Lovely virgin playgirl blows and rides hardcore russian

Lovely virgin playgirl blows and rides hardcore russian
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Melanie age 30 is curvy single with shoulder length hair, I meet at a wine tasting event in Dallas. She invited me to join her at her apt.

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I lean against the wall, wine glass in beautiful beauteous gf endures pounding hardcore and blowjob hand, she tells me about her day. I put my wine down walking to her, take her glass from her and run my hands up her neck to the soft hair on her collar.

Pull her towards me. I kiss her, softly at first that it's like imagination, then harder as her breath quickens. My lips are sure and certain warm and it feels right. My emails have been exciting her all day, the passion of what I didn't say making her tremble and her nipples harden to flush excited peaks beneath her soft cotton shirt.

Every time the new mail icon appeared on her screen this afternoon, her heart thudded and her cheeks burned. She imagined me at the wine event across the crowded room, the intensity of my gaze and the passion in it sent shock through her, making her crave my touch.

She whispers this to me as I push her against the counter, as I undo the buttons on her skirt and shirt with exquisite slowness. As I unhook her bra and let her perky breasts fall into my hands, as I slide her damp panties down her legs, Melanie tells me that for most of the afternoon, she has been aroused enough that I could have slipped effortlessly into her. That my cock inside her and my gentle stroking would have sent her into a hot clenching orgasm around me.

I kiss her again when she tells me that, my tongue against her lips, inside her mouth, touching hers, curling and stroking and licking her into a moment where she is feeling so aroused and there's no conscious thought. Soon Melanie is naked in front of me, apart from her stockings and heels, while I'm still fully clothed, my sleeves rolled up, making her want to taste me.

I lean forward half an inch and delicately lick the place where the soft skin of her neck meets her smooth white collarbone. She tastes of salt and spices and that warm sweetness that's uniquely her. I take a harsh deep breath and I do it again, then move my mouth to her ear and whisper. " Why are you horny for a older man?" Melanie takes a deep breath, " Other men have not satisfied my sexual need. I researched you and asked questions.

I heard the rumors and decided I had to meet you and seduce you." Her breath tickles my skin as she whispers about the ache between her thighs that's been building all day. She nibbles my earlobe, making me groan and suddenly I push her away, taking control. I hold her at arms length, my fingers around her narrow wrists, and look her up and down, my gaze burning her until her skin is crawling with electricity.

She bites her lip, the dull pain a welcome focus for her heightened senses. I grab her hard, fast, she is unable to comprehend at first, for it moved too quick.

I grab her around the arm and shoved her hard up against the wall and it hurt where my fingers have gripped and bit into her, it hurt as her head had connected with the wall behind her, as I push her roughly and hold her there with the weight of my body. It did not matter if it hurt, for my lips are on her own again, this time the kiss is hard and forceful. My tongue is in her mouth and my body is pressing against her and my hands are at her breasts, her waist, and gripping the skin beneath her shirt.

She is helpless to fight against me, not simply because I'm physically stronger than her, but because she has lost the will to fight in the face of my determined lusts. She tries to struggle after a moment, briefly, ineffectually, as her wits have returned and the sensible part of her brain told her this was a mistake hotty undresses for a casting session hardcore and blowjob she should not be here and not allow me to do this.

She tries to pull her face away from me, tries to push me from her, but my teeth clench and anger flares in my eyes and I grip her shoulders with brutal force as I push her again against the wall, this time with far more strength. She literally sees stars as her head hits hard against the wall behind her, her stunned groan unwitting, but I give her no time to recover, reaching up with one hand to entwine it in her hair at the back of her head and pulling down hard.

She whimpers out loud with the sudden pain, but can not get out any further sound, for my lips are on hers once again as my tongue is back in her mouth and she stops trying to struggle for fear of what I will do and instead kisses me back. She is gasping for breath by the time I pull my face away from hers as she takes advantage of the pause to draw air deeply into her lungs, her eyes locked onto my face with fear.

She sees a cruel amusement in my expression, worse, condescending disdain, as if I had known she would respond to harsh treatment, as if I expected nothing less. My free hand, the one not holding her by the hair at the back of her head, clutching roughly at her breast. She can not help but utter a low groan of surprised pain. Something else flares in my eyes then, she thought it was satisfaction, pleased to hear her cries.

As she stares up at me in that moment, I'm pushing my body against hers and she is pinned to the wall, my hand on her breast, the other painfully pulling her head back by her hair, she knows then she fears me. Fears me and desires me, desperately and overwhelmingly. I grab her wrist as I step away from her, not saying a word, just pulling her suddenly, roughly forward, so that she stumbles and had to use her free hand to grab onto me so as to steady teens analyzed anal massage and assfucking brunette and blowjob from falling.

I gave her no time to regain her balance, I push open the door from the hallway she had indicated earlier is the bedroom shoving her roughly inside. She fought to stand still when she recovered herself and managed to breath, before I'm with her again, having entered behind her, and grabbed her by both arms shoving her again forward, this time onto the bed. She fell forward, half on her stomach, half on her side, then scrambled to turn over before I'm on top of her, she knew by now I won't wait to see if she is comfortable or if she is unhurt.

Her pain meant nothing, I didn't care about her pain. I will satisfy my desires now and I will use her to do so and if it hurt her or if it pleasured her is irrelevant and she is afraid of how quickly she has accepted that. I'm on her before she manages to turn completely over, I grab her shoulder roughly pulling her back round to where I wanted her, then plant my lips down on hers again as my hands move down her naked body.

I roughly push my hand between her legs, then shove my fingers roughly up inside of her. She cries out, though her sound is muffled by my mouth on hers, I roughly jab three fingers all at once into her. It hurt because it is so rough and sudden, it would have hurt more if she wasn't so wet. She is dripping, more than normal for her, she is well lubricated and ready for me and it surprises and shames her, that she is responding to my rough treatment of her.

I pull my fingers out part way out then shove them in harder, hurting her so she arches her back and unwittingly tilts her face away from me.

I let her, my smile viscous as I watch her whimper beneath my touch and she thought about begging me to be more gentle with her, except she is afraid I will only use that as a reason to hurt her more. Afraid, she secretly didn't want it like this to begin with, unable now to trust herself. I thrust my fingers into her three, four, five times, each time harder than the last, using powerful strength until she is crying out helplessly with each thrust, before I pull them out again.

Suddenly she finds my fingers, sticky and smelling of her, at her bruised lips pushing inside her mouth. She tries to turn away, gagging hard, she did not like this, she never has tasted herself, when she masturbated she wiped her fingers with a cloth, she never licked and sucked them.

I would not let her turn away, grabbing her hair again with my other hand turning her head as I wanted it and made her lick my fingers clean of her juices. I'm grinning nastily as I did, seeing her eyes are glassy with tears from fear and pain, but knowing she is not fighting me, she is responding to each new moment.

Suddenly, I push myself back off her. If she had been going to stop this, if she had been going to fight, now is the time. This is when she can get herself away from me.

This moment alone she would have to be free. She did not move, as I push myself back to stand at the side of the bed where she lay. She continued to lay there, looking up at me fearful and clutching the blankets beneath her with frightened, anxious hands as I lean over caressing her thighs and ass.

She feels shame she is letting me do this to her, but she cannot help it, she cannot help herself, she laying uncovered and exposed to my view. Her clean shaved pussy exposed, she knew she had gone to far to become coy now.

I slap her hands away hard and she knew better than to try again as I see her juices evident on her thighs, staining the sheets beneath her. She turns her head, not wanting to meet my eyes, her cheeks flaming red with embarrassment and shame, I laugh low then she hears the zipper of my pants open, she cannot help but look back, drawn to this, not able to stop.

After the zipper, I forced her legs wide apart with my knees, she did not fight me, even as she feels me there, between her legs, the thick, hard threat of my masculinity, ready now to take her, whether she likes it or not. I shove into her hard. All the way, all at once, so long, so thick, bigger than any partner she'd previously had, the few that there were, and tearing her open with the brutal suddenness of it.

She cries out again, unintelligible words, she isn't sure if she is trying to beg me to go slow, to have mercy on her, or if she is trying to tell me she wanted it rougher, harder and deeper.

What she wants makes no difference anyway, I will unleash my lust and my desire on her regardless, I pull back and ram into her again and if she thought my fingers had been rough, if she thought they had hurt, then it is nothing compared to my long hard thick cock. I thrust in and out all the way with hard thrusts deliberately designed to hurt and she finds herself pushing back against me, willingly raising her hips to meet me. She orgasms immediately on my entry into her, which shocks her so bad she almost forgot to be ashamed.

She never has climaxed with penetration, vaginal orgasm did not exist in her arousing and juicy oral sex deepthroat and blowjob, she needed to stimulate the clitoris to get anywhere close and even then the few partners she'd had over the years hadn't been able to satisfy her.

She'd grown accustom to knowing she'd have to do it herself, which was fine, she guessed, that is just the way she obtained sexual satisfaction. Now, as I impale myself so deep, so rough, inside of her, she feels it building suddenly, a familiar sensation, and it only took two or three thrusts to bring her to climax.

She tries to hide it, clutching at the sheets beneath her and biting back her lip, I did not slow and I did not hesitate as I continue to slam myself inside her until all of a sudden she can't hold back no longer.

Muscles spasming, body tightening, her groans she has tried to hide escaping from her for the first time as she came from the hard, rough, deep penetration of my cock inside her. A release in more than one way for her. I did not stop once she had cum, it hurt more now, she did not try to stop either, instead continuing to push her hips back against me as I dictated our speeds and movements. Following my lead as I was pleasing myself alone, she merely tried to do what she can to enhance my pleasure, as that is all that mattered.

She did not try to hide the soft cries she involuntarily made with each hard, painful thrust inside her. She feels as if she can hide nothing from me now, so she let me see the affect I'm having on her, she stopped trying to pretend I couldn't see it, and let me have my way. Her hands stopped clutching at the blankets beside her and instead now she brought them up to my waist, clutching at me, as if I'm the only thing she can cling onto to save herself from drowning in this experience.

Sensible thoughts flickering through her head, momentarily there, then forgotten in the sensations of me; knowing I'm not wearing a condom, knowing despite her cooperation she in effect has little choice, aware that if she had my mom saw my cock then request me tsuck her pussy, had refused, I would have raped her anyway. Not caring, only desperate now for me, pushing her hips towards me, clutching at my body, crying out with pain and pleasure of the feel of me, prepared to do anything for more of me.

She wants my pleasure, she wants to feel me cum inside her, this man who had aroused her, seduced her, and made her want him. I was not there for her pleasure or pain, I'm concerned solely with using her for my enjoyment. She adopted this as her own goal and worked towards my climax, focused upon it. If she had been brave enough to beg me now, it would taming a lusty smutty cleft hardcore blowjob have been for mercy.

She would have begged me for my seed, to spill my fluids inside of her, and to use her as I will. There is no warning for her second orgasm, which merges immediately into a third, and left her stunned and shocked, she feels the tears again in her eyes.

Just as she has never experienced orgasm from vaginal penetration before, she has never climaxed more than once in any sexual experience. Now her body betrayed her and she finds it hard to cope, bucking beneath me as I laugh over her, a sound of power and control. I came myself then, as if I had waited for this moment, ramming myself inside of her all the way, she sees my muscles tense, the clenched jaw expression of my face and then feels me inside her jettisoning load after of white sticky cum.

She knew she should be worried about it. But she can't, she raises her oldnanny lesbian granny and teen with huge dildo tube porn to meet me, feeling the spasms inside her, the pumping ejaculation as I made sure she took every sex sanilaon xxx story com I had.

Then I took a deep breath rolling casually from her. She laid there, naked, sticky, used and abused and stunned. Her body is exhausted, her mind is confused. She feels tears in her eyes, she feels the dark shame now and the humiliation the worse because she willingly participated in her own degradation.

For all her exhaustion, for all her confusion, shame and humiliation, her body feels satisfied.

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She feels sexual satisfied and surprisingly grateful. After a few minutes, she turns her head to see me sitting on the side of the bed, leaning back on my arms watching her. She didn't know what to say, only swallows hard and waits for me to speak first, which I did.

" You're not finished yet," I told Melanie, the first words I had spoken that shocked her. She didn't know what I meant, no man had ever said that to her. She opens her mouth to speak, to ask, she cannot find the words. " I. I don't understand." she replyed quietly, not sure if she meant it in regards to what I said, or to the experience. I reach out one hand to her and now, after the desire is satisfied and sense of normality has returned, she flinches away from me.

I did not let her get too far, only taking hold of her shoulder and pushing her up. She shifts her weight so as to do as I indicated, sitting up beside me breathtaking orgasms for a sexy sweetheart hardcore blowjob the bed, then found herself surprised when I did not stop there. I continue to push insistently, threateningly, until she realized suddenly I wanted her down on the floor.

" You're going to couple has sex on camera hardcore and blowjob your ass fucked," I said as she stumbles a little from the bed, not sure what is going on. " No.not" she stammers, not understanding, just struggling not to fall completely over as she complied with my insistent pushing and found herself suddenly sitting on the floor in front of me. " You heard me," I returned. " On your knees, I'm still mostly hard, covered liberally in her juices and my own.

" You've never had a real man take you before, have you?" I commented lazily as she stared at me wide eyed.

She cannot answer. " You've only had little boys who don't know how to assert their masculinity. Bit of a change for you, being done by a real man for once." The pain she had suffered in our sex are returning now, the bruises, the aches, and the pain. " You enjoyed it, didn't you?" I said. " Enjoyed the experience of a real man taking you for his pleasure. I push her forward onto her hands, I step behind her spreading her legs wide apart.

I pull her ass checks apart and rub my wet finger on the rim of her ass hole. " I am going to fuck your ass hard. I am going to use the slightest amount of your juices as lube. This will hurt, it is a lesson about who is in charge." She squirms, I can't help it. My words scare her and excite her. I chuckle.

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I press the tip of my cock against her ass, pushing enough for her to feel the pressure. She realizes as I push gently that this is going to hurt. I'm excited about fucking her tight virgin ass and the pain she is about to endure. I tell " Her to relax enough to take it, you will fuck my ass with more lube, and it will still hurt." I grab her hair pull it hard and ask if she understood, she nods yes. The head of my cock is pushed up against her anus so she feel the painful pressure.

" Take it!" I growl. Melanie tries to relax her anus so I can push in, she loosens it a little and I push deep inside of her until my balls are up against her pussy. It hurts so bad, she feels like her ass is being torn. She tries cockninjastorys brother confesses sister mom pull away but I have a tight grip on her hips.

I laugh pushing in hard. My cock is rock hard, there is only our juices for lube and she wants it out. I keep laughing. My cock is throbbing in her ass. Knowing that this excites me is humiliating. It hurts, every throb is a little more painful.

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She feels betrayed by her body, because it hurts and yet her pussy is still wet. As if I sense what she is thinking I reach down and roughly thrust two fingers into her pussy to see how wet she is. I chuckle, and she knows I have that look on my face that scares her. She shudders. I slowly pull out, she gasps in relief and I slam my cock back in. More pain, again I keep it shoved deep.

A demonstration of my complete control.


My cock is up her ass, and I'm taking my pleasure. There is nothing remotely about her pleasure. I try to push it in deeper, grabbing her hips trying to pull her further on me. But there is no deeper. Again, I slowly pull out. I pull out beyond where I did the first time. She starts to feel hope, maybe I'm pulling out to get more lube. I slam my cock back inside deep again. Melanie tries to move away from the pain, but can't. I laugh, her face burns.

Melanie looks up noticing there is a mirror in front of her, I see all the emotions and shame on her face. The tears start running down her face, Melanie has never had a cock in her ass, she never knew it is possible but she feels me growing harder in her ass. I smile at her, she is afraid. While looking in her eyes in the mirror, I slowly start to charming sex kitten is exposing her stretched pink quim in closeup out again.

Melanie knows what is coming and I see the desperation in her eyes, she starts saying no and begging me not to, my smile gets bigger the instant before I give the hardest thrust into her tight ass. Melanie screams, I hold it longer as I look into her eyes. It finally occurs to her that I'm not going to let up until she surrenders and looks away.

She does. I'm thrusting faster, not as deep and every thrust is a little less painful. I grab her hips pulling her towards me with every thrust. The pain slowly turns to pleasure as she starts trying to help with the thrusts. I tell her that she is being a good slut.

I tense up and cum in her ass, I cum long and hard. I lay on her back to recover. I raise up off of her back, I turn her head to me sticking my tongue deep into her mouth.

Melanie gets up and stumbles to the bathroom to take care of herself. After a few minutes, she comes back to the bed. I lay down next to her pulling her roughly to me. " Now, you have been fucked hard in your pussy and in your ass by a older man." I growl. After she woke up, I roughly shove three fingers up her pussy. Melanie fucks them as she came fast and hard. I get dressed and leave. I'm gone from her immediate presence, but I'm inside of her mind and she finds herself suddenly, irrationally, desperately terrified that I will always be, leaving her unable to lock the door to keep me out tomorrow as she has been unable to refuse my lust today.

Scared, suddenly, that she will never be free of me. Her eyes closed where she stood. I'm inside her.


Inside her body, inside her mind. In control, always in control, because I demand it to be so and that is frightening.

The most frightening thought is knowing it was also because she let me.