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Long stiff dick for sexy lola hunter
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Harry awoke the next morning with taco pussy shrima malati enjoys multiple sex toys for first time smile on his face. Of course, this wasn't a particularly unusual occurrence. Since finding Sarosa's lamp 7 months ago, his life had been perfect.

His every desire had been granted to him by this magical girl, who desired only to please him. Someone up there must like him, he figured. Harry looked around the bed at the chaos on it. His duvet (Not a problem, since his room was always at a magically perfect temperature) and bedsheet, along with both pillows, were on the bedroom floor, having been lost in a fit of pleasure. The mattress itself had been dislodged from the intense acts of passion that had taken place on it.

Harry watched the 6 girls sleep, all worn out from having had their way with Harry the previous night. Their bodies, as well as large portions of the mattress, were covered in Harry's semen, and that was just the way he liked it. Harry got out of bed, his enormous, unending erection proudly protruding from above his equally enormous testicles.

He reached down to the floor, and picked up Sarosa's lamp, which had also been hit by a squirt or two of Harry's cum. He rubbed the lamp, and clouds of dark-blue smoke poured out, forming into the familiar shape of Sarosa.

"Good morning, Master," she smiled, bowing her head. "Do you desire your morning pleasure?" "Clean my bed up," Harry ordered her. "But leave my cum." "At once, Master." Sarosa raised her hand towards the bed, and it proceeded to sort itself out. The mattress re-aligned itself, and the bedsheet and pillows flew back into place.

The duvet floated gently onto the bed, covering the sleeping girls. "Good," Harry said. "Now come with me." Sarosa stood up, and Harry took her hand in his. The two of them walked downstairs, not worrying in the slightest about their nudity. They walked into the living room, where Harry's mother was sat watching TV.

"Morning you two," she said. "Good morning Mrs Robinson," Sarosa said. "How are you today?" "I'm fine, thank you Sarosa." "If you two are quite done," Harry said, sitting down on the sofa. "Mum, I wish for you to strip off and suck my dick." Sarosa snapped her fingers, and Mrs Robinson instantly obeyed. She stood up, and performed a striptease for Harry, pulling off her clothes slowly, gradually revealing the magically-enhanced body she'd been previously given by Sarosa's magic.

Then, without a second thought, she got down on her knees and took her son's cock into her mouth. "Mmmmm…" Harry moaned. "That's the stuff…" "I take it I've succeeded in pleasing you, Master?" Sarosa asked, licking his cheek. "You always please me, Sarosa," Harry said, kissing her sloppily. "Here's your reward. Cum for your Master." Sarosa bit her lip, and moaned a little as her magic activated automatically, causing her to have an orgasm as Harry kissed her. She had to admit, selfish as he was, her Master did like to show his gratitude for all the wishes she granted for him.

When Sarosa was done, Harry broke the kiss, and grinned at her. "Like that?" He asked her. "Yes Master," Sarosa smiled. "Thank you Blonde beauty darcie bell face fuck and doggystyle on table, that was wonderful." "Good. Now feed me my breakfast." Sarosa snapped her fingers, and a big bowl of cereal appeared in her hands.

She took a load of it on the spoon, and brought it to Harry's mouth, which he gobbled up eagerly. "Breakfast and a blowjob. This is the life, huh?" "You're the envy of all men, Master," Sarosa smiled, continuing to feed him. 3 bowls of cereal and a dozen orgasms later, and Harry was spooning his mother on the sofa, rubbing his cock against her bottom cheeks.

Sarosa was knelt in front of them, smiling, and waiting for her Master's next wish. "I've got half a mind to lay here all day," Harry said, content. "If that is what you desire, Master, then it shall be so," Sarosa smiled. "Of course, once the girls wake up they can join us," Harry continued. "And I guess we'll have to deal with Dan once he wakes up. Or instead, Sarosa, keep Dan sleeping all day." "Dan's not here," his yujizz pinay student high school said.

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"What?" "Dan slept over at Charlie's last night," she continued. "He's still there as far as I know." "Why'd he go there? I thought he slept over Friday night?" "Yes, but Dan had to go over right away." "Why?" "Because he had to. All I know is I absolutely had to drive Dan over there right away." "Master, please, allow me," Sarosa said, putting her hands on Harry's mother's head. "Just as I suspected.

Your mother has been affected by magic that is not my own." "Meaning?" "Meaning there is another genie at work." "Genie?

What are you talking about Sarosa?" Harry's mother asked her. "Mum, I wish for you to go upstairs and get back valentina and serena satisfying pussies on massage table pornstars and fingering bed," Harry says.

"When dad wakes up, you will both make love for the rest of the day." Sarosa snapped her fingers, and Harry's mother immediately obeyed. "So you think there's another genie around?" Harry asked. "Yes Master." "Dan?" "It does seem likely, yes." "But Dan can't have a genie!" "If he rubbed a lamp, Master, then he and this other genie will be indeed bonded." "But he just can't have a genie!

Bring him here!" "Master, if your brother does indeed now possess a genie, then my magical will no longer affect him." "So bring him here then! If it works, we'll know he doesn't have a genie!" "Yes Master." Sarosa pointed her finger at the carpet, and Daniel appeared in an instant, naked, and curled up sleeping. "Thank God, Daniel's still normal," Harry said, relieved. "But no not forget Master, there is still another genie about," Sarosa said. "And Daniel here has indeed had magic on him that is not my own." "Well that little mystery is easily solved." Harry got down to his brother, and shook him awake.

"Wake up Dan!" "Whuh…what?" Daniel asked as he awoke. "Harry? Sarosa?" "Where's the genie Dan!? Who's got the genie!?" "What's going on…?" "Master, please, allow me," Sarosa said, before kneeling down in front of Daniel.

"Hey sweetie." "Sarosa? What's happening?" Daniel asked. "We're friends, aren't we sweetie?" "Yes…" Daniel said, falling into a trance-like state. "Friends tell each-other everything, don't they sweetie?" "Yes…" "So how about you tell me who's got a genie?

Can you tell me that?" "Charlie…" "Good boy, sweetie," Sarosa said, before turning back to Harry. "Easy-peasy." "So it's Charlie," Harry said, looking annoyed. "Daniel's best friend?" Sarosa asked. "Yeah, the Indian girl. How is this possible? How'd she get a genie!?" "Genie lamps are often found in many strange places.

Why, I myself was once found by my new Mistress in a chicken coop. I'm not sure how I ended up there." "Um, what's going on you two?" Daniel asked, using a sofa cushion to cover his groin. "How did I get here?" "How'd Charlie get a genie, Dan!? HOW!?" "Leave him alone!" The three of them turned to look at Charlie, who had just appeared in the doorway. She was dressed in a jeans and T-shirt, and Afericus was stood next to her. "Charlie?" Daniel asked.

"Where'd you come from?" "Honestly sweetie, you're not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, are you? She used magic, obviously," Sarosa said. She walked up to Afericus, and worked him over with her eyes. "I don't recognise you." "I am known as Afericus, humble genie servant of the most wondrous Charlotte Tamboli," Afericus said.

"And to whom, fair maiden, have I the pleasure of speaking?" "Sarosa," she replied, her arms crossed. "Why don't you talk properly?" "This is how I have always spoken," Afericus replied. "With the words flowing from my tongue like a fine wine." "Hello, I'm still here!" Daniel shouted. "Isn't someone please going to tell me what's going on!?" "Afericus, I wish for you to dress Dan," Charlie said.

"At once, Mistress." Afericus snapped his fingers, causing clothes to appear on Daniel's body. Charlie walked over to him, and helped him up. "Charlie, what's happening?" He asked his friend. "Well I can only assume your brother wished you here," Charlie replied. "Oh look, we have two brainboxes," Sarosa said. "What do you mean?" Daniel asked. "Dan, Sarosa's a genie," Charlie said.

"A genie!?" "Yes Dan, I'm a genie," Sarosa said, rather annoyed. "And can I just say that you are a fucking moron." "Hey!" "Your overweight big brother came home one day with an inhumanly gorgeous girl whom he claimed to be his girlfriend, and your parents immediately allowed her to live with you. Didn't you find that a tad suspicious?" "Well…" "And what about the fact that he and I stayed up to all hours having sex at deafening volumes, the sort of thing that would make a normal human bleed to death?

Or the fact that overnight Harry started getting perfect marks at school? Or the fact that the other day I teleported you, and you saw me come out of my fucking lamp! Did not one bit of this ever give you the slightest hint that maybe something out of the ordinary was going on!?" "Now teen rides huge her profile here lesbians and amateurs Sarosa, you really can't blame Dan for all that," Harry said. "He had your magic preventing him from noticing anything out of the ordinary." Sarosa's expression changed at this, as she realised she perhaps shouldn't have said what she just did.

"Well…that's not entirely true," Sarosa said. "What?" "Well…although your parents were indeed brainwashed as you commanded…Daniel wasn't." "WHAT!? Why!?" "Well when you made the wish you said you wanted it to affect "Everyone in my house"…but Daniel wasn't inside the house at the time, so I didn't do it to him." "You told me to you wouldn't twist my wishes!" "I told you I was allowed to use my judgement to best grant your wishes.

And in this case, I judged that it might be fun to let Daniel maintain his normal thought processes." "Sarosa…" Harry growled angrily.

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"I'm sorry Master…" Sarosa said, bowing her head. "Hang on, I think everyone's missing the big problem here," Daniel interrupted. "Harry, you've got a genie." "Obviously," Harry said. "So why the fuck did it never occur to you to get me laid!?" "Well, I was busy." "Busy!?

Seven months you've had Sarosa and not once did you have 5 seconds free to say "Hey Sarosa, I wish for my brother to have sex"? Bullshit." "But you don't know dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories it's like bro! All that pussy! It does tend to distract you." "If it helps," Sarosa interrupted.

"I did ask him to get you laid and he told me to shut up." "Shut up Sarosa! You're in enough trouble already!" Harry shouted.

"You know, if we're complaining about the things Harry did and didn't do," Charlie said. "I'd like to object to all those girls you forced to have sex with you, since I'm assuming they came by the bucketload." "Oh you're one to talk," Sarosa said, squaring up to Charlie.

"I bet you hardly stuck by the letter of the law and morals last night." "I hope you're not comparing me to him." "You didn't do one bit of mind control on him then? Didn't do anything to him without his consent?" "Well… "I thought so.

Hey Africa, what did Charlotte here wish for?" "Her first wish was for "really big boobs", followed by a series of wishes to make her body "perfect". She then wished for an arousing voice, and she wished for Daniel's mother to bring him over immediately.

She then wished for me to fellate Daniel, and then I-" "Wow Dan, Fetish ho tugs two cocks interracial blowjob didn't know you liked guys," Sarosa said. "I don't," Daniel said. "I was very much not up for that blowjob!" "You liked it in the end, didn't you?" Charlie said. "At least my Master had the decency to make those girls want to have sex with him," Sarosa said.

"They enjoyed every second of it, unlike Dan here." "Oh and what about all that teasing you did to Dan? Appearing naked in front of him? Making him jizz all over his bed?" "I was giving him a treat! Giving him as much fun as I could get away with giving him without explicitly disobeying my Master!" "Don't blame him for this!" "He's my Master!

I can't disobey him!" "Girls, girls…" Harry said. "Stop arguing! Honestly Charlie, you weren't like this when I fucked you." "WHAT!?" "Oh yeah, I've fucked you loads of times," Harry said.

"Of course, I got Sarosa to erase your memory after, but damn girl, you were good." "Oh you dickhead!" Charlie shouted. She went in to kick Harry in the balls, but she found her foot colliding with a different hard object entirely. "Ahh!" "Oh, that's where I left my concrete block," Sarosa said, making it disappear. "Silly me." "Look, this is too messed up you guys," Harry said.

"I'm gonna go for a walk to think about everything." Harry turned to leave, and Sarosa started following him.

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"ALONE!" Harry shouted. "Oh…I'm sorry, Master…" Sarosa said, know fully realising he was mad at her.

"Dress me," Harry ordered, and Sarosa made clothes appear on his body, before he stormed out of the house. "Now look what you've done!" Sarosa shouted at Charlie. ------------------------------- Asrah was led out of the building she was in, and led into a black coach, almost like a rock band's tour bus, only with significantly fewer markings on it, and with significantly more armour. As she walked, Asrah looked around.

She didn't recognise this place. Was she still in Russia? What year was it? Certainly the building she'd been in, as well as this vehicle and the guns the men had seemed rather more advanced than she was used to. "I'm sure it goes without saying, genie, but no magic without permission," her new owner said.

"Yes Master." These men were speaking English in a variety of accents, so she figured she probably wasn't in Russia any more, but then, maybe Russia had been invaded since she was last free of her lamp. She remembered that, not long before his death, her last Master had encountered a man called Richard Brookman, who had asked him to join some sort of society of which he was a part. Her Master had refused, of course, preferring to work his magic alone, but a few days later, while she had been relaxing in her lamp, Asrah had felt the link to her Master be severed, and so she had remained in her lamp ever since.

Until that poor man had been forced to release her. If only she'd realised what was going on in time, she could have saved him. Despite his forced wishes, he was still her Master, and she felt a large amount of guilt in having failed to protect him. Asrah was guided onto the coach, where she saw many men pointing large guns at her. She was curvy ho ashley fires all holes banged by throbbing cock directly to the back, where her new Master sat with her.

The coach set off, and the men continued to point the large guns at her. "At ease, all of you," the man said. "She cannot do anything without my permission, and anyway, your bullets could not harm her in the slightest." The men lowered their weapons, which did little to put Asrah at ease.

Though she had to admit, being forbidden to use magic made her wonder if her body was as indestructible as it normally is. She could not die, of that she was certain, but she did not particularly relish the idea of finding out what bullet wounds felt like. "Would you like anything?" The man asked her.

"Food? Drink? Do genies eat?" "We can eat, though we do not need to." "I see. I've never met a genie before, you see.


I'm not particularly up on the finer details, outside the rules of your use. Would you at least like some clothes?" "I feel no shame in my body." "And I take no shame in enjoying the sight of it. But I feel you are distracting the soldiers a tad, and at any rate, you'll need to blend in. So I wish for you to dress yourself." "Your wish is my command, Master," Asrah said, still incredibly nervous around this man.

She did not know what the fashions of the time were, so she settled instead for simply copying what her Master was wearing. "Interesting," the man smiled. "Though I was rather expecting something different, that will do just fine I suppose." Asrah stayed silent. "You know, I've just realised I've not told you my name," the man said.

"It's Frank. Frank Johnson. What's yours?" "Asrah, Master," she replied. "Asrah. A name as beautiful as the girl to whom it belongs." "Thank you, Master…" "I understand your trepidation, but I am trying to make you feel comfortable. It's in my interest to keep my servant in a good mood, after all, lest she twist my wishes in a way I do not like." "I could not betray you." "No, but always best to be on the safe side." "Master, may I ask…where are we going?" "You certainly may ask.

We're driving to London, where I will introduce you to the rest of my group. Blonde plays with herself at the pool s worry, all will be revealed in time." When they arrived, Asrah was led into another inconspicuous building, and into what appeared to be a conference room.

Around the table sat 14 people of varying ethnicities, whom, unbeknownst to Asrah, represented the different countries of the UN Security Council, with Frank as the UK's representative. "Ladies and gentleman, may I present Asrah, our genie," Frank said. "Well then girl, on your knees," said a man with a strong French accent.

Asrah immediately obeyed.

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"These people are the other members of the UN Council for Supernatural Affairs," Frank explained. "We are all your Masters." "My Master is locked away, on the orders of that man," Asrah said.

"Perhaps his is your Master officially, but you serve us now," said the Russian man. "We are the Master's representatives, so to speak. Our wishes are your command." "What do you desire, Masters?" Asrah asked. "Well maybe we could have spicy czech sweetie gapes her pink pussy to the bizarre amateur and babe little fun?" Suggested the New Zealander.

"The wife's not exactly been very willing lately." "Honestly, is that all you ever think about?" Asked the Spanish lady. "We have work to do." "Well I bet Frank had his way with her the whole way over here!" The New Zealander protested. "I did not," Frank said, taking his seat. "Now then everyone, you know our mission, to eradicate magic, and the threat that genies and their Masters pose to the people of this world.

Now that we are in possession of a genie of our own, our plan can truly begin. I suggest we start here, in London." "The agreed plan?" "Yes. We will set up an event tomorrow to attract any Masters. Once we have them, we lure them into our trap." "Good," said the American. "Well then genie, I suppose it's time for us to make our wishes." ------------------------------- Sarosa returned to her lamp after the argument, while Charlie sat luscious girl with nice gazoo gives massage on the sofa.

Daniel had gone to his room to think about everything that had happened. His best friend had made her genie rape him, though she had admittedly then taken his virginity in the most amazing night of his entire life.

On the other hand, he could have gotten laid every day for the past 7 months had his selfish dick of a brother bothered to say a few simple words to the girl he now knew to be a genie. Daniel's thoughts were a mixture of rage, and annoyance at everything he'd missed out on. "Dan? Are you okay?" Asked Charlie, knocking on his door. "Go away!" "Dan, look, I'm really sorry for what I did," Charlie said, walking into his room.

"You RAPED me!" "I know, and I'm sorry. I just got a little drunk on power. Having near-unlimited magical power on tap does that to a girl." "That doesn't excuse what you did." "I know, I know." Charlie sat down on the bed, and hugged Daniel.

"I'm really sorry." "I know. Just please, don't do it again. I don't want you making anyone touch tai phim dit nhau lon mup ve may dick unless I've asked for it." "Alright. So how about I make amends, as well as getting you a one up on your brother?" "What do you mean?" "In Harry's bedroom right now there are 6 beautiful, horny, nude girls.

If you'd like, you could fuck every single one of them right now." "I thought you were mad at Harry for forcing those girls to fuck him?" "I am, but I guess since he's already taken away their free will, I can hardly make it any worse, right?" "You're insane, you know that?" "Yes.

Now do you wanna get laid or not?" "No tricks this time?" "Nope." "You promise?" "I promise." "…Alright then. Do it." "Off you go then. Go wake them up. I'll handle things from here." The 6 girls, Lucy, Yasmin, Eleri, Rebecca, Jessica and Amelia were still laid on Harry's bed, sleeping peacefully after being fucked until the early hours.

They'd paired up to cuddle, their nude, cum-covered flesh rubbing against each-other. As Daniel opened the door, he let out an audible gasp at seeing the girls. The duvet was covering their naughty bits, and he'd already seen all of them naked in the shower the previous evening, but it was still a shock for him to be presented with so much nude female flesh.

Daniel approached the bed, and looked nervously on the sleeping girls. Cautiously, he shook them slightly. "Girls…" he whispered. "Wake up…" The girls stirred slightly, and slowly woke up. As they moved and sat up, Daniel got a good look at their boobs. They then all looked at him, and screamed. "Dan!" Shouted Eleri. "What are you going in here!?

Where's Harry!?" All the girls quickly covered their boobs. "Well, I, uh." Daniel stuttered. Back in Daniel's bedroom, Charlie and Afericus were laid on his bed, watching the events on his TV. "Alright Afericus, I wish for all those girls to think Dan is Harry," Charlie said.

"Your wish is my command, Mistress." Afericus snapped his fingers, and the girls' expressions changed, instantly uncovering their boobs. "Morning Harry," said Amelia. "Um…morning…" Daniel said, figuring he'd best play along. "Sleep well?" "You bet…" said Yasmin, stretching her arms up, giving Daniel a dream view of her boobs.

"You really gave it to us good last night. I don't think I've ever cum that hard in my life. Or that many times." "You certainly seemed to be enjoying yourself," said Rebecca. "We're all covered in hot beauteous gals dong playing masturbation and smalltits "enjoyment", aren't we?" Rebecca took some of Harry's cum on her finger, and swallowed it.

Daniel gulped. It was surprisingly hot seeing her do that, even if it was his brother's. "Why'd you put your clothes on though?" Lucy asked. "I thought you said we'd go for round two this morning?" "…I did?" "Well, yeah," Lucy replied.

"Or did we fuck your memories away? Come on." The girls pulled back the duvet, and Daniel nervously crawled into the middle of them. "Oh, and one more thing," Charlie said to Afericus. "I wish that when Dan cums, his loads will be half a litre in size." "Certainly, Mistress." Dan laid back in bed, and the girls began kissing and caressing his entire body.

"Like that Harry?" asked Jessica. "Yeah…" Daniel moaned. His cock was now hard as rock, and he was slowly beginning to relax. Lucy and Eleri tried making out with him, fighting for supremacy over his mouth.

Amelia and Yasmin interrupted their kissing for a moment to lift Daniel's T-shirt over his head, before the two girls got back to work. Amelia and Yasmin then began kissing and licking Daniel's chest, while Rebecca and Jessica moved the duvet back, and unzipped his trousers.

They then pulled them down, followed by his pants, which caused them to gasp. "Harry, what happened to you!?" Rebecca asked. "What do you mean?" Daniel asked. "Your cock and balls have shrunk!" She replied.

"They're tiny now!" "And your pubes have grown back!" Exclaimed Jessica. "Well, I…uh…" stuttered Daniel, as he attempted to come up with an excuse for why his genitals didn't resemble Harry's.

Suddenly though, he felt an intense tingling in his genital area. He looked down, and watched his pubic hair retreat into his body, leaving him completely hairless down there. Meanwhile, his penis lengthened and thickened, until it was a foot long. His balls swelled to match, becoming the size of tennis balls, as Harry had made his. "Oh my God…" Daniel said, looking down at his enormous genitalia.

"Mmmm, that's better," Jessica said, before taking Daniel's cock into her mouth. The boy gasped and moaned, feeling Jessica's lips slide down his length. Despite his size, she somehow managed to take the entire thing into her mouth, and Daniel shuddered as he felt the head rubbing against her tonsils. Meanwhile, Rebecca moved down to his scrotum, and took one of his testicles in her mouth.

Daniel was in Heaven. His mouth and the surrounding area was experiencing the sensations of Lucy and Eleri's tongues and lips. His stomach was being licked and kissed by Amelia, while Yasmin worked on his nipples. Rebecca sucked on his balls, while Jessica expertly worked his cock. His entire body was alive with sensation, unbridled pleasure flowing through him. These feelings of incredible delight were centred in his cock, and it was all too much for him.

Daniel felt the pressure building up until he couldn't hold back any more, and his orgasm began. Daniel let out a loud groan of pleasure, the girls simply continuing what they were doing. Daniel was surprised by the feeling though; he couldn't see his cock, but just by the sensations alone, he knew this was no ordinary ejaculation. For starters, the contractions were coming much more frequently. He was squirting cum out every tenth of a second or so. Not only that, but his semen was significantly thicker, and each shot was four or five times as large as one of his normal shots.

All of which added up to make the greatest, most pleasurable orgasmic experience of Daniel's life. Only a few seconds into Daniel's climax, Jessica pulled off his cock, unable to take any more of his semen. The rest of the girls followed suit, and instead turned all their attention to Daniel's penis, taking turns sucking it and pointing it at each-other and swallowing bits of his cum.

At this point, Daniel had figured out something was out of the ordinary. By now his orgasm would usually have ended, but he was still cumming with a fury, with no sign of it ending any time soon.

The average ejaculation is between 2 and 5ml. Thanks to Charlie's wish, Daniel wouldn't stop cumming until he'd shot 500ml.


This was going to be a long night. Daniel's eyes were shut from the pleasure, but he still possessed enough of his faculties to feel what last night had taught him was the feeling of a vagina on his cock.


He opened his eyes, and he saw Yasmin, who was now riding his still-orgasming dick reverse cowgirl, while the others continued to stimulate the rest of his sensitive form. Daniel was surprised as to the sheer amount of cum she seemed able to take into her, which she assumed was something Harry had augmented, but even so, he eventually felt his semen begin to flow out of her pussy.

Yasmin's magically-enhanced body was also very susceptible to pleasure, and she came in less than a minute, her vagina milking Daniel's penis for all it was worth.

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Yasmin climbed off his of Daniel, his penis not yet done with its ejaculatory mission. The girls helped Daniel up and onto his knees, and into position in front of Lucy, who got on all fours in front of him. With some assistance, Daniel slid into her vagina, adding to his unending pleasure. The four remaining girls helped Daniel to thrust, his body pretty exhausted by now.

Yasmin eventually regained her strength, and got into position to make-out with Daniel. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning, he decided. ------------------------------- Harry walked through the city, annoyed. His genie had gone against his wishes, and now his brother's friend also had a genie, which meant his secret was exposed.

They all hated him, and his potential for fun had now taken a massive drop. As Harry walked, he saw a large crowd gathering around something. Harry approached, and saw that it was a poster. He looked around, and realised that these posters were everywhere. Whoever'd put them up was taking no wet mouth gives hot blowjob to ny business man. It was impossible to miss them. Harry went up to one, and read it: "Come one, come all!

Show off your athletic prowess and win millions of pounds, plus a role in a major Hollywood film! Too good to pass up! Just turn up on Monday the 16th May and sign up!

Are you ready to swallow a hot load of cum cei entry fee required! Open to all ages!" Harry grinned. That was tomorrow! And that was his kind of thing. Of course, Sarosa could get him all the money and film roles he wanted, but he was hardly going to pass up the chance to show off, and with magic on his side, he couldn't fail. This was going to be good.

------------------------------- Author's message: So sorry about how long this took to post. I have no particularly excuse, though to make up for it, I'm pretty sure this is the 2nd-longest chapter I've written for this site, at slightly under 5000 words (One of the Boy and his Genie chapter broke 6000 I think).

I was going to have a rant here, but honestly, everything I wanted to say has been said in the comments of Chapter 2. I will however remind you how important it is to register your vote if you enjoy this story. Since I'm worried people will mention it, the group in this story is very different to the society from A Boy and his Genie. Their goals and methods are very different, and it storyline will go a very different way to that of A Boy and his Genie.

There is a lot of people saying they hope Dan will get a genie at some point. That may or may not be the case. You'll just have to keep reading to find out. That's about it, but did anyone spot the shout out to a certain other erotic literature universe? (One that I'd like to contribute to at some point) Oh wait, there's the fact that this is my second time submitting this chapter after originally submitting it a week ago. It's STILL not through moderation. Every day I feel less and less welcome on this site.