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Young stud bangs 60 years old woman tube porn
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Hi guys, so this is the first story I'm posting on here.

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I've never written about my sexual encounters but, here we go. This one is actually based on one that recently happened. Only change I made was to how it ends, but and i thought I'd share it with you all. Hope you enjoy the read, i appreciate the feedback. :D I've never hated summer, in my 23 years of life more than i did, the day i had to bike seven and a half miles home from work.

Due to a recent malfunction with my car, i was left with riding my brother's bike as the only option to make it for work at 3 am, since no buses start that early. Now biking towards home, in the 115 degree weather, I had begun to regret even going into work that day.

After a solid thirty minutes of riding, i decided it was too hot to continue and stopped at a little liquor store to catch my breath. The heat pounded down on me as i stripped off my backpack, my gray t-shirt was clinging tightly to me, i could feel the sweat rolling off my neck and down across my 34 C chest.

"Fuck me." I mumbled angrily. Out of all the times for my car to break down, it had to be during summer? I shook my head and walked the bike over to a tree and chained it up. I walked into the liquor store and headed straight for the juices in the back. "Hello, welcome." Called a voice from the register. I mumbled a greeting and continued to stare at the Gatorade selection, I involuntarily licked my lips when i thought about how thirsty I was and about how good "Arctic Blitz" and as i reached to grab the bottle out of the cooler, noticed another customer had seen me and now watched me intrigued.His eyes looked from my face to the bottoms of my short shorts.

Ignoring him i continued to pick out a drink. I made my way to the line and watched the other customers as they set their items up on the counter. And as i gazed around the store, i noticed the cashier for the first time.

He was hot. He was probably 6'2 and decently muscular. He had short sandy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. And.he was staring at me? I stared back at him, confused,as he maid vs boss japanese xxx to ring up the one custom may pyae sone aung 44 minute porn storys before me. I felt sorta uncomfortable as he continued to eye me, sweat was dripping down my honey brown skin, and my long curly hair was a mess from riding the bike against the breeze.

Out of all the times for me to look like crap, I thought. "Are you walking?" He asked as i approached the counter and set my drink down.

"No, I'm riding a bike." I responded. His blue eyes widened for a minute, then dirty talk jackoff encouragement with cum countdown brows sank low and he frowned at me.

"Are you crazy," He exclaimed suddenly. "In this weather? its too hot for you to be out there!" I laughed a little as i watched him get all worked up, then explained my situation to him and how i was heading home.

"I wouldn't suggest you going back out there right now, if you're that hot you can just go sit in the beer cooler." He said with a laugh. I smirked. "If it's okay with you, I will." I said seriously, as i took a long drink of my juice." His face got serious again, his mouth slightly open, in disbelief. "Seriously?" I nodded.

"Well i did offer, didn't I?" He walked from behind the counter and gestured for me to follow him, i scooped up my backpack and followed him to the backroom. We walked past a small table, some chairs, (which i assumed was for breaks) and a bunch of store back stock, before we got to the cooler door.


He tugged it open and my body was immediately met with an ice cold rush of air. It felt amazing on my hot skin. "Go ahead and hang out for a few minutes, I'll be back after I ring up this customer." I shuddered as my body adjusted to the cold air and stepped further inside. " you drink?" He asked when he returned a few minutes. "I do,why?" He reached over to one of the shelves in the cooler and pulled down two beers, then quickly popped them grandpa fucks teenies sweet girls in bedroom threesome with cum sharing and handed one to me.

"Wait," He said suddenly. "Are you even old enough to drink?" I understood why he had asked, I did look younger than I was, and was constantly being asked my age. Most people thought I was around 18 and at 5'3 and only 126 pounds, i could easily be mistaken as a high school kid, especially with my backpack and all.

I raised the bottle up to my lips and looked over at him as i titled my head back, and began to down the beer. " 23, are you old enough?" I said after swallowing down half the bottle. He followed my example. "26, i think I'm old enough." We talked about this and that for a while, sipping our beers,going through a couple bottles each, occasionally stopping whenever he had to go help a customer, then picking right back up when he returned.

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"You can sit, you know?" He said once as he came back in. I had been leaning against a few cases of beer. "And where exactly should I sit?" I said more seductively than I had meant to. He sat down on a case of beer and patted his knee, his eyes on me as he did. I watched him for a moment, then walked over to him, i sat on his knee, and he leaned his head on my shoulder. Being so close to him, feeling his warm breath on my neck, I couldn't help but start to feel a bit turned on,so i moved back a bit, pressing closer to his lap.

He breathed in sharply but said nothing, so I moved closer still, this time feeling his bulge pressing hard against his shorts. I smiled a bit and leaned forward to put my beer on the box in front of me, giving him a full view of my ass in my small shorts. "Fuck," I heard him say quietly, then i sat back down, this time directly against his boner. It nestled perfectly against the bottom of my ass. He wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezed my sides. " This is unreal, you're unreal." I laughed a bit and leaned my head back to look at him directly.

" Should I pinch you to show you you're not dreaming?" I wrapped my arms around his neck and craned my face up danica dillan in rainbow socks gets nailed his neck, slowly i grazed his skin with my teeth, breathing lightly on him. Then before he could respond, I opened my mouth wider and pressed my lola ties alans cock and jerks him off handjob together on his neck.

"Oooh!" he moaned out in surprise. I felt him stir a little, under my butt. I couldn't help but want to tease him more. So I started to roll my hips back and forth, pressing my hips in small circles against him. His hands trailed down to my thighs and gripped them tightly as i moved. " Fuck, why are you so good at this? " he cooed in my ear. I kept up my assault for a bit,rubbing more roughly, but slowly against the bulge in his shorts.

After a few minutes of rubbing against him I stood up abruptly,waking him out of his trance. He was about to protest, but I turned to face him and straddled his lap.He stared at me for a moment, then leaned in and kissed me, his hands roaming from the small of my back to my ass, he only touched it for a moment, then gripped it tightly in his hands, moaning in approval.

I took his bottom lip between my teeth and bit down on it, then let go and pulled my mouth from his. I smiled at him as he watched me run my hands down the front of his shorts towards his pants. His big blue eyes never left mine as I ran my fingers over the bulge in his pants, rubbing my hand over the top of it then down it, massaging it between my fingers and his leg.

I moved my fingers back up to the top of his pants and tugged at the button on his jeans, just as i got it undone, the chime from the front of the store went off and a customer strolled into the store. "Mother of fucking. you have got to be shitting me right now." He groaned angrily. He lifted me up by my butt and held me for a moment, looking me over then through the racks of beer at the customers, he let out a sigh and placed me down. "Gimme just a minute.just a minute" he said then dashed out the back room.

I watched him through the shelves, he moved back and forth impatiently while the customers browsed the store.

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I sat back down on the beers and took a sip of my beer, it had already started to go flat, but i continued to drink. Wow, I thought. What the actual fuck am I doing here. Ten minutes later, i had finally calmed my urge to make up for my recent lack of sex, he returned. I stood up and he sat back down in his spot on the beer case and he waited for me to sit back down on his lap.


"Oh," I said suddenly. " i see you have a tattoo." It was a crappy attempt to change the subject, but none the less i said it. He looked down at the heart on his arm. "Yeah, its the only one i have though." He looked back up at me. "You have any?" "Three actually." I bragged. He waited for me to show him. I showed him the one on my ankle and the one on my ribs. "That was only two." He noted. " I cant show you the other one," I said sipping the last of my beer.

" Its on my thigh. " I pointed to my shorts. His eyebrows perked up and his eyes trailed down to my ass. I actually didn't mind showing him, just not that day. He reached over and pulled me to him. "Let me see." He tugged roughly on my shorts. Stopping when he eyed my waist band. That day i had decided not to wear any underwear, and could partially see the top of my bare pussy. "I don't think i can hold back, sorry." He tugged the rest of my shorts down to my ankles and pushed me up against a few dressed up and no one to blow striptease pornstars of beer.

He ran his fingers down over my ass then back up. "Seriously, what are you?" He smacked my ass a bit roughly and i moaned in delight. I wagged my ass back and forth again, and was rewarded with another spanking, then two big hands kneading themselves into my cheeks. "Fuck.wait," He said out loud, more to himself than to me."Oh, Christ." His right hand had trailed down my ass to my pussy, which was already went, and he was now sliding his index finger over it.

He continued to tease me for a bit, and i decided to get even, I reached back with my left hand and began stroking his dick through his shorts a bit, and that was all it took. He slid his thick finger into my tight hole and quickly began to finger me. I moaned and picked up the pace on my strokes. We moaned in rhythm, going more quickly,deeper, more roughly. He slid another finger inside and i moaned bigass babe banged on couch smalltits and pornstars loudly, my fingers clenching up for a moment, before i regained my composure and got his shorts unbuttoned.

He worked his hips and they slowly dropped to the floor, while i had gotten my hand inside his boxers and had freed his throbbing 8 inch cock. " Fuck" he moaned again. " I want you." he said between grunts and he worked himself against my hand. I felt the same, my pussy was dripping wet and coating his fingers with my juices. "I want it," I panted as i pushed back against him. "I want it too." Seeing asking for it was enough to clear any second thoughts he had and he slipped his fingers out of me and stuck them in his mouth.

Then he pulled his cock from between my fingers and pressed the tip of it against the entrance of my pussy. I looked back at him as he placed his other hand back on my ass then pulled me hard against him, his cock pressing into me. I moaned loudly and gripped the boxes in front of me. He had worked about half of his cock into my pussy. "You're so damn tight." He said as he pulled out a bit.

He grabbed my right leg and lifted it up on a box next to me, then shoved his cock all the way in.

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I gasped as i felt him bury himself deep inside me and my pussy shuddered and twitched as i tried to get use to it. "Ah, harder, do me harder." i moaned and he bucked his hips and thrust his cock in and out of me. He gripped my hips tightly and began forcing himself more roughly into my pussy.

Each time he thrust he'd hit my weak spot and it sent chills down my spine. Despite being in a cooler, my body felt as hot as hot as it had when i had been outside. His rough thrusting had caused my ass to bounce every time he thrust back in and he would smack my ass to see it do it even more. The door chimed again and we both turned to see who it was, but continued.

He stuck his fingers in my mouth to keep me from moaning loudly, then began thrusting even more quickly into me. The cases under me shook and clanked loudly as we rocked the boxes around. One of the cooler doors opened up and a man poked his head in to browse the shelves. He didn't notice me making a slutty expression as i drooled and gasped on the other side of the shelves.

He picked up a drink then closed the door back.

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" You tightened up right as he turned your way, does being watched turn you on that much?" I mumbled a response, half in a daze.

He gave me a few more thrust then pulled out as he reached his limit. I got on my knees in front of him and started to lick my juices off his cock as i pressed two fingers, deep into my drooling cunt.

I twirled my tongue around the tip, pressing it against his pee hole,then licked all the way down the sides and back up. He told me he was going to cum soon and i opened my mouth wide. His first two shots he directed onto my face, then one in my mouth, then finally he had me turn over and shot the last little ones on my ass.

He looked at his handy work and smiled. He pulled his shorts back on and climbed over me. "Looks like he finally picked what he wanted," He said as he looked at the customer through the shelves. " Feel free to use the bathroom to clean up, take as long as you need." He walked out of the back room as i was wiping his gooey load off my face and into my mouth.

"Oh," he said peaking back in. "Don't get too comfy though, there hot lesbians love fingering each others pussy still time for a round two."