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Amateur teen pool and big tits oil bj lescomrades sons with mia khalifa
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I pulled out of my daughter's back yard before sunrise the next morning still wondering about my stay here in Florida. I had had intercourse with my 17 year old grand daughter and relations with my 14 year old one. I felt terrible but yet I felt the greatest sensation down deep within my soul and I almost wanted to sing out loud that I loved them both.

But now it was just a memory, a very pleasant one at that, but it would have to keep me warm at night until next year when I promised them each a whole new experience. I headed up on I-95 until turning west on I-10, pulling my big 5th wheel behind my duel cab pickup traveling back towards my ol' stomping grounds in Arizona.

It would take me several days of traveling before I got my driving stamina back, but since I had all the time in the world to get out to Oregon and my son's house in Sisters, it really didn't matter how many miles I put on in a day.

I really didn't mind the solitude of driving by myself because I had time to think, to plan and to just let my mind wander where ever it wanted to go and I had a feeling that I knew where it would wander on this trip; my last couple of months with my two grand daughters. Try as I might, I just couldn't get the images of those luscious little bodies out of my mind. It had all started so innocently with me coming up from the lake next to my daughter's house just in time to see my older grand daughter taking off her clothes but yevonne hot blonde sucked a big cock ended with me having sex with her and having oral sex with her younger sister to boot.

I was such a pig, a real pervert for taking it cute sadie enjoys being slammed really hard far but God, they both wanted it so bad.

I couldn't keep myself away from that window as I watched them play with each other in a complete un-natural way.

Two nights before I left, when they were playing with each other, getting hotter than a cheap pistol, my youngest got on top of her sister in a 69 position and each ate out the other's pussy right there before my eyes as I watched from the outside of her bedroom window.

My God I got so turned on I blew my hundredth load right on the wall below the window. I've got to repaint that area as soon as I get back down there. After a couple of hours of driving, I pulled it over at a rest stop to shake out my legs and my dick and as I was coming back to my rig, I got a text message from Lori, my oldest grand daughter.

It read: "Grandpa, I just wanted to see how u were doing this morning before I head out to school. I had fun with Melinda last night and can't wait to show u what we did.

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I luv u, L" I got a lump in my throat as I read and re-read it over and over again. I texted her back: "Can't wait. LUT, Grandpa." I doodled along the road for most of two weeks before heading into Phoenix to stop off at some old friends.

We caravanned up to Flagstaff and camped up there in the snow covered campground until the thaw came in the middle of May. It was time for me to head on to Oregon and my scheduled stay with my son and family so I bid my friends a farewell and they wished me safe travels as I swung it to the north west towards Salt Lake City and then on to the great Northwest.

My son had married a hippy of sorts. She was, lets say, a free spirit; attractive is her own way and intelligent as hell. She was an extreme liberal in most everything political and social but she gave my son two beautiful children, Brandon, age 15 and Susan, age 18. My son was a cowboy at heart but a math teacher during the winter to keep food on the table and his son was a chip off the ol' block. Every summer they operated a "Dude Ranch" that was financed by his wife's father and that life style rubbed off on my grand daughter as well.

They lived out on a small spread, as they like to call their acreage, near the National Forest that included the land around the peaks of the Three Sisters, part of the Cascade Range that runs north and south through the entire state. On their acreage are kept their horses and they all relish in the lifestyle of the old west. Now my daughter's girls, Lori and Melinda, were both very attractive as was my daughter-in-law and my grandson but poor Susan was, how do I explain her, rather plain I guess would be a good descriptor.

She had a head full of kinky red hair, freckles and a very fair complexion. She still wore braces, thick Coke bottle eyeglasses and she had a non-descript frame, in other words, there weren't a lot of boys clamoring to take her out. Not that you could see her figure under the hushpass first timer lena anderson filled with dick shirts she wore and her baggy jeans but now she was ready to graduate and I doubt that she had ever been kissed much less anything else.

But she didn't seem to mind as long as she had her horses to tend to and love and she felt their love coming back towards her. I pulled into their ranch on a bright cool Saturday morning on the last day of May, ready to start my stay in the fresh clean air of the Oregon high desert. As I backed my 5th wheel onto the pad that I had constructed for this very purpose, I caught sight of Susan running out of the house to guide me back on the pad.

When I finally turned off the engine of my pickup and opened the door, she came right up and gave me a big kiss on the cheek and a bigger hug around the neck. "Oh Grandpa Joe," she sang out with enthusiasm.

"I've been waiting for you to get here. I've got so many plans for us this summer and I just can't wait to tell you all about them." "Oh Honey, I've missed your enthusiasm for life. You are a true joy and I love you for it," I told her and meant it. "Are you about to graduate?" I asked but I already knew the answer to my question. "Finally," she said with a sigh and a giggle. "Let's go on in so I can greet the rest f the family," I suggested.

"I'm it for now.


Mom is in town at some meeting and Dad and Brandon are over at the Triple Ravishing blonde bint has her ass plowed cumshot and anal she explained. The Triple J was the name of their Dude Ranch that Jimmy Jones owns, my daughter-in-laws father. They must be getting it ready for the up coming season so I didn't doubt that they would busy this time of the year. It didn't really surprise me one little bit to find my grand daughter home alone to mind the ranch and her animals and to greet her favorite Grand Father, at least I always said that I was.

We walked into the house for a few minutes but then I had to see her new foal out in the barn so as we entered the stables to look at the newer arrival, I noticed that it was time to shovel out the stalls and bring in some fresh sawdust for the horses to roll in so I made a mental note to myself that in the morning I had a job to do already.

After looking at her horses, we went over to my rig and started to set it up for the summer. Susan was a big help and between the two of us, we had it ready to live in in no time at all. I pulled out my lawn chairs, opened two Cokes for us and we sat down to talk and catch up on the year that I had lost in my grand daughter's life. She said that she didn't mind not going to the Prom again. She didn't have a date because nobody asked her to go and that she really didn't mind because never having a date all the way throughout high school gave her more time with her horses.

As she made these claims, my heart sank because I knew that they were all lies. We sat around and talked the rest of the afternoon away until it was time for me to fix myself a Captain and Coke and for Susan to go in and start the dinner for the family. I was invited to join them, at my grand daughter's insistence, but I was starting to wonder what the family's relationship with each other actually was. It seemed to me that everyone did their own thing and had poor little Susan there to keep everything on an even keel and I didn't like what I was seeing so far.

They all arrived after dark to hugs and glad pats on the back and a big thank you to Susan for fixing dinner for the family.

Afterwards, they all came out in the living room to leave the clean up for my grand daughter so I stayed behind to offer my assistance.

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She told me no but I stayed anyway and in no time at all we had the dishes cleaned, the table wiped off and everything back in its place. When we walked into the living room arm in arm, the three of them just stared at us like we were crazy or something. I felt a little sick to my stomach when I saw their attitude.

Late that evening, I left the house and slowly walked back out to my rig. I was deep in thought about what I had observed from my son and his family and wondered if I should say something. I thought better of it and decided that I would be a silent observer, for now at least, until I could take it no candie evans melissa melendez joey silvera in classic fuck movie theclassicporn vintage and if that happened, then I guess that I have a decision to make.

My mind went back to my time in Florida and what I had witnessed out there on that fateful night that started everything. I wondered if Susan knew better than to not close her blinds when she got undressed and I started to wonder if I knew where her room actually was.

I fixed myself another drink and decided not to press it, for now anyway. Instead I let my mind go back to the times that I had spent with both of the girls as I started to get that feeling down in my groin again.

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I shot my stuff into a Kleenex that night before going to sleep and woke up early to fix myself some breakfast. As I rolled out of my rig, clutching my cup of hot coffee in my hand, I heard singing come from the barn so I instinctively started walking in that direction.

I followed the sound sleeping moms sex son sex stories moves I saw my grand daughter in one of the stables, shoveling out the old sawdust into a wheel barrow to take out to the pile in the back.

I greeted her with a "Good morning Sunshine" as I walked over to her to give her a big hug. She looked up from her work and dropped her shovel to come over to give me a real big hug and a kiss right on my cheek.

It took me back for a second as I asked, "Wow, what brought on that?" "I'm just glad you are here Grandpa Joe. I like it when you are here and I just wanted to show it that's all," she grinned as she retrieved her shovel. "Well, I'm glad to be here with you also, now, where can I find another shovel?" I asked, setting down my coffee and spitting on my hands. I began to pick up the old stuff with another shovel that I found hanging from a nail on the wall and I was soon pushing the full wheel barrow out back to the pile to empty it.

I headed back in and started in on another when Susan asked the strangest question. "I think Cousin Lori is awfully pretty don't you?" she asked, not looking up for her work. I was started by the question but I managed to answer with, "Yeah, I think she is real pretty, but so is Melinda and so are you," I added diplomatically. She continued to shovel out the stall with a couple more shovels full when she said, "You're saying that to be nice Grandpa.

I wasn't after a compliment, I was just stating a fact, that Lori is pretty." "Well, I was also stating a fact that, in my opinion, so are you," I stated back to her. "Yeah, I'm sorry Grandpa, but your opinion doesn't hold much water around these parts because, just between you and me, no one else thinks the way that you do, but I thank you for trying anyway," she said while not stopping from her chores. "What are you talking about," I asked setting down my shovel.

She stopped her shoveling also as she said, "Well, I waited for you to come by my window last night like you did with Lori but you didn't show up. I waited and waited, hoping to see you outside of my room but you never came," she said with a tear in her eye. "So I guessed it was because you didn't want to see me get undressed." It was as if she had knocked me in the head with that shovel she was using because the wind ceased to go in or out of my lungs.

What did she just say? How did she know what went on back in Florida? "How did you hear about that?" I demanded. "Oh Grandpa, don't be mad at Lori, it was me who pried it out of her," she said emphatically. "Really, I forced her to tell me everything." "She told you everything?" I asked with my eyes wide open. "Well, I think so. I hope so because I don't think that I want to know what else happened if she im getting paid for some cum on my face she added.

I looked shocked at my Lori's indiscretion and wondered if I had placed too much faith in my little 17 year old grand daughter. "Susan, look, it isn't as it may appear. I saw her getting undress by accident, really.

It didn't happen by any planning on my part. I just happened to be down by the lake and when I came up through the gate, I just looked around and there she was, starting to get undressed. So I watched her," I explained but then I though of all of the holes in my story as to what happened next, why I stuck around. She thought for a moment, probably wondering about the same questions that I had, and then looked down and continued to shovel out the stall.

I joined in and worked along side of her for the next 15 minutes or so but I finally had to ask, "Do you want me to be outside of your window tonight?" Without missing a beat, she answered, "Only if you want to," and continued to shovel. I took the latest wheel barrow out to dump it on the pile and as I came back to the next stall over from the one we had just emptied, I asked her, "What time do you go to bed?" She looked up at me and gave me a nervous smile and said, "Usually about 10:30 or 11:00." "Then I will be there," I said as if I was setting a time to have my hair cut or something trivial like that.

We finished shoveling out all of the stalls and replaced them with fresh saw dust and hay. Then we cleaned up the mess that we made in the barn, put away our tools and I headed for my rig to pour myself my usual drink.

I sat there in the shade of my awning, drinking my first one straight down and poured another and I was thinking about the afternoon's developments. I checked my cell phone for messages and there was one from Lori, surprise, surprise! It read: "G. Please don't be mad at me. She said that if I didn't tell her she would tell my Mom. I only told her part of the story. L". I began to wonder which one of my grand daughters I could trust.

The family got home around 8 or 8:30 but I ate out in my rig. After cleaning up and taking a shower to nice unfathomable face hole fellatio pornstar hardcore the dried sweat and barn smell off of me, I settled down to wait until 10:30. As I waited, I began to fantasize about seeing Susan get undressed and I got a sudden swelling in my pants. I had agreed to peep into her room more out of pity than desire, seeing that she made such a big deal out of it and all, but I was really looking forward to seeing what she had under all those baggy clothes.

Their house sat right off of the pasture away from the barn and away from where I had constructed my pad. I wondered through the now vacant pasture and kept my distance at about 50 feet or there about, until I came to a solitary, light filled window that belonged to Susan.

She must have gone to her room early because when I glanced at my watch, it read 10:15. So I straddled the fence and made my way closer to the house and to Susan's window. I stopped at about 10 feet from it and looked into her room. She was sitting on her bed with her back towards me. She had a dresser and mirror on the opposite wall from the window along with the doorway into the room and her closet was on the adjoining wall to the right. Her bed was placed on the wall to the left, right next to the doorway so she was facing her dresser as she sat there not moving.

I didn't know if I should knock on her window or if I should wait until 10:30 but decided on the latter. She would turn around to glance at the window occasionally so I eased my way forward so that I was standing right next to the window and waited for her to look one more time before I showed myself. She was studying her hands in her lap as if she was nervously fidgeting or something but when she turned once more to glance out of her window, I moved over so that I could be seen and gave her a little smile.

She looked back to her hands and then got up slowly and walked over to her dresser and took out a pair of pajamas. She carried them over to the closet and as she opened up the slider, she stepped german girl talks dirty first time an overdue anal payment the opening and started to remove her flannel shirt.

She hurriedly unbuttoned the front and slid it off of her back. I saw her hands go around to the back to remove the bra that she was wearing. She quickly unfastened her jeans and slid them down her lily white legs and then she stepped out of them. Her panties were next as they came down with a flurry and then she stood there, exposing her naked back to me, with her hands clutching the front of her body.

The whiteness from her body was almost blinding and the freckles on her shoulders stood out in contrast. Her long red curly hair draped over her shoulders as it led my eyes down to the firm white butt cheeks all crunched together. Then, in a flash of a second, she reached down, snatched up her pajama top and slid it over her head, followed rapidly by the bottoms and as she turned quickly and headed out to the bathroom, she glanced briefly towards the window and turned out the light.

"That's all there is?" I thought to myself. "Well that was disappointing." I headed back to my rig to think about what just happened and the fix myself another drink. The next morning, Susan didn't have to go to school because it was senior week, meaning that all she had to do now was wait until Friday night and take a walk across the stage to pick up her diploma because she was finished.

So when I heard the whinny of her horse being saddled, I stepped out of the 5th wheeler and wandered over to the barn with a fresh cup of coffee in my grip. She rode a mare, the one that dropped the foal earlier this spring, and she had it saddled and was just about to swing her leg over her back when she stopped in mid swing as I made my appearance into the barn.

I walked over and gave the excited mare a scratch under its chin as I said, "It is good day for a ride. Do you mind if I saddle ol" Blue over there and join you?" She looked down and started to blush. "No, I don't mind," she said into her chest, not looking up. I grabbed the saddle and in a second was sitting atop of her gilding, waiting to go for a ride. We rode out over the acreage and onto the National Forrest Lands that surrounded it in silence for the longest time, lost in our thoughts and not knowing what to say.

Finally, Susan said in the softest voice, "Grandpa, I tried last night, I really did, but at the last second, I just couldn't go through with it. Damn it anyway! Why did I have to chicken out like that?" she said with the tears starting to flow.

"Whoa there Blue," I said to the horse, pulling up on its reigns. "I need to walk a bit." I swung down from the saddle and took Ol' Blue by the lead and let her graze on the new fresh grass. Susan slid off her mount as the foal who had come along with us stared to suckle of her dam.

As she walked down the open field before us, she continued to ramble about the happenings of last night. "Am I really that unattractive Grandpa? I get my braces out this Thursday, just in time for me to graduate. Not in time for the Prom, not in time for the Winter Festival.

Oh no, I get them out, after four years of wearing the damn things, being called "Tin Grin" and "Silver Tooth" for FOUR GOD DAMN YEARS AND I FINALLY GET THEM OUT IN TIME FOR GRADUATION!" she screamed. "OH I HATE MYSELF! WHY CAN'T I BE BEAUTIFUL LIKE THE REST OF THE GIRLS?" She threw herself down on the grassy field and burst into a sobbing release of all of her pent up emotions.

She hit the ground with her fists and swore at her life as her mare came over and nuzzled her with her nose. "Oh Crocket you think I'm pretty don't you. Yes, you don't care if I have these braces or if have to wear thick glasses.

You don't care if a have this God awful curly red hair and freckles all over my body do ya'? You will love me anyway, won't you?" she said to her mare, sobbing all the while into her nose.

"I will also, Susan. I will always love you. I know that you think that you are ugly. I know that you think that no one loves you, but you're wrong Sweetheart. You're dead wrong. Look, your braces are coming out this Thursday, right and I will take you into Bend and we will go to the best beautician and get you all dolled up. We can go to an eye doctor and see if there is any thing they can do to get rid of these glasses. There is always things that we can do, just don't give up on yourself," I reassured her with all of the love that I felt for my grand daughter.

"And about last night, I don't know what to say…" I started. "You don't have to come back if you don't want to," she said not looking at me at all. "Well, tell you what. I won't come around tonight again but I will be back sometime, sometime soon. I'll come back to peak into her room and you won't know when I'll be there so you have to be ready every night if you still want to go through with this whole thing," I told her.

She looked off onto the vista for a second and then turned to me and said with a smile, "I think I like that idea; I'll never know when you will be there so I'll have to be ready every night just in case its that night." She then gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek and then we got up and remounted our horses to continue our ride.

That evening after eating my dinner, I sat alone out under my awning, drinking my usual, when I had a burning desire to take a walk out in the pasture to see how my grand daughter was coping with her embarrassment. I told her that I was not going to look tonight but I just had to go see. So I headed over that way and as I neared her window, the light was on and there stood Susan at the closet with her back to the window. She removed her shirt and unfastened her bra but left it hanging freely on her shoulders.

Then she undid her jeans and took them down off of her legs. She glanced over her shoulder to the window then turned smoking lesbian mistress i enjoy going to the temple and the thing i enjoy most is hurriedly, sipped off her bra and slid down her panties to the floor. Then she turned back just as fast and put on her pajamas.

It was over in a second as I tired to replay her display in my mind once again. I walked back to my rig thinking about what I had just witnessed, trying to sort out the details of the brief little show. I instantly thought that her breasts were much larger than I had imagined them to be. They were really quite nice in shape and giggly but firm.


Her nipples seemed to stick out from her smallish pick areolas and they seemed really to take into my mouth. In that brief second when she dropped her panties to expose her red little patch of curly pubic hair, I saw a lovely smooth tummy and abdomen that turned my insides to jelly at the thought of actually being able to touch it. I suddenly wondered why she had made all of those despairing remarks about herself, my God, she was truly lovely, a beautiful young woman.

After tending to her animals the next morning, we went in to town to do some research on her eyes and if she would be a good candidate for the Lasik procedure.

After their study and tests, the news was positive and we left with a whole new idea to study. I didn't know what kind of insurance or finances my son had for this type of thing so I thought that I would ask him as soon as I could but I vowed that even if I had to pay for it out of my own pocket, call it a graduation gift if you must, my daring little grand daughter was going to see with her own eyes and not through those Coke bottle glasses that she now wore.

While we were in town, I insisted on taking her to stylist and making an appointment for her to have her hair fixed Friday before her graduation.

I was starting to get excited about seeing her in her finest light, a beautiful young lady, all fixed up for the ball, waiting for her Prince to come to her rescue and I was going to be that person. Afterwards, we stopped off at the ice cream story for a cone or cup of my favorite treat and we took them outside to sit at a table around the corner. It was before the tourist season so there wasn't much of a crowd yet so we were sitting all alone.

Susan had worn, at my insistence, something other than her usual attire of a flannel shirt and jeans and had actually put on something a little more like a girl would wear. She had put on a one piece, terry cloth jumper outfit. It was an orangey color to accent her red hair and the legs of the shorts were wide and flowing, making it almost appear like it was a dress or skirt.

As we sat down around the corner, Susan bent down to place her purse on the ground next to the table and the front of her jumper fell wide open and allowed my eyes to gaze down, to expose her two lovely breasts to my eyes and then they settled down at her tummy. She never even knew what she had shown me as she pulled out her chair and sat down to eat her treat.

I smiled to myself and took a bite out of my ice cream and my mind started to whirl. I thought for a you are going to taste your own cum for me cei then said in a casual whisper, "I see your little birthmark on your left breast is still there." A look of horror came over her face as she clutched at her breast and her mouth and eyes flew open.

"How do you know about my birthmark?" she demanded. "I saw it once," I said coyly. "Now was it just now when I looked down your front or was it last night looking through your window? Or was it a long time ago when you were a little bit of a thing and I got you out of your bath? Let's see," I teased, "I just can't remember." "Grandpa," she whispered back to me in a panic, looking around to make sure that we were still alone. "Did you just look down my front and see my birthmark?" I shrugged my shoulders and gave her this look like I didn't know.

"Or were you outside my window last night?" she asked. "Or maybe I remembered you having it from when you were a baby. I just can't remember Susan," I said, continuing my teasing. She was turning a bright color of red around her entire face as I leaned forward, placing my hands directly on her knees and moving them upwards on the inside of her thighs.

Her eyes opened even wider as a total shocked look swept over her face. She was turning crimson in color as my hands made their way up as far as little bit of action tube porn would go, but she never once tried to stop their progression. But just before touching her junction, we heard a conversation coming from around the corner heading our direction and she slammed her legs together as she grabbed each of hands and pushed them away from her legs.

Her cheeks were so red that a thought that she would burst from the blood rushing to her face. As the two ladies took their seats at a table away from ours, she whispered in a threatening manner, "Grandpa, keep your hands to yourself," through her clenched teeth but there was no admonition for where they were in the first place. I smiled back into your eyes but they moved back down to her ice cream as I dropped the point for now anyway.

I thought to myself, "Where did that come from? What was her reaction to my bold move?" I reflected on what just transpired as I continued to study her face and then I'm sure I saw a slight little smile cross her mouth as she turned a little pinkish around her cheeks. We finished our treats in silence and then walked back to my pickup. She walked with her arm in mine as she placed her head on my shoulder in a contented sort of way. I looked down at her and she in turn looked up at me and smiled a big smile and turned aninstant color of red around her cheeks once again.

That night after dinner, I waited patiently for the hour to come when I would go around to her bedroom window. She knew that I would be there without me saying a word. I knew that it was time for her to give in to her desires and to mind. We both knew that tonight we were going to start something that we didn't know how to stop. We both knew that after today we had that unspoken desire to continue exploring into the multitude of possible outcomes and we were both willing to discover just how far it would lead us.

As I stood there that evening, peering from the corner of her bedroom window, standing just out of the direct light that illuminated the interior, waiting for my grand daughter to make her re-appearance back into the room, I trembled a little with my anticipation of what was to come.

I wondered if I would be disappointed again but vowed that even if I was, I would always love her trying. Suddenly the door opened and she walked in wearing a terry cloth robe, pulled tightly around her waist by the matching belt.

She went over to gaze at herself in the mirror and applied the brush hd passion hd kennedy nash takes cum the curly red hair on her head. As she stroked the tangles out of it, I caught her glancing to the window as if in anticipation of someone looking in.

I decided not to reveal my presence and stayed out of sight for the time being and just watch. After a few brief minutes of brushing, she got a little smile on her face as if she knew that she was not alone and then sat down her brush. She slowly removed her glasses and I could tell by her squinting that she could not see a thing in the mirror except the blurred image of her tender little body.

She then moved her hands to the tie of the belt and slowly pulled knot free to open it up. Falling completely apart, the terry cloth rope opened up in the front to expose the most wondrous sight in the world; the completely naked body of my gorgeous grand daughter. I saw the redness of her pubic mound first as the gap between the halves to the robe became more apparent.

Then the lusciousness of her full firm breasts jetting outward made their appearance. They were so lily white in color and as soft as cotton in texture as they giggled just a little when she took the robe away from her body.

I almost choked as I inhaled loudly looking on from my hiding place next to the window but as she let the robe fall to the floor and I could see the vision of her perfectly shaped body posed in front of her mirror and as she was standing there before my starring eyes, I let out a little groan when she moved her touch up to caress the fullness of her breast and she slowly closed her eyes. I was mesmerized watching my Ugly Duckling shed her inhibitions and start to explore her own world of sexuality as she continued to caress her breasts, first one and then the other.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth was orgy au nightclub real amateur cum in mouth as she tilted her head from side to side, building up her excitement. Then she suddenly stopped, opened her eyes and squinted to see if anything moved out through the window.

Then she turned around to face in my direction, walked over and to lock her door and then, in a flip of her hand, plunge the entire room into darkness. After a few seconds of adjustment, I noticed that shine of the full moon came shining into her window, casting a pale, ghostly hew over the entire room but I began to make out the whiteness of a body lying down upon the bed and detected one of her hands go up to her breast and the other one go down between her legs.

I almost had a heart attack at that very moment as I scooted over to get a better view through her window. As my eyes became more and more adjusted to the subdued moonlight casting japanese brother sister sex game show with english subtitle her room and her body, I could vaguely see her hand buried into her crotch as she was starting to get into her self gratification.

It was hard for me to fathom the fact that my sweet, demure little grand daughter actually knew what to do to herself to cause the stimulation that resulted in an orgasm, but there she was, stimulating the hell out of herself and I was watching the entire process.

Her knees where wide apart now, as she ran her hand and finger deep into her crotch and I could only imagine where her fingers were applied and what her hand was rubbing against.

Whatever they were doing, they were being effective as she was getting higher and higher in her excitement. She was starting the thrash her head from side to side as she clutched down on her breast with her hand, squeezing madly it in her excitement.

She raised her hips up off the bed and threw her knees out wide as she was pushing her finger deep within her pussy. She was going wild, getting uncontrollably hotter and nearer to her release until she cried out in a muffled screech, threw her hips into the air and rammed her fist into her crotch while she released her emotions in one gigantic orgasm that shook her bed, her room and herself into a frenzy of self-fulfillment and ended in a final sigh and relaxation of her taught little muscles.

Just a whimper was all that came out of her panting breathes as she settled back down into normalcy. She had just had one of the biggest and best orgasms that she had ever experienced and she knew it.

She also knew what had brought it on and who she had to thank for it. She had known all along that I had been outside to witness the event and the mere thought of having an audience only made her want to do even more.

So when she climaxed so hard, she knew that I was the recipient of the unbelievable show and for that I was most thankful. I stuffed my deflated cock back into my pants as I whispered to her, "Good night my Princess.

Thank you for the show tonight and I promise that there will be more to come." I headed back to my milf cums from large dildo mature and asian to think, to drink and to relish in the wonderful experience of the night.

It was surely one that I will not soon forget.