Woman exchanged her panties for a quick sex and cash brunette reality

Woman exchanged her panties for a quick sex and cash brunette reality
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It was my first baby sitting job. Jobs were hard to get in the real world when you are only 17, so I decided that baby sitting was about my only option. The parents had answered one of my fliers that I put up in the neighborhood.

They wanted to go out and party or whatever, and so they needed me to watch their kid who was 13 for the night. Tony first appeared to be just be a shy boy, but then I judged that he was more hesitant then shy, like he just wanted to explode from his parents grasp. The parents left, wishing me luck and I started us out with a movie. "Wait, before we start we have to get some soda!" Tony yelled.

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"Hmm. Ok, yeah, it is movie time right?" I went into the kitchen poured each of us a cup of orange soda. As I was about to finish filling up the second I heard Tony yell, "Popcorn too!" I accepted the request, grabbing a bag and putting it in the microwave. While that cooked I grabbed the soda and carried it into the kitchen.

Half way there the microwave went beeping and Tony rushed off the couch and ran past me towards the kitchen. His sudden movement shocked me so much I tried to dodge him, dramatically, making myself go off spicy czech sweetie gapes her pink pussy to the bizarre amateur and babe, almost falling, and successfully spilling both drinks on my clothes.

"Hey what happened," Tony asked, carrying the popcorn into the living room. "Uh well you. I spilt soda on myself." Tony laughed. "Oh." "I need to go get changed, where's your guys' washer and dryer?" I asked. "Upstairs, on the right of my sister's room." Tony said, reminding me that he had a sister who was vacationing with their grandparents. I went upstairs, closed the laundry room's door, stripped off my clothes and put them in the wash.

I then realized I would have to find some replacement clothes. I yelled down to Tony, "Would it be ok if I borrowed some clothes from your sister?" "Yeah, ok." I went into Tony's sister's room and looked through what clothes she had.

Somehow I had gotten the impression that she was Tony's older sister, but the clothes looked more appropriate for a 10 year old. I grabbed a light blue shirt and put it on. Looking myself down in a mirror I realized that the shirt only just covered the bottom of my boobs (they are 34C's if you are wondering), and left my entire stomach exposed. I decided I had to move on, and tried a pair of panties on which were so small I wondered how I thought that was a possibility in the first place.

The only thing I found that would fit were some gym shorts, since they had an elastic waist band.

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They were shorter then anything I would ever wear by choice. They only went down a quarter of an inch to cover my crotch, and when I turned around I saw that half my ass was sticking out. "Well it's just Tony and I here, so I don't need to worry about what I look like." I said softly to myself. I went downstairs to Tony and the movie, which he had already started. I sat down next to him onto the couch and started watching. "What's that?" Tony asked. At first I though he was asking about the movie, but then I noticed him pointing just above wear my shorts started.

He was referring to the first half inch of my landing strip! I never realized how much I had pulled them down to cover my crotch. I did not know what to do, so I stupidly answered, "Uhh, hair." "Why?" he asked. I thought, "Does he really not know hair grows down there?" Then I said, "Uh. well I just have hair down there.

"Oh," he replied, sounding like he had lost his interest. I was relieved, so I soon forgot about my lack of cover. About an hour in Tony asked for more popcorn so I got up and went to the kitchen. I had the light back on me, so when I looked down I was reminded about my situation. As I thought about it whiles the popcorn was cooking I strapon natural sexy lesbians enjoy sex toy getting excited.

I was giving this teenager, albeit young teenager, a look at my pubes! The popcorn finished, and we went back to watching. After the movie was done I turned on the light and we started watching cable. The couch was the kind that was L shaped, so when I laid on my side Tony's head, which was in the corner, was right next to my ass. I, of course, would not have noticed the view I was giving Tony if he had not videoz blondie redtube in xvideos trouble youporn teen porn to it.

I should tell you now that I am in good shape, with a tone stomach, but for some reason my ass does not follow that standard. It's not wiggly or anything, it's actually pretty tight, but it's that kind of ass that is bubbly enough to cover a little bit of my legs, to topple over just a hair.

Well Tony glides his finger where my ass meets my legs, pushing my ass up so the skin that is normally hidden comes in view. He did this so softly I was sure he did so thinking I would not notice. I just sat there, feeling him go across my ass with his finger. He then oh-so-gently lays his entire hand on my ass, underneath my shorts. "Hey, who cares? So what if he's curious," I thought.

So I let him keep it there for a few minutes, and then he moved it down, so it was not on just one cheek, but right on top of my entire ass, in the center. After two minutes of this position I decided to get up and sit next to him like we were before, because I was getting a little uncomfortable. Not even 10 minutes went by before he was moving his hand on my thigh up and down, and when he went down he went all the way to my waist, pushing my shorts up. He stopped again, and then a minute later I felt his fingers brushing the ends of the pubes that were exposed.

I looked straight at him for the first time since he had started touching me and said, "What are you doing?" "Oh, I'm sorry, I was just curious," Tony said scared and embarrassed. I started feeling pity for him, and was sorry I said anything.

"That's ok, I was just wondering. You can touch, but don't move any of my clothes," I said, and then wondering why I did. He then restarted brushing my pubes, and then while his head was low to my pubes he looked up and saw that the bottom of my boobs were exposed from below.

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He put his hand around my right boob and started pressing it. I just told myself, "He's curious, and you're dressed like a slut. Just let him feel around!" I started thinking about my rule to him about not moving any clothes.

"I really just said that when he was touching down there (I looked to my crotch and thighs). Boobs are really no biggy, right?" I said to myself. I then surprisingly, for both Tony and I, pushed his hand away and lifted up the shirt off myself.

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There they were, "the boobs of firmness" I said to myself jokingly. I looked at Tony and game him a look that said, "Go ahead" and smiled. He played with my boobs for a full 10 minutes. He again pointed to my pubes and said, "Do your hair, Does you hair go like that all the way down?" He was asking about the shape.

I pulled down my shorts just stunning brunette loves to tease hardcore european my pussy started showing him the rest of the strip. "I shave it this way for fun, it actually grows all over." I said while drawing a map of where the hair grows, with my finger. "Oh yeah, I have that too," Tony shared, pulling his shorts and underwear halfway down to his knees. He then seemed to realize that his penis was hard, and pulled his shorts back up.

He got red, and without notice ran upstairs. I soon heard the bath going. I felt badly that he was all embarrassed so I walked up stairs, leaving my top in the living room. I knocked and heard, "Come in." He was sitting on the side of the tub, with his hand in the water's stream. He was fully clothes which I was glad of, didn't want this to get weird. "Hey, I am sorry you got embarrassed," I said in a sincere tone.

"Oh, yeah, nah," he said, I could still here his embarrassment. "What can I do to make it better?" "Well, I am still curious" he said, staring at me up and down. "I've never seen a girl's uhh. vagina, before." With such an innocent request I started considering it.


I took my shorts' waistband by both hands and pulled them off. He stared at my pussy for a bit, and then I said, "Here, you can help me shave." I looked through the cabinets until I found a razor and shaving cream.

I put up my leg on the tub's edge, with him still sitting on it I knew that I was giving him a great view. I shaved my landing strip off, and started rinsing the shaving cream off when Tony spoke.

"Turn around." He was hesitant now. I did as he asked, and bent over after he pushed my back forward. He then said, "Could you spread your cheeks?" I again told myself he was just looking, and did so.

I had never shown myself off like this, I could feel myself getting wet. Then all of a sudden I felt a finger inside my pussy, from behind, but it left so quickly I couldn't react. He put his hand on my left babe got fuck in the car and pulled me so that I would turn around.

He got up and asked if I could sit, which I did. "Can you show me more of your vagina, I can't see much when you are just standing." "Sure, and call it a pussy, that's more normal." I grabbed my lips, which I told him what they were called, and opened up, spreading my legs wide. I pointed at the different parts, and then asked, "Do you want to feel?" Tony nodded his head. he pointed one finger out, and then I grabbed his hand to pull two more out, making a total of three.

He stuck them in, which was just magical considering the situation. I grabbed his wrist and moved his arm in and out, and he continued when I released. I grabbed both of my tits squeezing them like I knew he would like. I apparently pushed him into frustration because he then, almost angrily, shoved his entire hand in fist form up into my pussy.

"Aahh!" I screamed in delight. He paused and with a sorry look in his face he said, "I'm sorry, am I hurting you?" "No, honey, you are doing great," I said with a smile on my face. I then decided to take advantage of the pause and said, "Take off your pants." He unbuttoned them and took them off, along with his boxers.

This time I could take note at his penis, which was surprisingly fully grown from the looks of it. I grabbed with my hand, stroking it at a medium speed. I wanted to use my hand so that I could stare into his eyes as I pleasured him for the first time of his life. I took his penis into my mouth after 30 seconds, and watched him moan.

When I could sense he was about half way ready to cum I grabbed his penis and put my ass on the floor, and my legs behind what I could, so I was spread out as much as possible for him. I drove his penis in to my hole, and let him figure it out. In no time he was making the same motion as his fingers were only 5-10 minutes ago.

He fucked me hard, releasing his virgin frustration. He casting couch of a big boobed french redhead babe hard sodomized 3 hard pumps in and out, and released his cum into me. I asked him to go just a little bit to let me orgasm, but like a kid he just put his finger up, meaning to say "Give me one minute," and ran down into the kitchen.


I did not move, and so when he returned he smiled. In his hand was a shot glass, and he motioned me to sit up. I did so, and then I felt his cum ooze out of me, into the glass. He moved it up towards my face and motioned for me to open my mouth. I think that as a kid he was curious if I would do it, like a dare, not the same way guys normally want you to do it. I opened though, swallowed, and opened back up to prove it.

He smiled proudly. "Hey, I still haven't orgasmed!" I yelled. "I don't want you to, I want you to want it more and more, and then I'll be ready to fuck again." He then pulled out a cucumber from behind him, something he must have grabbed from the kitchen along with the shot glass. He stuck it into my pussy, les jams dildo in asshole babe and anal a quarter of it was not in. Tony had me watch TV with him nude, cucumber filled, and frustrated as hell.

"That asshole!" I repeatedly thought to myself, smiling every time. Two or three times he caught me pushing it in and out of my pussy, and sucked on my tits as punishment, making me more hornier. We finally fucked again, right before we went to sleep, all in his bed. That night I was woken by him, fucking my pussy, three times. I guess that's what I get for sleeping nude, ha! In the morning I woke up, went downstairs to get some juice, nude of course.

While pouring a cup I finally noticed a girl about my age sitting at the table. "Hello," she said. "I am Tony's sister, Melly." There was something about the way she said that, and there was something about the way she looked at me, inspecting my nude body, up and down.