Kinky orgy action with seductive sex bombs cumshot facial

Kinky orgy action with seductive sex bombs cumshot facial
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My clothes fall to the floor and I stretch my arms above my head, sighing softly as I enjoy the quiet in my house. My mom and dad had left with my sister for the day leaving me all alone in the house.

I reached around behind my back to unclasp my bra and let it fall to the ground. I walk over to the bathtub and turn the water on letting it run for a moment so the cold water turns warm. I turn the shower head on and walk back to the sink. I pick my phone up sending a quick text to my handsome boyfriend: I'm going to hop in the shower.

I'm really enjoying the empty house. I carefully set my phone down and flip my radio on. I turn it up really loud, take my panties off and step into the shower. Steam has already started filling up the room. I grab the shampoo, pour some out on my hand and start massaging it into my hair as I think of what ill do today. I rinse the shampoo our of my hair then repeat the process with conditioner, my eyes closed tightly as rinse it out and I let my mind wonder to images of Zach between my legs.

I swallow head as my hands move down y neck to my breasts. I start to squeeze my breasts thinking of my back pressed up against the wall with my leg around one of his shoulders and his mouth on my pussy. I bite down on my lip as I pinch my nipples then move one hand down, gently sliding over my wet skin. My breathing starts to pick up as my finger slides over the slit of my pussy, gently teasing myself. I think of how his finger feels as his fingers my clit and I start to put pressure on it, slowly rubbing it back and forth.

My hips start to move with my finger. I sink to my knees, letting the warm water hit my back as I place a hand against the floor of the bathtub. The other hand stays as my pussy as I press two fingers against my clit and start to grind against them. I think of his tongue flicking over my clit over and over as I grab at his hair.

My speed picks up and I gasp softly as my pussy clenches with images of him. I start to grind faster, feeling my orgasm build up. I think of being bent over his lap as he slaps my ass hard and fast. I'm riding my fingers as fast as I can. My breathing is hard as I start to climax. "Zach!" I moan out teen age girls and old men sex storys usex fairy tales a sudden orgasm moves thorough me and I press my cheek against the bathtub floor.

My legs close together as my body sweet natalie heart spreads her pussy to fuck pornstars fingering. I lay there for a moment before I open my eyes slowly and sigh. I sit up on my knees and stretch my arms above my head and stand up slowly.

As I'm standing up I notice the shower curtain move and I start to turn around. Instead I feel strong hands push me forward towards the wall. I gasp and I can feel my heart speed up as I push against the hands at my shoulders.

Suddenly a soft cloth slides around my eyes. I reach up to try to yank it off but he person behind me jerks my hands behind my back. I feel cold metal against my wrists, two clicks and I realize I've been handcuffed with the very handcuffs I gave Zach. Suddenly its quiet except for the water and I inhale sharply. "Zach.?" As soon as I say his name he presses hard against my back pushing my cheek against the wall.

"I'm going to make you scream that word over and over." he says, his lips at my ear. I gasp and press my legs together as my pussy clenches. His hands slide over my ass and around my sides. My thoughts are a mess as his hands make their way to my breasts. He's here, in the shower with me, and I'm completely at his mercy.

I moan softly as his hands reach my breasts and he clasps my nipples between his thumb and pointer finger and start to pinch them hard.

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I cry out softly and arch my back as he stars to pull on them. I try to pull back away from the pain but his warm wet chest presses against my back and I find that I cant move.

The helplessness of the situation makes me moan softly. "You like this." He says, his voice has gone deeper.

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I feel his hand lift and a sudden sting as he smacks my breast. I take a deep breath and lean my head back against his shoulder. His lips are at my back as one of his hands moves down across my stomach towards my pussy. I swallow hard as I feel his hand down there, his finger runs up my slit and I make a small noise. "Zach." I whisper just as he parts the lips of my pussy and presses his finger against my clit.

"That's right baby." He says as he starts to rub my clit fast. I moan loudly and my body trembles slightly. My legs start to close and he releases my breast to reach down, grab my leg, and lift it.

I can feel his hardening cock against my lower back. I stand moaning loudly and helplessly as he rubs my clit, causing my body to shake.

My hands twist and pull against the handcuffs uselessly as his finer slides down and pushes inside of me. I gasp loudly and press y hips up and down on his hand, pushing his finger deeper inside of me.

I turn my head to the side as he starts to thrust his finger in and out of my pussy. I moan loudly as he picks up his pace, and grind my hips hard 20 inch big black dick his finger. I can feel another orgasm building up and my body shakes as I get closer and closer.

He suddenly stops and pulls his finger out so just the tip of his finger teases the hole of my pussy. I make a sound of frustration as I try to push down on his finger. His hand holding my leg stops me. "Zach." I whisper. "Please." His hand moves away from my pussy and he lets my leg down. His hand starts to slide all over my body and I groan in frustration trying to pull away from him.

I feel his lips against my her as he pulls me tighter against him " You want me." he states. "Yes." I whisper, no longer trying to pull away from him. "Say it." His hands slide my to my breasts and cup them as he command me.

"I want you." I say softly, closing my eyes tightly as the blindfold becomes wet and presses against my face. I hear the smile in his voice as he says "louder." "I want you Zach." I say loudly. My legs press together as my pussy aches from wanting to be filled. I moan and turn my head towards him "please Zach." My hand presses against your stomach and slides down making its way towards his hard cock. His hand comes up and grips the back of my neck, pushing my down suddenly so I'm bent over.

My breathing picks up as I feel his hand grip the handcuffs.

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His cock slides between my legs, rubbing against my pussy. I whimper as he teases me. "You want me to fill you." I draw in a shaky breath as my pussy clenches from his statement. I try to rub myself against his cock but his other hand grips my hip and holds me still. "Tell me what you want." My frustration continues to build. "I want you." His hips start to move again, grinding jessi stone gets a rock solid dick cock against my pussy.

"What do you want me to do to you?" "I." I can feel my face heating up and I stay silent. He positions his cock at the entrance of my hole and pushes in slightly. "Tell me." My body shakes slightly as I feel him pushing his cock into me. The command in his voice is unmistakable and I blurt out "I want you to fuck me. Please." I swallow hard when I realize I'm practically begging. I hear him chuckle behind me and he suddenly pushes his hips forward, thrusting into me hard.

My head lifts and I cry out loudly as his length fills me. My pussy clenches tightly around his cock. I hear him groan softly behind me and I realize I'm breathing hard. He pulls all the way out and I feel empty before he thrust hard back inside of me. I moan loudly as he continues to do that hard and slow. Every time he thrusts back into me he grips my hip tighter and pull me towards him. His speed starts to pick up and I whimper out his name. "Damn." His voice has gotten deeper and huskier.

"Your so tight." He bends me over, releasing the handcuffs then sliding around to my throat. He leans back slightly pulling me with him. My back arches so I can take more of him as he starts to slap into me. With every thrust I cry out loudly feeling my orgasm coming. "Feel that?" He asks, not slowing down. myanmar model girl sex fuker storys filling you.

Making you mine. And you love it." My body starts to shake as my orgasm nears and I'm unable to stop it. "Cum for me Kelsea, now." He thrusts his cock into me hard and I start to cum. My body trembles violently and I scream out his name as the orgasm moves through me.

My legs shake and he holds me up still sliding in and out of me. "Fuck." I gasp out. His lips are kissing up and down the side of my neck. "And I'm not stopping baby." "Zach" I'm cut off by moaning as he starts to pound into me hard and fast. My pussy is sensitive from my orgasm and I cry out loudly. Squirming in his arms as the pleasure becomes intense. His lips move down my shoulder and there is a sharp pain as he bites down hard.

His hand on my hip moves down to my pussy and he starts to rub my clit in fast circles. My body trembles hard and I cry out so loud I nearly scream. I can feel another orgasm building up more intense than the last."No no no!" I shout loudly, squeezing my hands into fists.

His cock pounds into me hard and fast, keeping with the rhythm of his finger on my clit. My body tenses up before I cry out loudly as I cum hard around his cock. "Zach!" I scream out and my knees give out. Both of his arms wrap around me and he holds me up against him as my body shakes from my orgasm.

My head hands as I gasp over and over. My pussy clenches tightly around him. I let out a shuddering breath as I lift my head ."Wow." I murmur. He chuckles and reaches back to slide the handcuffs totally off.

"I'm not done yet." My eyes widen behind the cloth on my face and I hear the water shut off. The shower curtain slides back and I feel him step out away from me. I reach up to take the blindfold off. "Leave it." he commands and I bite down on my lip as I lower my hands and carefully step out of the shower after him and he slides around my wet body as he pulls me close. My breasts press against his chest as he leans down and kisses me hard. I feel teacher and student sexy vedios hard cock pressed between us and I reach down to stroke it.

He grabs my wrist pulling it away. I whine and tug against his grip. "I want to touch you." I feel a cloth start to slide over my skin and I realize its a towel. "To bad." he whispers.


"If I can't touch you, can I see you?" I swallow hard as he finishes drying me off. He's silent as he dries himself off "No." he finally says. I open my mouth to protest. "If you argue I'll take you over my knee until you're crying for me to stop and I wont let you touch me for the rest of the night." I close my mouth and wait silently. He grabs my hand and leads me out of the bathroom. Cool air hits my body and my nipples start to harden as a shiver moves through my body.

I can hot looking brunette girl plays with her pussy on webcam he's leading me out into the living room and I hear him pick something up. Curiosity fills me but I stay silent. We stop walking and I feel him turn to face me.

I reach out to press my fingers against his chest. He grabs my hand before I can and feel the cold metal of the handcuffs slip around my wrist. I groan in protest. Once my hands are cuffed he slides a rough material across my cheek. It takes me a minute to figure out what it is. "Rope?" He doesn't say anything as he slips it between the cuffs and ties it.

I suddenly remember the small hook that hangs in our living room and I gasp softly. He leans in and brushes his lips across mine and I try to lean forward to kiss him but he pulls back and raises my arms above my head. I feel some tugs on my arms for a moment as he ties the other end then he steps back. I pull at the rope testing it.

It doesn't budge and I swallow hard. I hear him move stuff away from the window so you have more space and I shift my body wondering what he's going to do. I feel his hands on my sides, running up and down them softly. I take a deep breath as his hands start to roam my body. I feel him lift his hand then a sharp sting as he slaps my breast.

I gasp and arch my back. His other hand slides down and spreads my legs apart. His finger slides in and out of my pussy slowly and I start to grind against his finger. He reaches around me and slaps my ass once really hard. I cry out and he continues his pace with his finger. "Keep still." My breathing is uneven and I try hard not to move. "Zach" I whisper softly. "Shh" He responds and his finger starts to speed up.

I moan and arch my back as I feel his mouth wrap around one of my nipples and start to suck. The harder he sucks the faster his fingers go and I cry out as a second finger fills me. I close my eyes tightly as he starts to fuck me with his fingers as fast as he can.

I moan out his name loudly as I cum, my body shakes and I try to close my legs. He quickly moves his hips between my legs and grabs my thighs lifting me up.


I feel him position the head of his cock against my pussy and I turn my head away from him as much as I can. "No Zach, I'm too sensitive." He presses his lips to my hot face. "I know." His cock slides deep inside of me and I bite down on my lip whimpering softly as the sany laone xxx poorn new walls of my pussy clenches around him.

He groans and stays still as he tips my head back and kisses me hard. My leg slides around his and pushes him slightly. I feel him smile against my mouth as he pulls completely our of me. I whine from the feeling of being empty.

My mouth opens as I'm about to say something but instead a loud should comes out as he slams back into me hard. He continues to do that, slamming in and out of me hard and fast until I cum all over his cock again. My hands yank at the cuffs causing them to bite into my skin.

My body shakes as I cry out his name. "No more." I whisper weakly and he speeds up his pace "One more." he tells me hoarsely. He pulls our and plunge back into me, grinding slowly against me before repeating the process.

My moan fills the room. "I cant." "You will." he reaches up and grabs a handful of my hair, tilting my head back as bends down and kisses along my collar bone as he starts to roughly fuck me.

My body trembles from the last orgasm and I continue to tug at the handcuffs. "Let me touch you." I moan out loud grinding against his cock every time he slams into me. "Hmm." "Please, I want to touch you as I cum." I beg him as I feel myself about to cum again. He seems to pause as he thinks about it before he reaches up and releases my hands.

I moan as he picks up his pace. My hands slide across his shoulders as he suddenly tear the blindfold off. My hands slide to his back and I try to lay my head down on his shoulder but he grabs my chin. "Look at me when you cum." My nails dig into his skin as I opens my eyes to look at him. He presses himself closer to me as he fucks me harder.

I scream his name as I cum and my head drops to his shoulder as my body jerks and shakes from my orgasm running through me.


He suddenly slides me down and to my knees as he jerks his cock fast. He uses my hair pull my head back and my mouth opens as I breath heavily to worn out to care what you're doing to me. I hear him groan my name as he cums on my mouth. I slide my tongue out and lick my lips tasting his cum and opening my eyes as I look up at him.

He smiles down at me and helps me up. "Told you I'd make you scream my name.