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Although I didn't know it at the time, Joe and Samantha's wedding was the last opportunity I would have to meet Susie for several months, although we continued to chat regularly across the net. Neither of us regretted our lovemaking and a lot of the talk was about what we would do when we met each other again, our fantasies becoming ever more lurid the longer time went on. We also spent a lot of time chatting in a group that mainly consisted of me, Susie, Emily, Heather, Jason and Lisa and were soon firm friends although our relationship was still a secret as far as I knew.

In late September when I was thinking we wouldn't see each other again until Christmas we got a lucky break. Uncle Pete had won the Salesman of the Quarter award from the Company he worked for and was being treated to an all expenses paid trip to Rome with Rita. As the girls were back at school there was no way he could pack them off to relatives and Rita asked whether I could stay with them over the weekend, not to babysit exactly but just to help look after things.

'You must have impressed Rita at the party' said Mum after she got off the phone, 'it's a shame that you're not as responsible at home'. 'Thanks for the vote of confidence', I replied with a note of sarcasm nice continuation of the anal one tube porn will Dad take me over?'. 'After he gets back from work on Friday, and he will pick you up on Sunday night'.

'Rita will be back on Monday so that all works out fairly well, don't you think?'. 'Guess so' I nodded and went upstairs mouthing a silent y-e-e-e-s-s-s! The week seemed to drag by but at last Friday came and as Dad dropped me off outside, Susie opened the door and beckoned me inside.

The house was bustling with all the last minute packing arrangements and Pete gave me instructions on who to contact in an emergency, the hotel telephone number, which neighbours had been asked to keep an eye out and his mobile number.

I made a list and then helped them out with their bags as the taxi arrived. Susie and Annie waved their parents off, remaining outside until the retreating tail lights disappeared at the end of the road before returning to the house.

'Will you walk with me to Julie's?' said Susie. 'Annie has been invited to a sleepover there and I need to make sure she gets there safely'. 'Sure' I replied, exchanging a sly smile with my cousin and marvelling at how coolly she could organise things to our advantage before gathering Annie's things together and heading off up the road. Annie was excited as this was her first sleepover and walked next to Susie with me just behind admiring Susie's figure. She had changed in the months since I had seen her, her figure was a little fuller, her breasts a bit larger, her curves a bit more pronounced.

Annie had just turned 11, still a child, the way Susie had been before last Christmas and I idly wondered when she would begin blossoming into womanhood. We quickly arrived at Julie's house my wifes sister my stepmother my wifes mother Annie was soon immersed in a throng of giggling girls, with Julie's harassed looking mother trying to organise them.

'Thanks for inviting her' said Susie. ' No problem' grinned Julie's mum, can you pick her up before about 10.30 tomorrow as we have to go out?'. 'Of course', we both replied and with a last wave we walked back down the driveway and along the road to Susie's house.

'God, I've missed you' I said. 'Me too' she replied as we reached the door and went inside.

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The house was silent and we were on our own with no need to be quiet, no feeling that we may be discovered at any minute and no need to rush. Susie took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom, not even bothering to shut the door behind us and grabbed me in a fierce embrace, our lips meeting, our tongues writhing together like coiled snakes as some of our pent up lust was relieved at last.

'Just sit there and watch, and no touching' whispered Susie as she pushed me down on to the edge of the bed and backed away from me a few steps flicking the CD player on as she went. 'Nothing Compares to You' floated out of the speakers as Susie closed her eyes, moving her body sexily to the music and began to perform a slow striptease.

It's been seven hours and fifteen days since you took your love away Susie was rubbing her firm young breasts and undoing the buttons on her blouse in an unhurried way, swaying her hips and smiling at me seductively. Since you been gone I can do whatever I want I can see whomever I choose She had turned away from me, her perfect ass snugly encased in her jeans as she played with the blouse, removing it gracefully and tossing it onto a nearby chair.

I sat there entranced, my cock beginning to grow. 'Cause nothing compares . Nothing compares to you Susie undid the button on the top of her jeans and inclined her head forward, running her tongue across her parted, shiny lips, thrusting her pussy towards me.

It's been so lonely without you here like a bird without a song Susie eased her tight jeans down legs revealing the briefest thong I have ever seen, as she again turned her back to me and bent over parting her legs so that the thong disappeared into the crack of her ass and the lips of her pussy were clearly visible. I could put my arms around every boy I see but they'd only remind long stiff dick for sexy lola hunter of you Susie removed her bra, coyly crossing her hands in front of her tits as it fell to the floor before rubbing them in a circular motion and throwing her head back in ecstasy as she pinched at her dark nipples, tweaking them to erection.

He said, girl, you better have fun No matter what you do Sliding her hands down her body she removed her thong, pressing both hands over her mound and then moving towards me to push me backwards on to the bed.

'Cause nothing compares . Nothing compares to you. Susie slid herself up my body while I was on my back, stopping with her sweet pussy inches above my mouth, parting her sex lips with the tips of her slim fingers. I know that living with you baby was sometimes hard but I'm willing to give it another story bf 19 yer xxxx Susie slowly masturbated above me, pushing two fingers slowly into her hot pussy allowing me to see every wondrous detail of her pleasure garden as they moved in and out.

I was ready to blow and ebony fucks machine and squirts on it hadn't even touched me. 'Cause nothing compares . Nothing compares to you As the last refrain died away, Susie's breath came in quick short gasps as drops of her tangy pussy liquor fell onto my thirsty tongue and with a loud moan, she climaxed, shoving her fingers deep into her quim, her thumb frantically working her clit.

I lay there as she slid back down my body and slowly undressed me, kissing my chest and sucking my nipples tenderly into her mouth as she took off my shirt, working down my torso before undoing my belt and ripping off my trousers and shorts in one movement to reveal my throbbing manhood.

Susie traced her fingers delicately over the purple head of my cock, circling the shaft and cupping my full balls with her other hand. I closed my eyes and felt the warm wetness of her mouth engulf my swollen dick, her tongue flicking across the delicate frenum as she pumped me with her hand before sitting astride me and lowering herself on to my cock.

I opened my eyes again and watched as my beautiful cousin sank slowly down on to my shaft until our pubic hair entwined at the base. Susie began to rise and fall on my member, guiding my hands to her gently bouncing young tits as she stroked her clit with her free hand. When she leaned slightly back I could see every detail of my cock disappearing into her slick young pussy, the outer lips gripping my pole as she continued her rhythmic movements.

Susie quickened her pace until I was sure I was about to cum before she stopped and bent over towards me. 'I think you'll like this' she whispered in my ear withdrawing my prick from her hole with a soft slurp and guiding it towards her tight little puckered asshole. My heart was beating wildly as she jiggled around on dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories knob before the tip of my cock, well lubricated with her pussy juices and my precum entered her hot little tube.

The sensations of being in her tightest hole were incredible as Susie gently rotated on my cock, slowly sliding its length into her. 'Are you OK Suze', I asked as I didn't want to hurt her.

'I'm fine' she said and a smile crossed her face as my prick slid into her all the way. Susie ground her ass into my pelvis and then slowly moved up and down, whimpering gently as my cock moved inside her. We locked into a passionate kiss as I began to meet her movements with thrusts of my own, relishing this new pleasure until Susie came, panting with sheer pleasure and the effort of her exertions. I rolled Susie off me and on to the bed, getting on top of her and pinning her legs to my shoulders as I drove into her pussy to the hilt, wildly pumping her hot snatch until it was filled with my seed.

My cock was still twitching, aromatic with the smell of both her orifices and dripping blobs of cum as I withdrew and pushed it into her mouth, and let her lick it clean.

Susie and I lay together on the bed in silence for a while, her head on my chest as we recovered. 'That was absolutely fantastic' I said as she turned her face towards mine. 'For me too' she replied before suddenly looking a bit more serious. 'There's something I need to talk to you about, I know the timing isn't great but I wanted to tell you face to face'. My heart skipped a beat as thoughts of pregnancy crossed my mind.

'What is it?' I asked hesitantly. 'Jason at school has asked me out, I haven't said yet whether I will but I want to'. My heart sank as her words pierced me to the core. 'Don't be angry' said Susie sadly.

'It's so difficult when you're not here most of the time and even though I love you, where do we go from here'? 'We can't ever be together unless we go off and live somewhere that nobody knows us and meanwhile I feel that I can't carry on teen cheerleader stepdaughter ally kay banging her school coach normal life'.

Her words hit me like a thunderbolt but even as she said them I knew in my heart that she was right. I'll still be here for you Susie, and I still want to keep in touch. 'Silly sod' she said, 'of course we'll keep in touch, it's just that I can't carry on like this because sooner or later someone will find out and I'm not ready for that, in fact I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for that'.

Susie kissed me gently on the lips. 'In any case, there's something else that might make you feel a bit better she continued, 'Boob Job has been badgering me for ages asking when you are coming round again as she really has the hots for you'.

'Who the hell is Boob Job?' I replied laughing.


'It's Emily's new nickname, Heather thought of it last week' giggled Susie. 'I thought you two were best friends?

I said'. 'We are' protested Susie, 'but her tits have grown faster than the rest of her in the last few months, hence the nickname'. 'You'll get the chance to see for yourself because she's coming over later'. 'You're quite the little matchmaker aren't you' I said as I grabbed Susie to me. 'You like her don't you?' 'Everyone seems to fancy Emily; in fact I thought you were going to get off with her at my party'. ' Well I would have done if it hadn't been for you' I said and kissed Susie on the forehead.

'Please take your time with her, you will be her first proper boyfriend' pleaded Susie. 'Her parents are a bit strict with her and she is very nervous'. 'I don't remember her being nervous, in fact she was rubbing herself against me as we danced' I said.

'Hmmm', Susie looked at me thoughtfully. 'That was very unlike her but take it from me she is one big bag of nerves when it comes to you'.

'We'd better get dressed' said Susie glancing at her watch, 'she'll be over soon'. I decided to leap in the shower and freshen up before Emily came over and give myself time to think. I could not escape the feeling that I was being manipulated in all of this but I figured that I may as well go with the flow for now because there was no doubt that Emily was a hot looking girl. I finished my shower and dried myself off, hearing the doorbell go as I finished getting dressed.

I could hear a murmured conversation between Susie and Emily in the hallway but couldn't make out what was being said so after a final check in the mirror I left the bathroom and joined them in the living room.

Susie was sprawled out in one of the armchairs and Emily was perched on the sofa, nervously looking around as I walked in. 'Hi Emily' I said and walked over to sit on the sofa beside her. 'Hi, how are you? I haven't seen you since the party' she replied. 'I'm fine, just starting my A level course at school so I'm quite busy at the moment'.

' I'm just starting my GCSE course' she said and then continued with a funny description of her new teachers but to be honest I wasn't taking in a lot of what she was saying because I was trying to concentrate on speaking to her rather than just eyeing her up. I remembered Emily as being a very pretty blonde with gorgeous big blue eyes but in the months since I had seen her she had changed markedly in the way that teenagers can do.

Her hair was longer than I remembered and now lay across her shoulders in thick golden tresses, her lightly made up face was fuller, less juvenile and her full lips screamed of hidden sensuality. The biggest change though was in her figure.

Susie had filled out slightly but not to the extent that Emily had, especially her tits which stood proud of her body like small melons. The effect was mesmerising and exaggerated by the lithe slimness of her body. When she stood up to get a drink from the kitchen, her perfect ass jiggled around beneath the tight skirt, her long legs tapering gently down to delicate ankles and perfectly proportioned feet. 'OK, you can put your tongue back in now' said Susie after Emily had left the room.

'Was it that obvious' I said a bit sheepishly, 'I was trying damn hard not to stare'. 'Like I said, Emily has this effect on men and to be fair you did a lot better than most'.

'The trouble is she is naturally shy and gets terribly self conscious about it all and then convinces herself that all guys just want her for her body' sighed Susie. 'Her father has given her some terrible hang ups you know'. 'Should you really be telling me all this Susie?' I replied.

'I really like her but I'm not a bloody psychologist, I can't analyse everything I say or do in case I accidentally offend her'. 'Just be you' said Susie, falling silent as Emily came back into the room clutching a can of Cola. We chatted away for the rest of the evening and as I got to know Emily a bit better she lightened up a bit and showed that she possessed a dry sense of humour that immediately endeared her to me as much as her obvious physical attributes.

Eventually, around 10.30 she said she had to go and I offered to walk her home which she accepted. As we walked, I steered the conversation round towards us and when we arrived outside her house I asked her if she wanted to go out with me.

'Yes' she said with a nervous smile and as I moved to kiss her I noticed that she was shaking. Emily gave me a quick peck on the lips and retreated up the driveway.

'See you tomorrow' she said. A few minutes later I was walking back into Susie's house. 'How did it go?' she asked. 'OK, well she agreed to go out with me' I replied. 'She wasn't exactly passionate though'. I must have seemed a little puzzled so Susie came kerala saree village girl fucking and kissed me tenderly.

'Believe me that's a first' she said as she went upstairs to bed. I thought about following her but my mind was turning over what had happened this evening.

Everything which I had taken for granted had been turned on its head and I was feeling disoriented. The following morning after breakfast I walked to Julie's house with Susie to pick up Annie from her sleepover. The bleary eyed youngster had obviously had very little sleep the previous night and after thanking Julie's mum we all returned back to the house where Annie disappeared upstairs to get some badly needed rest.

'I'm going out to see Jason', Susie said. wild filipina gina jones licks sperm come back here if that's OK with you. I shrugged my shoulders. 'I guess so' I said feeling a pang of regret as Susie left the room. I got myself a drink and sat back to watch the TV. This weekend was definitely not going to plan but the enticing enigma that was Emily had certainly stopped it from being a disaster.

Right on cue there was a knock at the door and Emily stood on the doorstep in a tight t-shirt and jeans with a light coat slung casually over one shoulder looking the picture of innocent beauty. 'Come in' I said 'Susie is over at Jason's no doubt asking him out and they should be back soon'. 'I wondered when that would happen said Emily with a smile'. 'Susie said she would take your advice'. 'I think my young cousin does exactly what she wants' I replied. 'Do you fancy a drink?'. 'No thanks, I've just had one' said Emily and went into the living room and sat on the sofa.

I followed her in and sat next to her, putting my arm behind her along the top. Emily blushed and was looking decidedly nervous. 'What's the matter?' I said gently, 'you do want to go out with me?'.

'Oh yes' she blurted out, 'I'm just hopeless at this'. I looked at Emily, smiled and took one of her elegant hands in mine. 'Look, I promise nothing will happen unless you want it to'. Emily smiled again but I noticed she was shaking which disturbed me. 'It's my dad' she said in a small voice.

He's forever telling me what boys will do to me; he's been saying it since I was twelve'. 'Whenever anyone shows any interest in me he puts them off'. 'I'm confused and scared and even though I know he's wrong, part of me is terrified that if I choose the wrong guy he will be right'. 'He won't put me off Emily, I promise' I whispered to her. She smiled at me but the fear was still in her eyes and I knew that somehow I would have to earn her trust.

We made small talk for a while until Susie came in with Jason and then made a snack before heading into town to meet with some of their friends. I noticed how in a group Emily lightened up and became more open. It hotty babe fingers herself and fucks boyfriends cock surprise me that she had a problem getting a boyfriend despite her beauty but I was fascinated and determined to succeed. On Sunday evening, my father turned up to take me home, sounding the car horn from outside the house.

Emily had spent most of the day with us and came to the door with me. As I turned to say goodbye she took my face in her hands and kissed me. It was a fleeting kiss but one that had real warmth and made the whole weekend worthwhile.


I was walking on air back to the car. Dad noticed as he had a big grin on his face. 'She's a nice looking girl' he said. 'Yes, that's Emily, we're going out with each other' I replied in something of a daze. 'Well, you've got taste son, I'll say that penthouse karina white katie j masturbation lesbian you' he laughed.

I felt a bit embarrassed and said nothing as we drove home in silence. The following weeks were hard for me. I continued to talk on line with Emily, Susie and their friends but more often now to Emily on her own. I started to build our relationship piece by piece, confiding in her and trying to build her up. Slowly she began to respond and our relationship got better and better but I was anxious as the same geographical barrier that had kept me away from Susie was keeping me away from Emily and I couldn't stand losing her as well.

Fortunately the solution was not far away, and as I had got good grades at school my Dad bought me a small car on my 17th birthday, a Mini. I immediately got a set of lessons and practised like mad to gain my license, quickly passing the theory exam before getting an early practical test as someone else had cancelled.

I practised and prayed that I would pass and Emily seemed just as excited as I was as this new found mobility would bring us closer together. On the day of the test it was cold and miserable with heavy rain driven by a sharp northerly wind that cut through you like a knife. I was apprehensive when I met the examiner but calmed myself by thinking of the prize at stake.

I don't think I've ever concentrated so hard in my whole life, the traffic was appalling and there were frequent stops where I had to be patient before performing one of the set manoeuvres but at last the test came to an end and the examiner informed me that I had passed without a trace of emotion in his voice.

I was ecstatic and quickly arranged to meet Emily the following weekend round at Banging a young poon tang hardcore and big dick house. We all planned to go to the cinema to see 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and then chill out back at Susie's place. On Saturday morning I couldn't wait to get going and was round at Susie's house by 10 o clock. Uncle Pete came outside to look at the car followed by Susie and as we were chatting about it, Emily walked up in a tight baby pink sweater and white jeans giving me an instant hard on and even making Uncle Pete look a bit shifty.

Emily loved the car and bent down to look inside giving me a perfect view of her ass, stretching the tight jean fabric. I bent down with her and inhaled her scent, fresh and summery despite the onset teen water bondage and dad rough sex with playmate partners daughter fuck my ass pound winter.

'Let's get going' I said 'we can grab something to eat and meet up with the others before the movie starts'. During the movie I was sat next to Emily and once the lights had gone down I was able to put my arm around her. At first she was made no movement at all but soon snuggled closer to me and I found myself watching her as she watched the screen, the subtle changes in the light playing off her face. Emily became aware that I was watching her. 'What is it?' she asked searching my eyes.

I moved forward and kissed her on the lips. She seemed a bit surprised but not offended and smiled broadly as she relaxed into my arm again, moving closer than before. I could hear Susie and Jason and Lisa and her boyfriend quietly making out, the sounds making me feel incredibly horny but I was determined to give Emily some space and do this on her terms. It seemed as though she was so engrossed in the film that she did not notice or chose to ignore them and it was driving me crazy.

Using the arm that was around her shoulders I moved my hand up and down her arm, pulling her even closer, the tips of my fingers barely making contact with the swell of her breast under her jumper.

Emily shifted position, half turning towards me, allowing me to kiss her once more and continue rubbing my hand sensuously down her side as far as the curve of her waist. The kissing became more sensual, more passionate as I flicked my tongue across her lips, feeling them part as our tongues locked in embrace and our bodies rubbed against each other.

All violet starr no fucking spoilers! soon the movie ended and the magic was broken as we left the cinema and returned to the bustle of the outside world and the chill evening air. Emily, Susie and I said goodbye to the others and went back to Susie's place. 'It's such a pain that Jason lives on the other side of town' grumbled Susie as we pulled up outside the house, 'are you both coming in?'.

I looked at Emily and she nodded so we both followed Susie and flopped down in the living room. 'We have the house to ourselves for now' announced Susie as she made us a cup of coffee. 'Mum's left a note, they won't be back 'til late as they are visiting one of Dad's friends and have taken Annie with them'.

Susie brought the coffee back through in large, steaming mugs and we all settled down. I put my arm back around Emily and gently pulled her to me. As we finished our coffee, Susie made to leave the room, saying she wanted to catch Jason on line. Emily suddenly looked panicked 'please don't leave' she said quickly. 'What's the matter?' I said. 'It's just me' said Emily looking unhappy 'I'm the matter and I don't know why you put up with me'.

Susie sat on the other side of Emily and looked into her friend's eyes. 'Oh Emily' she said quietly and kissed her lightly on the cheek; 'Emily, Emily, Emily' she continued and lightly brushed her lips across her friend's.

I was transfixed by the sight in front of me. I thought it would make Emily even more agitated but Susie's presence seemed to calm her down as she pressed her lips more tightly to the blonde's. I saw my girlfriend open her lips to accept the questing tongue of my young cousin as she kissed her deeply.

I was confused but more turned on than I have ever been in my entire life, my cock was so hard it hurt. Susie finished her kiss and turned Emily's face to mine so that I could kiss her again and this time she fell willingly into my embrace and kissed me with total abandon for the first time. I had my hands behind Emily's back and pulled her to me so that her full breasts were pressed against my chest and I could trace a finger up and down her spine to give her that lovely tingly feeling.

As I kissed Emily I could feel Susie's hands working their way underneath her jumper and releasing the catch of her bra at the back.

When at last we broke our kiss, Susie tugged at the jumper trying to pull it up over Emily's head but Emily was unsure. Neither Susie or I wanted to beak the spell so we worked in unison planting light kisses, running our hands over Emily's body until her breath was coming in short gasps, her inhibitions weakening until she at last allowed me to pull the jumper over her head. Even then she clutched at her unfastened bra until Susie firmly removed her hands and I pulled the garment away letting her tits spill pretty blonde teen girl anjelica pounded and cum facialed the open.

'Oh my god' was all I could mutter. Emily's tits were fantastic, firm and pert despite their size and topped with massive pale pink aureoles and large, sensitive nipples that stood out a half inch under my gentle touch. Susie and I ran our hands over the soft, generous mounds, gently pinching her nipples that were obviously extremely sensitive as the gentlest touch elicited moans of pleasure from Emily.

I breathed in Emily's scent as I kissed her neck and behind her ears before descending to take one of her large nipples between my lips and suck it into my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Susie doing likewise and Emily gasped in pleasure, clasping our heads to her chest and sinking back into the sofa.

As she became more turned on I nibbled carefully at the sensitive nubbin, wet from my saliva while I cradled the delicious orb in my hand. Susie was pulling gently on the other nipple and kissing Emily while her free hand progressed with slow sweeping strokes over her belly towards the waistband of her white jeans. I let my free hand roam down as well and undid the button at the front while Susie pulled down the zipper.

'This is going so fast' said Emily but her voice and eyes were thick with lust and as the two of us pulled at her unfastened jeans she raised her cute ass to allow us to pull them off. She now sat before us in just a small pair of pale pink panties, the damp spot in the front making the material translucent and proof of her arousal.

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I caressed Emily's leg, starting at her ankle and working slowly up over her calf, knee and then thigh. Susie watched as I let my fingers spread around the edge of the pink material before running my fingers over the area covering her sweet virgin teen slit. Susie smiled 'Doesn't that feel good Em' she whispered to her best friend as I continued to gently massage her prominent mons through the material. Emily was biting her bottom lip and readily spread her legs as I gently pushed her thighs apart.

Once I felt she had been teased enough I hooked my fingers inside the waistband of her panties to pull them off. She grasped my hand and looked panic stricken for a moment but once again the soothing voice and presence of Susie was there to stroke her hand and melt her inhibitions so that I could remove the nymphos chantelle fox sexy tattooed and pierced english model just wants to fuck blissedxxx new seri flimsy defence.

Emily had the prettiest pussy I have ever seen. Her wispy golden muff barely covered her prominent labia that were unfurling like the petals of a flower covered in morning dew.

The heady scent of her sex was strong as I gently parted the rose pink outer lips and slowly stroked my fingers upward to reach the erect button of her clit. As my fingers moved in deeper, Emily groaned and started to buck her pelvis in time with the invasion, relishing the sensation of being finger fucked.

My tongue now joined my fingers and I ran them lightly over the lips of her virgin pussy before licking around her clit bringing yet more gasps of pleasure, drinking her sweet nectar into my mouth. Emily closed her eyes and lay back even deeper in the sofa. I felt a tap on my shoulder as Susie indicated she wanted to change positions so I climbed out from between Emily's thighs to be replaced by my cousin. Emily opened her eyes again as Susie began to finger and tongue her sweet slit but did not seem perturbed and just ran her fingers through Susie's auburn tresses as she was pleasured.

I quickly undressed myself and guided Emily's hand to my stiff cock as I caressed her fabulous tits again. Her breath came quicker and quicker and with a shout she grabbed Susie's head and held it between her thighs as a massive orgasm swept over her body.

As her orgasm subsided, she released Susie's head and I moved between her legs while Susie stripped off. Emily smiled at me as I rubbed the tip of my cock against the wetness of her innocent little cunt, its juices mixing with my precum in a heady cocktail. I parted her outer labia with my fingers and pushed forward gently with my hips, feeling her silky soft pussy flesh gently give and wrap itself around my iron hard dick. Emily was groaning as my cock moved deeper, stretching her virgin love hole, her breathing becoming shallow as I supported her thighs on the edge of the sofa and pushed a bit further, bumping against the obstruction that marked her virginity.

I moved my hips gently back and forth, my shaft stimulating her clit and increasing her pleasure with each stroke. I felt her hymen stretching before the head of my cock and then it was gone as I plunged deeper into her police girls nude sexy xxxx, wet ebony slut has oral fun with a big black guy canal, not stopping until I was in her to the hilt.

Emily had tears in her eyes. 'I love you' she said to me and grasped me to her in a passionate kiss. I moved my hips, grinding slowly onto her pelvis, moving in and out, her pussy like a hot glove.

Susie was getting very hot watching this display as I began to fuck Emily properly, getting deep penetration and pushing her back into the sofa as she gripped me with her creamy thighs and wound her legs round my back. Her moans were getting louder as I pumped her slick tube, enhanced by Susie tweaking her rubbery nipples with one hand and fingering her clit with the other, enhancing my pleasure as well as with every stroke her fingers stimulated my cock.

'How about some fun for me too?' said Susie and Emily nodded in agreement so we switched positions. Susie lay on the sofa, legs apart with Emily facing her while I slipped between Emily's legs to screw her from behind, giving me a fantastic view of her first tentative taste of pussy. Emily carefully parted Susie's cunt lips in much the same way as I had done with her and cautiously flicked out her dainty pink tongue to taste my cousin's musky sex.

'It tastes nice' she giggled and then thrust her tongue deep into Susie's wet muff using her fingers to hold her sex lips apart and stimulate Susie's clit. This had to be the hottest thing I've ever seen as I shafted Emily from behind, little squeals of pleasure coming from her mouth as she thrashed her tongue in Susie's hot little snatch.

I picked up the pace and felt Emily's body tighten and shake, my cock bathed in her warm juices as she shuddered to an orgasm. There was no let up as I thrust deeply into her, feeling the blood pounding in my ears as my own orgasm approached, withdrawing at the last moment to spray jet after jet of my cum all over her beautiful ass cheeks.

Susie was close to cumming as well, wailing as Emily tongue lashed her clit before falling limp as a rag doll as her orgasm overtook her. We lay there breathless for a while in post coital bliss until Emily announced that she had better go as it was getting late.

I offered to drive her home as it was dark outside so we quickly got dressed, said our goodbyes to Susie and went out to the car.

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As the door shut, Emily looked at me nervously. 'I got a bit carried away there; I'm not sure what came over me'. 'I mean I'd never even thought about……another girl before, and then we did it as well'.

'Its fine, in fact it's more than fine' I replied. 'I love you Emily'. She smiled again and we kissed before I started the car and drove the short distance to her house. When we arrived, the house was dark and Emily asked me if I would go inside with her as she was a bit nervous of the empty house. As soon as she opened the door she flicked on the hallway lights and walked inside towards the back of the house with me following behind. 'Everything looks fine' I said and grabbed Emily's waist, pulling her to me for a long slow kiss.

As we parted, she slid down my body unbuckling my belt without her eyes leaving mine and pulled my hardening cock into the open. Her stroking hands quickly brought me back to full erection before she popped the swollen purple head into her mouth and sucked on it like a lollipop. I was in heaven, scarcely believing the sudden change that had come over Emily but far too turned on to be bothered to waste time analysing it. She continued to suck my cock, her lips clamped on my throbbing member, making the sexiest sucking sounds as my shaft pumped in her soft mouth.

Emily slowed her movements and then came up for air, her eyes seeking mine, seeking approval. 'That was wonderful' I whispered, and we kissed again, feverishly undressing each other until we collapsed on a large floor cushion in the corner. I felt down between us and guided my cock into her welcoming pussy, already aroused and moist, and pushed my full length into her.

'Oh my god' moaned Emily, 'I never believed it could feel so wonderful' she said as she gripped me to her, bucking her hips in time with my thrusts. Neither of us heard the car pull into the driveway or heard the front door open, so lost were we in our lustful frenzy. 'Emily!' shrieked her mother as she entered the room. 'What the hell is going on here!' yelled her father immediately after. I rolled off Emily and stood to face her angry parents.

Her father advanced towards us, red in the face, a vein bulging on his forehead. He was older than I imagined, a slim man in his 50's but right now my head was spinning at the trouble I was going to be in. 'You tramp' he raged at Emily 'and you' he said to me 'can get out now'. I began to collect my clothes and out of the corner of my eye I saw him swing a punch, aimed not at me but at Emily. I stuck my arm out as a reflex and deflected the blow upwards out of harm's way.

Emily sexy lesbians love to fist each other her mother screamed and her father abigail toyne and kelle marie are two beautiful bl me with pure hate in his eyes. 'Out of my way now, I'm going to teach that tramp a lesson' he spat angrily. I was not about to move and another punch came winging in, glancing off the side of my head as I tried to dodge it.

He was no Mike Tyson but a blow from any grown man fucking hurts and my head was reeling. He swung another wild punch that I dodged underneath and I struck forward with all the force that I could muster catching him in the solar plexus, watching him collapse in stages before my eyes, fighting to catch his breath. 'Ring&hellip.the&hellip.Police…Louise' Emily's father gasped to his wife. Louise looked at him with contempt. 'You were going to hit our daughter' she said as if she could scarcely believe it.

'If I ring the Police it will be for you' she said to him with some venom. Emily cuddled her mother, having thrown some clothes on while her father regained his feet somewhat shakily and staggered upstairs saying nothing but shooting me another look of pure hatred. 'I'm sorry Mum' cried Emily. 'I'm sorry too' I said. 'It was wrong of me to take advantage'. 'Oh I knew it would happen sooner or later' said Louise wearily.

'I did warn him but he felt he could keep you as his little girl forever'. 'It was a shock to see you, well, at it in our family room though'.

Emily and I both blushed deeply. 'I haven't seen passion like that in oh I don't know how long' Louise funny zombie gore group forced reflectively, 'if ever'&hellip.her voice trailed away. I looked at Louise and found this hard to believe.

She was around 5' 7" with honey blonde hair cut fashionably short, a handsome face with delicate features and a slim body which curved in the right places. She was dressed smartly in a figure hugging skirt and blouse covered with a light jacket that strained over her enormous breasts that almost seemed out of proportion to the rest of her and must have been 38 -40" easily.

'You can you know' said Emily falteringly, looking at me pleadingly. My mind was racing as I wondered if she was suggesting what I thought she was suggesting. It was now Louise's turn to blush and she kissed Emily on the forehead. 'I wouldn't think he would want me' she said indulgently 'but thank you for asking'. Emily stepped away from her mother and took me by the hand.

'If you love me, make my Mum feel special' she whispered and guided my hands to Louise's breasts, keeping her own hands on top of mine, gently squeezing as I performed an inconceivable caress. The tables had turned completely in an evening and now I was like the nervous debutante and Emily the worldly wise individual, my nerves gradually calming as I realised that Louise was not going to push my hands away.

I could feel her nipples hardening under the blouse and bra as I continued my gentle kneading and my prick began to harden. Louise smiled encouragingly at me and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. 'What man wouldn't' I replied 'you are stunning'. 'Well thank you' replied Louise with a little laugh. 'Nobody has said that to me for years'. There was little joy in her eyes, only a certain sadness and I was determined to make her feel special. Slowly I undid the buttons on her blouse and bent forward to kiss her on the neck, inhaling her expensive perfume, working round until my lips met hers and our tongues performed a slow, intricate dance.

As the last button of her blouse popped open, Emily helped her mother discard the jacket and blouse and she stood with just a lacy bra covering her enormous tits. Femaleagent stud becomes a third wheel in casting now undid the catch on her skirt and wriggled out of it, standing before me in black panty hose covering a brief pair of white knickers, watching the expression on my face with an amused expression.

'You don't know what an ego boost it is to have a horny young man looking at me like that' she whispered hoarsely and reached behind her to unfasten her bra, leaving me to reach forward and slowly remove the garment, revealing her massive boobs and thick, rubbery, erect nipples.

Her tits were simply magnificent. I took her engorged nipples between my thumb and forefinger and rolled them gently. 'Ooh harder' panted Louise and I complied, being rewarded with a gasp of pleasure as I pulled at them. She grabbed me round the back of head and drew my face to her chest, smothering me in the sexy nella blows on a bbc brunette and blowjob, fragrant flesh.

I fixed my mouth over one hard nipple and sucked deeply, working my tongue around it. Louise gasped again as I propelled her back into a nearby armchair. I was now poised above her, kneading her tit flesh and nibbling gently on her nipples in turn in total lustful abandon as my hands descended to hook inside her panty hose and pull them down. Louise kicked off her shoes as I pulled of her hose and knickers leaving her spread eagled before me with one leg over each arm of the armchair. Her pussy was open and wet, the outer lips clearly visible beneath her thick, honey coloured muff as I lowered my thirsty tongue to her cunt and lapped at her musky juices.

Louise moaned as I took my time, working my tongue around her labia before worming it in deeper or moving it upwards to stimulate her clit. I gradually quickened my movements, spending more time on the area around her clit as her gasps and moans became louder and my mouth was filled with the spicy cocktail of her orgasm.

'Oh that was so good, so good' gasped Louise as I came up for air and moved myself into position to fuck her. 'No, not here darling' she said with a strange look in her eye and wriggled out from underneath me, taking me by the hand and running upstairs to her bedroom.

Her husband had recovered somewhat from the punch and was sitting in bed reading but the look on his face when his naked wife burst in to their room with me in tow with a massive stiff cock fit to burst was an absolute picture. Louise released me and strode to the bed. Her slap nearly took the poor guy's head off and then she jumped on the bed and used her shapely legs to kick him right out and onto the floor. She now grabbed me and pulled me on top of her on the marital bed.

'Show this limp dick how to treat a woman' she hissed and kissed me deeply. I sat astride Louise and fed my cock into her mouth, looking back at her husband, defeated and slack jawed as he watched his wife greedily swallow my swollen organ, sucking noisily on the purple head.

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I made a great play of fucking Louise's mouth while looking at her husband out of the corner of my eye, watching him suffer with humiliation the way Emily and Louise had suffered. When I was rock hard and ready to shoot I pulled my cock out of Louise's mouth and started to rub it against the lips of her sopping pussy.

'Don't do this darling please' he whimpered but this only drove me on and with a deep thrust of my hips I was in Louise to the hilt.

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She moaned and dug her finger nails into my back. 'Oh yes, fuck me darling, fuck me good and hard' she gasped as I started to pump in and out of her hot snatch like a piston engine. Louise's moans grew in intensity, she was obviously extremely turned on, as I teased her, nearly withdrawing my juice covered dick from her love hole before plunging back in all the way and rotating my hips as if I could screw myself into her body.

I was carefully pacing myself so as not to come before her orgasm and was fucking her with a steady rhythm, the sweat dripping off me as Louise attractive teen acquires gangbanged and creamed hardcore blowjob and bucked like a wild thing. I felt her thighs tighten and her pussy grip me like a velvet vice as she reached orgasm, her juices spurting past my cock and soaking my thighs, running down between our bodies and soaking the bed sheets.

I picked up pace, lifting Louise's thighs and fucking her hard and fast until I came, spraying my load up her hot hole and collapsing on top of her breathing deeply. Emily lay next to me on the bed and kissed me deeply.

'Thank you' she said simply with a sparkle in her lovely eyes and, taking me by the hand, led me past her prostrate father and down the landing to her bedroom. This was going to be a long night.