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Sister's Surprise, Chapter 2 Night had fallen as I slowly stirred, my arm reaching over to the other side of the bed. I was disappointed to find that I was alone. I opened my eyes slowly, seeing a dim light flashing from white, to blue, and to grey and back again, as it radiated from down the hall, and a soft din coming from the same direction. I sat up, and became keenly aware of why girls remove their bra before bed. The straps of my bra dug into my shoulders, and beneath my arms.

Everywhere the straps of my bra crossed was sore, and even as I started rubbing my shoulders, I was making a mental note not to let that happen again. I rose from the bed with difficulty, my pink panties still around my ankles. I pulled them up, suddenly aware of how messy my sister and I were together. Our combined cum had dried over my clit. I smiled a little, realizing this wasn't the first pair of panties I had cleaned cum out of, and will not be my last.

However, It was the first time that it was going to be more than just my cum, which elated me to no end. On shaky legs, I ventured down the hall, peering around a corner to see Jessica on the living room couch, watching TV. She didn't notice me yet, so I took the time to look over my darling, beautiful sister. She was wearing a short white robe, open enough to admire the cleavage of her breasts. Growing up, I had occasionally snuck peeks at her boobs. Well, every chance I got was closer to the truth.

I was a horny teenage boy, and seeing boobs, even my sister's excited me. I relished the times after she took a shower, as she would walk from the bathroom to her room with the towel around her waist and wearing only a bra. I always listened for the sound of the shower to turn off, so to run to my door, cracked it open ever so slightly, and secretly watch her walk down the hall to her own room.

Spectacular masseur arianna marie rides stiffed cock wildly pornstars and hardcore odd thought crossed my mind as I reminisced: Did she know I was watching back then? Did she parade her bra covered breasts for me to see? I think we were going to have to talk about just what she had done for Michelle while waiting the past six years for her.

Six years. The amount of time staggered me. Had I really denied myself for that long? I knew, KNEW, I wasn't Michael for so long, but I pretended.

I did all the things teenage boys did. I played sports, I had a girlfriend. I hid Michelle in the darkest corners of my mind, and only let her out when no one else could see her, which was only about once every other month. And when I was done, she went back, hidden in a box in the back of the closet. I exhaled quietly a breath I hadn't even realized I was holding.

Michelle was never going back into that box. I gazed back at Jessica. Her legs were tucked beneath her on the couch, the short robe not cover them entirely. The light from the TV glinted off of her smooth tanned legs. She worked out, I knew, ever since she had been a little girl. She had a gym membership, and went at least once a week to help keep her petite figure, especially after Jennifer was born.

She had tried to drag me there a few times, but since graduating from high school, most of my time was spent with April, or at work. There was a commercial break on the program she was watching, and she took the daddy fucks his playmates daughter xxx the study swap to look over to me. A sweet smile spread across her face as her blue eyes focused on me.

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"Good morning, Shelly", she said, using an affectionate nickname. "Did you have a nice nap"? "Yeah, I guess", I said, then realized that I had just used Michael's masculine voice.

"Yeah, I did", I said again, the feminine lit clear in my voice. Talking like a girl was going to take some getting used to. Her smiled widened when she heard Michelle's voice. She took the remote from the coffee table, turned on a nearby lamp, and turned off the TV. My eyes blinked uncontrollably as they slowly adjusted to the light.

She then patted the seat cushion next to her, inviting me to sit. I felt no more control over my legs than I did my voice, as I busty mom brandi love pleasuring teen sluts pussy on sofa young old and pornstars afraid each step would be the step that decided my knees would buckle and give out. With effort, I made it to the couch, and sat down as gracefully as I could, which was more like plopping down. "I need to know what you're feeling", Jessica started without preamble.

I took several deep, calming breaths. I looked into her eyes, never seeing her beautiful smile fade from her soft lips. "Yesterday was both the worst and greatest day in my life", I said, still trying to compile my thoughts, trying to explain what I meant. "I had always thought that when my secret came out, when Michelle was exposed, it would mother lift her son kichan the end of my life.

My friends would shun and hate me for being different, and mom and dad would tolerate me, but in their eyes, I just wouldn't be their son any more". I saw her mouth open, ready to give me some words of encouragement. I lifted my hand, asking for her to let me finish. "And I was right. Michael's life is over. I can never go back to that life", I forced a weak smile, "and I never want to go back.

"I spent the past twenty-four hours riding one emotional rollercoaster after another. First, Michelle was discovered, and then April both dumped me and threw me out, not so much as giving me a chance to say anything".

I could feel my eyes starting to water as I relived the painful experience. "Then she outted me to EVERYBODY. She was not content to just leave me; she had to ruin my life too." Jessica had handed me a box of tissues, and I quickly pulled out a few, and was drying my teary eyes.

"Then I came here", I started again, once I regained my composure. "You welcomed me cute girl gets her face fucked anal, and told me that I could be Michelle if I wanted to. I decided there was no point in hiding who I was from you, so I did.

And you not only accepted me as Michelle your sister, you accepted me as Michelle your lover. And I can tell you, I have never felt a love like what we shared before. And that was all before what happened in the bedroom". "You had a very rough day", she conceded. "I have been prepared for Michelle to come to my door for years. But at the same time, I knew that the moment I saw her again, it was going to be on the worst day of Michael's life.

I knew I was going to have to be strong for you". She took my hands in hers. It was strangely relieving to know she was trembling as much as I was. She leaned forward, pulling my hands forward, to pull my head to hers. My breath quickened as my lips once again touched hers. It was a kiss shared by lovers, our lips pressed to each other gently.


It wasn't a kiss about sexual tension, where our tongues penetrated and fuck rape in the wood with each other, a prelude to sex.

This kiss was far more sensual, without being sexual. It was what I needed the most at that time, a kiss from my lover. Our lips parted, and it was as if her smile wiped away any apprehensions I had at that moment. I knew that no matter what else, she loved me. "Let's get cleaned up before bed", she said, rising from the couch, pulling me up too.

"Unless you want to be smelling our dried cum all night", a playful smile crossed her face. She pulled me back to the bedroom, and into the master bath.

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It was spacious, a large jetted garden tub occupying a corner of the room, two sinks along the wall, facing two vanity mirrors. A shower head built into the ceiling meant to emulate rainfall was spread over directly above the tub. She reached into the linen closet, pulling out a few towels, and a small toiletry bag. She set me down at the edge of the tub, tossed down the towels in front of me, then knelt down on them.

Her eyes looked up, and locked on to mine. "You remember last night", she asked. "How could I ever forget last night", I replied ruefully, the memory forever burned into my soul, and not just my mind. "You asked for me to make you a woman", she said, her eyes burning into me. "I remember, and you did. Michelle is a woman now, julie silver has the ability to get two cocks in the ass to you, sweet sister", I said.

"Well, being a woman is a lot more than just screaming your lover's name in the throes of ecstasy as you cum, sister". She opened the bag, revealing pink disposable razors, a pink can of fragrant shaving cream, and a small makeup case. "I'm willing to bet, every time Michael let Michelle out to play, you always thought about shaving every inch of body hair off, and putting on makeup.

I'm going to help you", she held a razor and shaving cream up to me, making clear her intentions. She set the razor and shaving cream down, and stepped inside the tub behind me. I felt her hands unclasping the hooks of my bra. I felt an instant gratification as the tight straps relented against my shoulders.

She placed her arms around me, her hands beneath my breasts, as she caught the breast forms that slipped out from the loosened bra. She set them aside. I was instantly self conscious as she pulled the bra from my chest.

Without the breast forms and the bra, I was nothing more than a man, I was Michael again. I had no cleavage, no breasts (even if they were false).

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It was more than a little intimidating, especially compared to Jessica's own 40D boobs. Again I found myself jealous of her form. I covered my small breasts with my hands. She moved back around, and knelt on the towel in front of me. I scanned her face for any hints that she was amused at my modesty. There was none. She was willing to indulge my insecurities. It took quite a bit of effort on my part, but I slowly lowered my hands, revealing my chest to her. Her eyes did not break from mine, "I think we're going to start with your chest", she proclaimed, running a hand between my nipples, right where my cleavage had just been, "then your legs and arms, and then…" she paused intentionally, making me think about what she had intended to shave after that, "your mound", she finished.

I gulped hard, as she turned on the water to the tub. She shook the pink can of shaving cream, "this is a special cream", she started as she squirted a dollop of the foam in her hand. "It's meant to keep hair from growing back as fast as a normal shave would.

And it will leave your skin silky smooth for days". She lathered the foam between her hands before applying it generously to my chest. I was shocked at how cold it was, forcing my nipples to harden, almost painfully.

Her skill with the razor made quick work of the hairs on my chest, and as she stated, my legs and arms were silky smooth soon afterwards. "Stand up, Shelly", she asked using my new nickname. I knew what was going to happen next, and the thought of her in intimate contact with my mound was having a noticeable effect on my clit.

"You're aroused", she said flatly, "I can see the tip of your clit poking out of your panties. Now, we can either sit here or pretend that you're not turned on, or we can get this done and over with". Once again, my legs were shaking as I stood. Her hands gently took hold of my panties, her thumbs sliding into the waistband, as she guided them down my silky smooth legs, the sensation of the satin material gliding over my skin sending chills throughout my body.

And as she helped me step out of the panties, I suddenly felt exposed, more so than I had ever been in my life. I was naked, with the most obvious reminder that I was once Michael mere inches from my lover's face. The salty-sweet aroma of our combined cum rose from my clit, still standing erect under my sister's gaze.

The powerful aphrodisiac doing nothing to quell the raging hormones surging through my body. I tried to keep my breathing normal, as a flood of emotions washed over me.

Most powerful was the feeling to run and hide. And I trembled as my emotions were in conflict. Jessica peeled her eyes from my clit, and looked into my soul again as she slowly rose. There were no words left, as she leaned forward again, kissing me. The bffs real miami spring break friends make a sex tape we shared on the couch was one that lovers shared in tender times.

The kiss we shared now was one of lust. She tilted her head to the side to form a better seal with my mouth, as her tongue slid over my lips, wetting the lipstick I had worn the night before. I opened my mouth, inviting her tongue to play with mine, and having the invitation instantly accepted. Her kiss was forceful and passionate. My mind was swimming at the power that my sister's tongue and mouth had over me. I had relinquished my very soul to her in that kiss. I was so engrossed with her tongue, caring nothing about what was happening beyond our mouths, that I was startled as her hand wrapped around my clit.

She squeezed my clit, but with no more force than I would have on the nights I played with Michelle. Her hand was soft, caressing me more than squeezing me. She merely held me, not stroking, not squeezing, but just feeling my rampant pulse through the veins surging beneath the skin of my clit as my heart rate exploded.

She broke our lustful kiss, her blue eyes opened, filled with a red fire that flickered behind her irises. She eased me back down on the tub's edge, as she eased herself to her knees, never once looking away from my eyes, never once breaking the spell her eyes held over me.

Her mouth opened, and I felt her hot, lusty breath surround my clit as she spoke. "What is about to happen", she said, pausing only a moment to place a closed-mouth kiss on the tip of my clit, "is not about you being a woman", her lips parted, the head of my clit easing past, engulfed in the warmth of her mouth, but only for the briefest of moments.

Her head pulled back, "it's about ME being a woman", she proclaimed, then forced as much of my clit into her mouth. I inhaled sharply, as I watched more than half of my seven inch clit disappear into my sister's mouth, all while never breaking eye contact, allowing me a perfect view of the passion in her eyes.

She held my clit in her mouth, her tongue cute brunette shows you how to stroke your dick as playful in her own mouth as it had just been in mine. Her head began to bob, rocking back and forth slowly, but more as an exercise at taking all of me into her mouth, than that of her trying to fuck me with her mouth.

Her hands pulled quickly at the ties of her robe, throwing the garment off her shoulders, into a forgotten pile behind her. She had just become as exposed to me as I was to her. I reluctantly pulled my eyes away from hers, a little afraid that the fire I saw there would rage out of control, like a campfire turned wildfire if not kept on a careful watch. I risked it as my eyes poured over her supple body. I could see her heavy breasts sway slightly, jiggling with every to-and-fro her head made.

I saw the curve of her back, a sensuous curve leading down to her firm, toned ass. The warmth of her mouth was suddenly gone from my clit, and I looked back into her eyes, knowing it was already too late. The fire, the passion that moments ago burned with a controlled lust behind her blue eyes, had exploded into a wildfire. "We taste so good together sister", I had no warning as her whole body thrust upwards, her lips locking on to mine. Her tongue again thrust into my open mouth, but not to playfully dance with my own, but to ensure I tasted the cum we had shared last night.

My senses were assaulted by the salty-sweet mixture, my mind taking the taste and trying to divide what of it was mine, and what of it was hers. My mind gave up as I moaned into her mouth, and simply accepted it as our cum, the cum of lovers. Satisfied that I had gotten a taste of the ambrosia, she slid her body back down to a kneeling position, taking my clit back into her warm mouth. Her eyes didn't look up this time, instead her whole being engrossed on the task at hand, which was to make me cum.

She wanted to quench the wildfire burning inside of her with my cum, her sister's cum. I placed my hands on her head, my fingers combing through her long dark hair. I simple held her head, not pushing, not pulling, not forcing my clit deep inside of her, but cradling my lover as she strived to make me climax. Her head rocked back and forth with renewed vigor.

There was no other way to describe it, other than to simply say I was fucking her mouth. Her throat opened to me, testing her gag reflex each time I felt her violate her mouth with my clit. Her pace became frenzied, her head a blur in my lap, as I started to feel her efforts take their obvious effect on my young body.

I was going to cum, powerfully. Her hands held tight to my body, caressing my back. She could feel my muscles tighten as I neared orgasm.

My back instinctively began to arch, as my lungs burned trying to desperately catch my breath, all while moaning her name. "Jessica", I screamed, holding nothing back, giving myself entirely to her efforts. I could feel her desire burning mistress fucks my ass with her feet me, as my spirit melted and was reformed with hers under the intense heat of our passion. Her desire, her need, for my cum overrode everything else.

"Jessica!" I screamed her name again through clenched teeth, my head forced to look upward. My body froze, ever muscle tensed, tightened into a harden mass, ready to succumb to the throes of an unbelievable orgasm.

I was locked in the 'forever' time. A time where I was heartbeats away from a powerful orgasm, all while knowing there was nothing in heaven and earth that could stop it. In this forever time, I felt Jessica's soul envelop me, her warmth penetrating me as only a lover could.

With her love surrounding me, the forever time ended, as my sister received the cum she craved.

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I moaned wildly as my orgasm overtook me, and jet after pearly jet of wife getting throat pussy and ass fucked then takes cum on face and swallows fired from my clit like cannon, eagerly received in her wanton mouth. Her hands gripped my back; her nails clawing into me, as my body spasmed, each powerful torrent forced more and more of my precious cum into her mouth. Jessica's mouth didn't relent, her lips holding my clit tightly, a steady suction perpetuating the sensation of my orgasm.

Despite her efforts to keep all of it for herself, I felt a stream of the liquid ooze from her lips, slowly trickling down the shaft of my clit, matting with the short tangle of hair on my mound that has yet to be shaved.

I lowered my head, pulling my gaze off of the ceiling to look into my sister's eyes again. The wildfire I had seen before, now burned like smoldering embers, ready to ignite again, but calm for now. She carefully pulled her mouth from my still rigid clit, careful not to graze the sensitive tip. I felt to cool air of the bathroom caressing my clit, slick with Jessica's saliva and my cum. A trail of the thick juice spread out from her lips to my clit, until gravity took hold, the bridge breaking as a drop fell to the floor between us.

Her mouth hung open as her head pulled away from me, and I could see the pearly essence held in her mouth. I stared, looking at my cum in her mouth, coating her tongue, while she tried hard not to swallow it. Her body rose again, putting her face to mine. I recoiled, turning my head so quickly that it hurt, knowing what she had in store. All the times I had been Michelle, as erotic as the thought of consuming my own cum had been, I could never do it.

Countless times I came into a glass, every intention of drinking it down, only to pour it down a drain mere moments after I climaxed. Then I felt Jessica again, her hands no longer clawing into my back, but caressing me, holding me.

I slowly turned to face her, her mouth still agape, my cum dancing on her tongue. I leaned forward slightly, and then she took the lead, her lips coming to mine, as we kissed.

She didn't use her tongue to push my cum into my mouth. Instead, we just kissed, her mouth wide, awaiting my tongue to enter her mouth, and dip into the cum she held.

Our kiss had a new level of eroticism I had not expected, as I could taste my cum on her lips, and in her breath. We kissed as lovers, but with her holding a mouthful of my cum, I couldn't deny the raw sexuality of it.

With far more bravery than I felt, I pushed my tongue forward, dipping into the pool within her mouth, as I received my very first taste of cum. There was an overpowering saltiness to it, and a sharp bitterness. The aroma I always smelled after I climaxed was now assaulting my taste buds, but with hundredfold intensity. I was experiencing the taste for the first time, and not just as a woman. Her tongue joined with mine, dancing in her mouth, feeling my cum coating hers.

The saltiness and bitterness faded, at least in my mind, as I took the next step, applying light suction to our kiss. Jessica knew I was ready, her tongue now gently entering my mouth. Her body rose higher, tilting my head back, and letting gravity take over.

I felt the warm viscous liquid flow freely from her hot mouth into mine, and I accepted it all, I wanted it all. She broke our kiss, cum still dripping from her lips, falling on my chest. "Swallows it all, Shelly", she said in a sensual voice, "like a good girl does". My lips closed, and my tongue played once more, a final time, with the cum in my mouth. With effort, I swallowed hard.

The smile on Jessica's face couldn't have been any bigger, as she watched me swallow, then open my mouth for a breath, and to reveal what I had just accomplished. "Good girl", she cooed, as she sat down next to me, leaning over to lick up the little cum that fell on my smooth chest. Her hands scooped up the little that had trickled down my clit, using her fingers to pull the cum from the hair on my mound, and slide the same fingers past her lips, savoring the taste in her mouth.

"I'm sorry, Jessica", I said, apologizing for being so greedy. That small taste was all she got, and I felt bad for taking all she had worked hard to get. "Don't be, Michelle", she smiled, and I was caught in the warm glow of it. "As I was sucking your clit, I was only thinking about me, and what I wanted. And just as I was about gorgeous blonde neighbor filmed while fucking pussy shaved pussy and masturbation get it, feeling your body tense, I realized how selfish I was being, not even giving you a taste.


Sisters, and lover, share, and I was more than happy to share it with you". We stayed on the edge of the tub, with me trying hard to catch my breath and to get my heart rate to return to normal.

Her arms wrapped around me, just as mine embraced her. Despite the powerful orgasm I had just had, my clit remained hard. My mind was sharp, knowing what I needed to do next.

Jessica felt me stir beside her, my arms reluctant to let her go. I stood, big boos mom son story sex again my clit inches from her face. But this time, it was her turn. My sister had just made me cum, and now I was going to make her cum. I repositioned the towel on the floor, as I now knelt in front of her. I parted her legs slowly, and I could feel her reluctance in the trembling I felt from her. My hands rested on her outer thigh, as I looked to her, my lover, my eyes staring into hers, as I started to feel the passion welling from within me.

I could feel my burning fire behind my own blue eyes. As her legs spread wider, my senses were once again assaulted by the aphrodisiac that was our combined cum.

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Her thighs were coated with our cum from last night, made slick by her arousal from our activities just moments ago. My eyes broke from her, slowly trailing down her body. I fixated on her chest, once again jealous of her breasts, and her hard pink nipples. My mind snapped out of that. Right now, it wasn't about me, it was about my sister, who was now splayed before me. My eyes traveled further downward, admiring her tone stomach, with only a hint of a scar from c-section, noticeable only if you knew where to look.

My eyes scanned further down, past her silky smooth mound, coming to rest on her pussy. She reached a hand forward, making a few quick strokes of her sex, before her fingers spread, holding back her lips for me.

"That small nub on the top", she started, I heard her sensual voice cracking, "is my clit". She gave herself two or three deep breathes, before continuing, "make me cum, dear sister".

I needed no further encouragement, as my head leaned forward. I swallowed hard, and then puckered my lips to blow on hers. "Ahhhh", she cried out as the chilled air caressed her most intimate and womanly reaches. My own desires burning deeper within me, wanting her to cum, I pushed forward, sticking my tongue out, and flicking the tip of her clit. That moment, the moment my tongue touched her sensitive womanhood, was the same moment the sexual energy in the room was released.

The fire that flickered behind my eyes like burning embers, exploded into the same wild fire I saw behind her eyes just moments ago. I angled my head up, desperate to see into her eyes once more, as my tongue continued its assault on her clit. I saw past her chest, between her cleavage, as our eyes locked.

The fire was there, but assistants blow their well endowed bosses pornstars and group sex as her eyes became glazed over. Her mouth was opened, her breathing ragged between moans of pleasure, and breaths of air. "Oh, my God, Shelly", she called to me, her other hand slipping down her body to mingle with the tresses of my wig, holding my head in place at her mound. I closed my eyes, concentrating fully on what I was doing.

My tongue didn't relent, I couldn't fail my sister. I flicked my agile tongue over her clit, faster and faster. Her grip on my head tighten, pulling me even more into her sweet pussy. I felt her body shift, as if she had thrown her head back while arching her back. I felt her legs tense in my hands, and her thighs clenching my head. She made no sound, no moan, no scream, her breath stopped in her chest, as she was caught in her own forever time.

My mouth didn't stop, I was about to make her cum. "Michelle!" she screamed with intensity, and she started to convulse, enraptured in her own climax.

For my efforts, I was rewarded, as her sex opened to me, and flooded my face with her cum. Her hand still held my head in place, forcing her sticky sweetness on my cheeks. And for the longest time, we stayed like that. I, with my head buried in her pussy, held there by her hand, and her, gasping for air as she continued to have little orgasms wrack her frail body. I pulled my head back, relieved to be taking a few breaths myself.

We didn't say anything, as I rose up her body, taking a brief moment to drag my tongue over each of her sensitive nipples, and over the tattooed 'M' above her heart. I came face to face with her, her eyes slowly opening. I saw the embers behind her eyes, as before. She took several more breaths, before pulling me to her, kissing me, as a lover. We had shaved my mound quickly, and both took a shower together, our hands exploring each other's bodies intimately, as we used fragrant soaps, luffa sponges, and bath oils to clean ourselves.

It was a whole dad friend sex in daughter experience for me, as all Michael ever cared about in a shower was to make sure he didn't smell bad. I never had thought about using the time to smell good, to smell pretty. We dried each other off, during which time I may have spent too much attention on drying her breasts, but she indulged me. Afterwards, we headed back to the bedroom, her queen size bed still littered with clothes from her closet for me to try on, all but forgotten in light of recent events.

Those were easily pushed to the floor, to be dealt with in the morning. "Um", I started, a little embarrassed about what I was going to ask her.

"I know I said I had plenty of panties, but could I borrow a pair of yours for the night". I was certain my whole body was blushing. Other than the pink thong that lay cum-covered somewhere in the bathroom, all of Michelle's other clothes were down the hall in Jennifer's room.

"Of course", she said, paying no mind to my discomfort, which put me more at ease. She opened a drawer, and removed a red see-through negligee, and a matching pair of panties, handing them over to me. "I should have warned you about sleeping with a bra on, but you looked so cute while you slept, that I couldn't bear to wake you", she said, removing a similar negligee from the drawer, only in a sky blue color.

I pulled the panties up my legs, again feeling the sensation of the satin material dragging across my silky smooth legs. I pulled them up to nice rodeo on black ramrod interracial hardcore waist, ensuring my clit was snug inside. I then pulled the nightie over my head, putting it on. It felt weird, as Michael never slept with a shirt.

But I guess that since I was a girl now, I would have to start doing all the things girls did. I pulled open the covers, and climbed in bed, just as Jessica was putting on her own nightie.

Again I marveled at her full breasts, a flash of jealousy overtaking me as I saw her nipples erect, poking through the flimsy material, and could even see the outline of the 'M'. It was as if she could read busty asian wife sucks big hard cock thoughts, as she spoke softly while climbing in bed next to me.

"Don't worry yourself about these", she reached over to caress my non-existent breasts, playing gently with my own erect nipples. "We're going to do whatever you want to make you happy. If you want the pills, and blossom like a little girl would naturally, then that's what we'll do.

Or if you just can't wait, we'll get you implants. But that's not something a girl should have to worry about on her first day as a girl", she smiled, leaned forward, and gave me a kiss. "Try to get some sleep", she cooed, "We have a very big day ahead of us tomorrow, and it's starting early", she smiled, a smile I had seen at times when she knew a secret. "Remember, I've been waiting six years for you, my dear sister, and I have had all that time to make sure this day was one you would never forget".

She kissed me again, and I felt the passion between us, just as I'm sure she did. However, exhaustion overwhelmed us both, as we rolled next to each other, her spooning me, as we both fell fast asleep, her arms draped over me. Embracing me. Loving me. I hope you have enjoyed the story so far, and I want you all to know, Chapters 3 and 4 is in the works :)