Sunny leon xxx sexy story in mp4

Sunny leon xxx sexy story in mp4
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Hey, been like 4 years since the last one. Gonna try going at a one a week or every couple of days pace. Also this story probably won't make any sense if you haven't read the first one since it picks up immediately where the other stopped.

Also disclaimer this story is about to head in an incest direction for a few chapters, then it will branch out. Anyways, main characters in this one are Jack and his mother Rose. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jacks came downstairs, his hair was disheveled and he was covered in sweat.

"So anything special happen today?" his mom asked. "Oh sexy college pretty awesome gals hardcore reality much mom, just worked out a bit when I got home.

Sorry about the milk." "Its fine honey, I had to drop your sister off at soccer practice anyways." For some reason Jacks mom found that odd. She'd never seen Jack workout before. Come to think of it she hasn't noticed how much he's grown, she's normally so busy with work supporting the family since Jack's father passed away.

Ever since his father died, jack stopped going out as much and stopped playing sports. His mother remembered him little pudgier, but what she saw before her was a man, A young handsome man, she thought as her eyes drifted downwards. Jack was putting up groceries on the top shelf and his shirt started to raise slightly giving her a view. She saw that what was once a gut had now turned into a full 6-pack, and that's when she noticed his huge bulge.

" what inspired the workout honey? I haven't seen you take interest in that before." She stammered. Her eyes glued to her own sons member. Her late husband, while she adored him was lacking a bit in the sex department. He was a one pump chump so to speak, and had just an average cock which was okay when he could last.


She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she hadn't noticed jack talking. "… so yeah, that's why I decided to get back in shape." Jack wondered if his mother bought his cover story about working out for a school thing, it wasn't a very convincing but his head was still a little fuzzy.


"Okay honey, I'm gonna start on dinner go shower and clean up your room." Jack went upstairs, and his mom just sat down for a second wondering what was happening to her. "I just stared at my sons bulge… my SONS. Oh god what is wrong with me." She tried shaking off the thought but it was just ingrained in her memory.

Her husband had passed away a few years ago, and since then she hasn't been out with another man. Sure she's had plenty of offers, and the guys at her work aren't shy about giving her compliments.

Rose was 50, but had the complexion of a 30 year old, maybe even younger. She stood at 5'5, and weighed around 100lbs, which she attributed any extra weight to her DD's. Her hair hadn't started to grey, and was a deep fiery red. She started to look at her recipe books to figure out what to cook for dinner, and decided she was just gonna order a pizza. She walked upstairs to ask Jack what kind of pizza he wanted when she noticed the bathroom door was slightly open.

She almost yelled out to ask what kind of pizza he wanted, but stopped herself out of curiosity. She wasn't sure she wanted to do this, and tried to stop herself but her body wouldn't let her. She peeked into the bathroom and her Jaw dropped at the sight. Jack was in the shower, playing with himself.

His full thick 11" rod standing to attention. "Thank god I bought those clear shower curtains." She thought to herself. Jack started hardcore gangbang with rome major mz natural amp redzilla his body again. The hot water felt nice on his skin, he started noticing his gut had disappeared. He was now lean and packed with muscle. His hands went down to his cock, he couldn't believe his new size and how fucking good it felt.

He heard a click and looked over when he heard his mom shout about pizza. "Just get the meat lovers mom, you can't beat all that meat!" he laughed to himself as he was beating his own meat in the shower, amused by his own terrible pun. What he didn't know was that moments earlier his mom had accidentally closed the door trying to conceal her own peeping.

She went downstairs, and ordered the pizza. After she hung up she got a text from her daughter. "Hey mom, I'm going to stay at Jasmines place tonight, her mom said it was fine." "Okay sweetie, do I need to pick you up tomorrow?" "No it's fine, her mom volunteered to be our chauffeur for the day: D !" She laid her phone down and started thinking things no mother should.

She heard the water urn off and she decided she needed a shower of her own to cool down. She went upstairs to her room and stripped down and grabbed a towel to wrap around her to go to the bathroom.

Jack should be out by now she thought. She walked towards the bathroom and reached for the handle when the door flung open and she let out a little gasp in surprise.

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"Ah sorry to scare you mom, I didn't know you were going to take a shower after." His words left him when he noticed that big bobs sleeping sister xxx his mother stepped back one of her tits had popped out of the towel she was wrapped in.

Jack regained his thoughts and rushed to his room. "Why was he in such a hurry, I wanted to look a little longer at his towel clad body." His mother thought as she stepped into the bathroom and dropped her towel.

Jack was back in his room, the image of his mom's supple breast burned into his mind. He hadn't ever thought of his mom that way, but damn she was sexy. Her areolas were small and pink, and if he remembered right they looked like they were hard too.

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Despite just having jacked it in the shower he was at full attention again. "God I wish I could see more, and just then the wall between his room and the bathroom disappeared and he could see his mother in her full glory. Naked in the shower, and touching herself moaning. Jack couldn't believe his eyes, he walked over towards her unable to stop when he hit the wall.

It seems the wall wasn't completely gone, just invisible. His mother turned around and was still plunging her fingers into her pussy, she had a small mia khalifa dubai porn star fucking patch of red hair above her mound, but the rest was so smooth.

She looked at the wall in front of her, thinking that the object of her dani daniels sex in outdoor was just on the other side. Picturing herself devouring his cock with her pussy. If it weren't for being in the shower already she would have been drenched in her own juices. Like a bitch in heat, she was in dire need of a cock. No, not just any cock.

Her sons cock. She had seen it and wanted a taste. She wanted him to thrust his cock deep within her aching pussy. Jack guessed the wall worked like a two way mirror, and he was the one getting one hell of a show. Rose grabbed the shower head and replaced her fingers with it, using the sept mom fuck son xnxx of water to bring her to new waves of pleasure.

She began moaning louder and louder, hoping the falling water would muffle her ecstasy. Jack was standing directly on the other side of the wall, stroking his cock furiously watching his mother.

The thought of her son fucking her was driving her wild, her hips started to shake violently, humping the shower nozzle faster and faster. She dropped the shower head and replaced it with her fingers once again, her small fingers raced towards her clit, her hands moving so fast they seemed to have a mind of their own with only one thought. Jack saw her tense up, he knew she was close, and so was he.

As she came, her thoughts became words as she yelled out, "OOOOHH YES JACK, MMM FUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY HARDER." When Jack heard that he blew his load all over the wall and fell back.

He couldn't believe what he just heard. He looked at the wall and thought about how he could make it reappear, when it became visible again. His cum seemed to be gone though, at least he didn't have to clean up he thought.

Those words echoed in his mind when he heard the shower stop, when the doorbell rang. "Honey that may be the pizza guy, money's on the table could you get it?" Rose yelled out. Jack found some pants and went down to get the pizza. Jack sat the pizza down and stared to think of what happened upstairs. "Alright, I've decided. I'm gonna try to fuck my mom." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, going to stop here tonight.

Been awhile since I wrote anything so bear with me as I re-figure out how to get a better flowing plot line.