Amateur lesbian teenies get their narrow slits licked and plowed

Amateur lesbian teenies get their narrow slits licked and plowed
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During our second week at the villa in Palma my girlfriend Maria (16) and I bumped into Joe and Ron again on the beach. Joe told us that they were planning a party at their villa on the Sunday evening and suggested we might like to come along. I could immediately see that Maria was interested from the glint in her eye to her cheeky smile as she began to flirt with Joe.

It was agreed that we would arrive at 7pm and with that Ron and Joe went off to do some shopping.

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Maria and I lied to my parents telling them that we were going to a nightclub, not to wait up for us since we wouldn't be home until the morning. On the evening of the party Maria spent ages getting ready, shaving her legs, styling her long blonde hair, slipping on a see through white thong, short cream dress which hung to her full curves, barely covering her arse cheeks and very low cut around her large breasts.

Maria was not wearing a bra and the light impression of her nipples were visible through the dress. She topped off this stunning outfit with a pair of cream high heels. I must admit as she stood standing in front of the mirror adjusting her dress top to show off her cleavage I could not help but think of the happenings by the pool a few days previously and wonder whether she was intending to have a repeat performance after experiencing the older cocks.

We arrived at the villa and were shown in by Ron who was dressed smartly in shirt and trousers. He led us through to the pool area where sitting at the pool table were Joe with a few friends of theirs who had a flown in the previous day for latin pussy pleased with cock in condom short break.

There were two couples, all in their sixties. Ron poured us both a drink of white wine and introduced us to their friends. James and his wife Grace. James was short a white haired man with a plump red friendly face and a pot belly which hung over his trouser waist band. His wife Grace was a little taller than him with shoulder length light brown hair, gently streaked with silver hairs.

Grace had a friendly smile, her lips topped with deep red lipstick. She was wearing a long light blue dress with a long slit up one side, which showed her long slender legs, and a split neckline which nearly reached her naval which was joined by a see through material through which her small firm breasts could be glimpsed. James gave Maria a peck cuckold son eats mom creampie the cheek his eyes roving over her figure as she pulled away after.

Grace said hello to me and gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek. As she drew near I could smell the floral scent of her perfume and I noticed her piercing green eyes.

Peter was a tall slim man who clearly worked out ,with a balding head edged with shortly cropped grey hair. His wife Laura was a large buxom lady with dyed red hear wearing a black dress and stockings with black high heels.

We settled in and relaxed with plenty of drink whilst Joe cooked fresh fish on a glowing red barbeque. The couples quizzed us on our stay in Palma and my future plans after leaving university. As the sun began to settle we were treated to a bright red sunset over the distant hills. Before long Ron put on some music and with the drinks flowing we all became increasing relaxed. I noticed that Joe and his friend James were paying Xxx vidau 15 san kpan a lot of attention.

As she leant towards Joe trying to listen to his small talk over the music we were treated to a look down her dress at her ample cleavage. As Joe cracked open a bottle of champagne Maria, Grace and Laura announced that they needed to powder their noses (probably slipping away to have a girly conversation without being overheard).


About 15 minutes later they returned and suggested that we all dance. Grace changed the CD to a slower set of songs and then walked over to me, took my hand and guided it to her waist. Pulling me close I could again smell her perfume and feel her curves against my body as we danced close talking quietly. Laura danced with Ron whilst Joe danced with Maria. Peter and James sat out the dances, talking and sipping champagne.

As we danced Grace guided my hands to her arse where, to my suprise, I realised that I could not feel the outline of any panties. Seeing the suprise on my face Grace smiled and winked at me and held me tighter to her body. It was no good my mind conjured up an image of Grace laying naked on a bed with her legs wide open displaying the inner most secrets of her vagina.

I could feel her breasts against my chest and my penis began to harden in my trousers from a mixture of the image and the erotic sensation of her nipples.

Grace could obviously feel my increasing erection rubbing against the mound of her pussy and she brought her mouth to my ear and whispered "I want you to fuck my dripping wet vagina with your hard cock until you come in me". I could feel my face go a deep red and was paranoid that the others were all watching me. "I think your husband may have something to say about that" I replied.

"Joe and Ron told us all about the other afternoon. Hardly seems fair that your young lady should get all the pleasure don't you think?" Grace whispered in my ear. As the song ended Laura interrupted asking if it was her turn to dance given that the men were so involved with the young lady.

I look around to see Maria with Peter, French kissing him in a long passionate kiss. Grace winked at me and with that Laura drew close to me. She immediately sensed my erect cock and with one hand around my waist she slipped her other hand between us, slowly unzipped my trousers and slid her fingers into my boxer shorts. "Oh my!" she exclaimed as she gently ran her fingers over my cock. Laura kissed me gently upon the lips, sliding her other hand down the back of my boxer shorts and grabbing my arse.

Laura began to kiss me increasingly passionately and before long her tongue snaked into my mouth. When I next looked around Maria was dancing with James at her front and Peter behind her. Peter slipped the top of her dress over her shoulders, down her arms and with that her huge breasts slipped free. James lent forward and began to run his tongue over her erect nipples before sucking longingly at one breast.

Meanwhile Peter drew her dress down over mature hoe jessica taylor has hot foreplay with bf pornstars hardcore hips to the floor.

Maria was no longer wearing her thong panties and stood absolutely naked as Peter gently kissed her neck and James licked her breasts. "Your turn" Laura exclaimed and with that she undid my belt and allowed my trousers to fall to my ankles.


With a smile Laura looked at my erect penis. Grace walked up behind Laura and began to unclip her dress from behind allowing Laura's dress to fall down to her waist, her large breasts falling free in the process. Grace drew Laura's dress down, her large tits topped with enormous nipples swinging and Grace slid the dress over Laura's wide hips to reveal a very hairy mound of pubes covering her pussy, black stockings and suspenders.

She was a little chubby, with a small stomach hanging over the suspender belt and full hips which just seemed to announce that she was made to fuck. I have to admit I was so aroused by Laura's naked body, my cock now solid like an iron bar. "It's Laura's 63rd birthday tomorrow" Grace announced "and she would like a present to make her feel youthful, or perhaps just to feel a youth!". Grace walked over to me and unbuttoned my shirt before slipping it off onto the floor.

She walked me out of my trousers and socks and before long I stood naked with my erect cock standing out in front of me. Laura strutted confidently over to me and looking me in the eye kissed me on the lips before resuming her passionate kissing. We were completely lost in the moment our hands bbw gets fisted and fucked interracial tube porn over one anothers bodies.

I can remember her nipples as solid as bullets brushing against my chest.

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Grace and Laura then knelt before me, cute sadie enjoys being slammed really hard either side and thenthey began to French kiss each other. Shortly Laura grasped by cock and the ladies began to French kiss each other around my solid penis. The sensation was absolutely incredible, tongues snaking around my bell end, all hot and wet.

Grace drew away and Laura slowly drew her tongue over the head of my penis, drawing me into her mouth before closing her lips around my shaft.

Laura began sliding her lips down the shaft of my penis until the tip of my cock touched the back of her throat, her lips almost touching my pubes. With that Laura began to slide her mouth up and down my cock, gradually increasing the speed and sucking harder.

I began to gasp at the incredible blow job. I looked around towards Maria. Peter was sitting on one of the seats, trousers and pants at his ankles and his erection pointing stiffly up.

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Maria was straddling his lap facing away from him trying to guide his penis into her tight vagina. With one hand she spy cam bhabhi bath tube porn the tip of his cock to the entrance to her body and then slowly slid down until his cock was fully inside her.

At this point I realised that the reason she was so long in the bathroom earlier in the evening was because she was shaving her tight young pussy completely hairless. As Maria drew up and down Peter I could see the folds of her pussy lips enveloping his hard old penis. Maria's eyes were closed tightly as she concentrated on nothing adorable teen slut barbara desires a massive schlong to bang their combined pleasure.

I then noticed Grace slipping her dress over her head and I was not suprised to see that she also was not wearing any underwear. Maria later told me that in the toilets the three ladies had agreed to go without underwear to give the men a treat. Grace seductively strolled over to me and began to kiss my lips before we began to kiss passionately, our hands wandering with increasing urgency over each others' flesh.

Sensing my increasing arousal Laura stood and began to kiss Grace and I. Laura sat on the edge of the table next to Maria and parted her legs revealing her now glistening pink pussy inners.

Grace took my penis in her hand and guided it to Laura's vagina, slowly rubbing the sensitive tip up and down Laura's wet lips coating my penis in her moisture. I could feel Laura's pubic hairs brushing the crown of my penis and I became more and more turned on, my cock was so hard it was becoming uncomfortable.

I could stand no more and thrust forward sliding my throbbing cock deep into Laura's hot wet vagina. She grasped my bottom hard with both hands holding me close, looking constantly at my face and smiling at my excited response.

I slowly began to slide bigg boobs big ass teachers and students full storys penis in and out of her mature pussy whilst running my hands gently over her breasts, brushing and pinching her nipples.

Laura reacted to my touching her nipples clearly turned on by the touch, gasping and breathing heavily, her face turning a deep red. As I looked to one side I saw that Maria was now fucking James in the cowgirl position sliding up and down his cock with increasing urgency.

Standing besides them was Peter who was watching me fucking his wife with a large smile on his face. "Oh, fuck me harder, harder, harder!" Laura order. I began to thrust in and out of her pussy with force banging our groins together hard as Laura moaned with pleasure and her pendulous tits swung with each thrust.

Grace cupped Laura's left breast and lovingly licked and sucked the nipple. This made Laura gasp and moan all the more. Soon she began held me, stopping my hard banging and instead ground her pussy slowly against my groin, holding my arse hard to prevent me. Laura began to shudder, her eyes tightly shut as an orgasm washed over her. This left me even more aroused.

As soon as Laura released her hands from my arse I could take no more and resumed my fast motion, banging her mature pussy with all my might. I could feel my orgasm rising in me and within a couple of minutes I that shot my sperm deep into Laura's hot wet vagina.

Laura held me close and we kissed a long lingering kiss, our tongues exploring each others' mouths and genitals still locked. I withdrew from Laura and we sat side by side sipping champage whilst we watched Maria who was now fucking James. Soon she pulled off of his cock and laid upon the table her legs spread wide apart.

James lined up his penis and thrust into her young tight pussy again. His pot belly hung over her neatly trimmed pussy and stomach. As he slammed in and out of her ypung pussy her huge breasts swayed as did his stomach. Grace knelt in front of me and began to kiss my penis. Looking me in the eye she gradually drew her tongue up the underside of my penis before nibbling at my scrotum. I felt myself begin to get hard again. Grace slipped her lips over the tip of my penis and ran her tongue around and around the tip of my penis.

I looked over to Maria as James withdrew and squirted stream after stream of spunk over her pussy and stomach. As he walked away Ron stood between her legs, unzipped his trousers and slipped his erect cock into her well used vagina. Maria began to moan and cupped her own breasts tweaking and licking her nipples. Grace pushed me back on the table beside Maria, climbed up onto the table and straddled my now erect cock. She slid onto my hard penis and slowly worked herself up and down.

Joe suddenly came into my field of vision completely naked and sporting a large erection. Next thing I knew Grace lent forward and only a foot or so from my face she began to give him a blowjob, lovingly gobbling at the tip of his large cock.

Suddenly I heard Grace say "Room for two on board". With that Joe climbed onto the table and I could feel his cock brushing my bollocks as he positioned himself behind Grace. Then Grace groaned as Joe slid his cock into her arsehole. The sensation was unusual, I could feel his iron hard penis through the tissue between her arse and vagina as he slowly worked in and out of her arse, his large scrotum hanging down and brushing my bollocks as he did so.

The expression on Grace's face was out of this world. Her eyes were tightly closed and she was breathing heavily as she took our two cocks deep inside her body. This carried on for about ten minutes before Joe began to increase the speed of his thrusts and then cried "yes, yes, yes" before he evidently came deep inside Grace's arse. As Joe withdrew I could feel his spunk dribbling out of her arsehole and down my cock. Peter immediately climbed onto the table and I assumed that he was also going to fuck Grace's arsehole but to my suprise I felt his cock slowly force itself into Grace's vagina alongside mine!

I could feel the solid ridge of his bell end slowly sliding up and down alongside mine as he began his strokes. I was so turned on by the scenario in which I found myself and I began to slide my own cock in and out of Grace's fanny trying not to go too fast in case the combination of our dicks hurt Grace.

Grace began to moan and mutter "Ohhhh. ohhhhhhh.ohhhhhhhh, use me, use me. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!". We didn't need asking twice and both began to sliding in and out at a slightly faster rate. Before long I felt a very hot sensation as Peter sprayed his sperm into Grace. This pushed me over the edge and very soon I too was shooting my hot spunk deep into Grace's womb.

As Peter and I withdrew from Grace I was just in time to see Maria squatting on the floor with James and Ron either side of her with their cocks level with her face. Her hands were rapidly wanking both men's cocks. Maria saw me watching and smiled at me. Soon James' cock exploded firing his white sperm all over her face and hair.

Maria responded by rubbing his cock over her face liberally spreading the warm juice all over her cheeks and lips as she continued to look at me. Very soon Peter ejaculated over Maria's face and breasts, his gooey spunk hanging from her chin. With that she looked up at the men and smiled a large white smile.

We stayed the night at the villa and I was lucky enough to get to fuck Laura one more time in the morning in the shower whilst Maria stood in the doorway watching whilst fingering her own pussy. A fantastic holiday!!