Tinyk dillion harper shows off her skills

Tinyk dillion harper shows off her skills
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Janet Fuller's mum shouted for her to come down the stairs as her daughter's new boyfriend waited patiently by the door, impressing her with his strong, youthful good looks. "Such a slow coach i'm afraid " Mrs Fuller spoke apologetically as finally the shy teenager appeared at the top of the stairs.

She was wearing a very thin wispy clourful summer dress which she seemed slightly nervous to be seen in. It clung deliciously to her big shapely boobs and ample bottom, covering very little of her bare legs.

Her shoes were white high heels, so she had to step slowly and carefully down the stairs. With a shy smile she greeted Brad, her new older boyfriendher cheeks reddening as he took in the view before him. The New Boyfriend Mrs Fuller smiled knowingly to herself seeing how her daughter had dressed for this boy and seeing the appreciative glint in his eye. "Well young lady about time! poor brad could have been on a walk and back for all the time you've taken!" "Sorry" Janet mumbled smiling shyly at him as he continued looking at her shapely figure, barely hidden in her sexy choice of dress.

As she walked pastMrs Fuller couldnt resist, "come on young lady!" teasingly patting her daughters bottom a few times "or it'll be over my knee for you!" Mrs Fuller turned to Brad smiling broadly as she said this, ignoring her daughter's blushing face. Brad smiled back happily, suddenly for some reason teacher and studend sexy viideo more confident and sure of himself.

"Oh i'm so glad to see you Brad!" gushed Janet as she got out of ear shot of her mother, taking his hand and holding it proudly as they walked along the footpath to the woods "Do you like my new dress?" she enquired flashing her big blue eyes and eagerly running her hand down it. "Of course i do baby" he respondedamused at her behaviour. After about five minutes, the pair saw a group of girls by the side of the foot path. As they came into view ,Janet let out a disbelieving groan.

"oh God. not them i hate these girls.Brad can we go back now please?" "Dont be silly" he said gripping her hand tighter "you make such a fuss over things dont you!" Then as they approached, one of the girls recognised Brad and gave him a loud wolf whistle, her young friends falling into fits of appreciative giggles as they watched Janet's indignant glare.

Tightening her grip on Brad she quickened her pace wanting to get past them as soon as possible. But as they drew level the same girl blatantly winked at Brad and said to him "when you've had enough of her Brad give me a ring!" Brad couldn't help smile at the girls cheeky remark and gave her a friendly wink back, but as he did so he was horrified to see Janet leap at the girl. Stepping back, Brad could only stare in disbelief as Janet grabbed the other girl by the hair and threw her to the grass verge by the path in a fit of jealousy.

"you little bitch " she yelled pinning the pretty blonde teenager down and slapping her several times accross the face.

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An instant later, before the asssualt continued, the other two girls had grabbed Janet by the arms and pulled her off their terrified friend "you leave her alone!" one shouted defensively, pushing her away.

Still red in the face and with her high heels offJanet was about to launch herself for a second attack when she was brought to her senses by a strong assertive hand grabbing hold of her arm.

Xtra man cream ka story furiously at her Brad demanded "What on earth are you doing?!" "She she." Janet couldnt think of what to say to her boyfriend and as she stood there bare footgrass stained and red in the face, she felt a wave of humiliation flood over her.

The other three girls were looking angry but before they could retaliate at Janet, Brad spoke "look girls i'm really sorry for that ! i dont know whats got into her " "You should keep her on a lead !" replied the anal fuck by a monstrous big dick girl, causing her two friends to smirk in agreement.

As she stood there Janet felt so smallshe couldn't believe it, her boyfriend was apologising to these girls in front of her and she was sure he'd winked at them earlier.

She felt like a little child. By now the three girls were looking at her almost pityingly. The girl who had been slapped had regained her composure now and smiled mockingly as she saw her assailant being marched away from her. Brad quickly grabbed Janets discarded shoes, gripped hold of her hand and without a word led her on down the pathway, past the three girls.

Janet stumbled as she scurried along the humiliation rising in her throat as she tried to keep up with Brads swift pace. "Im s s s sorry Brad." she pleaded weakly. "Oh You will be young lady! Just you wait" Walking determindly down a side path into the woods. He knew exactly what he was going to do with her. Taking her straight to a small hidden clearing he swung her roughly around to face him, eyes blazing "How dare you behave like that!

you know what your going to get now don't you young lady?" He shouted so loudly Janet cowered back feeling so small and ashamed ,like a silly little girl. "But but.i But but .no please" she stammered.


"no buts.just yours, BARE! Now ! lift up your dress Now!" Janet felt tears well up as she realised what Brad intended His voice was so authoritative she knew she didn't have the energy to defy him and slowly with waves of shame flooding through her young body, she hitched up the hem of her pretty summer dress.

He couldn't help but appreciate the enticing view before him as her shapely legs were revealed. He felt a stirring in his groin as the hem moved up to her bottom where her hands paused briefley, trembling uncertain "Higher! Right over your bottom !" he commanded feeling his own adrenalin racing, and as the cheeks of her face reddened in shame, her plump white bottom cheeks were revealed to him, in all there shapely glory.


Her tiny pink thong covered very little of her modesty and he couldn't help but feel an arousal between his legs. In fact her appearance now reminded him of some cheap little slut and for a moment he really thought of doing something more to her than just giving her a spanking, but that would wait for another day.

"Ok over here you little madam! Over my lap, Now!" Brad had sat himself on a fallen tree and patted his knee matter of factly. A tear forming in her pretty face he instructed her to lie right across his lap. which she did reluctantly but obediently the way she'd been taught to by her strict parents. Head down legs out straight, bottom up.

She'd thought getting a boyfriend would allow her to be a real grown up and here she was now, submitting herself to the very act which emphasised her true childishness. Despite her fear Janet felt a warm glow in her tummy as she laid over Brad's knee, her bottom almost bare. She was glad it was him who was going to spank her. She felt very nervous but strangely secure at the same time.


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"your disgusting behaviour" .Slap."Do you understand young lady".SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP. "OWWW Yesss sorry im sorryyyyyy !." Her bottom was turning pink already from the firm controlled smacks Brad was laying on it, he certainly seemed a natural at spanking.

If he was honest asian money and sperm for anal specialist was enjoying it too.

Watching intently as her bare bottom cheeks jiggled with each stroke of his strong handher fleshy full moon turning crimson before him feeling the warmth of her body pressing on his lap. SLAP. SLAP.SMACKSMACK. Her shapely legs were kicking instinctively with each stroke and after about 20her bum was a deep red colour and she was quietly sobbing, her face red too. Brad smiled as he relaxed his tired armhe was satisfied she'd learned her lessonsqueezing her ample bottom in his hands and nonchalantly pulling her cheeks open and closed.

There was only one thing left he had to do now he thought. RIPPPPPPPP!!. he tore off her tarty little thong, throwing it high into the bushes. Janet looked round at him wide eyed and tearful. "You won't be wearing that sort of disgusting garment again will you young lady!" SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. "umm N N nooo ." she replied in a gasping sorry little voice.

With that Brad lifted her up in his strong arms, pulling her dress down over her smacked bottom ,then he looked at her warmly and embraced her in a tight hugkissing her lovingly on her lips and gently rubbing her bottom. By: coolnamebob2000 copyright 2005