Entra a robar y termina cojiendo mega

Entra a robar y termina cojiendo mega
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The baby was crying in his crib and he released his hold on the woman. Whispering into her ear he said, "Make him stop or else." He led her, still blindfolded, to the side of the crib.

She reached down to take the baby in her arms and he could see that she was trembling in fear. Lifting the baby up, she softly said to him, "Shsss, mommy is here," as she nestled him to her naked breast. The child instinctively seeked his mother's puffy nipple and clamped onto it, sucking noisily. The man led her back to the bed and sat her down at the edge, as he watched. The sight of the woman, blindfolded, with her naked breasts and still covered only with her cotton panties as she nursed her child made him all the more excited.

He felt his rigid penis hardened tremendously. Gradually, the child had enough of his mother's milk and fell back to sleep. He could see that the child was asleep but she tried to hide the fact from him. "Put him back," he said. She looked up at him and pleaded, "Please, don't do this. I beg you," her tears falling down her cheeks. He held her arm and made her stand up. She could not fight him. Out of desperation and the fear that he could hurt her child, she stood up and allowed him to lead her to the crib.

She gently put her child back onto it and in submission, followed him as he led her back to the bed. When they were by the bedside, he turned her around to face him. The beauty of her full pear shaped breasts, hanging out from her chest, almost took his breath away.

He could see that her nipples were still engorged and standing out, like thumbs. Milk was still wet their tips. With a deep groan, his lips sank onto her right nipple and closed upon it. He sucked her, just as the child had done. The thin milky secretion seeped out and he tasted her.

Her head fell back as she felt what he did. No man, other than her husband had ever touched the sacredness of her body and now she was being sucked by a stranger.

The realization sent a shudder through her, knowing that very soon, she was going to be fucked. The agony of knowing that she was about to be raped made her felt faint and she cried out in cindy dollar is down for some dp pornstars and cumshot and agony, but only soft intelligible sounds came out of her mouth.

The lewd infliction that he administered on her breasts made Sam more aware of the carnal wanting that he had so long kept dormant inside him. As he drew the milk from her, Olivia could not help but feel the tightness of her nipples responding to his sucking.

She gasped in uncontrollable shudder as something in her touched off a sensation that caused her to press her thighs tightly together.

He kneaded the twin mounds gently and thin streaks of her milk spurted out to wet his chest. His hands reached down her body and he peeled off her panties.


Holding her firmly by the hips, he kissed her stomach. Olivia gasped as she felt his lips on her crotch, rubbing her thick and curly pubic hairs. She closed her thighs together, but when he licked and kissed between them, her legs muscles relaxed when she felt his wet tongue rasping her vagina lips. Nature took its own course as Olivia surrendered to his insistent licking. Her thighs opened on it own accord and he tasted her wetness. She could not stop herself flowing as she jerked spasmodically on his tongue.

Sensing that she had capitulated, Sam began to probe his tongue into her. The softness of her vagina lips opened to accept his probing and his tongue was lodged inside her. As he tongue fucked her, Sam felt her fingers grasping his head as she slowly began to move herself in motion against his face. When it hit her, the orgasm was something she had never experienced before.

She felt as though her vagina had swelled to bursting. As her orgasm tapered off, she was felt exhausted and weak. Olivia stood tottering, unsteady on her semi bended knees. In the aftermath of his oral love making, she felt him continued to gently suck her, as though he was draining away the liquid that had seeped out of her. Finally Sam moved his wet face from her crotch. He stood up and clasped her still trembling body to his chest.

His lips descended onto hers. Olivia tasted the stickiness of her own secretions on her lips as his tongue invaded her slack mouth. He kissed her deeply, mixing her own cum with her saliva. She smelt the tangy odor of herself.

She knew she had surrendered herself to this man, who had made love to her in such lewd manner. And now he was holding her in his arms, her head on his chest as he stroked her hair tenderly. "I want you now," she heard him say. "Nooo," she stammered against his chest. She tried to push him off but he held her firmly. He lifted her up and carried her in his arms. In the standing position, she felt him rubbing the spongy head of his penis against her wet vagina lips.

He heard the desperation in her voice when she cried out. "Please don't," as she wept against his chest. He pushed the turgid flesh into her. As she tried to wiggle herself free, he penetrated her and his penis head was lodged inside her vagina.

Although she was wet from her sticky discharge, the size of his intrusion made her cried out. He was huge. He bounced her up and down slowly as he moved deeper into her. Olivia felt fullness in her nether opening as he began to fuck her. His initial fucking grew more urgent when she felt him stiffened as innocent beauty masturbates in front of an old dude held her crushed against his body.

He pressed tightly against her buttocks as though he was reaching for the deepest part of her. The words that came out of him horrified her. "I want you to be pregnant with my child, Livie," he said against her ear.

She felt warmness as he ejaculated his sperm deep inside her. The shattering effect of his coming mom and son porn storyd the illicit words he uttered caused her to come simultaneously with him, in spite of her unwillingness to accommodate him.

As he kept spurting his semen inside her, he felt her vaginal walls squeezing his thick girth.


They were both out of breath but he kept fucking her, even when he could ejaculate no more. He pulled out and his come dribbled out of her gaping vagina, onto his thighs and onto the floor. He carried her onto the bed where she curled herself up on her side. Exhausted by his ravishment, she tried to block out the sordidness of her rape.

In the unguarded moment of his release, he had called out her name, "Livie". Olivia was horrorstruck by the realization of who the man was. Almost everyone who knew her called her Oli or Livia. Only one person called her Livie. She felt him sitting beside her on the bed.

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His hands untied the blindfold and removed it. His hand was on her shoulder as he attempted to make her turn to face him. She curled herself into a ball and refusedto turn to face him. "Nothing can change what happened, Livie," he said, "I don't think you want to tell Jimmy about us." "I had never wanted a woman the way I japan grand father in law romantic love story you. When you married him and was pregnant with his child, I was beside myself with jealousy, anger, and frustration.

Just knowing the fact that he had possessed your body, made love to you and you had taken him inside you," he continued. "I love you so much Livie," he said with a catch in his voice. It was only when the baby started to cry again that Olivia had to turn to face him. Her elder brother, Sam was kneeling beside her, naked.

They looked at each without saying anything. The cries of the baby made Sam stepped off the bed and headed towards the crib.

He carried his nephew and handed him to his sister. Olivia avoided his eyes as she placed the child against her breast. Sam stood and watched for the second time that day she nursed the baby. The sight of her naked as the baby sucked on her nipple made him want her again. But instead, he held his penis and began to masturbate. Olivia turned away from the lewdness of his action. He felt himself coming and called out to her. "Look at me Livie." His sperm spurted out of him, strands of thick cum landed on the mattress and some splattered onto her leg.

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She looked at him as he convulsed in jerky movements, until drops of his ejaculate seeped out from his tiny opening and dripped onto the floor. Olivia was terrified by her brother's lust. The shame that she felt traumatized her. She hugged her baby to her breast and cried uncontrollably. He knew what he did was unforgivable but he wanted to possess her luscious peach presents big fanny and gets anus reamed asstomouth pornstars, to make her understand that she was his.

Scooping up the remnants of his semen onto his finger, he crawled up towards his sister. She looked at him, unable to fathom what he wanted. She thought he was about to attack her and the baby. She cringed away from him. Instead, he held the back of her neck with his left hand and pushed the finger, saturated with his sperm into her mouth. He rubbed it on her tongue and then bent down to kiss her mouth passionately. He picked up his clothes and said before he left. "Think of your child and your husband, our family before you tell anyone what happened.

I will deny everything. But I want you to know that when Jimmy is not around, anytime, I am coming back to fuck you again. I love you sis." And he was gone. In the silence of loneliness and helplessness, Olivia held her child close to her.

Her eyes caught her reflection on the full wall mirror across the room. She saw herself, her hair disheveled, and naked. She looked down and the evidence of her brother's incestuous desire was on her matted and sticky pubic hair. It was not a horrible dream.

She could still taste his semen on her tongue. His departing words haunted her. Yesterday seems light years away. Olivia kept crying until she dropped off into a deep, endless slumber.