Lusty pounding from a huge jock hardcore and blowjob

Lusty pounding from a huge jock hardcore and blowjob
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I woke up, my head pounding. My body is was so sore, especially my arms, which also happen to be tied behind my back. I look around, and the first thing I notice is how cold it is. Doesn't this place have heat? I see papers strewn about, dirt all over the place and a garbage can with a fire burning in it.

Does anyone even live here? "I know what you're thinking and no, no one lives here." A relatively short man stepped out of the darkness. And I knew it wasn't the guy from before, his voice is deep and rumbling, this guy's voice is normal with just a hint of malice. Who was this guy? Where am I? What is he going to do to me? All these questions swirling around in my head, making it hard to think.

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"Who are you? Where am I?" I asked. I didn't know if I should feel afraid or relieved that I'm away from that man. He looked like he didn't even hear what I just said, all the while staring at me no less. "Hello? Did you just hear me?" "Oh I heard you, I'm just deciding what to do with you." A sliver of fear shot through my spine.

Oh my God, is he going to do what the other man did to me? No, he can't, he just can't. I started to cry, afraid of this man. "Hey bitch!" My crying immediatly stopped, replaced with an even bigger sense of fear. "Don't fucking cry! I haven't even started with you yet!" He walked over to me, slowly, reveling in the way I cringed from him.

I tried to get away but my body was so weak from the abuse and the long walk. Not to mention I felt like my head was going to explode. He just laughed as I tried to move away.

In one quick motion he stomped his foot onto my chest, knocking the air out of my small body. He looked in my eyes and I his, Realitykings cfnm secret dani daniels romi rain cfnm secre lovin lounge was so afraid of him. And to top it all off, he was smiling. "Oh God I can't fucking wait to ravage your little ass body! I've been fucking homeless for five years now, I have to sleep from abandoned building to abandoned building!


I can't even stay in one because they are always conveniantly being torn down the next day! Well, tonight I was looking for a place to stay, and I found it, but I also found something much better. A cute, little runaway who's about to get the pussy fuck of a lifetime!" He laughed sadisticly when he said this. He is going to do what the other man did! I was raped today by a stranger, and now it's going to happen again! How could this night get any worse?

"Please mister, you're crushing me!" His foot had been on me the entire time he was talking. "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to!" He removed his foot and almost simaltaneously kicked me hard in the gut. "Owwwwww! Stop mister please!" "Oh did that hurt? I'm sorry!" He laughed that sadistic laugh again and kicked me again, harder this time.

It felt like my ribs were breaking. "I'm so sorry if that hurt!" "Yeah? So am I." The man whipped around, but before he could say a single thing was met with a fist colliding with his jaw. The last thing I saw before I passed out from the pain was him pleasuring a needy ass aperture hardcore and blowjob and a very blurry and very tall figure looming above me.

Damn I have to find Alice! I jogged back to the car intent on getting out of the pouring rain. I started up the car and almost in a daze was driving off on the street. Goddamit I really fucked up this time. Right turn on whatever street. I had only just got out of prison and the first thing I decide to do is try and get some pussy.

Left turn on I don't even care anymore avenue. Fucking Rick, this is all his fucking fault. I looked through the windshield, only now aware of where I was actually driving to. I'm surprised I haven't fucking crashed. Huh, this building looks familiar.

I saw a tall, broken glass, no messing around abandoned house. A small realization hit me; this was the building where Rick put the tools in the garbage can next to. I felt a surge of anger, fucking Rick, he's the reason why I'm fucking in this mess. Is that a fire? I looked through one of the windows and saw a fire burning. Oh what the hell, I need somewhere to sleep, and I certainely can't stay in this car. If the feds caught me in a stolen car, that would be like adding insult to injury.

I got out and made my way to the front of the house. The screen door was almost nonexistent and holy crap was this door old, or rather old looking. Nonetheless the door opened, and the inside was no better than the outside. Old newspapers everywhere, and a musky smell was the first thing I noticed. Slowly I walked up the stairs, and down the hall I saw the fire glowing. But what I heard was not anything I expected. Guess this day is full of surprises huh? I crouched down and edged my way to the room.

I heard a familiar voice pleading out to a by the sounds of it, one crazy ass motherfucker. I poked my head in and saw some asshole beating on my Alice.

Holy shit I found her!

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So I'm not dead after all! Wait, I have to focus on the task at hand. I have to save Alice. I walked up behind this little fucker and said the coolest line ever.

Before he even got to say anything I knocked him on his ass.

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Oh man I think I just knocked him out. Whatever he deserved it, beating a poor girl like that for no reason. I walked over to Alice to ask her what happened, but before I got to say anything she passed out. Well, back to the house. Again I woke up with some part of my body hurting, and this time it was my ribs. I put my hand to my ribs and felt a bandage, oh good I thought, whoever must've saved me has to be someone nice right?

My arms are still pretty stiff though, and besides the soreness in beautiful beauteous gf endures pounding hardcore and blowjob legs and lady parts- oh God. I totally forgot about what happened, I have to find the man who saved me and tell him about what happened to me! I looked around trying to find a door, but spotted a window from which was shining beautiful rays of sunshine.

With much diffuculty, I got up and looked through the window, and saw a sea of green and brown. Trees and trees as far as the eye can see, I thought. We must be deep in the woods, so after a minute of admiring the scenery, I found the door and proceeded to manuever myself as best as I could.

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I went down a long hallway and found a living room area. At the end was the kitchen but as soon as I saw who was in the kitchen I froze. It was the man who raped me last night and he was cooking. I woke up in a house that's in a forest, and the man who raped me is cooking breakfast.

Just saying it in my head sounded ridiculus.


I guess I must've been standing there for a while because suddenely he turned around, all the while humming a tune no less. The moment he saw me he froze also, for that split second we just stared at each other pondering who's going to make the first move.

I did and spun around as best as I could trying to get to the room but from there I did't really know, all I cared about was red hot japanese teen intensely fucked by a lucky guy as much dictance between him and me as possible.

I heard his thundering steps as he ran towards me. Oh my God no! Can't let him catch me, can't let him catch me! "Wait Alice stop!" He grabbed my arm, and pulled me towards him. Paying no mind to the pain I felt before, I started thrashing like crazy. "Alice stop, you'll mess up your ribs even more if you keep on thrashing like that!" I stopped. Why did he care? It's not like he has a heart or anything. "Please Alice, look at me." Relunctantly I looked in his eyes and instead of seeing the evil and terrifying look Sexsexs sexs xnxxx xnxxx xnxxx xnxxx xnxx xncc comsexnxx saw before, I saw sincerity and a genuine interest in my well-being.

"Good, thank you, now are you hungery?" I looked at him my face showing a mixture of confusion and- no mostly confusion. Why on earth would he offer me food? "Alice? Baby are you hungery?" "What do you want from me?" "Well right now I want you to answer my question." He said that with no hint of anger or impatience but with a smirk on his face. It was the first time I ever actually saw his face, and to tell the truth he wasn't that bad looking.

"Why do you care?" "Well I just thought after what you've been through last night, you'd be pretty hungery." "You mean what you put me cuddly college girl was teased and reamed by her senior teacher last night?" When I said this he had a sorry look on his face, putting his hands on his hips he looked at the ceiling almost looking for a response on the ceiling.

"Look, I'm sorry for what I did to you but you don't know all the facts and besides I would expect a little more gratitude from you for saving you from that creep." "What? That wasn't you, it couldn't- "Oh that's right, you passed out before I could get a word out of you." I stared at the wall blankly, wondering what to do with myself. Why would he rape me, then save me?

It doesn't make any sense! "Look I know this must be hard to digest but you- I didn't give him the chance to finish, I kicked him hard in the shins and ran (or did my best to) back to the room. "Wait Alice stop! Cmon baby wait!" I made it to the door and before I slammed the door in his face and locking it, the image of him hobbling to me was the last thing I saw.

I put my back to the door and slid down out of breath, just happy that I'm away from him. "Alice open the door honey." "No! Get away from me please!" " I promise I'm not going to hurt you! Just open the door." He said that last with a longing like he really was sorry. But I won't fall for it. "Stop lying! Just please mister get away!" "I have the keys to this door Alice, I can just open it from the outside." A wave of fear came over me, he's lying right?

He has to be! "No you're lying! Prove it to me!" "Alice you have to the count of three to open this door before I do." I snorted, that doesn't work on me he's just bluffing! "One." I brushed it off but proceeded to walk around the room trying to find a phone.

"Two." Is he still counting? Oh man there's no phone in here. How do I get out? "Three, Alright that's it I'm coming in!" Oh wait there's the window I can just climb out of here, but first I have to find some better clothes, the pj's I have one won't protect me from the cold.

All of a sudden the door creaked open. I froze, too afraid to turn around. He did have a key, he wasn't lying! "Alice baby, will you listen to me now?" I turned around saw him standing in the doorway with his arms out. Oh my God, what does he want from me? Can't he just leave me alone? I started to back away slowly all the while him getting closer.

"Please mister I-I d-don't know what y-you want from me, but please don't hurt me!" "Now why would I do that? I just want to talk to you." My back hit the wall there was no where else for me to go, I'm trapped! I started to cry and in my last defense sunk to the ground, clamping my legs together and putting my arms in front of my face.

I saw his legs and he slowly kneeled to establish eye contact, again I saw the kindness from before. "Alice I'm sorry for what I did, can I tell you why I did it? I just kept my legs and arms where they were and continued to cry, trying to retreat into my mind. He gently moved my arms away from my face and did the unexpected. He kissed me like last time, long and passionatly, like a lover.

I looked at him and he looked at me. I stopped crying. I didn't feel afraid, just confused. He scooped me in his arms and brought me to the living room area. Setting me down he looked at me and said "Now, do you want breakfast?"