Blonde bint has her pussy drilled facials cumshot

Blonde bint has her pussy drilled facials cumshot
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Georgia by Vanessa Evans Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 26 When I got to the club I discovered that Daniella was going to the Private Humiliation event with me. As I had no idea what was involved I asked Daniella if she'd been to one before. She first told me that it was a private gathering of like-minded people in one room of a workshop that would be cleared out, fitted out with a temporary drinks bar and some tables and chairs.

We were to provide the entertainment that they would join in and that we were to play the role of a dominatrix and a submissive who would get humiliated and punished. The dom was to make sure that the sub didn't get hurt or be forced to do something that she didn't want to do. Daniella said that the last time that she went to a do like that she'd been the sub and really enjoyed it but as I'd never been before, and that she'd seen what the dom does, she suggested that I be the sub.

I told her that I was happy with that because I hadn't a clue what the dom had to do. "Don't worry Lolita; I'll make sure that you are safe; and did the boss tell you that the sub gets paid 5,000 euros?" "Bloody hell," I replied, "that will come in handy (I lied). How much does the dom get?" "2,500 but the dom doesn't get tied up or fucked as much." "Okay then." I said, "Not that much different to the Public Humiliation then?" "No, I guess not, but there will be more rope involved in this." "Just so long as I don't get hanged." "No, but I can guarantee that you'll have a sore pussy in the morning." "I can live with that.

What about damage to my body? Will blood be drawn? Will I need any first-aid treatment?" "Relax Lolita. The worst I got was some red marks that took a day or so to completely disappear." "Good; because I have to go somewhere tomorrow night and I don't want to have any band-aids stuck to me." "No, you should be alright. Anyway, that's what I'm there for; to stop you from getting hurt." "Good, what do I have to wear and how do we get there?" "The dom had to wear some crazy leather looking corset and stockings and other things, but the sub goes there wearing one of those club's horrible dresses casting ridding cock wet pussy moaniing a dog collar.

A taxi will pick us up in &hellip. about 20 minutes." "And a taxi will bring us back here?" "Yes. You'll make a good sub Lolita, looking as young as you do." About 20 minutes later a very, err dominant (?) looking Daniella and her sub left the two dudes fuck one lovely girlie pornstar and hardcore and climbed into a taxi.

A couple of young men were just arriving at the club and saw us. "I think that we're going the wrong way mate, we should be following those 2." I heard one of them say. Yes, it was a workshop that we went to, on an industrial area of Ibiza town. When we walked in an old(ish) man came over to us and said hello. "Daniella and Lolita." Daniella said. "Tom; pleased to meet you. I'm guessing that the little one is Lolita; the name suits you.

Come with me, I'll get you a drink then introduce you to everyone." With a drink in my hand we were taken around the room to meet everyone. All of them seemed nice people and I got a lot of comments about my name and how they were going to enjoy 'working' with a cute little body like mine. As I went round my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Talking to people that probably would be fucking me quite soon. Just as we got back to the bar 2 young(ish) men walked in and Tom said, "This is Alonso and Axel, they'll be working the ropes this evening Lolita." They both put their hands out to shake Daniella's and mine.

Alonso saying, "We don't want to hurt you Lolita so if anything does hurt let us know, anyway that you can, and we'll fix it." "Would you like another drink before we start then?" Tom asked.

"Could I have a large whiskey please?" I asked. One Spanish sized double in my stomach, Alonso and Axel led me to the middle of the room then put velcro cuffs on my wrists and ankles and a ball gaga in my mouth. "Hands up in the air please Lolita." I did as instructed then they were attached to some ropes that I hadn't noticed before and they then tensioned the ropes so that my heels just left the floor.

Next Axel lifted my right foot and raised my leg until he could attach another rope which was pulled up so that I was in the standing splits.

Daniella then spoke. "Right everyone, Lolita is now force sex by father japanese wifr you know the limits so who would like to get that dress off her?" No one seemed to want to be first to come and use me so Daniella stepped forwards and slapped my butt with a leather belt that she got from somewhere.

I wasn't expecting that as I squealed from behind the ball gag. Then she gave me 4 more swats then came round to my front and quite loudly said, "Shall I swat her on her pussy?" After some encouragement from the audience, Daniella gave me 1 swat with the belt, which hurt like hell, then said, "Come on folks; do I have to strip her myself?" That seemed to break the ice and a couple of men got up and came over to me.

"Rip that dress off her guys." My dress was already up to my waist on the side where my leg was high in the air but the guys easily managed to rip the dress into pieces and let them fall to the ground.

Then 4 hands were exploring my tits, pussy and butt. The man who was 'exploring' my pussy got down on his knees and continued his exploration with his tongue. Daniella came up to me and put a clothes peg on each of my nipples.

A muffled 'ouch' came out of my mouth. Then she got a battery wand and put it to my clit. That was it; my sensitive pussy gave me my first orgasm of the evening. I think that I heard people clapping me. The man who had tongued me stood up and got his cock out. I hadn't fully recovered from cumming when that cock went inside me and Daniella removed the wand from my clit.

Two hands came round my chest and started playing with my tits as I saw the audience move close and a couple of flashes came from cameras.

I got some relief from the pain of the clothes pegs as they got knocked off by the groping hands. Four other men came over and had their way with me before Daniella put the wand to my clit again. It had the desired effect and I orgasmed again. Then she used a Flogger to make my pussy and inner thighs hurt like hell. When Daniella was satisfied that my pussy and inner thighs were red enough she jackie ashe knew she was in for a good time Alonso and Axel to unfasten the ropes.

When I was free my wrists were fastened behind my back and so were my elbows.


This meant that my tiny tits were thrust forward but I still looked like an adolescent little schoolgirl. Daniella then led me around by a leash that she'd attached to my collar and invited everyone to fondle my tits and pussy, and give my butt a slap. Once we had gone round the whole room I was let to a workbench that thankfully had a blanket over it because it looked rough and dirty. Alonso lifted me up onto it and told me to lie on my stomach across the workbench so that my head was over the side.

Alonso then checked that my wrists were still secure behind my back before they tied my ankles to the workbench legs, but they moved my legs into the splits position before tying them. This left my pussy in the ideal fucking position and my butt in a great position to be spanked. Finally, Alonso and Axel tied my thighs down to the workbench.

Daniella then used the flogger to make my butt even redder before men were invited to come and fuck me at both ends. I have no idea how many different cocks entered my pussy but it was 3 different cocks that I had in my throat.

Surprisingly, I didn't feel any of them shoot their loads in to me and I only came once during that part of the evening's entertainment. It was another walk around the room real swinger home story outdoor gang bang2 by Daniella, but this time I had to kneel in front of anyone, male or female who wanted me to suck their cocks or pussies. That walk took ages and I did a lot of sucking. I was glad that none of them had any pubic hair.

Finally, I was taken back to the workbench and had to lie across it again, but this time, on my back on my wrists. Again I was fucked at both ends but this time 4 men shot their loads over my face before 4 men held me down with my legs wide open and they used the magic wand to make me cum 3 times without a break between them.

That was the end except that I went around the room again and did a courtesy in front of different sections of my audience.

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Axel then took all the ropes off me before Daniella got me a drink and as we stood talking Tom came over with a couple of other people. They were all praising me and thanking me.

I didn't tell them that I'd gladly have done it even if I hadn't been paid for it. I still had the remnants of the 4 men's cum drying on my face and chest and there was nowhere for me to have a shower there; so I was still like that, naked as well, during the taxi journey back to the club where I had a much needed shower. While I was in the shower the boss came in and asked me how it had gone and if I would be happy to take on other similar events.

Guess what my answer was. He gave me my money as I was drying myself. Daniella was right about me having a sore pussy the next morning. It wasn't REALLY sore, just a little sore, and not enough to stop me using my fingers to make myself cum before I got off of my bed. After some time in the bathroom I remembered about the Party Boat and phoned Pau and asked him where I could get 3 tickets for a trip.

I was sat in the café, naked as is usual these days, when Pau phoned me back and gave me all the details that I would need. He also told me that he'd bring the tickets to daddy's boat later that day. After breakfast I went for a walk around the marina and bumped into Kate and Zoe.

We went back to daddy's boat and in between sessions on the sybian, I arranged the Party Boat trip with them. Unfortunately, they were going on a family day out later that morning so they could only stay long enough to have one session on the sybian.

For me it was going to be another day at the beach teasing and improving my all-over tan. As has become the norm, I went there wearing only a totally see-through dress and had another great time teasing men and flaunting may naked little body to anyone who cared to look. The only thing that I did differently was to go for a long walk along the rocky coast path, looking at the people on the little beaches between the rocks.

One couple that I saw were fucking. I passed the lighthouse and continued to the gay's beach. After the unpleasant sighting of 2 men having sex I turned and headed inland, finding the track that vehicles use. I followed it right back to the tarmac road, walking through the little bar then down onto the beach again before going back to roughly where I started. It was a long walk with me only wearing flip-flops and my egg, but it was fun looking at people as I walked towards them, sometimes having to stop while the egg got the better of me as I orgasmed right in front of them.

Each time I had a little giggle to myself as I wondered what they thought of me. Whilst waiting for the bus back to Ibiza I went into the little shop wearing only the see-through dress and the man serving gave me a filthy look as I paid for the bottle of cola. I just smiled at him.

I wore a different totally see-through dress when I went to meet Alejandro, his sister Maria and his girlfriend Valeria. As I ate my meal that I had before meeting them I wondered what sort of relationship the 3 of them had. Were they living together? Did they share the same bed? Did they have 3-somes every night? I wondered what it would be like to be in a situation like that. I'd put new batteries in my egg and put it back inside me before leaving the boat and I had fun teasing myself and making me cum whilst eating.

When I got to the café the 3 of them were sat at an outside table. Alejandro was the first to comment on my dress as he stood to greet me. Both Maria and Valeria were wearing very short skirts and it hot client keisha grey gets pleasured by masseur pornstars fingering long before they accidentally revealed that they too were knickerless.

Over a few drinks Alejandro firstly apologised for not telling me that the videos that he made at the gym were going to be sold as soft porn ones. I think that he was a little happier when I told him that I didn't mind. He then went on to tell me that the videos that he made were relatively soft core porn; ones of naked girls in public places where you don't usually see naked girls, ones of girls getting fucked heavy tits blonde pussy licked and fucked brooke wylde public places but not obviously getting fucked.

I asked if Valeria and Maria had starred in his movies. Both girls beamed and said that they had. At that point my egg got the better of me and I orgasmed right in front of them. All 3 smiled as they watched me jerk about and finally return to normal.

"Wearing your egg again?" Alejandro asked. I smiled and nodded. "Did you get it from the sex shop here in Ibiza?" "Yes." "Does it give you electric shocks?" "Yes, and it rings a bell when it does that." "You must have got the top of the range one. Did you read the instructions?" "No, they were in Chinese." "If you had of been able to read them, or got someone to interpret them for you, you'd have found out that you can control the egg from your smart phone; or someone anywhere in the world can control it.

You have to download the App but that's easy. The App gives you a lot more control over it than the little remote control that came with it." We spent the next hour or so installing the App on my phone and giving him access to my egg on his phone; and him showing me how to still playmates suspects grandmother was called to lp office in hopes of clearing matters it; much to my pleasure, giving me 2 further orgasms as he tested both phones.

Both girls told me that they had the same egg and that Alejandro took great pleasure in making them cum or giving them little electric shocks whenever they were at their parent's houses or in places where girls would rather not have an orgasm. Then Maria asked Alejandro if he was going to install the other App on my phone. "What other App?" I asked as Alejandro picked up my phone off the table. "You'll like this one;" Valeria said, "it connects you to a website that lets their customers watch what your phone's camera is seeing and lets them control your egg at the same time." "That's amazing; so I can stick my phone between my legs and they'll be able to see my pussy and tell my egg to give me an electric shock; and then see my pussy as I'm cumming?" "Or you could set it up in your hotel room or on the balcony." Valeria said.

I didn't tell them that I was living on a boat in a marina. "And you can setup your account on the website so that they have to pay to see you and control your egg." Maria said, "I've made over a couple of thousand euros so far." "It's better if you are outside in the natural light and you have a good quality camera on your phone," Valeria continued, "but I see that your phone is the top of the range so you should be sending good quality videos to the site.

I'm getting a new phone and a new selfie stick next week." "That's an idea, a selfie stick; but I could always prop my phone up against my bag on the beach." I replied. "You're thinking of doing it on the beach?" Maria asked. "Then I can come and video you doing it." Alejandro added as he handed my phone back to me.

"I've created an account of the website for you, the username is lolitaibiza and the password is ibizalolita. I assumed that you'd prefer Lolita rather than Georgia. You'll have to put your own bank details in the profile so that you can get the money that the men will pay to see you perform for them; the site is very user friendly so you shouldn't have any problems." "Thank you Alejandro; I'll have a play with it tomorrow; the app that is." As I said that I was thinking about the fun that I was going to have with those 2 Apps.

Alejandro then told me that he'd like to video me as I walked about naked in public and while he made me cum in public and when I was talking to people; especially if I was naked, at worst, wearing clothes like I was at that time.

That sounded like fun to me so I agreed there and then; telling him that if he set things up them I'd do whatever he wanted with just one condition; that I didn't get arrested. "Don't worry about that Lolita, Valeria or Maria will be close by with a dress that you can quickly slip on, and I always have 2 or 3 spotters around looking out for policemen." "Good; it sounds like you've got it all covered." "We've done it quite a few times with different girls, including these 2, and we've never had a problem." "Good, I'm looking forward to it.

Where do you want to video me first?" "I've been thinking about that; maybe the old town; I'll let you know on the day. Talking about the day, when are you available Lolita?" "Well not tomorrow or the day after, but I'm free the day after that." "Excellent, I'll text you the details." I smiled as I thought about fun that I was going to have.

Alejandro must have seen me daydreaming and he used his phone to give me a quick electric shock to bring me back to earth. We spent the rest of the evening talking about lots of things including me telling them about some of the adventures that I'd recently had. Alejandro asked me if I thought that Kate and Zoe would like to star in one of his videos. I told him that I was sure that they would but that they were going back to England soon.

When we parted company I started walking towards the harbour. It wasn't that late and I decided that I'd go to Groper's Bar for an hour or 2 before going back to the teen girls practice lesbian sex hardcore blowjob. Okay, I was wearing a dress so groping my bare tits wouldn't be an option; but it was a thin, see-through dress so I'd still get quite a bit of pleasure out of it.

When I got there the place was crowded and I got my butt and pussy groped twice even before I made it to the bar. There were 2 young men serving and a slightly older man who looked like he was the boss keeping an eye on things. He was standing close to where I was and our eyes met a couple of times before I got served.

As I stood there, at the bar, getting groped by men as they waited to get served, I caught the eye of the boss again. I smiled at him and he smiled back. "You like it here don't you?" He asked. "Yeah, the anonymity is great; I can get pleasured with no ties." "That's exactly the reason why I run this place; I know that girls like to have fun with no ties." "You know, there's something that I've fantasised about a couple of times when I've been here with a stranger's fingers in my pussy." "What's that love?" "I fantasise about being tied, naked, to one of those pillars and having dozens of men groping me." The man laughed then said, "You're not the first girl to say that; in fact, there must have been 25 or 30 girls in the last couple of years that have said that to me." "So did you make their dreams come true?" "Yes, I did; why, do you want to make your dream come true?" "Yes, yes I do.

So can I do it?" "Sure; why not? You look nice and young. If you'd been an old biddy I would have said no. I've already turned down 4 or 5 pensioners." "Pensioners?" "Well maybe not that old, but well past their sell by date. I've got to keep the standards up. So when were you thinking of doing this? What's your name young lady?" "Lolita." "Well I'm Tony and I'm pleased to meet you Lolita. Is that really your name?" "No, but it's one that I've been using quite a bit lately." "That's fine, I'll call you whatever you want Lolita." "How about tomorrow night Tony?

I can bring my own handcuffs." "Tomorrow night is fine but there's no need to bring anything, I've got everything that you'll need." "Good, it's a date then." Tony went off to attend to something or other and I stayed at the bar drinking and getting groped. After a short while one man discovered that he could get his hand up my dress far enough for him to grab my bare tits.

That meant that most of my dress got bunched up above my tits attracting more hands to grope me. I just stood there and loved it, having a couple of orgasms as the hands pleasured me.

I only stayed there for a couple of hours because I knew that I had to be up reasonably early in the morning. I was woken up by a naked Kate who again joked about me amirican xstory com sex stories dxxxxx with myself in my sleep. "Where's Zoe?" "Upstairs riding your sybian, I hope that you don't mind." "No not at all. Turn around." Kate did, and I saw her red butt. "Been punished again Kate?" "Yep." "Was it good?" "Yep." "Gawd, you 2 are worse than me at times." "Yep." "Okay, can you put some coffee on then pick out what you want to wear while I have a shower.

You two haven't brought your eggs have you? You need room for fingers in there later." "No, we remembered." I went and did what I had to do in my bathroom then went upstairs to find Kate riding my sybian.

Zoe left us to go and select a dress or skirt and top while I poured 3 coffees. Five minutes later the 3 of us were sitting talking; well I was doing most of the talking telling them where we were going and what I expected, hoped, would happen.

Five minutes after that we were all dressed; all 3 of us in totally see-through clothes, and heading to where we could get a taxi. During the journey I told them what Alejandro had told me about our eggs and the Apps. I have no idea if the taxi driver could understand what we were saying, and if he could, what he thought of us; but I didn't really care.

When we arrived at the Party boat other teenagers had already arrived and some were still arriving. All 3 of us got a few nice comments about our clothes, although I'm sure that it was really about what they could see through them. There was relatively quiet music being played on the deck and the 'guests' were drinking and dancing.

Two horny blonde milf fills herself with a toy were already topless so Kate, Zoe and I all took our tops off, stuffed them into our bags and went and joined the dancing in just our see-through skirts. One girl wearing just a thong bikini, who looked like she was on her own, started dancing with us and when it went quiet she asked me if we'd got our bikinis with us for when we went ashore or swimming.

"No, we'll go skinny dipping." "Won't they mind?" "No, I've done it before and so have lots of others." "In that case, I'll be back in a minute." Two minutes later she was back having taken her bikini top off. Ten minutes later the music stopped and someone announced that we were about to get under way and he explained the programme for the day. It was much like I expected and I told the others that I probably wouldn't go ashore and play the party games, instead I'd wait for the raft to return then see what happened.

"Okay," Zoe said, "we'll follow your lead Georgia; you seem to know what happens on these events." "I wouldn't say that, but I've seen what happened on one trip and I'm hoping that it will happen on this one." "What's that Georgia?" Kate asked. "I won't tell you just in case it doesn't happen; I'd hate for you to be disappointed." "Okay;" Zoe said then continued, "hey, shall we go and get some more drinks?" We did, and quickly discovered that whatever everyone was drinking was strong because everyone was very happy and lots of the guys were trying to talk to us.

As we stood waiting for some Spanish young man to get us some of the punch, or whatever it was, I said to Kate and Zoe, "What do you think the guys will do to us when we get totally naked?" "Fuck us; I hope, but are we really going to get totally naked on this boat?" "Why not?" I replied, "We all like men looking at us and there must be over a dozen girls that are topless already. Getting bottomless is just the next step." We got our drinks and headed back to where we had been standing only to find that the space had been filled by about a dozen young men and a couple of topless girls.

"Like the skirts girls." One of the young men said. "Yeah, you may as well be naked." Another said. "Would you prefer it if we were totally naked?" I asked. "Fuck yes." Three of the guys said. "Okay then;" I said, "Hold my glass please." I continued, holding my glass out to the nearest young man.

When he took it I said to the all the guys that were looking at me, "What? Don't you think that I'll do it?" That was greeted by a mixture of yes and no and a few other comments, so I just unfastened the button on the waist band of my skirt and let it drop to the deck. "There guys; are you happy now?" I said then stepped out of the puddle of material and bent to pick it up. I got a few cheers and a few comments about my bald pussy then I turned to Kate and Zoe.

Before I could open my mouth I looked passed them and saw another naked girl. "Shit;" I said, "I wasn't the first girl to get totally naked. Never mind, your turn now ladies." Both Kate and Zoe, and some of the guys had turned to see the other naked girl, then both Zoe then Kate unfastened their skirts and they dropped to the deck. "Okay guys;" I said, "Who's going to volunteer to rub sunblock on us?

We don't want to go back to our hotel with red skin." Of course there were lots of volunteers to help us and all 3 of us let the guys rub the cream onto our tits and pussies.

The guy who did me wasn't at all shy when it came to my pussy and his fingers lingered outside, and inside my hole and he was rewarded with me cumming as I stood there.

When I was able to look around I saw that most of the guys near me were staring at me with grins on their faces. After putting our skirts and the sunblock into our bags we enjoyed ourselves dancing and talking to the guys.

As they got 'happier', their hands got more adventurous and I got finger fucked numerous times. The guys got rewarded with 3 more orgasms before I heard, and felt, the engines slow down then stop. I looked over to the land and saw that we were in the same bay that I'd seen the other day. I guessed that it was the same Party Boat, or another one that used the same cove. I was also pleased to see some Spanish men push a whole load of plastic, with a hose attached, over the side.

Quite a few people were watching as it slowly surfaced and turned into a big raft as more and more air got pumped into it. The music had stopped and the 'guests' were moving around, trying to see what was going on.

Skinny amateur teen babe eveline dellai railed in the car hardcore and brunette was happy to see that a large percentage of the girls were now topless, and quite a few were bottomless as well.

Some people jumped into the sea and swam ashore when the raft and supplies were pulled ashore, but others, like us, stayed on the boat. Kate asked me why we hadn't gone ashore and I told her hang back and that we might be rewarded in our pussy areas.

"We'll get fucked if we stay on the boat?" Kate asked. "Maybe, but that wasn't what I was thinking; just hang back and see what happens." We did, and I was happy to see that the empty raft was tied to the side of the boat by a rope that let it drift about 5 metres from the boat.

"Come on girls," I said, "let's get onto that raft." We jumped into the sea and swam the short distance before climbing onto the raft. "What now?" Zoe asked.

"Now we sit on the side and wait." It didn't take the guys long to realise that by swimming near the side of the raft they could see our pussies and when one of the guys who had been talking to us earlier got near me I spread my legs wider and said, "Wanna taste?" He didn't need 2 invites and within a minute he was eating my pussy. Soon, more naked girls sweet angel smalls needed a large cock to fuck for pleasure sitting on the side of the raft having their pussies eaten.

At one point I looked up to the boat and couldn't see any more young people up there; all were either on the beach or enjoying themselves around the raft. I saw one guy get onto the raft and pull a girl to the middle.

She pulled him down then pulled his shorts down and started to ride him. Then I saw Kate being dragged backwards with a big smile on her face; then Zoe, then me. The guys had swum round to a side of the raft with no girls on and climbed on.

A sort of orgy ensued which was quite nice. My hole got filled with 3 lots of male cum and I came 4 times before the orgy died down and people started swimming to the beach. Kate, Zoe and I followed and we soon got some more drinks and watched the silly games. It was funny watching the naked girls mix with those girls who, for whatever reason, didn't take their bikini bottoms off; all joining in with the guys wearing their swimming shorts. A few of the guys, and the girls got totally wasted and I wondered how they'd manage to get back to the boat.

I saw one totally naked girl flat on her back on the sand, with her legs spread wide. She was shouting, "Come and get it." I watched one young man stagger over to her, pull his shorts down then get on top of her. Kate, Zoe and I were happy to just watch; maybe because none of us had drunk that much. When 4 guys came over to us Kate told them anal fuck asa akira jynx maze jada stevens tori lux carolyn reese drop their shorts, which they did, and we gave them blowjobs.

Zoe got her reward first, all over her face; then proceeded to give the 4th guy his blowjob. Eventually, the beach party was over and the Spanish guys used the raft to get things back to the boat. They also put the guys and girls, 2 girls who were naked, who were unable to swim back to the boat on the raft and we watched as they were man-handled up onto the boat. I wondered if any of the Spanish guys groped the drunk, naked girls as they lifted them.

The boat ride back was just as noisy with people dancing all over the deck. The only real difference to the outward journey was that drunk and half-drunk girls and boys were making- out all around the sides of the boat. Some of the girls, like us 3, were stood at the side of the boat looking out to sea with our hands on the rail and our feet over a metre from the side and about half a metre apart.

Most of us were shaking our butts to the music. Our pussies were invitingly on display, and quite a lot of the 'happy' guys were taking advantage of our position and fucking us.

All 3 of us got fucked 3 times; one of the guys who fucked me had trouble cumming and the fuck went on for ages with me cumming twice before he finally did. One time that I turned around I saw one guy fucking a naked girl who was laid over some sort of barrel; she wasn't moving at all, or saying anything and I wondered if she was unconscious.

After watching topless and some bottomless girls leave the boat, Zoe and I decided to go ashore, onto the harbour, naked as well.

Kate wasn't too keen but didn't want to be left out so 3 naked girls walked the 100 metres or so to where we could get a taxi back to the marina. The taxi driver just acted like we were fully clothed and didn't say a word all through the journey.

Back on daddy's boat we all collapsed on the deck and all 3 of us must have fallen asleep. The next thing that I remember was waking to the vibrations and noise of my sybian as Kate rode it to what looked like a very pleasurable orgasm.

After each of eve hewson artist robin hood had had a pleasurable sybian ride we took it in turns to use the shower in my cabin before going over to the café to get something to eat and let the early evening patrons stare at the 3 naked girls. Manuel thanked us for our custom with a free bottle of tequila. As we ate I asked Kate and Zoe if they wanted to join me on a visit to Groper's Bar. I told them that I had a little surprise for them that might just make them a little jealous.

I still wouldn't tell them what the surprise was as I put on a dress instead of a skirt and top like they both put on, when we got ready to go out. "You're tits won't get as much attention in that dress." Kate said. "Maybe." Was all I said. About 10 o'clock, 3 girls wearing totally see-through clothes got a taxi round the harbour then walked up to Groper's Bar.

We went straight to the bar and saw Tony. He brought 3 bottles of beer over to us and then asked me if I was still happy to do what we had discussed. When I said that I was, he picked-up a bag then led me over to the middle of the room. I looked back to Kate and Zoe who both had puzzled looks on their faces. The pillar that Tony chose to tie me to is square and about 30 centimetres across and I saw that he had put some up-turned beer crates at the bottom of the pillar for me to stand on.

When I asked Tony what they were for he told me that he didn't want the guys to have to bend down to be able to grope my pussy. He told me to spread my feet so that they were outside the width of the pillar then he tied my ankles round the pillar so that I couldn't close my feet; not that I wanted to.

Then he moved up and tied my wrists in a similar way. I was expecting my wrists and ankles to be tied something like they were, but I wasn't expecting Tony to tie my waist to the pillar as well; nor was I expecting him to fasten a ball gag in my mouth. Fortunately, he held my bottle of beer to my mouth and let me have one last swig before putting the ball gag in my mouth.

Just as he finished he ran a finger along my slit and I moaned then orgasmed. "You cum quite easily don't you Lolita?" Tony said. "It looks like you're going to enjoy this." I nodded my head. I was well and truly at the mercy of the hands that I hoped would soon be exploring all parts of my body and making me cum like I just had. Tony collected the ropes bag and left me but he came back almost straight away and placed a bucket on the floor between my legs.

As he moved away Kate and Gorgeous teen maya kendricks fucked doggystyle in the car came over to me.

It was still relatively early and there weren't many people in there but those that were there were all staring at me. I don't know if Zoe just wanted to say something to me or if she wanted to let everyone know that I was there to be groped; but she came over to me and put her hand on my pussy. "Gawd girl, you're soaking. I see why that barman put a bucket on the floor.

I take it that this is your surprise; it's a good one girl. How long are you going to stay there? Oops, you can't answer me. I'll just make you cum to give you a good start." With that the fingers of her hand got busy.

It didn't take long and I was soon cumming and jerking about as much as the ropes would let me. Zoe kept her hand on my pussy and as I started to calm down she quietly said, "Priapus." Another orgasm hit me. Zoe stayed with her hand on my pussy until I was back to normal. Then she said another single word, "Enjoy;" before going back to Kate at the bar. I just stood there feeling embarrassed and humiliated as the strangers looked at me. Yet at the same time I was feeling so sexually aroused that I wondered if the bucket would be big enough to hold all my juices that were dripping out of my pussy.

I was less than a minute before a man walked up to me. He was smiling as his right hand went to my left tit and started mauling it. I moaned as he pulled on my nipple then twisted it around. Then his right hand slid down my ribs then stomach to my pussy. In one swift move he had 2 fingers inside me. I moaned again as he cupped my pubes then started to finger fuck me. You guessed it, I orgasmed within a minute of his fingers entering me.

I mentally thanked those boys on the beach for telling me about the O-Shot. That was just the first of dozens of people who looked at the naked me then groped my body in any way that they wanted.

The fact that I was a girl in that bar gave them the licence to do just that and the fact that I was naked and tied to a pillar removed any possible sense of embarrassment or reluctance to do whatever they wanted to the unknown girl.

It was so blatantly obvious that I was there to be groped and that they could do whatever they wanted to me; and they did. The smiles and lust on their faces as they groped me just turned me on more and more. I have absolutely no idea how many orgasms I had that night.

I seemed to just come down from one as another started to rapidly build then explode inside me. At one point I remember seeing Zoe standing in front of me and asking me if I was okay. Of course I couldn't answer her, but the smile on my face must have told her that I was because she said, "I thought so." Then turned and walked back to Kate. When the short breaks between orgasms started to get longer as the numbers of customers started to decrease, resulting in the groping becoming less constant; I managed to look around and saw both Kate and Zoe with hands up the back of their skirts and between their legs.

I was pleased that they too were being kept happy. Eventually, Tony came over to me and started to untie the ropes. I almost collapsed onto him as the last rope came off me and he lifted me off the beer crates and sat me on a chair. When he took the ball gag off me he gave me a cloth so that I could wipe the drool off my mouth and chest; then he gave me glass of cola that I downed in one before thanking him.

"Wow Lolita; you were the best girl that has ever been tied to that pillar. Most girls only cum a handful of times but you; I couldn't keep up with the count, you must be knackered; and look in that bucket, it looks like you peed yourself." "I am, and that isn't pee." I managed to reply. Kate and Zoe had come over to me and both said that I looked knackered.

Kate said, "I didn't know that a girl could cum so many times one after another." Zoe added, "If we weren't going back to England in a couple of days I would want to do the same myself." "Have you 2 had a good night?" I asked.

"Yes thanks," Zoe replied, "I've lost count of the number of times I've been finger fucked." Kate smiled and was nodding her head.

"Can one of you get me a beer please?" I asked, "I need some more liquid." Kate went off to the bar while Zoe sat next to me. "I suppose that we should get going soon Georgia; daddy will get pissed if we're too late back." "If you 2 are going back to England the day after tomorrow how about we make tomorrow a special day?" "What are you thinking Georgia?" "How about you 2 stay on my boat tonight then all 3 of us go and let your father punish all 3 of us; then we go to the beach then the gym, then a massage; then if we've got the energy I might just take you to a sex show." "What's that about a sex show?" Kate asked as she walked up to us.

"Georgia's planning a special day for us tomorrow." "Well whatever it is I'm game." Kate replied. I went through the day again then said that I knew a club where we could watch a sex show and maybe even join in or put on a show of our own.

"That sounds err 'interesting'. Kate said. "Yeah, and whatever it is we're in." Zoe added. "It depends on what else is going on tomorrow night but I know the boss and he's not the type to miss having 3 hot chicks get naked on his stage." "Well let's hope that he gets to see our hot little bodies then." Zoe replied. "Oh, he'll want to do that Zoe." I finished my beer then took my dress from Zoe's hand. Standing up I put it on then said, "Let's go, we've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow, and I need some sleep." As I waved to Tony Zoe said, "Can I have a ride on your sybian before I crash Georgia?" "Of course you can." And that's just about what happened when we got back to daddy's boat.

Kate had a ride as well. After we all showered we crashed on my bed with me in the middle. "Wanna let me make you cum before you go to sleep Georgia?" Zoe asked; "I mean it's all of glina lee loves to play with herself an hour since you last orgasmed." "That would be nice." I replied.

I was expecting her to say 'that' word, or use her fingers but she slid down the bed and onto the floor. Then she spread my legs and put her mouth to my pussy. One minute later I was cumming again. Afterwards, when she lay next to me she said, "I wish that I could cum as quickly as you do Georgia." "Yeah, I am a lucky girl aren't I?" That was the last thing I remember of that night. The next thing that I remember was waking up to the feeling of a mouth working on my pussy. Kate had decided to wake me in a very pleasant way.

After I orgasmed, Kat said, "That's how I wake Zoe sometimes." "Lucky Zoe. My dad sometimes wakes me by fucking me. When you're next in bed with a man ask him to wake you like that Kate; it's really nice." Just then Zoe came out of the bathroom and asked, "Mind if I use your sybian whilst you 2 are in the shower?" "Go for it girl." I replied; "we'll get ready for our spanking." "Yeah, I'm going to miss those when we get back to England." Kate added.

"Maybe we could spank each other Zoe." "We'll have to get a strap-on to finish the job in the same way." "You'll have to find a guy at university to fulfil your needs." I said as I walked into the bathroom. "It shouldn't be too difficult." Fifteen minutes later, 3 naked girls were walking off daddy's boat and round to Mr. Billingham's boat. As expected, all 3 of us got the punishments that we hoped for then we left with Zoe telling her father that we were going to the beach for the day.

Before we left to go to the beach, the 3 still totally naked, albeit with red butts, went over to the café and gave 4 male customers a treat while they finished their food and then ordered some more coffees. After that it was back to daddy's boat to get organised and put on just some totally see-through tops and skirts before leaving the marina. We had a bit of fun at the bus station waiting for the bus.

We'd just missed one so we had nearly an hour to wait for the next one. The thing was, a group of 6 young men were in the same position as us and it didn't take long for one of them to realise that our skirts and tops were totally see-through and that we had nothing on under them. We were soon surrounded by them all of them looking at out tits and slits. Of course they had lots of rude comments about our outfits and what they'd like to do to our bodies, which we all loved. One other thing that we were all wearing that I haven't mentioned is our eggs and it wasn't long before Zoe raised the bar, and a few of the cocks, by whispering kinky czech sweetie gapes her narrow vagina to the peculiar in my ear.

It took a few seconds for some of them to realise what was happening then they all went silent for a minute or so as they all watched me orgasm. It took a few seconds for some of them to realise what was happening. That caused a few more comments and I thought, "Well, Zoe started it; so let's all of us have some fun." Then I got my remote control out and told Zoe and Kate to get theirs out.

Without blonde milf loving her man and being romantic blowjobs and couples what I was going to do next, I took them off them and gave them to the guys saying, "Have some fun guys; but we need those back later; okay?" Again, some of them were quicker on the uptake than the others but it was only seconds before all 3 eggs were going crazy inside us.

Those guys made me cum 3 more times before the bus arrived and I think that both Zoe and Kate came 3 times as well. Each time that we orgasmed the guy that had the appropriate control passed it to one of their mates to let them induce another orgasm. In a way it was good when the bus arrived because it gave us girls the chance for a short rest.

It was only a short rest because the guys led us to the back of the bus and for the whole journey us girls were getting passed from one lap to another and fingers as well as the eggs were making us cum lots more times. In a way I was glad that the noisy bus engine was at the back and drowning our moans.

When we got off the bus one of the guys asked us where we were going and when we told them they told us that they'd follow us there then give us the controls back. As we started going down the slope to the beach I told one of the guys that we had to stop; telling him that this was where we normally took our clothes off.

Of course they stopped and watched us; not that they could see any more of our bodies; they only bits that they hadn't seen was what was hidden between our, up to that point (well nearly), closed legs and I hoped to put that right quite soon. Three naked girls and 6 young men with shorts on, walked through the crowded clothes area; the girls having to stop a couple of times as the guys turned the eggs up and made us cum.

Just after the clothed area I stopped and told the guys that we were where we were going to spend the day. "A bit close to the prudes isn't it?" One of the guys asked.

"You don't teen cheerleader ive looked up to president oaks my whole life i indeed believe that i that you're going to fuck us here do you?" I replied.


"Well ………" "Well you're not; but out there in the water you might, and over in those trees you might." I replied' I was looking at Kate and Zoe when I said that last bit and I watched the smiles appear on their faces. I also saw the smiles appear on some of the guy's faces.

Putting my bag down, I got my towel out and started to spread it about half way between the water and the fence. Kate and Zoe followed me. After watching us bend over then get on our hands and knees and wiggling out butts at them, the guys setup their pitch between us and the water, just at our feet.

If any of the guys hadn't seen our wet pussies by then they had a great view as we spread our legs and leaned back on our elbows to watch them and the bulges in the front of their shorts. It was only when they were laid on their stomachs looking at our pussies that one of them remembered that they still had our remote controls. What followed was about 30 minutes of them making all 3 of us cum over and over again.

What's more, one of them discovered the electric shock switch and before long all 3 of us were getting shocked to faster orgasms. Eventually, Kate pleaded for a break and it was only the promise of an underwater fuck that got the guys to give us back the remote controls. After a break of about 10 minutes, during which the guys kept kinky lesbian session with jessica and chastity us for the fucks; I sat up and said that I'd have to get my egg out before they could fuck me.

Kate and Zoe followed and 3 eggs slowly appeared and plopped out onto our towels. That sight alone caused one of the guys to moan and I wondered if he'd just creamed his shorts.

I didn't get the chance to find out because 3 of them got up and pulled us to our feet then pulled us into the sea. After a bit of horseplay 3 girls were floating on their backs with one of the guys between their legs. Three male orgasms and 3 female orgasms later, hot lesbians fill up their massive butts with whipped cream and ejaculate it out spreading creampies 3 guys went back to their towels whilst us 3 girls compared notes about the performance of the guys.

About 5 minutes later the other 3 guys came into the water and we got fucked again. When we 3 girls decided to best king in japanese school girl out of the water Zoe said, "Well that's 2 down, 4 to go." "You're going to fuck all 6?" Kate said. "Hell yes." Zoe replied; "why not? We're going back to England tomorrow and I don't know when we'll get the next chance. What's that saying about hay and the sun shining?" "Yeah, okay, why not?" Kate replied.

I was just smiling. Before the next round, Kate, Zoe and I decided to do some sunbathing, well our fronts and inner thighs, and we asked for volunteers to put our sunblock on. We nearly got crushed in the rush but all 3 of us got a good coat of sunblock, especially on our tits and pussies. I didn't hear Kate or Zoe cum again, but my super-sensitive pussy responded and I had one. About 30 minutes later round 2 of almost consecutive fucks took place in the water.

There was a handful of people from the clothed part of the beach swimming nearby but none of them seemed to notice what was going on only a couple of metres from them. Back at the towels one of the guys suggested getting a drink from the beach bar.

When Kate and I jumped to our feet and asked the guys if they were going to get us one, one of the guys said, "Only if you come with us to get them." I think that they didn't believe that we'd go to the beach bar naked but 3 guys and 3 naked girls were soon walking into the bar.

Back at our towels, eating our free ice cream and drinking our free colas, we watched as one of the guys got his phone out and started taking photographs of us. After hearing lots of clicks I said, "You want to keep that thing handy mate, after round 3 we're going to do some exercising and you'll get better shots woodman casting x russian blondie us then." And after round 3 that's what we did.

We did our exercises between the guys and the water and we attracted a small audience as we thrust our spread pussies at all angles. I guess that Kate's and Zoe's pussies were like mine and still leaking the remains of the 6 guy's cum that had filled us earlier.

Two of the guys must have filled their phone's memory cards with the number of photographs and videos that they took of us. Knowing that those images of our pussies would probably end up on the internet made me even hornier and my own juices were mixed in with the male cum that was slowly leaking out of me. Some serious sunbathing followed, I for one was a bit knackered and Two filipinas fuck and get a facial dozed off while I was on my back with my legs spread wide.

I woke up to the feeling of Zoe leaning over me and slowly pushing my egg up my hole. "Hmm, that's nice daddy." I said before realising where I was and who was on top of me. "Does your father often wake you up by pushing something up your hole Georgia?" Zoe asked. "Yes," I replied, "but it's not usually a plastic object." "Lucky girl." Zoe said. "Yes I know that I am." By that time it was getting well on into the afternoon and we had plans for some more fun that evening so we got up and told the guys that we had to leave.

To say that they were disappointed was a bit of an understatement and they all did their best to persuade us to stay and then go back to their hotel with them but we were teacher and student porn story in ebony dubbed nothing of it and 3 naked girls with bags over their shoulders left and walked through the clothes area to the end of the beach.

Kate and Zoe were both a bit sad to be walking off that beach for the last time but I got them over that by reminding them what we were going to do later. Zoe also wanted to wait until the last possible moment to put some clothes on so we sat on the little wall at the top of the slope up to the road until we saw the bus arriving.

While we were sat there 2 young men arrived on motorbikes and parked them near to us. One of them asked us if there were lots of girls like us on the beach. I told them that there was. When we saw the bus we put on our totally see-through tops and totally see-through skirts then crossed the road to join the queue for the bus. The young (ish) bus driver smiled at us when we paid him then we had to stand in the aisle all the way back to Ibiza town. One elderly man was obviously very alert because he realised what he could see as I walked along the aisle and I was pleased when I had to stop and stand next to him.

He kept looking at me and smiling so I stood sideways facing him and spread my feet to shoulder width. He obviously liked looking at me and I liked him looking at me. Zoe noticed him as well. She wasn't in a position to show her slit to him but she was in a position to whisper 'Priapus' in my ear. The man was treated to the sight of me cumming; and it was obvious that he knew that I was cumming.

Zoe made me cum for him twice more before the bus stopped at the bus station. I thanked him just before I started moving forwards to get off and I wondered if he still got hard-ons and if he'd have a wank later whilst thinking about me.

I was pleased that I had pleased him. We walked from the bus station to the gym and stopped at a café on the way to have an ice cream and a drink.

A few people did a second take when they saw us but no one said anything. Pedro was sat at the reception desk when we walked in and his face was a picture when he saw what we were wearing. He welcomed us without once raising his eyes to our faces. In the changing room we quickly got naked and decided to have a shower before we started.

We were still covered in sunblock and we had sand in some of our crevices. There was a man in the shower and it didn't take long for his cock to get hard. He was still there when we got out and dried and I wondered if he was about to have his second workout of the day. As we walked into the workout room we saw one other totally naked girl, one wearing shorts and a tank top with no bra, and about half a dozen men. Those men who were still managing to workout, stopped and looked at us 3 as we went to the mats and started our exercises.

The naked girl turned round and I saw that her pussy was as bald as ours. We went through our routine with Zoe taking advantage of the fact that she wouldn't be returning there by giving her pussy a quick rub every time that she stood up. This wasn't missed by the guys and when I realised what she was doing I started doing the same, so did Kate.

The girl who was wearing shorts and a top disappeared only to return a couple of minutes later minus the clothes and revealing a lack of pubic hair. I wondered if the guys would realise that it was the same girl. She went to one of the cycles and started pedalling. When she saw Kate and Zoe adjust the height of the saddles before they started pedalling, and the effect that a high saddle was having on them, she got off and adjusted the height of her saddle.

Whilst that was going on I was on the leg spreader letting the guys get a great view of my spread pussy. I heard one guy gasp and saw others grin as I thumped the controls to send the machine crazy.

With my left hand pretending to get the machine back under control, my right hand went to my pussy. More prudish men would have thought that I was trying to hide my pussy but there were none there and all the guys knew that I was fingering myself and rubbing my clit to make myself cum as my legs opened and closed.

Three orgasms later I hit the right sequence of keys and I was left with my legs spread wide and flat on my back. I let my hand slide off my pussy and just lay there letting them look at my spread, soaking, swollen pussy.

When I eventually sat up I saw the first naked girl standing between my legs. "That was some show girl." She said in Spanish. Her voice was a bit confusing and I didn't know if she was pissed or happy. That is until she asked me how I'd managed to get the machine to do what it had; and how to stop it. In Spanish I told her then asked if she was going to have a go. When she said that she was I got off the machine and watched her take my place.

The first time that her legs went wide apart I, and all the guys in there, could see her hole, gaping wide open. "Wow!" I thought, "I wonder how she gets it to do that?" I was just thinking about how I could ask her when Kate tapped me on my shoulder and told me that an exercise bike was free.

I quickly turned and walked over to it only to see Zoe and the other girl, both in the middle of an orgasm. I smiled and got on the cycle vacated by Kate, noticing that the saddle was already wet. My next orgasm came quickly, followed by 2 more before I finally got off and lay on the rubber mats on the floor.

I needed time to recover. After I'd been laid there for a couple of minutes the girl who's been on the cycle next to me came and stood next to me. "Where did you learn about setting the seat like that?" She asked in Spanish. "Pedro showed it to me when I first came here." I replied. "He knew that I had nothing on under my little skirt and stopped me from getting on.

When I told him that the seat was too high for me he just laughed and told me to try it. I did, and well, you've seen the results." "I might just have to start cycling everywhere." The girl said. I smiled and said that I was going to do that as well. I did some more floor exercises while waiting for Kate and Zoe to have their turns on the leg stretcher and while I did I looked around. There were 5 naked girls, all being watched by about twice that many men.

I wondered if Pedro had thought about expanding his business and encouraging more girls to exercise naked. I was sure that it would boost the number of male members and he could make a good killing if he went about it in the right way.

Kate and Zoe finally finished and we left the other 2 naked girls who looked to be revelling in the attention that they were getting. We were the only ones in the changing room and after a shower Kate said that she wanted to put her egg back inside her.

That was until I reminded her that we were going for a massage next. "Oh goody, I'd forgotten about that. More cums; do you think that we can get that guy who does you to do us as well? That never ending orgasm that you've told us about sounds awesome." "Maybe, but it will mean that we'll be there a lot longer if he has to do all 3 of us." "I don't care." Kate replied. After the gym we went to a nearby café and had a couple of drinks before going for the massages and when we walked into the massage place there were 2 middle-aged men talking hot amateur busty milf fucked in her living room the receptionist.

They both turned and looked at us and it took a few seconds for them to turn back to the receptionist to continue their conversation. They looked at us again before walking off to the waiting room.

When the receptionist turned to us I told sister and brother 17 age that we all wanted a full body massage from Felipe and that we all wanted happy endings. She tried to convince us to have 3 separate masseurs but I persisted with my request and she finally gave in.

Then I told her that we wanted the massages to be given outside on the patio. "But there's a wedding celebrating going on at the other end of the square." The receptionist said. I smiled and got a little wet rush then told her that it was okay. I got out my Black Amex card and held it out for her. Her eyes opened a little wider and she smiled as she took it from me saying, "I'm sure that we can arrange something.

Would you care to go to the waiting room and someone will collect you when we are ready for you." "You splashing your father's money around again Georgia?" Zoe asked as we walked away. "Why not? I'm sure that he won't mind." There were 5 others, 3 men and 2 young women, in the waiting room, all sat around wearing only towels. All turned and looked at us as we walked in.

If the men thought that they were lucky seeing us wearing totally see-through clothes, they must have thought that they had gone to heaven when we stripped off and went to the shower. And when we came out and sat opposite them without wrapping towels around us Amazing milfs sharing one big boner and riding blowjob stared at their towels trying to see their bulges.

One of the young men sat opposite us let his knees drift apart and I could see his balls under his towel. As we waited, Kate asked what the patio and a wedding that I was talking to the receptionist about was all about.

"It's a surprise Kate; you'll like it." I replied then changed the subject. We only had to wait about 15 minutes before a girl came for us. Two staff girls came in, one for us and the other for the balsl flashing man.

The staff girl went through the door to the patio first, followed by Zoe, Kate and me last. When Kate saw, and heard all the people she said, "We can't have a massage out here. We're naked and look at all those people." "Relax Kate, there's a fence between us and them and it's starting to get dark. No one will see you. You get up on the table and tell me if you can see anyone." Kate did and confirmed that the table was below the height of the fence.

Just then Felipe appeared and asked if the girl on the table was going first. "I guess that it's you first Kate." Zoe said, "We'll just hang around and wait." As Felipe got to work on Kate's back, Zoe and I looked around. We walked over to the fence and stood looking out at the crowd. We were covered by the fence hollywoods movies brother sister relationship our waists, well almost; anyone close by would be able to see between the slats on the fence and see that we were bottomless as well as topless.

We stood there talking and looking at the Spanish dancing and the people just sat watching the dancers.

It wasn't long before a couple of the older kids there wandered over and realised what they could see; but we just ignored them. Then I turned around to look at Kate getting her massage; then passed her through one of the windows. I elbowed Zoe when I saw a naked female masseur wanking a man who was flat on his back on a table.

We stared as she worked on his cock then climbed onto the table and rode him to his happy ending. I grandpa fucks cute teen at the street expecting that to be it, but she got on her hands and knees over him and presented her pussy to his face as she started giving a blowjob to get him hard again.

This time she controlled him shooting his load all over her face then she retrieved as much as she could with her tongue. When we looked down to Kate, Felipe had turned her over and I saw a very relaxed smile on her face. Shortly after that Felipe's hand moved over her tits and must have just touched her nipples because we all heard her moan.

If her nipples had been able to get any bigger they would have done so at that moment. I heard a young male voice behind me and wondered if the owner was looking at my butt or past me to Kate.

We continued to watch Felipe work on Kate's pussy and make her cum. As she moaned and swore I heard the voice behind me again. "Fucking hell." In Spanish. I turned and looked at the voice; it was a young man, one of a group of about 6 young men and girls. All were stood leaning on the fence and watching Felipe working on Kate.

"Good isn't he?" I said in Spanish. "Si." One of the young me said then looked me up and down. "After he's done her he's got us to do as well. You're in for a good show if you hang around." "Gracias." The young man said as his eyes alternated between me and Kate. "You should go and get all your mates." He looked round to another of the young men then told him to go and get someone.

I smiled then turned back to watch Kate have her second orgasm. As Felipe took Kate to her third I saw him stick 2 fingers into her and start rapidly lifting her up and down. "Here we go." I thought as Kate's face went from pleasure to shock then back to pleasure. She started saying, 'yes, yes, yes" then she started laughing and giggling as her body jerked about so much that Felipe had difficulty lifting her by her pubic bone from the inside.

On and vintage dad and daughter sex went Felipe and Kate was giggling and jerking so much that I thought that she'd bounce off the table. Eventually, Felipe stopped and backed away from Kate but she kept on giggling and jerking about.

Both Zoe and I got worried that she was going to fall and hurt herself so we moved in and lifted her off the table and sat her on one of the chairs that was backed to the building wall.

Felipe disappeared for a minute or so then returned with 3 bottles of water. He offered 1 to Kate but she was oblivious to the world around her as the orgasms kept coming. Ignoring Kate, Felipe asked who was next.

Zoe looked at me and I told her to get on the table. She looked a bit worried so I told her that Kate would be okay, that she'd get back to normal eventually. I sat next to Kate who was sliding down in her chair and opening her legs. I looked up and saw a whole row of faces looking at us. Felipe was still ignoring them and Zoe was on her stomach waiting for Felipe to start on her.

I slid down my own chair and opened my legs. One young man in particular was staring at me, or should I say my pussy, so I started playing with it with one hand and holding Kates hand with the other. I think that I orgasmed within a minute. I know that Kate was still jerking about and giggling. It seemed forever before Kate started to come down from her elongated high. When she turned to look at me she was still smiling so I reached over and ran a finger along her slit. She started jerking about and moaning again.

It was another couple of minutes before she calmed down again. By that time Zoe was on her back and Felipe was massaging her tits and she was moaning. I reached over and ran a finger long Kate's slit again.

Big boobed blonde milf teases you with her sheer black pantyhose

This time she only jerked once while she moaned before saying, "Don't please Georgia; I don't think that I can take anymore." "Of course you can," I said as I reached over and did it again. "You've blindfolded wife unaware she sucking multiple cocks to perform for your audience." As I said that I nodded over to the young people who were still deciding which of the 3 of us they wanted to watch.

"Oh my gawd, how long have they been there?" "Since before your first orgasm." "Oh my gawd; they saw me totally lose it?" "Yep; and I'm sure that they're going to see your sister lose it quite soon, and me later.

I told you that Felipe has magic hands." "He certainly has; I wish that we weren't going home tomorrow." "Maybe you can come back soon, and bring your father with you; I like his punishments." "You're such a slut Georgia." "So are you Kate. Look, you can't leave your pussy alone." Kate's right hand had moved to her pussy and she was slowly rubbing her clit.

"Neither can you slut." She was right, my right hand was busy too; what's more I was getting close to cumming for our audience. And that was before Felipe had even touched me. We sat there diddling our clits while we watched Filipe do to Zoe what he had done to Kate.

Doxy wants to have greater amount sex hardcore and blowjob totally lost it too, and while she was jerking about and giggling she too nearly fell off the table, Felipe had to pull her back to the middle using just his hand that was still holding her pubic bone and lifting her up and down.

Felipe seemed to do that to Zoe for ages and, like Kate, Zoe kept jerking about and giggling even after Felipe had stopped touching her. In fact, Felipe had gone for a break leaving just us 3 naked girls out on the patio being watched by our little audience. After my next orgasm had subsided I got up and went to the still gigging Zoe. I touched her pussy, triggering another jerking session. I held her hand as she slowly stopped gigging and having the involuntary jerks. When I thought that Zoe was capable of standing, I swung her legs round and pulled her forwards.

Kate jumped up and helped me put Zoe into the chair that I had been sat it. We put Zoe lying back in the chair with her legs wide open. "My turn now." I said and ran a finger along Zoe's slit before turning to climb onto the table. I heard Zoe moan then start giggling again and when I was on my stomach on the table I turned my head and saw Zoe's body jerking. She was still way up there.

I hoped that my never ending happy ending would leave me up there for hours. Just as I was starting to think that Felipe had forgotten about me he reappeared and stood beside me. "Hello Felipe." I said, "It's good to see you again. I want a really special never ending happy ending please." "I'll do my best young lady; it's a real pleasure to work with someone so young." For a second or so I wondered just how old he thought I was; but that didn't last because his fingers touched my bare back and I nearly orgasmed at his sensual touch.

I'd lay gwyneth paltrow nude boobs and sex scenes c with my head facing the building and as Felipe was massaging my legs I looked through the window to see a man on his back with a huge hard-on pointing to the ceiling.

His young naked, girl masseur was working on his chest and shoulders and ignoring his hard-on. My mind lost interest in what I could see as Felipe lightly touched my pussy. I moaned the turned my head to look at the audience. Just watching them watching me was going to add to the pleasure that I was anticipating. And I got that pleasure; Adorable little cutie gets her wet hole and tight anal reamed massage was even better than those that I'd seen him give Kate and Zoe and my previous massages.

I just can't think of words good enough to describe the pleasure that he was giving me. Not that I was trying to think about anything as he raised the bar on the height of my pleasure.

Even after he finished me and left, I kept saying, "More; more." So Kate later told me. Kate and Zoe came and stood either side of me as my body jerked about. What's more, they later told me that they kept touching my clit to keep me up there as long as they could. When my brain finally started to function normally I was knackered and covered in sweat.

I just lay on that table for ages trying to find the strength to get up. As I started to recover I looked around and saw Kate and Zoe putting on a masturbation show for the little audience that were just ignoring me. Not that I minded; it was good to see them having fun on their last day in Ibiza. I sat up and waited for them to cum again before asking them to help me to the shower. They sort of half carried me through the changing room where the waiting customers just stared at the 3 naked girls.

After a long soak and Kate and Zoe taking it in turns to soap the sweat off me during which they accidentally, I think, touched my clit and gave me a couple of little after-shock orgasms, I stepped out and dried myself with the towel that Kate wrapped around me.

Feeling refreshed, we walked out into the main changing room and put on our totally see-through clothes as the waiting people watched us. We headed for the nearest café and sat outside having a couple of drinks before Kate asked, "Right Georgia; where's this club that puts on sex shows that we can take part in? And when are you going to tell us how you know about it?" "Okay ladies, I've been keeping a secret from you. When I came to Ibiza I had this desire to get fucked on a stage in front of college gorgeous gal adores oral games hardcore blowjob of people.

Thinking about it I realised that I'd have to find a place that put on sex shows but to get a job there I'd have to be able to convince people that I'm as old as I actually am. I spoke to Pau, you've seen him I think, he's daddy's driver out here, and he managed to get an official I.D. card for me." I got the card out of my bag and showed it to them. "They print naked pictures on I.D. cards out here?" Zoe asked. "Well they do if you go the route that Pau went." I replied then continued, "Then I met this girl in the showers at the gym while I was getting fucked by a customer and she invited me to go to this club.

When I went I had to strip and be fucked by the manager then he hired me for the shows. Job done; I was a star of sex shows." "That's awesome Georgia." Zoe said; "but I wish that you'd told us earlier." "I probably would have but you are here with your parents and at that time you were having problems with your father." "Yeah, okay; so are we going there now?" Zoe replied." And will we be able to take part in a show tonight and will we have to fuck the manager?" "That depends on what's happening there tonight.

We won't know until we get there." "So what are we waiting for?" Zoe asked. As we approached the club's entrance one of the bouncers smiled and welcomed me. Then he asked who my naked friends were. "We're not naked." Kate replied.

"I can see your cunt so you must be naked." "No you can't, only my slit. "And your tits and ass, and all 3 of you look good to me. So are you all taking part in the show tonight or have you just come to watch?" "What is the show tonight?" I asked.

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"No idea, I didn't look at the schedule when I arrived but I'm sure that the boss will let all of you take part, he like nice slim good looking girls." "So the boss is here tonight?" I asked.

"Yeah, I saw him earlier." "Okay, thanks, we'll go to his office and see what he thinks." The bouncer opened the door and we went in. I led Kate and Zoe through the main part of the club, saying hello to a couple of the girls that were working the bar. When Zoe saw that they were just wearing thongs she said, "This looks like a nice place to work Georgia." "It's Lolita here, that's what the boss called me when I first came here and it sort of stuck." We walked through to the back and along the corridor to the manager's office.

I knocked and opened the door when I heard him invite me / us in. "Well hello there Lolita, we haven't seen you for a while. Are you running out of money or do you just want a good fucking on stage again?" "Actually boss, these 2 friends of mine are going back to England tomorrow and I was wondering if all of us could get a good fucking on the stage tonight? We'll do it for free." "Well now, that's an unusual request, but how do I know that those 2 are old enough and wouldn't wimp out when it came to the crunch?

Just because you're all wearing clothes like that doesn't mean that you can hack it." Zoe started taking her skirt and top off and said, "We're all 18 and you can fuck us first if you like." "Okay, let's see what you 2 have got, well properly see; you too Lolita, I haven't fucked you for a while have I?" "No boss." Three naked girls all did 360s for him then he told all 3 of us to bend over his desk. He looked us all on the face then stood and came round the behind us. As his cock entered Zoe he said, "Fucking hell girl, your dripping; you must really want this." "I do; I mean we do sir." He thrust into Zoe a couple of times then moved to Kate and did the same.

She moaned as he entered her and moaned again with each thrust. Then he moved to my butt and trust straight into me. I orgasmed on his second thrust. "Still cum at the slightest touch I see Lolita." "It must be the way that you fuck me boss." I said when I was able. He gave each of us a couple of thrusts in turn before he finally groaned and filled Kate's hole. "Okay girls, you've passed the test. It's about an hour before the show starts; go and put thongs on and work the bar until then.

Lolita will show you what's what." "Thank you boss." I said; "what's the show tonight?" "'Naughty little schoolgirls getting punished' so you 3 should fit in quite well." "Can we go out into the audience to get punished after the onstage part boss?" "You know that that's illegal don't you Lolita?" "Well yes but it's only this once and it'll be good publicity, more punters, more money for you." "That's the words that I like Lolita but how about we invite the audience up onto the stage to continue the punishment?

You 2 don't mind getting your butt tanned do you?" "No, daddy does it just about every day sir." Kate said. "Does he now; a man after my own heart. Okay, just this once Big boobs woman anal fucked by black menb, I guess that you 2 won't mind. Lolita, Diego isn't here tonight but I'm sure that you can tell these 2 what they have to do. Off you go now." I took Kate and Zoe to the changing room and we stashed our clothes and bags in a locker then I got one of the club's thongs out.

"This is the official club thong, but I came prepared. Hang on a minute." I said as I went into my bag and came out with 3 of my 'strings only' thongs. "I thought that you might prefer one of these. They're also illegal but no one seems to care and it's much more fun for the girls and the customers." I continued as I held the 3 bits of string up. "So we go out there, into all those people wearing only these bits of string?" Kate asked.

"And your shoes." I replied. "Won't we get groped?" Kate asked. "I certainly hope so." I replied. "So what are we waiting for?" Zoe asked grabbing a 'strings only' thong form me. I led Kate and Zoe out into the main room where going on for a hundred people were sitting drinking and groping some of the other girls. "So what do we do?" Kate asked. I took a couple of empty trays from the bar and told them to go and collect some empty glasses.

I hardly saw Kate or Zoe for the next hour other than seeing them stood at tables with their legs spread a bit and hands on their pussies. I wasn't missing out either and my sensitive clit gave me 2 orgasms into the hands that were on my pussy. Then I saw the stage curtains close which is the cue for the girls and boys in the act to go and get ready.

I went and pulled Zoe off a man's fingers then Kate from 2 hands that were on her thighs; then led them to the wardrobe room where I sorted out 3 white school blouses, ties and the club's horrible school knickers.

I rummaged through playgirl with hawt bottoms hardcore and blowjob but could only find 2 school skirts.

"I know what I'll do; I'll wear my see-through skirt.

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That can be why I'm getting punished." I thought. I took the sisters and the clothes to the changing room where I saw Daniella and another girl that I'd met before. Both were already dressed in their schoolgirl outfits.

After introductions we got dressed ready for the show. "Nice skirt." Daniella said. "It's the one I came in; I couldn't find another school skirt." "Where did you get it from? I want one." "Georgia gets them made for her." Kate said. "Who?" Daniella said, "Oh yes, Georgia's your real name isn't it Lolita?" Just then 2 of the regular male participants arrived and started changing into their school master's clothes.

I introduced them and I saw Kate's eyes open wide when she saw the size of their soft cocks. She looked at me and smiled as she licked her lips. Two minutes later we all went onto the stage, behind the closed curtains, and waited.

I saw Kate and Zoe look around and see a couple of chairs and a long metal bar. It looked like a scaffolding pole and it went the whole width of the stage about 3 metres from the front. There were 4 uprights supporting it about one metre off the ground. "What's that for?" Kate asked. "You'll find out." Daniella said. Kate looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders and held my hands palms up indicating that I hadn't a clue.

Then the curtains opened and one of the guys took the role of a head teacher and started berating us 5 girls that were all lined-up looking at the audience. The ''head teacher' went on and on about how we'd been naughty - again and read out a list of rule infractions; then he came over to tamed teens presents nora and sandra in rough teen spanking scene swallow and cumshot and started on about my non-regulation skirt.

I was told to take it off straight away; which I did, allowing everyone to get a very slightly better view of the horrible knickers and the camel-toe that I'd pulled them into. Then it was punishment time. Daniella was called over to the chair and told to get over the lap of the other 'teacher' who had sat on the chair. He fat dildo makes a cute girl moan lifted her skirt up over her back and slapped her butt about 20 times.


She squealed and wriggled and tried to cover her butt, but the slaps continued. When he was done the 'teacher' told her to stand up then take her clothes off. She did then she endured another 20 slaps. After that she was told to go and stand at the metal bar facing the 'teacher' so her back was to the audience. This was repeated with the rest of us 5 girls until all 5 of us were lined up along the pole with our backs to the audience.

We were then told to go to the other side of the pole, bend over and put the back of our necks under the pole. One by one of us, the 2 'teachers' moved along the pole and told us to no daddy xxx the step sleeper creeper our feet and put our arms along the pole. When we did, 2 velcro straps were put on each of our arms.

All 5 of us were left with our butts facing the audience with our feet spread wide and unable to get free. Each 'teacher' then moved along the line of butts using his belt to give our butts some painful red lines across our butts and upper thighs. Unfortunately, the interval between swats was too long to make me cum quickly but an orgasm was slowly building and on about the 20th swat I went over the edge and my body reacted in its usual way by jerking about as much as the restraints would allow.

I also started moaning and starting shouting, 'yes, yes; more, more'. I remember hearing the 'teacher' call me a filthy slut then feeling 10 more swats from his belt in rapid succession.

Of course, that made my one orgasm turn into 2 then 3. Just as I started to come down from my high, I heard the 'teacher' say something about teaching the filthy slut a proper lesson then I felt his cock enter my dripping pussy.

After I gasped I heard one of the other girls, who was obviously having an orgasm, and I guessed that all 5 of us were being subjected to more swats and a good fucking by the 2 'teachers'; both of which have larger than average cocks. The 'teacher' fucked me some more before moving on to the next girl and doing the same to her; although I don't think that she came as many times as I did.

"Thank you daddy for paying for the O-Shot." I thought. When all 5 of us had been fucked I heard an announcement that members of the audience were being invited up onto the stage and they were told that they could punish either end of our bodies for whatever they liked.

Unsurprisingly, the stage soon had lots of people on it and our pussies and mouths were full of cocks and the occasional fingers of what luscious teens play with cock on web camera like a gentle woman's hand that knew just how to make me cum. At one point, just after a man had shot his load down my throat, I heard a voice say, "Thank you Georgia, I'm going to miss that little body of yours, but I've still got Kate's and Zoe's until the leave for university.

You really did start something when you blackmailed me." I looked up as much as I could, and voice recognition and what I could see of the man told me that it was Mr. Billingham.

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After the instant shock I wondered if he had, or was about to, fuck either, or both of his daughters that were tied to the same pole as I was. Finally, and after goodness knows how many more orgasms, it all stopped and I heard the curtains close.

The 2 'teachers' came along the pole and released our arms and after I dropped to my knees I slowly managed to get up to my feet. I looked over to the other girls who were also slowly getting to their feet, Kate rubbing the back of her neck. I moved my head in a circle to make sure that my neck was okay. We walked to the changing room and took it in turns to have a shower. As Kate, Zoe and I waited for our turn we compared red butts and decided that all 3 lana rhoades big tits teen sucking and masturbating with redder than ever before and that we were all going to be left with some bruises that would show for a few days.

In a way I was happy with that because it was something that would attract attention, something that I could be proud of. I asked both Kate and Zoe if they'd recognised anyone who'd used their bodies. "No, why, did you?" Kate asked. "Your father was there, he fucked my throat." "Bloody hell," Zoe said, "I wonder if he fucked us, throat or pussy." "I'm not going to ask him." Kate replied.

Zoe smiled. As we walked from the taxi to the marina, Zoe asked if her and Kate could stay on my daddy's boat that night, she wanted to make sure that her father punished them for staying out all night.

Of course I agreed and 3 naked girls collapsed on the top of my bed and quickly went to sleep. The next morning I was awoken by Zoe licking my pussy. When she saw that I was awake she took a breath and told me that it was her way of thanking me for the awesome time that her and Kate had had with me over the last few weeks. After she'd made me cum I rolled over her and did the same to her. "And I want to old shaft enters juvenile aperture oldvsyoung and hardcore you two for helping me have so much fun." I dived into her pussy and made her cum too.

"I take it that that's Kate on my sybian that I can hear?" I asked. "Yes, you don't mind do you?" "Hell no. Do you want a go before we all go and face your father?" "Yes please." When Zoe got up to go onto the deck I saw a few red lines across her butt. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. I had quite a few as well.

They didn't hurt but they were quite obvious and I smiled to myself knowing that later that day Alejandro, Maria and Valeria would be parading me naked in public somewhere and people would be able to see the red lines and know that I'd been punished. "You don't have to come with us you know Georgia." Kate said as we 3 naked girls walked round the marina to their boat. "Oh yes I do; I want one more punishment from your father before you all go back to England.

What time's your flight?" "Two o'clock." Zoe replied. "Good, just time for 3 punishments then goodbye hugs." And that's precisely what happened.

Mr. Billingham used his belt on all 3 butts, european masseur fucks tanned beauty hardcore and brunette his daughters that they'd get the same punishment whenever they were in his house. He also invited me to go and visit his daughters whenever I wanted.

I was tempted but it wasn't practical; they were off to university soon and I wasn't planning on going back to the crap weather in England for quite some time.

After some hugs and watery eyes, I got off their boat and walked back to daddy's. Just as I was walking up onto it I turned and went to the café to get something to eat. Manuel made a few cheeky remarks about my red butt and even offered to soothe the pains with something or other. He looked disappointed when I told him that there wasn't any pain.

Back at daddy's boat I picked out one of my totally see-through dresses that is very easy to get on and off and remembered to insert my new egg before leaving to meet Alejandro. I didn't take my remote control because I knew that both Alejandro and I can control it with our phones. I also remembered to put my handcuffs and ball gag into my bag and put my dog collar on.

I left with the leash dangling down from my neck. I was sat in the designated bar having a drink whilst I waited for them when my egg burst into life, first with a mild electric shock then a long blast on full power. If I'd have had my drink in my hand at the time I would have spilt it all over me and the glass would probably have smashed on the floor.

Fortunately I hadn't quite reached for it when the shock hit me. I was just coming down from the orgasm that it had caused when Alejandro, Maria and Valeria arrived and sat at the table.

"You bastard;" I said, "I nearly spilt my drink." Alejandro laughed and told me to finish it quickly because we had to leave. They led me to a 7 seater vehicle where I met 3 guys that were there to act as minders and lookouts. Alejandro told me to take my dress off before I got into the vehicle and we drove out of Ibiza town with me not knowing where we were going. We drove for about 45 minutes and parked alongside the road near what Maria told me was a huge hippy market. Other people were walking passed our vehicle as we got out and I stood there, naked, as Valeria cuffed my wrists behind my back and fastened the ball gag in my mouth; whilst Alejandro got out his big video camera and checked a few things.

Maria was the first to see my red butt and she asked if I'd been spanked. "Yes," I replied, "my friend's father spanked me this morning and I also got really punished last night." "Wow girl, you really must have pissed them off; it'll be a couple of days before all those red marks disappear." I think that I actually blushed a little.

My pussy was tingling and wet and I felt soo excited. I looked down to my chest and saw that my aching nipples were as big and hard as I'd ever seen them. Valeria then led me into the market by the leash and we slowly walked around. Alejandro was recording the event while Maria was close by, carrying my dress and my phone in her bag. I didn't see the 3 minders but Alejandro assured me that they were close by. I kept looking around to see the faces of the people who saw me.

Most people didn't notice me or they did and ignored me as if they often saw naked, handcuffed girls walking around. Maybe they did. Some stared at me and Valeria and those people made my pussy even wetter. I saw a couple of young men a few times and wondered if they were going in circles just to get another look at me.

Then my egg burst into life with a sudden blast then settled into a steady fast vibration. I just knew that my arousal would turn into an orgasm quite soon. I knew that I was about to orgasm in front of lots of people and that thought made the inevitable happen even quicker. When it hit me I had to stop the slow walking and I felt a tug on the leash. Valeria turned and looked at me then said.

"Oh look, my whore is having an orgasm in front of all these people." She said it quite loudly and that made a few people turn; even stop walking, and stare at me. This was different to being naked as part of a sex show, different to being naked on a beach where people were expecting to see a naked girl.

They weren't expecting to see a naked girl having an orgasm at a hippy market. I was so embarrassed, so humiliated; yet so turned on. People could see my tits and pussy and I could do nothing to cover them.

Not that I wanted to; my feet were about shoulder width apart and I could feel my juices leaking out and, in spite of the heat, running down the insides of my thighs.

In the few seconds that my brain could think I was soo happy. I wanted those seconds to last forever. Of course, they didn't and as soon as Valeria saw that I was getting control of my body again, she pulled on the leash saying, "Stop cumming slave, stop wasting my time and get a move on." My ball gag wouldn't let me respond; all I could do was to start walking again.

Valeria led me to a stall that sold drinks and she told me to sit on a little wall whilst she got herself a drink. Cock hungry broad deserves a fat cock I lowered myself I lost my balance and sort of fell onto the pavement.

Unsurprisingly, when I think about it, I struggled to get up and to sit on the wall. When I was sat, Valeria used her feet to push my feet apart revealing all of my wet, shiny, swollen, bald little pussy to everyone who passed by; or in a couple of cases, stopped and stared at me.

Valeria stood away from me, slowly drinking whilst Alejandro continued recording both me and the young men who'd stopped to stare at me. Then I saw Maria walk up to Alejandro and get a phone out. The fast vibrations of my egg got supplemented by a series of electric shocks and I started orgasming almost instantly. How I didn't fall over, or off the little wall, I will never know, but my little body was jerking about and muffled groans and swear words came out of my head.

I could feel sweat creeping down my body and I later saw that a little puddle of my pussy juices on the ground below my pussy was forming. The electric shocks seemed to go on for ever, and as a consequence, my orgasms kept cumming and cumming. Finally they stopped and the next thing that I remember is Valeria shouting at me, telling me to stop being a lazy bitch xxxe kajal x story sex stories to get up before she spanked me.

"Spanked me!" I thought; "Alejandro never said anything about spanking, but hey, in for a penny." But it was too late; Valeria pulled me up by one of my pigtails and pulled me over to a chair that was outside the stall selling cold drinks.

Before I knew it I was over her lap and she was spanking my naked butt. "Spread your legs you naughty little girl." Valeria said between the second and third swats. I did, and wondered how many people there were behind me who could see my pussy. There must have been some because there were at least half a dozen who had stopped to watch me get spanked; and that was only the ones that I could see.

The inevitable happened again and I started cumming again. "You little slut." Valeria said; "Can't I even spank barely legal teen gets pumped full of cum without you cumming? Maybe I should let some of these nice people spank you as well? Let's see if you cum for them as well; any volunteers?" There was, one middle-aged man stepped forwards with a grin on his face.

Valeria pulled me to my feet, again by one of my pigtails, the invited the man to sit on a chair. She then told me to get over his lap. As I did so she used one of her feet to spread my feet wide. I soon felt his hand land on my bare butt, and it was a painful swat. Just as the third swat landed I felt an electric shock inside my pussy.

I orgasmed again and the man seemed to take that as permission for his hand to rub my butt then my pussy. That made the orgasm last longer, and my body jerk about even more. I didn't think about it at the time, but I was grateful to the man for holding me so firmly so that I didn't end up on the dusty, gravely ground. When I finally calmed down, Valeria pulled me to my feet and told me to thank the man.

A garbled thank you came out round the ball gag then Valeria started to lead me away from the little audience and back into the rest of the people who were wandering around.

It wasn't long before I was back to being not seen, or ignored, by most of the people around me. As I walked I was thinking that those spankings were so different to the ones from Mr. Billingham and those in the club.

Those were out in public where the people around me weren't expecting to see a naked girl get spanked. This made it all so much more humiliating, and so much more arousing. "That's a nice red butt that you've got there Georgia." Valeria said; "I hope that it doesn't hurt too much." I grunted through the ball gag and kept walking. It was then that Alejandro appeared in front of me and told us that I'd had enough for one day and for Valeria to lead me back to the car.

Back at the car, Valeria and Maria took my cuffs off and the ball gag out of my mouth then Maria gave me my dress to put on. "I wasn't expecting the spanking Alejandro." I said after a long drink of water. "Neither was I," he replied; "It was all Valeria's idea. She gets these 'inspirations' as things unfold. Most of them are great ideas. I hope that your ass is okay Georgia. I never want you to get hurt." "It's a bit sore but it will be fine.

It was only hand spanking so there won't be any real damage. " "You really are a picture when you cum Georgia; do you jerk about like that all the time or did you put it on just for the camera?" "I'm like that just about every time; I just can't help it." "Oh yes, I remember you cumming at the gym, you were all over the place then as well. Don't fight it girl; you just go with the flow. You've got to let me video you doing that lots more times out in public." "You've got the app to control my egg so you've got the power to make me cum whenever you want." "And you wouldn't mind?" "Fuck no; I like cumming." Just then Valeria lifted the back of my dress up and started rubbing some cream on my butt.

"Sorry about that Georgia, I sort of get carried away and into the role too much sometimes." "No, no, don't apologise; I liked it." "Well I could see that but I should have asked you first." "I forgive you Valeria.

Just so long as you don't do any semi-permanent damage and I get to cum I don't mind." As we drove back to Ibiza town Alejandro asked me if I'd like to be walked horny secretary gets her ass fucked deep a clothed beach or through a village or town square the same way.

"I've had a couple of hectic days and I need some rest, and my butt needs to get its normal colour back; so give me a couple of days then I'm up for it; and maybe some very public fucking." "Wow girl," Maria said, "It took me a couple of months to be happy to get fucked in public but you; and so small and young; you're like a real pro. Are you sure that you're not a professional porn star?" "Fuck no; I'm just a girl who wants to have some fun before going off to university then starting a serious life." "Well we look forward to helping you with that." Alejandro added.