't here we are going to have a little fun with you'" Mary jane struggled to no avail as venom hopped on the bed his tentacles waving in the air furiously.

Venom ripped back the covers exposing mary janes naked body still wet from the fucking she received earlier. venoms tentacle slammed into mary janes wet pussy "Still wet are we ?" venom said mary jane cried out as venom slammed his tentacles into and out of her pussy. Venom then pulled out and slammed his tentacle in mary jane's virgin ass. She cried out as he ripped apart her ass with his tentacle.


blood leaked out of mary janes ass. Venom positioned his 15inch 3 in round dick at mary janes snatch. Mary Jane tried to shake her head and scream but the web still held her mouth shut.Venom slammed into mary jane hard. His penis smashed up against mary janes cervix. "take it bitch we are going 2 rape you hard " venom hissed as his penis pulled out and slammed into may janes tight cunt.

Mary janes cunt was getting stretched too the limit.

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Venom was fucking her like she had never been fucked before. Her pussy was on fire the muscles strained to hold the long black shaft in her.

Venoms dick slammed into mary jane repeatedly "ugh ugh ugh ugh UGH OH GOD FUCK MY PUSSY FUCK MY DIRTY CUNT OH FUCK" Mary jane yelled. She began to rock her hips back against the black intrusion on her pussy. Venoms dick was soo big and strong he picked mary jane off the bed by his dick and slammed her into the wall.

Venom carried mary jane onto the walk out porch as he fucked her in mid air. Venom forced half Mary Janes body over the edge as he fuck her sloppy bleeding pussy.

"ugh oh god don't stop please"mary jane moaned her fat tits bouncing in the air.

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Venom grabbed her sensitive red nipples with two of his tentacles and twisted. with gushes of milk sprayed from both mary janes tits. "ahhhh shit" she cried. "we are cumiming " venom yelled as his black dick began to swell.

It swelled three times it size in diameter. Mary jane screamed out in pain and pleasure as hot tar like ooze began to fill her pussy. load after load of hot tar burned mary janes pink snatch. " you are pregnant with my alien seed we will ravish you soon again " venom hissed Venom turned and bolded out the door. Mary jane lay on the porch in the shinning light her pussy dripped black ooze. When cuddly college girl was teased and reamed by her senior teacher awoke she stood up only 2 find her pussy still covered in black ooze.

It was like a dark web she could not pull off her pussy. "ugh muff" slam Mary jane was forced against the balcony once again as her ass was put at the perfect position 2 enter. "We came back for more" venom hissed mary jane could feel venoms black dick snake into her asshole.


It hurt so bad but his dick sent electrical currents through her body she had never felt so much pleasure before. Mary jane began to press her ass back against Venoms huge dick. Venom began to slam into mary jane's back door. As venom slammed mary janes ass quivered and shook.

Venom began to smack her ass repeatedly with two tentacles while another two milked her breast and a third ravished her clit. mary jane was in pure ecstasy "ugh ugh ugh god oh fuck oh jesus oh venom cum in me feel me with your dark spunk i want to bear your demon child take me away from parker forever use me for your dark needs" venom pulled out and all the way and pushed his dick so far into mary jane her eyes went red with pain.

he pulled out again and mary jane immediately shit herself. A combination of blood shit and cum raced out of her ass in a current. Mary jane could not sweeties pound dudes anus with monster belt cocks and splash jizm herself as her golden stream began to soak the tentacle playing with her clit. " oh god u black nigger rape me rape me harder. mary jane felt like each of her legs were about to fall off as venom pounded her ass.

Venom began to shoot his tar like cum up mary janes ass. "ahhhhhhhhh" she screamed as black tar oozed from her ass sealing it closed and the rest fountaining over and falling onto her pussy and clit. Venoms dick began to shrivel as he wiped the remaining tar on mjs tits and face.

"well be back to fuck that tight pink pussy" venom said "bring a friend mary jane cooed" end of part 2 2b continued prelude to part 3 peter fucks gwen stacy and rushes home 2 find his abused wife.


mad parker looks for revenge and teams up with the black cat for some sexy action.