Getting the service of his life jet multimedia

Getting the service of his life jet multimedia
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"AlexiaNana is really happy your mom sent you here to spend some vacations with me." I said hugging her tight as soon as she came out from heur car. My heart jumped as i felt her breasts smashing against mine. "My, my. Where did those things come from?

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You didn't even wear a b cup bra last i seen you." I stepped back, checking her from head to toes. "Look at you! You became a really pretty young woman with all these nice curves." She blushed nicely. It was cute. Oddly, i thought she'd be taller than me but i guessed she took from the little shrimp her mom fucked many years ago. We took your stuff from her trunk and got inside. We went in the kitchen. I served us some limonade.

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She kept glancing at pump breast on the counter big ass girls cleaning the kitchen. I caught her look and laughed lightly. "Yes Alexia. I'm still pumping those big melons. You shouldn't be surprised, i'm still young. Heh, i got your mom at 13 and she you at 14. And i kept producing milk since.

I sell it. And my milk seems to be really healthy as i kept receiving new offers for it." I looked amused her shocked face.

"You seem to be a late bloomer on your boobeez department, maybe you'll make milk soon. Who knows?" I said while i bent over the open owen to remove the muffins i prepared for her coming. I totally forgot i wasn't wearing any undies so as i bent over the hem of my dress slid up, exposing my hairy slit and asscrack.

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I never wore any underpants when i'm home, sometimes i didn't wear them when i was out too. She checked my breasts as i sat down displaying the muffins on a plate. I looked down and noticed wet spots over my nipples. "Shit, my boobs are already full and leaking", I stood up and took the pump and two bottles to fill.

"I hope you don't mind." I laughed trying to act as casual as it could be. "It's not like if you never seen me doing it before. So tell me about your life while i use the pump, we didn't talk much lately." So she began to talk about college, roomates, friends, her mom. She couldn't help staring at me. I unbuttoned my dress and let it slid over my shoulders, letting my ugly huge bra appeared as the dress went down slowly.

I leaned over and put my boobs on the table, the light bump on the wood was enough to produce more milk. Drops sticked out from my nipples through the wet fabric soaking it even more. The wet spots grew wider. I pushed aside the strap off my shoulder and hooked the side of the huge left cup -i should say basin- and pulled it out, taking care not pressing over my filled flesh.

The cup disappeared slowly under my naked breast. She might had forget how big my areolas were as she almost split her lemonade over the table. They were brown type with busty buffy first homemade sex tape big boobs big tits diameter of, at least, four inches. The nipple poking out hard with the pressure of the milk.

I hold the sucking device of the pump against my boob. Few drops feel in it then i pushed the on button and the pump began to hum lightly.


I let a moan of relief escaped from my mouth. "Damn! It was close to be really painfull. It's although very uncomfortable right now.

I should had pump my breasts earlier i guess." She asked me if i had a way to make me feel better when it hurt. I nodded but said nothing. I kept suffering, moaning with the increasing discomfort my overfull right breast made. The first bottle was already almost totally filled with hot milk and the flow didn't seem to end. "Fuck, i don't have any more empty bottle!" I said fixing the tube on second bottle.

She seemed to be hypnotised by the amount of milk just one of my breasts could produce. Soon the flow decreased and last drops fell into the sucking cup. I removed it from my nipple and brushed it with the tip of my forefinger wipping the last dripping drop before licking it.

"Look how it looks like smaller now than my other breast Alexia." I pushed down the other strap and let my right breast filled with tasty milk.


I moved the cup out of the way easier than the first one. Milk was leaking, running down the curve of the flesh and made a warm puddle on the table. I hold the sucking cup over the full breast and the pump did its work.

I groaned painfully again. "I'm sorry Alexia but it hurts too much and i have to fix that. Don't be too shocked but the only -and the best- way Nana found over the years is to touch myself so if you find it too odd you can leave. But teen webcam leggings xxx ivy impresses with her enormous baps and ass better if you look at me while i'm doing it. Would you like watch Nana while she plays with her pussy?" She gawked as she watched my hand rubbed between my open legs.

I didn't know what she was thinking about but she didn't say a word. And her eyes on me aroused me so. She was making me so wet. Soon the second bottle was filled, i stopped the pump but my nipple was like a broken faucet, unable to close. I pulled up my supple heavy breast to my mouth and sucked on it eagerly, i always liked the taste of my own milk.

I noticed the change in her eyes, she was looking at me with lust and envy now. "Do you want some?", i asked teasing her, aiming my drooling nipple toward her.

"Do you remember when you were little i breastfeeded you often? Probably not but maybe you remember the smell of my pussy, i masturbated each time i breastfeeded you.

Or maybe you remember the taste of my cunt, i used to wipe my cuntjuice over my nipples." I raised my soaked hand in front of her face.

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"Yes Alexia, smell Nana's juice." I pushed my fingers in her mouth. "Come on Alexia, suck Nana's juice." I felt her tongue licking between my fingers. "Alexia, you're my favorite grandaughter.

Make Nana happy. Now get on your knees and dig your fucking tongue deep in cunt. Damn, Alexia, Hurry up. Nana needs to come so bad."