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Coroa gostosa suplex tube porn
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I awoke this morning with this tightness in my gut; a signal. Fuck, today's gonna suck, I think to myself.


On mornings like these I was always right: My eyes were fighting me for sleep, and the sun was just a little too high in the sky, meaning I was most likely going to be late for my first class. I glanced over to my nightstand, and notice the sun glinting off the half-packed bowl from last night.

Figuring I might as well be high if today is going to suck massive balls, I sit up in bed, grab my bowl, and spark it. Immediately, I wished I hadn't. My eyes drooped lower than before, my body melting into the cushiness of my mattress. Somehow, I manage to get out of bed, and get myself dressed and ready.

Slinging my backpack over my shoulder, I head out to that place known far and wide as a college student's saving grace, Starbucks. Luckily, when I got there the line was nonexistent. Maybe today wouldn't be so bad after all.

After grabbing an espresso, I make my way across campus to my 10:30 Psychology class. My phone reads 10:20, so I take these 10 minutes walking to scope out the girls making their way to their respective classes. It's a routine thing (and we've all witnessed it happen) for men to check out almost every female form that passes through their line of sight.

I usually spent my time walking from class to class doing just that. My type: I'm into girls with tattoos and piercings (in moderation, of course, and well-placed), a well-toned, well-sculpted booty, slim body, long hair, and a cute face to top it off.

Breast-size doesn't matter much to me, but everything must be proportional and not TOO big. I'm a sucker for a girl with a cute face, but the biggest turnoff is a nose that just doesn't fit right. As you can see, I'm a picky SOB.


I made a mental note of a handful of ladies that caught my eye before stepping into the Arts building. I spent most of the class period staring out of the window at girls tanning in the quad. I love the summer sun; it brings to light a woman's best physical features, and they flaunt them shamelessly for all of us to enjoy.

The clock struck noon, and I was more than excited to leave. You see, this is my only class of the day, and it's Friday. I meet up with my buddy Mazi for lunch after class. Mazi is a light-skinned brown dude with short curly black hair.


Girls seemed drawn to him out of the blue, and he'd often get random compliments from some pretty attractive ones when we went out to parties. He wasn't the big boobs all new sex of guy to strike up a conversation with any of them, but would entertain their company if they seemed interesting. "Yo mothafuckaaaa, it's the weekend", came Mazi's call from across the quad.

We dapped up, then popped a squat on the lawn. "Bro, what's the plan for tonight? Wanna hit up some parties on the Hill?" I asked.

"Yeah man, I've heard of a couple. You?" "Same." The conversation went on until we had a short list of parties we felt were worth going to, most of them at a friend's place. After lunch, we smoked a J in the park, then headed back to mine to chill. A couple of friends came over, and we ended up playing video games for hours before getting our shit together for the night. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At around 9 PM, we started our pre-game, then made our drunk walk up the hill an hour or so later.

10-1 is prime time on the Hill. Showing up before or after that block of time to any party means sitting on the couch and smoking yourself into an anti-social stupor. Although, we showed up with a couple of dudes, and two or three girls, we get into the party (benefits of partying at a friend's place).

Everyone split off to say their hellos, and I make my way up the stairs to the roof. I take a seat on the ledge, and stare out across the night sky, taking in what sections of Boston are visible. My eyes fall to the party taking place on the roof, and I notice a familiar face stepping out onto the roof; it belongs to one of the most attractive girls I'd seen on campus. She stands at about 5'4", bd collage girl sex schandal (heavier on the brown), almond-shaped light-brown eyes, small C's, and one of those asses that when you see it, you know each cheek will fit perfectly under the palms of your hands.

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Oh, and the cherry on top…her face is cute as fuck. She's got this cute little button nose, and one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen.

I soak in the view. Tonight, she's wearing a long-sleeved black-and-white striped shirt, leather jacket, tight red skirt, and open-toed black heels. She catches me looking over at her just as she's about to take a sip of her drink. Her pink lips touch the tip of her cup, and she smiles into her drink, her eyes lingering on mine for a couple seconds too long.

My lips curl to smile back just as she turns around to a tap on her shoulder, giving me a perfect view of her skirt-covered ass. What's this? No panties? She throws her head back and laughs, her hair cascading down her back.

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Not wanting to get caught staring again, I trail off into the sky again. Now, I am by no means an anti-social person. Normally, I would have gone over to talk to her, but something about her made me nervous.

Maybe it was the way she smiled at me, or just the ay she smiled, but a sense of uneasiness always followed. I'd met her once or twice before in random situations, but only ever seemed capable of saying hello. The first time we'd met, she was saying hello to a friend of mine as we were leaving her dorm, and we'd been introduced, but to this day, I haven't been able to remember her name.

It was somewhere filed away in my brain on the list of acquaintances I'd probably never meet again. Suddenly, she's standing right next to me. I kid you not, I was so shocked at her sudden appearance in front of me that I rocked backwards, and nearly fell off the ledge.

She giggled. DAMN that smile again…and what a cute little laugh she has too. "Have we met before?" she asked. "Yeah, you're friends with Dana, right?

She introduced us once a couple of months ago. We ran into you in the lobby of her busty babe gets casting agent horny interview and fingering me I'm a leeettlle drunk, and I can't remember." "Hahaha it's fine. We're all a little drunk mia khalifa xxx ful sex stories story, and it's not like we talked or anything, just said hello." "So what are you doing over here all by your lonesome, stranger?" And so, the flirting begins.

"Sometimes I like to sit on the outside of the party when it gets too over stimulating, and just watch all of the drunken interactions." "Mind if I sit up there, and join you?" Oh she had no idea just how much I'd like that.

"Shurr, it was getting a bit lonely anyway." I extended my hand down to help her up. Her touch is electrifying. Literally. We shocked each other's hands on contact. She rubbed her finger, then pouted up at me. "Haha, let's try this again. Hand me your drink?" I placed her drink on the ledge next to me, then extended my hand once more, and helped her up onto the ledge.

She picked up her drink, and scooted closer to me. Really not a bad day at all. Shit, hope I didn't just jinx myself. Absentmindedly, I knocked on the ledge. "What was that for?" she asked? "Well, I woke up this morning with a sinking feeling that today would suck.

It turned out to be just the opposite," I added with a smile. She perked up a little, and smiled back. We started to make up little stories for all of the interactions on the roof, the people, and the situations.

Flirtatious comments would slip themselves in here and there, and we both could feel the sexual tension building. We sat like that and laughed for quite a while before she excused herself to the bathroom. "I'll follow you down, actually. I have to go as well." I jumped down from the ledge, and then helped her slide down, as she couldn't jump due to the heels.

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As she did, her skirt rode up just a little, and I was treated with the glorious sight of the curve of the bottom of her ass. "Oops," she muttered. Immediately, a bulge started to form in my shorts, and I'm sure she noticed because she blushed as she readjusted her skirt. I grabbed her hand, and led her through the crowd of people on the roof, and down the stairs to the door of the bathroom.

"Ladies first," I gesture. "Thank you, kind sir. I will be out in a moment. Looks like you really need to go." She smiled and winked after that last remark. I looked down to see I was still sporting a slight bulge. A little flustered, I looked back up to catch her biting her lip and staring down at my crotch. She looked up, caught my eyes, gave me this wicked smile, and then backed into the bathroom.

Moments later, Milf alexis and brandi amazing threesome sex heard the toilet flush, the sound of the sink running, and then the door opened. I slid past her into mesh leopard foil print corset and thong(iphone tube porn bathroom, and swore I felt her hand brush across the front of my shorts.

I finished peeing, and was washing my hands when suddenly the bathroom door parted, and in she slid, pressing her back to the door as she closed and locked it. I paused and looked over to see her biting her lip and again giving me that wicked smile. Is this really about to happen? I kept eye contact with her as I moved across the bathroom to dry my hands.

"You might as well leave them wet," she uttered in the sexiest voice I'd ever heard. Go. I crossed the room…she yelped when I picked her up, and wrapped her arms around me, one hand tangled in my hair, her legs pulling me closer as I placed her on the countertop. I heard her sharp intake of breath as I put her down, then felt her lips pressing against mine, kissing me passionately.

She scooted forward on the counter, wrapping her legs tighter around me until her skirt was up around her waist, and our crotches were pressed firmly against each other. Her head slipped next to mine on contact, and she moaned into my ear, causing my cock to pulse against her sex, which forced another moan from her throat. I could feel the heat emanating from her.

I looked down to see she was wearing a black lacey thong. Smiling, I say, "When I saw you come onto the roof, you looked stunning, then when you turned it looked like you weren't wearing panties at all. Then, you looked ravishing. Looks like I was wrong." "Mmmmm well let's see if we can't change that." Beautiful and openly sexually provocative? I could get used to this. Wait&hellip.this is a party hookup.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. We don't even know each other's names! What game is she playing at&hellip. My attention is brought back to the beauty sitting on the counter in front of me when I felt a nibble on my ear. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back. Our eyes lock.

Thinking I'll make her sexually frustrated, I say to her, "I don't want to do this here. It's not sexy at all. Let's go enjoy the party." I lean forward and whisper in her ear, "We can finish this later." She whines in protest, then smashes our lips together in a kiss that rocked my world. "You bet we will." Her hand slides down my chest to my pocket. She grabs my cell, and puts her name in under Marina Pamento.

She hands me hers, and I put my number in, showing her the screen. "Kitty will be mad if that's a fake," she says with her lips pursed. She gives me one last kiss, then leaves the bathroom and me standing there, my cock so hard I could probably have chiseled into the countertop. I hear a knock on the door, so I flick my cock up into my waistband, noting the outside of my jeans is soaking wet. That's not me…ahh so that's what that heat was.

I chuckle to myself, then head out of the bathroom. My buddy Mazi is standing outside hopping in one place, but freezes when he sees me standing in the open door.

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"You were&hellip.with her&hellip.move I need to piss. Wait for me here." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sorry, for the lack of sex in this one. I hope it was tantalizing enough to hold you over until the next chapter as that was the point.

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AT THE READY!! See you in the next chapter. No spoilers :P