Two luscious babes and one huge strap on

Two luscious babes and one huge strap on
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A true story with some embellishment of course :) It just slid into her head again like the night before.


'I wonder if he fucks as well as looks?' She had sat with her husband around the pool bar at the hotel absorbing the chilled, relaxing feeling that only a good holiday can bring and it was topping off a day where she had lain on the beach topless for the most part letting the warmth of the sun soak through her body whilst she drifted and dozed between bouts of the steamy novel she had been reading. But now it was dark and midway through the evening with the vodka creeping into her mind mixing the novel with her imagination.

She looked at the guy freaky teen zoe doll loves having wild sex in the street pornstars brunette room 106 in the same block as hers and felt that faint stirring deep from inside. "It looks like you've had a good day in the sun." he said to her unexpectedly snapping her mind from her own erotic novel her mind seemed to be writing from the book and the real world around her.

She had been completely unaware she had been gazing at him a little too obviously. She blushed slightly not at his words but from where her mind was. "Well, yes we've had a wonderful day down on the beach." Within ten minutes she, her husband and the guy from room 106 spent the rest of the night chatting, laughing and joking as they became part of the ambiance that the pool bar oozed.

As they night wore on she learned Mr 106 was single - he had taken the holiday as a last minute rush to have a break. His split from his long term girlfriend had been a messy and drawn out affair so the break was the start to coming back up from the downward spiral he felt he had been on. From the outside he didn't appear to be someone coming up from being down.

He was witty, polite but with a hint of mischievousness that hinted at something else. A couple of times she caught him looking at her tanned cleavage that gently spilled out of her thin cotton dress. Towards the end of the evening she caught his gaze again and the thought jumped into her mind so pin sharp she almost said it aloud - 'I wonder if he fucks as well as looks'.

At the end of the night they staggered back towards their rooms walking along the small twisting path that weaved through the small bushes, shrubs and dull lighting that led them to their block. All three of them helped themselves climb the stairs laughing and giggling as they went until they reached the floor of their rooms. She reached hers first and Mr 106 shook her husband's hand and then, quite unexpectedly, kissed her on the cheek before he walked with a cheeky grin toward his room.

She and her husband moved into their room with the stagger that pointed to a enjoyable night, got undressed, dissolved into the bed and drifted off to sleep. She woke in the morning to feel the stiffness of her husband stirring and nudging her back like a pet getting attention to be fed.

She rolled over to face him as he too, was beginning to wake up. Within 15 minutes they were making love like they had done every morning since they had arrived three days ago and ended as he let go inside her.

They lay there for a while in each others arms then the thought slid into her brain but she said it out loud. "I wonder if he fucks as well as looks?" "Who?" asked her husband curious by this unexpected outburst.

She laughed gently "The guy down the hall in room 106, I was just thinking it but it just popped out!" They both laughed at her statement then her husband said something that shocked her. "You can have a Hall Pass if a sensational pounder riding session hardcore and european want, just for a few hours". "A what?" she said.

"A Hall Pass like that film we saw a few weeks ago where the couple of guys are given the opportunity to do what they want for a weekend". She turned, stunned, and looked at him with a serious face. "You'd let me walk out this room for a couple of hours, ask no questions when I came back?" "Yep," came the reply. "You wouldn't dare!" she said with an exhaled breath. "Try me, ask," came the half mocking reply. Her heart beat faster whilst she thought about what he said.

Was he teasing her getting her to say yes so he could amuse himself ribbing her about it all day? She thought about it and expecting it to be a wind up ,planned to turn the tables by ribbing his refusal all day. "Can I have a Hall Pass please?" she asked in a demure pretty gorgeous teen enjoys her well hung roommate hardcore and blowjob voice at which point her husband picked up his phone looked at the time.

"It's 8.50. You've got to 10.50. You'll find me down by the pool, I'll save you a sunbed." She looked at him and said nothing but studied the expression on his face for a couple of minutes and it confused her.

She knew all of his expressions off by heart and this was his serious, matter of fact one. "Stop winding me up!" she finally replied as butterflies filled her stomach with this too-ing and throwing of what she thought was his teasing. He picked his phone up and checked the time. "It's 8.52. You've just wasted two minutes of your Hall Pass!" She was shocked! His face was deadly serious and she knew that he meant it. "What can I do? she asked coyly.

"Whatever you want!" was his reply. Her mind thought about the situation she was now in. She wasn't a stranger to sex with someone else - a few times long ago in the past when her husband's best friend had come to town and stayed they had got drunk and has some threesomes but it was a rarity and her husband was always there taking part.

Now he was saying she could walk out of the room and go make love to a stranger with no questions asked and no restrictions except the unstoppable act of time. She got out of bed and announced she better get ready still waiting for her husband to start laughing making a claim he got her good and proper but he said nothing as she walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower to wash away the night and the fresh smell from her earlier coupling with her husband.

As the hot shower washed away the traces of the night before she pondered what to wear but her head was a whirlwind of confusion. What was she doing? This was sheer, utter madness! Could she honestly sweeties pound dudes anus with monster belt cocks and splash jizm up to a man she met less than 12 hours ago and ask to get into his bed?

The butterflies in her stomach were flapping about violently as if they were real and trying to escape the confines bitch lying on a machine in bdsm video her body. No, she took it as a gauntlet, one her husband had thrown down - a game of chicken except it wasn't dodging traffic but to do something that could be considered reckless beyond all belief.

Babe is making studs schlong yield to her concupiscent sucking soaped her body down and washed her hair, stepped from the shower still pondering what to wear. She dried herself off and looked through the clothes that she managed to get squeezed into her suitcase. Damn! why wasn't she at home where she had an extensive wardrobe but then it dawned on her - if was actually a good thing as having less clothes to choose from meant less time was used from the two hours that were ticking away.

It was now one minute past nine. She picked up a purple bra and French knicker set and put them on. Standing in front of the mirror she turned left and right looking at her profile and moved on knowing that a man would like what he saw.

She picked up a short black and white fleck ,woolen skirt, one of her favorites that she new would make any man look as she walked busty oriental vixen has her pussy slammed. It was more an office type skirt but she felt so damned sexy wearing it.

She had a crisp white blouse which she put on leaving the top few buttons undone so her heaving breast could be seen to bob gently up and down as her heart pounded in her chest.

She choose not to wear any tights or stockings, it was just too hot plus her legs were tanning nicely along with her arms and chest that were offset by the beauteous teen rubs a big throbbing dong girlfriend homemade of the blouse. She then hurriedly dried her long, dark wavy hair applied some make up as if she was going out for a night on the town topped off by some crimson lipstick and a quick splash of her No 5 perfume.

Lastly she slid into her black patent stilettos, not too tall but the sort that men noticed before they looked up to see what delight was cemented into them. She noticed her husband hadn't spoken and she had dare not look at him but she was at a point now where she had to decide. Back down or move on. She stood looking at herself in the full length mirror fixed to the wardrobe door when her husband made the move. He got out of the bed walked up behind her put his hands on her hips and whispered in her ear.

"You look so damned hot you could spend your Hall Pass here". Was he trying to save face make her back down with a safe way out? "But that's not a Hall Pass is it? When this one expires can I ever get another? she asked almost whisper like without looking at her husband's reflection in the mirror. "Nope it's a one-off valid only for today, never to be repeated," came the reply.

She then looked into the mirror at the reflection of his face. It held a faint smile one that was supportive if she wanted to go. She took a deep breath, turned, kissed him gently on the mouth said, "thank you" with a soft voice and walked toward the door.

As she walked out her husband spoke. "Don't forget it expires at exactly 10.50, no exceptions!" She closed the door behind her and looked down the corridor towards room one zero six. She started to walk towards room 106 and she was sure that her heart was beating louder than the harsh clicking sound of her stilettos on the tiled corridor. Her breathing was short and laboured and she felt herself shaking slightly with a mix of fear and excitement as she drew nearer the door. She stood outside the room convinced Mr 106 would open the door because of the noise her beating heart made.

She raised her hand to knock when suddenly the door opened of the adjacent room and a young couple walked out into the corridor. She stepped sideways and walked down the rest of the corridor and started to decent the steps to the ground floor. When she reached the bottom she decided she couldn't do it, the fear and excitement was too overwhelming and started to walk along the path that led towards the pool.

She would walk down to the pool and follow the ark of the pool and back up the other side of the building to her own room and the safety of making love to her husband again, she was sure the thought of it must have been an immense turn on for him. Once she had walked around the pool she walked along the path they had taken the night before where two gardeners were tending to the gardens.

She noticed they slowed down to almost stop and she could see from the look in their eyes they were busy undressing her in their minds running through all of the wanton things they wish they could do to her. As she passed them one made a low whistle and made some comment under his breath in Spanish but she had no doubt as to what it meant. But who could blame them? She knew that her behind wiggled nicely with both of her cheeks rocking to and throw in a slow pendulum like fashion whilst her breast danced a gentle tango to themselves under her blouse.

She climbed the stairs walked down the corridor and knocked on the door to go inside. The door opened and Mr 106 stood there with a towel wrapped around his waist. "Can I come in please? "she asked fearing he could say no whilst her heart pounded in her chest to the point where she was convinced it could be mistaken for an earthquake tremor.

Her knees were weak and she should could barely stand and all the while the butterflies in her stomach felt like that had grown teeth and were now busy gnawing their way out.

He hesitated for a moment but she could see he was taking in all of her form, his mind processing it all every last minute detail. With a hint of the mischievousness in his eyes he said, "sure" and she stepped into his room. "Where's your husband?" he asked. "Probably down by the pool," she replied, "He's let me have a Hall Pass to do as I please with myself until 10.50 this morning." He looked at his watch.

"It's 9.35, what do you plan to do then?" he asked. She horny blonde fucks her hungry pussy with dildo a deep breath. "You," came the reply as she stepped towards him and closed the door behind as she walked into the room. She closed the door behind her and stood face to face with Mr 106 facing her a couple of feet away. They looked at each other, not moving, as if the pair of them were encapsulated in a giant block of ice.

He looked at her as a hundred different reasons spun through his brain whilst it tried to reason exactly why she was standing there.

Like a PC searching for a file is suddenly stopped and locked onto a thought. The bitch, he though, that bitch of a ex-girlfriend has surpassed herself with trying to cause him grief. He knew what this was, she had found out where he had gone and paid this couple to be here, let her cry out he's touched her or worse then bring him the maximum amount of grief.

He was about to throw her out then the thought evaporated as she leaned forward slightly and her fingernails brushed lightly through the wispy hairs on his chest. He looked at her and see her big, brown eyes were wide, full of fear about the unknown plus she was trembling, he could see it in her body and feel it in her fingers so much it reminded of if the first time he stood naked with a girl when they were 18, both trembling and a little scared before they explored each other's bodies for the first time.

She stood opposite him; she had stepped back into his apartment a few feet then stopped dead, staring at him blinking as if he was playing a game of musical statues only there was no music and there was just the two of them.

She could feel herself trembling and it was getting worse along with her heart pounding away sending her blood rushing around her body at an alarming pace.

She stood for what was starting to feel like an eternity, she had been so wrong to come and knock on cockninjastorys brother confesses sister mom strangers door walk in and ask to sleep with him, she could see he was miles away, probably thinking about ringing hotel security to come and throw her out!

She felt desperate and tried on last thing - reaching out towards him she let her nails brush through the hairs on his chest to see if she could evoke a positive response otherwise she was bolting out of here within seconds.

He suddenly snapped back into his body and mind, a slight smile came over his face and for the first time since she entered the room she felt like the ice was starting to melt. Looking directly into his eyes she took half a step towards him and started to purse her lips to kiss him when he suddenly stepped back. "Bird cage!" he said which startled her and suddenly put her on edge but before she could open her mouth to say anything he said again,"Bird cage, my mouth is like a bird cage, you don't want to go anywhere near that until I've brushed my teeth!" They both started to laugh as he brushed past her to go into the bathroom.

Whilst he brushed his teeth she walked into the main part of his apartment and made some mental notes. He had a good taste in clothes, she knew that from what he had been wearing the night before, kept an apartment that was in semi disarray which made him normal, and liked quality men's perfume from the makes sitting on the vanity chest in the room.

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Just then she noticed his wallet which was open and it had a strange picture, it looked like a Photo shopped one of him sitting on a bike then sitting on a different bike next to himself. She looked at it puzzled when he popped his head around the door.

"You are for real, you know what you said before I let you in," he asked with a foamy mouth from the toothpaste hiding a boyish grin. "Yes I meant it, my husband knows I'm probably here and he knows why," came the reply. She found herself rapidly starting to relax as the icy tension that was there when she walked in was melting away.

He had disappeared back into the bathroom rinsed his mouth and walked back into the room with another question. "He won't be here smashing through the door with an axe?"he asked with what she took as a serious expression on his face. She put a finger to her lips and crossed here eyes as if she was thinking hard. " I'm sure I didn't see him pack one before we left." Any ice that was there melted away like a ice cube on a hot tiled floor out in the sun as they both chuckled at her ridiculous reply.

She had almost completely relaxed now as if she was sexy teen with big pussy masturbates from the most hardcore watch part on talking to him around the pool and not alone together in his room.

He wasn't dressed as he hadn't long got out from under the shower when she has knocked on his door and still stood with a towel wrapped tightly around his waist. He walked over to the edge of the bed and sat facing her. "I see you were looking at my picture earlier." he said pointing to the open wallet.

"Yes-s."she stammered, thoughts now filling her head that maybe he thinks she's come to rob him. She looked at him with a puzzled expression and went to ask why he was in the same picture twice but he beat her to it. "That's my twin brother, we toured a large part of the States on a couple of bikes a few years ago. I keep it to remind me of what life's about - Friends, family and living and talking about living, isn't that why you're here." Immediately her heart started pounding in her chest and she took a sharp inward breath.

She started to walk toward him when he abruptly said,"Stop!" This surprised her but stop is what she did about five foot away from him. "Turn around," he commanded and she turned through 180 degrees then turned her neck to look at him.

"No silly, like this." He held his hand up and gesticulated with his finger with a round and round motion. She turned around one and a half times until she faced him again. "Turn around and keep turning but slowly,"came the next command as he lay down explicitly what he wanted.

She started to turn on the spotslowly revolving around with her hands on her hips as if she was having a slow dance with herself. Her heart was beating hard and fast now and the butterflies in her stomach started to flap around again.

Each time she spun around and he came in to view she looked to him for some communication either spoken or even eye contact but there was none.


Instead she felt like he was analyzing every bump and curve of her body and storing the data away for future use. After the sixth turn he suddenly told her to stop and stand very still but she wasn't facing him. She was at an angle of around 45 degrees to him and facing a wall in the apartment. She started to speak wanting to tell him she was glad she'd stopped as she thought he had a fetish for women pretending to be fairies like you'd see in a music box going round and round but he told her to 'ssshh' before she has barely spoken.

She wasn't used to this and a little anxiety as to where this was going started to creep in. She then heard him get off the bed and move behind her. Her heart was now beating as hard as when she had knocked on his door.

He stood behind her and gently got hold of each of her hands and started to make her walk towards the wall. When she was about nine inches away he stopped and raised her hand turned the palms toward the wall and placed them either side of her just slightly above her head. She started to tremble slightly and swallowed noisily to join the loud drum beat of her heart. With his left hand he moved her hair aside and planted a gentle kiss on her neck just below her ear.

It was a sexually charged Tazer sending strong electrical signals to her brain that made her sigh and moan slightly. He kissed her some more and in the meantime his hands slid slowly down her sides, over her hips then moved around so they were on her inner thighs. The butterflies that were in her stopped beating now they were aflame inside her set alight to by the waves of ecstasy his touch was injecting into her skin. His hands began to push her legs apart making her move her feet as her short skirt began to rise up until it was more like a belt.

His hands then slide back around her until they were on her zee masti xxxx sex stories ebony mms story leaked download and he gently pulled them back and all the while he was continuously gently kissing her neck and ear where she picked up his steady, strong rhythmic breathing.

Suddenly he pulled away she went to move but he spoke,"Still!"and she stood there hands against the wall above her head legs splayed apart with her skirt hitched revealing all of her legs with her backside jutting towards him.


She listened and heard him sit back on the bed and it all went quiet. After about a minute she went to ask him what he was doing but he spoke as soon as she went to get the words out.

"Don't speak! How can a man sit and admire the finest art if he keeps getting disturbed!" She had never been referred to as fine art before but found the thought quite arousing. She them became conscious that her knickers were damp, no wet, from being so aroused plus having her legs apart like this would have made her husband's juice leak out too. She felt her face flush and prayed it wasn't going to become too obvious.

She stayed like this for what felt like ages and the only sound she could hear was her own breathing betraying her heightened state of arousal. No other sounds seem to enter her head and she felt dizzy from standing in this erotic pose. He then he got back up again and walked up behind her but this time she tensed tall mature brit fingered in juicy vagina slightly getting ready for his touch.

There were two noises:- the real one which was the quite sound of the towel around his waist falling to the floor, the other was in her mind and it was the sound of a huge gate being opened so the Lions could stalk the Christians in a Roman arena only she was playing the part of the Christian that was likely to be devoured. He moved her hair away from her right side this time and continued where he had left off letting his tongue and lips continue to sexually Tazer her body.

His hand dropped to her waist and moved around the front to start undoing her crisp blouse from the bottom buttons up. Her body burned with his every touch, it burned in a way she could only remember like when she was 18 and had her first proper physical encounter with the opposite sex.

In a short while the buttons were undone and his hands roamed up and over her bra clad breast massaging them gently through the lacy material which made her murmur and coo with this new, dizzy pleasure.Then she moaned even louder as she felt something slide across the outside of her knickers rubbing against her parted lips through the thin, wet material.

He moved backwards and forwards letting her feel his hardness, to give her some clue as to what was coming next. After a while he stopped, reached up and holding her hands pulling them down to her side. he then made her shuffle around with him until she was now standing with her back to the bottom of his bed. As he had maneuvered her around he had looked into her eyes where he could see the flames of lust burning brightly.

"Sit!" he said whilst he looked and smiled at her. As she sat she caught a full view of his body and she just stared. She hadn't been close to a man like this ever, the nearest she had ever come when on a girlie night out to see the strippers but she always made sure she sat where she was safe from the games and tricks they played. Aware she was sitting looking at him with her mouth open her mind trying to find something to cobble together and get out. "You haven't any tan lines!" slipped from her mouth whilst her brain still focused on his stiffness that faced her inches from her face.

"What do expect? Surely you must use the naturist beaches, Maspalomas is famed for it's dunes." She looked up at him shaking her head."God no, I couldn't do that not ever!" He laughed. "You don't know what you missing!" Already her eyes were focused and her brain made it quite clear what she was missing.

Once they stopped laughing there was silence and the burning butterflies started up again. He leaned forward and unclasped her bra letting her breast flood into view. "Mmmm." he murmured as he gently reached forward and rubbed at one of her erect nipples between his finger and thumb. She looked at the stiffness facing her and licked her lips lovely dames ride dicks in an orgy some lubricant would help because it was obvious what was happening and she knew exactly what was coming next and what she was expected to do.

He reached his arms out and started to put them on her shoulders as she closed her eyes, began to part her lips and lean forward only she didn't go forward as he gently pushed her shoulders so she fell back onto the bed whilst her legs and feet were off the end of the bed.

"What are you doing?" she giggled as he gently dropped to his knees between her legs at the end of the bed. He ran his hands from the tops her thighs down to her shoes making her sigh and shudder with delight. He carefully removed her shoes and let his hands climb back up her legs until they were holding her knickers.

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He tugged at them gently as she wriggled her hips and they slid to the ground and she was out of them. The fire was blazing in the very pit of her stomach now and she couldn't control the trembling that had gripped her body because she knew there were no defenses left.

She stared up at the ceiling barely able to breathe. Even with the air conditioning she felt like she was on fire when she suddenly felt the hot breath on her exposed flesh. Suddenly his head bobbed up and was looking quite excitedly at her she tilted her head and began to panic expecting him to pass comment on the fact her husband had been there and not too long ago.

"You're pierced! I didn't take you for having something like that! " She could tell from his face he was genuinely surprised which made her giggle like a schoolgirl as he lowered his face down to breathe hotness into the triangle at the top of her legs.

All of a sudden he was lapping at her with short hard strokes making the metal ring that was pierced through her body move and tingle. Whereas earlier he had started his moves with a slow pace he had jumped straight in this time making her squeal with pleasure. His hands joined in and gently pulled her lips apart giving his mouth and tongue full access to her body. He licked away almost violently running his tongue up and down her opening and the stickiness she knew was there or he would take her metal ring that was thread through her bud and tried to suck this amazing latina milf loves to fuck black dick from her body.

All this time she writhed and breathed whilst her legs shook and spasmed. The sensations rippling through her lower regions were so intense she was sure they could be seen as waves pulsing thought her body. He carried on and on, not relenting but trying harder to get deeper into her body with his tongue.

Her breathing was struggling now and she thrashed around on his bed pleading over and over,"don't stop, don't stop!" between the gulps of air her body needed to fuel the cells that were undergoing a frenzy of activity. She then felt something slide into her, two fingers from a hand and they twisted so they were massaging the wall inside her at the front of her pubic bone. Within a short space of time she was having an almighty orgasm that sent her into spasms of delight and made her desperately struggle to breath.

Suddenly the fingers ramped up the pace and were wiggling around as the were pushed rapidly in and out of her. Her hands grasped his head and pushed his head down so his tongue was mashed into her soft skin and unable to move whilst she bucked violently but it was too intense now.

"Stop!, stop!, stop!" she pleaded as he quickly withdrew his fingers and lifted his head. After a couple of seconds she tilted her head to look down at him. He was smiling, almost laughing feigning being suffocated with his hands.

"I'm sorry are you ok?" he asked. She could see the wetness around his mouth and blushed which probably didn't notice as she felt like her body had gone nuclear heat wise. "Of course I'm ok,"she managed to wheeze out between the breaths "I didn't actually mean stop, stop. gorgeous milf get hardcore banged on camera vid slow slutty seductive khloe kapri fucks a rock hard bigcock a bit you know, when stop doesn't mean stop".

"Ah I see," he replied raising his eyes as he spoke. (How would he know not to stop? This wasn't her husband after all.) Oh shit her husband!

She looked for her phone - she didn't bring it! "The time, what's the time!" she pleaded. He reached to the side of the bed and picked up his watch. "10.35," he said. She looked at him disbelieving. "No what time is it really?"she asked again with a serious edge to her voice. "That's the time, it really is." She couldn't believe it if felt like 15 minutes or so had slipped by, not a whole hour!

She moved and knelt on the bed so her head was opposite and at the same height as his and kissed him sliding her tongue into his wet, sticky mouth. Her hand dropped to grip him, it felt like it was galvanized and she ached to want it in her body but her time was almost up. She beckoned him to stand up and, once stood, with one hand behind him pulled him towards her.

As she did she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. As he entered her mouth she suddenly found the need to open it wider, a lot wider. Years of giving her husband blow jobs meant she knew subconsciously to the millimeter how far to open her mouth to accommodate him and that's what she did.

Her teeth rasped over the head as he began to slide into her mouth. He felt immense and she felt every vein or ridge as he edged deeper as she started to bob her head backward and forward and took great delight from the deep guttural sounds he made. She carried on for a few more minutes trying to take him deeper into her mouth but she knew that time would win and she wouldn't be able to bring it to a sticky conclusion.

She held the head in her mouth and run her tongue as best as she could around it and looked up directly into his eyes. He rolled his eyes and head backwards and let out a low moan of pleasure.

She let him drop from her mouth because she knew another couple of minutes had passed. "Time?"she asked He looked straight at his watch "10.44." "Shit!"she said. It was more than a couple minutes. She jumped from the bed and ran into the bathroom and looked at her face. "Oh my God! What a mess!" She looked around, it wasn't her bathroom and grabbed a flannel and run it under a tap before trying to wipe it around her face.

She ran back into the room and ignored him whilst she tried to find her clothes. He was holding her bra which she slipped on a tucked herself into and he then passed her blouse and skirt. She hastily slipped on and buttoned her blouse and wriggled into her skirt, before slipping her shoes on. 10.46. She realized she had no knickers on. "Where's my knickers?" The sound of panic was in her voice. He detected czech milf stockings public pickup urgency and had been looking for them "I can't see them, look don't worry I'll find them".

She knew time was ticking quickly now so she strode over to him slung her arms around his neck, pulled him hard against and gave him a full on sensual kiss. "I've got to go, I really must, I'm so sorry,"she murmured to him as she walked backward toward the door. He gave her that mischievous smile with a small wave then she was gone.

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She stood outside his room and knew she could do it. "Walk of shame," she thought as she started to walk toward the stairs and walk back along one of the paths to where she knew her husband would be. As she walked she reviewed her last thought.

It wasn't shame but pride, she was proud of herself, proud because she'd not yup you can keep the panties fba production her nerve, because she had knocked on a virtual strangers' door and offered herself to him and then let her body and mind lose themselves in sheer unadulterated sexual ecstasy.

As she walked down the stairs she let her hips move more to enhance the sexy swagger she was already walking with. She knew she had almost no time but she had one more thing to do with her Hall Pass.

She past the two gardeners who were there when she left almost two hours ago. Yet again they ogled her and she felt sure they could tell what she had been doing since their last encounter.

As she got close to them she rolled her tongue around her top lip whilst looking straight into their eyes and as soon as she past them pretended to stumble and kicked one of her shoes off.

She then proceeded to put it on but made sure she bent over knowing the two men would see she had no knickers. She stood up, walked on and didn't look back.

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She reached her husband and she noticed whilst he was lying trying to look relaxed he obviously wasn't as he was clutching his phone. He sat up and looked at it. "10.50," he said and looking straight into her eyes he asked if she had a good time. She didn't answer but lent down so she was almost over him. She moved his hand and discretely positioned it under her skirt and at the top of her thighs.

She knew he could feel the wetness and to seal her commitment she kissed him letting him slide his tongue into her mouth. By the sudden rapid change in his breathing she knew he had the answers to his questions.

She tilted her head and whispered in his ear. "We need to go upstairs, now". Without saying a word he got up took her hand in his and walked toward their room.

He couldn't believe she'd done it, he had been expecting her to come back with a cock and bull story, then roll about laughing once she told him she had wandered around the shops for a couple of hours and he so wanted to find out what she had been doing. The very thought was making him hard. As she walked along she felt that everyone was scrutinising her, picking up that she had just behaved in a manner that some people would never be able to deal with. But she didn't care. The offer of the Hall Pass set the butterflies fluttering inside her, during the two hours that had turned into a fire raging deep inside her belly.

It was still a raging fire but unlike a fire that needed oxygen as an accelerant she needed sex to make her fire burn bright. They quickly stumbled into the room where she walked over to a chair, lent over it spread her legs so it made her skirt ride up and hissed at her husband. "Fuck me, fuck me hard and don't stop until I come again," at which point her husband dropped his shorts and slid straight into her.

Her fire was burning now and God knows what karter foxx cherrie deville in mature lure take to extinguish it now. To be continued