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Publicagent short haired babe fucks for cash
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The Pendant Chapter 11 Dan and Sarah were laid in bed watching TV. Neither spoke of the nights events.

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Jnr had dressed and said goodnight and went home. "You know, I have been thinking about getting Louise on the pill. What do you think darling"? she asked Dan. "Well, with the fucking she's been getting, maybe it's a good idea. What will you tell the doctor"?


Sarah knew a female doctor unknown to her husband. This particular doctor specialised in advising parents who had young daughters. Her view was that there were far too many young girls having unwanted babies these days.

Only recently Sarah read of a girl of 11 getting pregnant and having a baby.

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The father was only 12. "Oh I will say she is having sex education lessons and we just want to be prepared. I will talk to Louise about it in the morning.

"Why not speak to her now"? It's not too late and tomorrow is Sunday. We do not have to be up early". said Dan. "I'll let you decide eh"? "I'll go have a shower now". Dan ass fuck her punish my yearold backside and mouth a towel round his waist and went for his shower. Sarah knocked on her daughter's bedroom and entered. All three girls were naked and lying on the bed.

All three were completely naked and made no attempt to cover themselves. Sarah eyed each little sexy and liked what she saw. Jasmine stood and said she needed that bathroom. "Wait&hellip.". Too late, she thought as she watched the cute little ass wobble past her and the door closed.

"Well she is in for a surprise alright" she thought. Sarah then went on to talk to the two girls about the birds and the bees and what they must do to protect themselves. She explained that she know they were receiving sex education at school as she had seen it on the school curriculum and the start of term. Louise agreed to seeing the doctor and asked her mom if she would accompany her.


"Of course I will darling". I am not missing that for mather sleep son hot focking, thought Sarah. Jasmine entered the bathroom, not expecting anyone to be there. She was taken by complete surprise as she saw Dan standing there completely naked drying his hair.

He did not see Jasmine at first until she spoke. "Ahhhh, sorry Mr Saunders&hellip.". she blurted out and then stopped. Her eyes were glued to the massive hard cock that was standing straight up proudly.

"Oh Professor that is the biggest cock I can ever imagine". said the 8 year old. Dan was also staring at this sexy little girl.


What a gorgeous little body she has he thought. His eyes were fixed on the bald little fuck hole that was red allie james in fishnet stockings gets fucked swollen and oozing slightly. He know that Louise and Amanda would have been given it their all on this mini sex model. "You can touch it is you want" said Dan. Jasmine hesitantly approached him her eyes wide and still staring at the huge cock getting closer and closer.

Dan sat on the edge of the bath and took the girls hand and placed it on his cock. The little hand could not fully encircle its wide girth so she grasped it with two hands. Dan felt instant pleasure. "Now lift your hands up and down sweetheart" he instructed.

Jasmine did and the cock grew harder and bigger. She saw pre-cum oozing out from the tip. "Do you want to put it in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop"? Dan asked. "It looks too big to fit in my mouth" said Jasmine, looking upset. "Well just lick it like you do an ice cream" said Dan. Just them Sarah entered the bathroom. "I thought you two might be busy" she said. Sarah had remarked to the girls that Dan was in the shower and something was bound to happen.

The girls giggled and Louise said "It looks like Dad is in for a treat then". "And Jasmine". said Amanda. "More of a nasty surprise when she sees the size of that cock".

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remarked Sarah. All three girls giggled and Sarah said she had better go look. She opened the bathroom door and saw Dan sat on the edge of the batch with Jasmine knelt in front of him. It was obvious she was toying with his cock. Dan looked at her and winked. Sarah returned his wink and began to remove her top tender teen girl moans while her pussy is pummeled hard shorts.

She closed the door with a slam and Jasmine looked behind her. "Ooohh Mrs Saunders I…". "It's ok darling carry on what you are doing, I am going to help you".

Sarah was completely naked now and stood in full view of Jasmine. She knelt down beside her and looked as she licked and massaged her husband's huge cock. "Here, let me show you". She grasped her husband's cock and sank her mouth down to the hilt, slid it up again and then back down. Jasmine watched as Sarah gave her a demonstration of how to suck cock. "Now you try" she said. Little Jasmine lowered her mouth to the big hot throbbing man meat and managed to get the tip in her mouth.

Sarah put a hand on the back of her head and slowly pushed her downward. Jasmine gagged and pulled her mouth upward, leaving a big wad of saliva around the cock head.

Sarah immediately took the cock in her mouth and bobbed up and down, showing Jasmine what to do. She offered the cock to the little girl. She opened her mouth wider and the cock slid in deeper into her mouth. Sarah fondled his balls and told Jasmine to lick and suck on the balls.

Jasmine did so, and at the same time Sarah reached a hand and began to feel the little ass cheeks of the little girl.

Her fingers caressed the soft white buttocks and then slid down to the little slit. Sarah felt the soaking little gash of the young girl and inserted a finger into her pussy. Jasmine grunted at the touch on her little pussy and sucked on the big cock harder and faster. Dan could not believe an 8 year old girl was sucking his cock while his beautiful wife was fingering her ass and pussy. "This little girl needs fucking" said Sarah. She stood and at the same time lifted Jasmine to her feet.

She picked her up by her waist and then held her up with her hands at the back of her knees. "Come on darling, stick that cock into her". Dan stood and positioned himself in front of his wife and Jasmine. With her legs open and raised he had a clear view of the little bald wet pussy and her cute little pink ass hole. He dropped to his knees and lapped at the little we pussy and clit. He gently probed her ass hole and she was moaning little sounds. He just had to shove his cock into this little girl.

He gripped his wife's arms that were holding the little girl and positioned his cock at her pussy entrance. Jasmine gasped as it entered her pussy and Dan asked her if she was ok. "Yes, oh fuck me Professor, just fuck me pleeaasse". Dan shoved his cock in further and the little pussy pulsed and gushed all over his cock. Sarah then lowered one hand and shoved a finger into the little rough cum hole jamming pornstar and hardcore crack and Jasmine continued to buck and writhe.

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"AAAgghhhhh, fuck, fuck yeah". Dan pulled out and Sarah gently lowered Jasmine to the floor. Dan grabbed her head and said "open that little mouth baby". Jasmine was sweethearts big and yummy juggs pornstar and hardcore but opened her mouth.

Dan stroked his cock faster, and Sarah still had a finger in the girl's ass. "Aaaghhhhhhhh fuck you little fucking slut"! He shot his wad into her mouth and Jasmine nearly choked. Dan held her head and shot another load into her mouth. Sarah held her ass and fingered her faster. Jasmine had another orgasm as Dan continued to shoot his sperm into her throat and over her face.

"Fuck me that was so fucking great". His cock was in her mouth now and she was sucking and licking furiously on his cock. He pulled away and Sarah turned Jasmine round and licked and sucked on her little mouth and face until all the cum had been swallowed. "Jasmine dropped to the floor exhausted and Dan and Sarah looked down at her. She was breathing heavy and her hand was playing with her little pussy.

"Ooooohhhhhh I want to cum again"! said Jasmine. "Not tonight sweetheart, you must sleep now". said Sarah. Jasmine went to join Louise and Amanda and Dan and Sarah went to their room.