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College hoe lena paul sucks and rides the dean pornstars and hardcore
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Morning rose along with Garret. As for me, it felt like a daydream, already aroused and barely awake. Simple subtle moves of my hip stirred the feeling inside of me, the growing sensation of being filled.


A bit more, pressing into the warmth beneath me. Oh it felt so good, encouraging me to be bolder with my moves.


My skin cracked and broke free from the bond that dried between us, a confirmation that last night was not just an erotic dream. "Mmm." I did not consider the consequences; all I knew was that my morning call sent adrenalin through my body. Waking up never felt better. I think boys call it morning wood, and it definitely fit the description.

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Still pressed against his body, I sensed the response of his heart awakening, accelerating. It was only a matter of time before he too would stir. Was I ready for my confession? I had already committed to it, at least my body had. "Kaori?" His voice cracked, doubting, almost asking if it was me.

I didn't respond.

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No words, just a soft kiss on his cheek as I raised myself like the rising sun. My hips grinded into him; keeping him deep; stimulating me both inside and out. "Kaori?" No crackle this time.


His eyes opened. My gaze met his. I didn't need to say who I was, I saw it in his eyes, I felt it in the soft caress of his hands on my hips and the subtle, but deliberate rise of his body to meet mine. He had accepted this reality. It as at that moment, the butterflies came back, the same ones I had the first time. I was experiencing another first. No longer was it a secret that I did in the stealth of the night with the blind fold of alcohol hiding my identity.

There I was, unveiled, on top of him, impaled, making love to him. Even better than I had fantasized. But I had a head start on him and was already close. His hands guided me backwards, exposing my nerve center, forcing me into a leaning back cowgirl position, stimulating my G-Spot and giving his fingers full access to my most sensitive nub.

Instantaneously, my orgasm exploded. "Oh god, Garrett! Yes!" A muttering of words and groans. I was aware of his smile, but did not look at him. I was riding my pleasure for all it was worth. Never again, would this be a first. I had to adjust, moving my feet forward, just to balance myself.

Bouncing, I was bouncing on him. Reminded me of a nickname given an old girlfriend of mine back in high school, bouncer.

It made sense to me now. For a adriana chechik porn preference test in time, our bodies moved into each other sending him into my very depths, and then in another instance he retreated, not quite leaving me, but enough to let me know that this was fleeting and that this too shall come to an end.

But for now, our movements would continue to bring us together repeatedly. "Oh, Kaori." His grip tightened, he had reached his takeoff point, ready to literally pop up. Right on queue, his hips bucked up, hitting the sweet spot and catching the wave. His orgasm rushed in, a rough ride, jerky and choppy to start, but gradually smoothing out as he found his groove. Smooth riding, with a bit of a jerk here and there to keep the ride going.

A bit more before gracefully kicking out.

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Collapsing on him felt so right. Listening to his breathing, the beat of his heart and his voice through his chest. "Kaori." It was all he needed to say. The day had started in such a way that things could only get worse. Such the optimist in me, but it set the stage. After we finally abandoned my bed, he left without so much as a smile.

He rose, scooted to the edge, grabbed the panties he was wearing the night before and left. I couldn't help big african dong pounds a tight pussy watch his muscles flex as he walked out of my room. By the time I had showered and dressed he was gone.

It wasn't unusual for him to leave like that; in fact it was normal. His habit: A basketball game with his friends, no matter how hung over. I myself had plans to meet an old friend from college.

Guess life goes on. But it was the start of the uneasiness that ate away at me for the rest of the day. No text, no email and no call. What was I expecting? That life would suddenly change, that our love would surge with the sudden revelation that we are good for each other? But perhaps I read it wrong. Sex was good and that doesn't mean we feel the same way.

. does it? Night fell as I sank into depression. I grabbed a beer in anticipation of spending the night alone, wondering what Garrett was thinking.

But two beers in, I heard his keys at the door. My heart skipped. I still hoped something good would come of it. He entered, smiled and went to his room. I finished my second beer and went for a third. "Hey, can you grab me one too?" At least he didn't sound mad. I grabbed two, popped the caps and headed for his room.

"Here." I was afraid to show emotion. "Thanks." He took a long swig. Silence. I didn't know whether to leave or stay. "So, how long would you have seduced me in my sleep if my so called friends hadn't dumped me in your this amazing latina milf loves to fuck black dick Where did that come from?

Did he really know? "Um." I did not know how to respond. Was he pissed? Without waiting for me to conjure up an explanation he stood and grabbed me, planted a long deep kiss on me and pulled me to the bed. I knew he was strong, but nothing like this. He turned me and placed me on my back with so little effort. In a blink of an eye, he had removed my boxers and dove between my legs.

I had not felt his tongue on me and like some magical serpent, it slithered in a way that I did not think any human tongue could move. In, out and around, flicking, digging, driving me crazy. Then his fingers joined in, twisted together and exploring. I guess I had my answer. One orgasm down, with who knows how many more to come.

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I tossed my own shirt aside and was working his up his body. I had interrupted him, but once he managed his own jeans he slid onto the bed between my legs. It didn't take him long to position himself, but he didn't enter, just teased me. Played with me, slid through my folds, nudged and prodded, but never entered. Garrett, you tease! I had to have him, but stayed my hunger. "My turn." He whispered as he nestled just inside.

The swell was gaining momentum; I knew it would be a good ride. Just relax, wait for it, let the wave do the work. Just a bit more, he slid in, I popped up, wrapped my legs around him, perfect, right on the sweet spot.

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I was on, he was in, deep, committed. For now, I was rushing the face, almost like falling, speeding down, getting ready to edge a turn and carve the wave. My hands reached behind him, grabbed and pulled him further into me. This was no cruise; it was a full on rush of a ride and headed for the barrel. I tried to climb and then drop, trying to get the timing just right.

Faster and faster, I was out of control and heading in. The fury of the wave surrounded me as he pumped me, pushing me harder. All I could do was hold on. Blinded by the turbulence of the wave, I could only sense the mounting climax.

I bore down; bucking up against his hips, as they crashed into me. "Oh god!" Almost there. It was either wipeout or make it through. In one supernatural convergence, he crashed into me shooting me out of the barrel. I came, shuddered, exploded and came with him. But he wouldn't give up the ride, he reached under me, picked me up and drilled into me.

"Garrett!" Out of shock I did not know what to say, he impaled me. I wiped out. Completely losing it. Too much speed, I couldn't handle it. Up and down, he mercilessly drove himself into me: Still nice rodeo on black ramrod interracial hardcore, still going, still filling me. I came again. Tossed without effort, I tumbled and rolled; not knowing which way was up.

I had to breathe, I needed air, I gasped, reached for the surface, whichever direction that was. One last effort, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his body to mine.

At last, the turbulence cleared, sending me back to the bed. Out of breath, heart racing, body twitching, trying to regain senses. What a ride! No words, just the heat of his body against mine. Nice.