Naughty bffs gia and marsha work their very first threesome lesbians bigtits

Naughty bffs gia and marsha work their very first threesome lesbians bigtits
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On the morning of our third session, I woke up with a hard-on. That wasn't unusual, but today my whole groin seemed on alert. My dick was certainly on the lookout. I wondered what would go down today (besides some of us on the others.) I skipped the gym, I was afraid I'd get an erection in the locker room. I just went for a run instead.

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En route to Tom's house, I looked around the neighborhood. I didn't see anything unusual to speak of. A couple of cars I didn't recognize, but that's normal, residents have family and friends in and out. On arrival, there was a sticky on the door telling me to let myself in. Tom and Frank were in the theater room already, and already naked as they set up the drink glasses and our bottles.

Tom was having his usual vodka martini and Frank had tapped the first one (of several) of his light beers. Again no Bill, but no surprise there. I was definitely overdressed, so first thing I did was to strip. Tom asked, "Anybody heard from Bill?" "Nope." "Me neither," I said, "but not surprised." I abruptly changed subjects. "Hey, I'm new to this guy-on-guy thing. I do love the handling and cock sucking, but what else do you guys do for kicks?" Tom said, "We've done a few other things: circle jerk, 69, crotch fucking.

A couple of times we've propped up our butts and cummed in our own mouths. Once in a while we get in the shower and piss ourselves, ever done that?" "The wife and I did a couple of times, it was fun for a naughty lezzies fill up their big fannys with milk and burst it out. But not often." Frank added, "We don't do anal for health reasons.

Hemorrhoids are no fun." We all laughed. I said, "I'm not interested because assholes are ugly and they smell bad." "There's that too. We have enough activities without," said Frank. Tom came over by me and started to rub his body against mine. I could feel his goods sliding across the side of my hip, then he reached around me and ran his hands up and down my chest and back.

I turned and offered him my mouth; we kissed one of those hot sexual French ones.


My cock began to harden. Then Frank sidled up in front of us, so that we were all facing into the middle of a triangle. Frank was swinging that long bat of his, and we were all getting hard. We felt each other up for a few minutes, then Tom started a movie. It was about a mature couple on vacation in the tropics. No sooner had they arrived at their bungalow, but he was after his sexy woman. Before long he had her big tits uncovered and was sucking her nipples.


Tom had pulled out the hide a bed, so we sat and watched sitting on the edge. We took turns fondling each other's goods, and sometimes our own. Three hard cocks were standing up as the couple in the movie took turns doing oral favors to each other.

Frank laid me down. Never taking his hands off me, he walked around and laid down opposite, lining his our cocks up with each other's mouths. I pulled Frank's package closer to me, until I could kiss his red cock head. I stroked him then put his long thin pole in my mouth. Frank was playing with my meat during this, and after I'd put my mouth on him he did the same with me. Tom watched, I could see his cock over Frank's hip as he slowly stroked himself.

I was finding the 69 to be really hot. You get to enjoy a hard cock in your mouth and the feeling of someone giving you head at the same time. Frank was slowly sliding on and off me, as I was doing to him. He reached passion hd marley brinx slams dildo in her pussy before fuck to touch my balls.

He knew I loved that. So I turned one leg upward and gave him room to play. Now Tom walked down to the area of my cock and Frank's head and offered his cock to Frank: "Mind if I cut in for a minute?" Frank took his mouth off me and Tom stuck it in, instead and reached down to stroke my dick.

I kept working on Frank, and just let the pleasure flow.

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I could feel his head in my mouth. I took his long dick in as far as I could, and sucked on it. That made Frank moan, even with Tom's cock in his mouth. I'd take turns sliding on Frank's dick and stopping to suck.

Presently, Tom pulled his cock out of Frank's mouth and Frank returned to sucking on me. It felt wonderful to have his mouth back on me. Tom came around and pressed my forehead to get me off Frank's cock, and put it in his mouth instead, as he knelt by the bed. I kept touching Frank with my close hand, and reached down to handle Tom with the other.

I loved the feel of his fat cock. I felt some of his precum and wiped it over his dick.

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We were all having a grand time. Then I noticed something. I think? Our places all have a utility room in the basements, and I could swear I saw motion in the door louvers. I carried on, feeling up my buddies, but I watched that door surreptitiously. A minute later yes, motion.

It made my penis unhappy, but I pulled it out of Frank's mouth and got up, circling the bed as if I were going to change position. Then quickly I changed course and took two long, fast steps to the utility room door and quickly pulled it open. "Molly, what th…" Molly was in the closet watching the show. She had her skirt pulled up, and in front of her was someone kneeling, with her face buried in Molly's snatch. The other woman turned her head, and that's when the real shock hit.

It was Cindy. "Jesus H. Christ, somebody better do some talking, and no bullshit either." I was pissed, but doing my best to keep my wits about me. Molly spoke up. "Wouldn't you rather be fucking me than getting your cock sucked by your faggot friends?" "He sucks better than you do. Let's start at the top.

Tom, what are these bitches doing in your basement? Shit, if you girls wanted to watch, as far as I'm concerned, you just had to ask. What gives? Why the secrecy?" "Sorry man," said Tom. "Molly threatened to out me to my family." Cindy stood up, pulling her shirt closed. Pity, nice tits. "And Cindy, I didn't think you were up to any good, but how do you tie in?" Frank chuckled.

"There were stories going around mom and son romantic sex v those two in high school." Another one in the "small world" column, they knew each other. "So have you girls been muff diving for thirty years, then Molly has the gall to be pissed at Bill?" "Shut the fuck up, Frank.


We had a thing for a while, but haven't seen each other for a long time." I looked straight at Molly and said, "Just when did you two get back together?" Cindy started to say something and I cut her off. "Shut up. I asked Molly." "Cindy looked me up about a month ago. She said that she had some information that I'd be interested in. She told me about your little cock sucking club, and that Bill wasn't really playing cards on Wednesday nights." "I figured something like that.

Two cum spots on a shirt isn't enough to make Bill spill all the beans. Did you hire a detective Cindy? Trying to discredit me so I wouldn't sue your brother's estate?" "Just watching out for my interests." I went on.

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"And after I thought I'd be a nice guy and not stress out your brother's family with a lawsuit. Now you've got that sweet lottery ticket too. Oh yeah, we've done a little checking. Shit, no good turn goes unpunished, does it? How do you sleep at night? Well, my lawyer prepared a wrongful death suit for me, maybe I'll just go ahead and tell him to file." Cindy's face froze in horror.

"Look, here's what's going to happen. First, I'm calling the cops and telling them that we have a domestic disturbance. Just to get it on record that you were snooping on a private gathering.

And by the way, forget about blackmailing me, I don't give a fuck who knows that I suck cock. "Second, I'm getting an order of protection to keep you away from me and out of my affairs. "Third, you sign an affidavit that you're satisfied with me not suing you, or whatever instrument it takes.

I want this over and done, and to have your sorry ass out of my life." I went to my clothes and got out my phone to call the police. Told the dispatcher that there was a situation that I reality kings couple pay for their way want to get ugly, could they come by?.No, no violence… Nobody's showing a weapon, don't know if anyone is actually armed." They were there in five minutes.

They took statements and told everyone to go home. Next call was to my lawyer. He said I handled it well.

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I don't know if I'll go back with these guys, Tom fucked up by letting Cindy push him around. So did Molly, Christ doesn't anybody have any balls against that sneaky little whore? Or maybe Cindy just seduced Molly, still, didn't Molly think?

And Frank, why did he go along? That evening, the only problem left was that I was as horny as hell. I had half an hour of some very hot 69 from a guy who was good at it. Well, there was always the picture sharing site. I saw that one of my regular contacts was on line, so I sent him a PM. I hadn't done this before, but I asked if he was interested in Skyping to share some fun. He was on. His login name is Hunglow, and he certainly was, except when he got hard. With the Skype rather than just still pics, I could see that he was average size, but had a very handsome cock.

We moved around for the camera and touched ourselves, and talked dirty. I said that I wished he was here, I'd love to put his beautiful dick in my mouth and suck him. He expressed the same interest on me, telling me that he loved my thick hard cock. I played with my balls, holding them up for the camera, and he moaned.

We carried on a while, talking about our sexual experiences and what felt good, then he started to grunt and pound himself hard. Then the sexiest thing happened, he pointed his cock right at the camera and squirted out a load on the desk in front of it.

That triggered me, I worked my hand faster on my cock and started to croak out, "unnhhhhh," then pumped mdyd413 friends mother miki sato my load as I reached a wonderful climax. All that 69 time earlier must have primed me good. Hunglow and I talked for a bit, then we broke contact.

Might just do this again. I think it's past time to ask Andie out for a drink.