Skinny little teen gets a nice hard cock in the ass

Skinny little teen gets a nice hard cock in the ass
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It had been awhile since Jan had gone to Steve's place with us, and she wanted to have some more fun again soon, so I called Steve and asked if he could set up a full long weekend for a couple of weeks time, Friday to Monday afternoon, would be good, and quietly I said if the guys who come along Friday and Saturday night pay the normal $100 then maybe on Sunday we could let them play for free, he agreed, and all was set.

One thing I told Steve was to let the guys know was it would be a total no hole's barred from anything for the weekend, but Saturday from 12 till 6 pm and the same on Sunday was for us to get some rest, the guys could fuck, fist and piss in any hole and apart from scat anything else was Ok to try, I also told him I would notify all the guy we knew and more to attend too, and I would put notices in our web sites for guys with his number.

I told Jan and she was excited, I told her it would have to be a girly camping trip with Joy and her for the weekend, she told us that Dave her husband had a big contract on any way, so wouldn't be able to go camping with her, which worked out great.

Over the last few months Jan had got even kinkier, playing with us ever chance she got and using our big 12 inch dildo in her ass too, seeing as it is 3 inches across, she now takes it easy, and wants to try bigger still, Joy and myself had fisted her to many orgasm's and she took a fist in both holes with no problems now, at one time I had the 12 inch in her ass, and the 10 inch in her pussy with Joy helping me push them both in, her sexual appetite was huge, if her husband even got his cock in her now, he would wonder what the hell had happened.

Well Friday arrived and Jan came home early to get ready, we told her to bring the gear she would need for the camping trip too, that was left at our place, Joy and Jan both looked great, heels and a white man's shirt, just enough to get them there, we set of about 6pm before Dave got home, Jan now playing with her tits as I drove saying now she was wet thinking about the weekend ahead.

Steve had everything set up, he said 7 pm was start time, and for us to drop our stuff in the house out of the way, both girls naked walked around tai phim set trung quoc thuyet minh the dogs, who seemed to know what lay ahead for them as well. I took them out back, and we began to play, I didn't want Jan to exploring japanese chicks fur pie hardcore groupsex Steve take the money from the guys as I knew that would upset her, all the guy have been told not to say anything to us about it too, as Steve tells them we are not pro's but just love sex and group fucks, and he covers his costs.

Well to all soon guys started turning up, and stripped of seeing us ready and waiting, Jan's big tits got the first grope, as these guys were new to us, but within an hour, some 20 guys were now enjoying our bodies, both girls kept busy while I fucked their asses cutie babe ally berry needed to fuck, to keep my cock happy. All too soon, Jan was fucked by 3 guys at once, Joy was next to her doing the same while I took my first cock for the night, they got into a good rhythm, fucking them for some time, when the one in her butt cum and pulled out, I went over and slid my fist up her ass, with me playing with the other guys cock inside her pussy though the inner wall, he too soon blew his wad of cum deep inside her.

I saw Joy heading to the bench, one of the dogs was brought up, and soon had his cock buried in her pussy, quite a few guys stood around watching, their first doggy show, cocks took a pounding as they blew cum over her face, or in her mouth turned on by the sight in front of them, Joy told them to save their cum for later as there was a lot more to come yet.

The dog had knotted with Joy and quickly shot his hot seed deep into her womb, Jan saw Joy in action and was now waiting to take his cum from her, as soon as the knot dropped out Jan and myself went down eating the cum from her pussy, then shared it with Joy, the guys loved it and started to fuck her too horny lady fucking in the street by troc or pussy for her.

Jan asked to swap positions, then told Steve to bring a dog for her, the guys watched her big tits swing wildly as her ass took the full length and more, he fucked her hard and fast, Jan took a good sniff of the poppers, her ass opened up and took the knot, she squirted as her first doggy orgasm for the night rang out.

The dog let fly, his ball emptied all his hot cum deep in her bowels, Jan loved it telling the guys how it felt with his huge cock exploding deep inside her ass, this caused a few of them to cum over her face, which she licked up quickly.

The knot had just dropped out, as Jan told Steve to bring up her first horse, this got a round of applause and Wows from the new guys, this is what they big natural tits amateur hd pretty tied up to see, the snorting sound of a horny horse broke the night air, as Jan moved ready for his cock, I held the poppers for her, she took heaps, as the horse stood over her now his cock growing bigger with every second.

Steve knows a good sniff of mares juices gets the horse stirred up big time and horny to fuck, Jan held her ass open, as his cock banged against her a few times then found her willing hole, with no fuss and little trouble he rammed a good 6 inches in first go, Jan let out a squeal but held firm, with a few more good thrusts his cock went right in, her ass more than up for him now.

The guys went wild, saying how hot she looked and how horny the sight of her ass taking his full length looked too, a few also said after him she's not going to feel us at all, and laughed. She took him for about 5 minutes, then the all too familiar sounds of a horse ready to cum filled the air, his cock jerked wildly as Jan's ass took the full force of gallons of hot cum, the guys watched as his cock shot back from her and spewed heaps more cum over her back and hair, as the last drops fell from his cock, Jan turned went down and sucked ever last drop from him, this really got a cheer from the guys, looks like Jan was going to outdo us all tonight.

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I got her to sit over Joy's mouth and drop the two loads into Joy's mouth, then we all shared it kissing and hugging as guys fought to fuck an ass or pussy. It wasn't long before Jan had 3 cocks in her, 2 in her ass and one in her pussy, a forth fucked her mouth, the guys all making xxx story sex stories 10yer rache about how they were glad to get an invite for the weekend, between cocks Jan told them to make sure they came back, as she was going to take them all and the horses and dogs until Monday, and if they knew any other kinks for her to try she would be game.


It was around 12 when a new influx of guys arrived, Joy was busy with three guys as I took my first horse for the night, Jan fisted me when he pulled out and we shared her cum covered arm between us. She then took my place as Steve brought in a new horse to us, a large black stallion.

He seemed keen too, his nostrils flared at the smell of the mares scent, his cock well and truly hanging out, was more than ready, Jan looked back hearing him snorting for her, the sight of his huge cock made her shiver, but too late, he jumped up, his front legs over her head, put his cock right at her ass.

I gave Jan a huge sniff of the poppers I knew she would need them. The flare on his cock was much bigger than the others, I helped Steve squash it to gain entry to Jan's ass, and the tip began to push forward as Jan let out a loud scream, it was bigger than my fist and he wasn't going to back off now. Steve and I held him firm tightening our grip to help it go in. Then with one hard push he sunk deep inside her now abused ass, his cock was about the size of my arm near my elbow and the tip at least twice that size, but some now he had managed to get it in her ass and was fucking her flat out now.

Jan I'm sure passed out, when I looked her eyes were rolled back, a blank look on her face, her body limp, while he just mercilessly kept pounding her ass with his enormous cock, then she jumped, a huge squirt shot out as a orgasm like never are you ready to swallow a hot load of cum cei raced tough her, the guys loved it cheering and shouting for others to watch the show.


Now Jan was right into it, she was trying to push back, but was held in the frame, her orgasm took control and she just kept pumping out gallons of fluid with each orgasm, that was more than I could watch, she two chicks enjoying hard cock and get jizz in seventh heaven and going strong. I knew soon she was in for one hell of a hot load of cum, this horse was huge and so were his balls sacks, my cock found her mouth just as the horse snorted and reared up.

We could see Jan's body extend as he shot her bowels full, Jan even gagged some, his cock was a good 18 inches up inside her and his cum was holding firm, then it had to happen, his cock shot out, at least a gallon of cum shot over us all, he snorted and reared up in delight. Steve lead the horse away, one or two guys went around cocks in hand and fucked her swollen ass, Jan lay stunned at what she had just endured, her ass leaking cum even as the guys fucked her, I asked them to give her a few seconds to recover, one blew his wad into her ass, I went down licking her ass and pussy driving her into another orgasm.

As Jan stood her legs wobbled and she held onto me firmly, the look in her eyes said it all, as she kissed me and said that was by far the best yet, I lay her down, then stood over her, my piss streamed out onto her face and hair, as others followed suit, Jan lay mouth open trying to drink some fluid to replace the fluid lost in her orgasm.

As she recovered more I took her into the showers, guys helped me wash her off, and her tits must have been really dirty as they got a lot of attention.

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Once able to walk I got her a drink and left her to rest, as I walked outside Joy was being fucked by another new horse, this one a brown stallion, also just as large as the black one before.

His cock also looked huge, Joy screamed and groaned out loud, Steve was giving this stallion heaps of mares scent, and Joy was feeling the effect of it. I gave her a good sniff of the poppers which she needed, her orgasm now one long stream, she took it all, I saw about 20 inches of meat as he pulled out, and then just rammed it all back in, causing Joy to jump with pain, he too was ready, his balls let fly, as Joy took gallons of cum deep inside her, the guys again cheered her on, saying how sexy she looked and yet so horny and hot to see his cock go all the way in her ass.

As he pulled out and shot the rest of his cum over her, Joy stood, her ass now over my face, I waited as with one good push, my mouth was flooded with salty horse cum, I took it all and then Joy let her piss stream out too, saying he had pushed against her bladder so hard she just had to pee.

Xxx small tit teen gets tied and fucked her stream dried up, I lay her down next to me and told the guys to use us both, some 10 or more guys pissed over us both, then we headed off for a much needed shower. We passed Jan she was riding a couple of cocks and more in her mouth, she was covered in cum again, so her night was going well, like Jan the guy were keen to help Joy wash off, hands and cocks found her body and kept her busy, I saw the big double ended dildo nearby, and knew it was time for the girls to put on a show.

As Joy and Jan got going the guys loved it, both licking and fisting each other, then in went the double ender, cheers rang out as both ends went right in, it was time for me to have my ass fucked hard now too. I got Steve nikita von james amp britney amber fuck bring out a regular horse for me, as we walked I asked about the new horses, Steve said he had got them in for the weekend, from a friends farm, saying he knew we would need more for a full on long weekend.

As his cock sunk deep inside my ass I was in heaven, every inch going right up my ass, taking me to my orgasmic place, Steve stuck his cock in my mouth, as most of the guys were happy to watch the girls, all too soon, my butt was flooded with horse cum, Steve let his fly and filled my mouth, saying he had missed out to much tonight.

When the horse backed off, I sat over Steve, pushing the cum out jessica and claudia are two lesbian lovers big tits and latina him laugh, as he ate most of it, and then rubbed the rest over his body, while I recovered we talked. He told me that some 35 guys had turned up tonight, and most were coming back tomorrow as well, so could we work something out with the money, I told him to give us what he felt was ok, as we enjoyed his house and that fact he put on the dogs and horses for us all.

He thanked me and we washed off. As we walked near the girls, guys had them held high, toys fists and cocks in any hole to be seen, both now in a sexual bliss, didn't seem to know who was doing what with them, but didn't car either, I lay down with both arms up and told the guys to lower them onto my arms, as they held them by the arms and legs each dropped down onto my fists, the guys lifted and lowered them onto me, Jan was lost, her eyes blurred as the guys let her drop, with one loud plopping noise her ass hit my elbow.

She fell forward a bit, as the guys had let her loose, I saw my arm right up to the elbow, as Jan amazing teen babe gives a good blowob in a huge anal orgasm, gripping my fingers deep inside her orgasmic ass.

Joy saw what was going on and told the guys to let her go to, she wasn't going to be out done, they lifted her up a bit then let go, her ass gripped my arm, then fell, Joy screamed as my arm went right in, her ass also hitting my elbow, got roars of approval from the guys.

One of the guys pulled Jan of me and stuck his arm back into her ass, he too went up to his elbow, he plunged it in and out making her shake and scream into a wild orgasm, as cocks filled her mouth with cum, or shot over her back onto his arm. Joy lay back, her pussy open for a cock to fuck her, my arm still deep inside her, two guys used her pussy while I kept my arm in her ass, then we moved for more to use her.

By now the girls ass and pussy were a nice red colour, covered in sticky white cum, Steve told the guys he would be calling it quits in an hour or so, and what did they want to see, before the night ended.

The all said the horses again, Jan stood and said follow me. Both let the horses fuck them in the ass, and then lay down for the guys to empty their bladders before helping them clean up for bed, as they left each girl kissed them saying thank you and please tell your mates and come back tomorrow night. Jan's tits got plenty of gropes as they left and all said they would be back for more.