Glorious asshole ready to be penetrated by a big meat

Glorious asshole ready to be penetrated by a big meat
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Janice Baker was under the kitchen sink, on her back, putting together a plumbing connection that had come apart. She heard a voice say "Hi" and was puzzled but not yet frightened.

She put the wrench down and slid out. Erik was standing there. He was one of her students in Stamfield High School a boy she'd had a most unpleasant experience savouring a huge schlong hardcore and cumshot the day before, during English class. She had been seated at her desk and was leaning forward, checking test papers, when she heard Erik say, in an undertone, "Look at that set on her, will you?" That was when she noticed that the top button of her blouse had become undone, leaving her considerably exposed.

The boy's remark had caused a titter in the classroom and she could not let it go unchallenged. First she re-buttoned her blouse, causing another titter, then, looking directly at Erik, she asked, "What did you say?" Erik looked a little abashed, then, realizing that he was the center of attention, regained his aplomb.

"I said, 'Look at that set.'" His cool response might have warned her to leave it there. Although he was only 17, Erik had the physique of an adult. His muscular body had earned him a place on the football squad, but there was more to him than athletic ability.

Janice had observed many examples of his academic intellect and quirky, sardonic wit. He also had a reputation for risk-taking that bordered on the reckless. Nevertheless, she plunged on. "What did you mean by 'that set'?" Erik remained unflustered. "Do you really want me to answer that, Mrs. Baker?" By this time, she really didn't, but could not think of another way out of the boy's challenge to her authority.

"I asked you a question, Erik. Of course I expect an answer." "Okay, then, I meant that set of tits you were showing us when you leaned over with your shirt wide open." There it was, total disaster. The classroom filled with laughter, with only a few embarrassed girls abstaining. Erik did not hide his enjoyment of the sensation he had created. Janice felt it was imperative to regain control. At age 36, she was an experienced teacher and could have found a way to defuse the situation gracefully perhaps praising Erik for his powers of observation while suggesting that some thoughts are better left unspoken.

But even though she had a body she could be legalporno full scene katie amp lusie heart ass to ass video sz of, Janice was almost puritanical about both sexual matters and her dignity as a teacher, so instead of subduing Erik with a mildly humorous rebuke, she chose to use a sledgehammer. "Well, Erik, that crude remark might be suitable for the locker room with the other jocks who substitute muscle for brains and real manhood, but it has no place in a senior classroom, where most of the students have outgrown puberty." Her comeback brought forth raucous, sarcastic cheering from some of the boys, and Erik flushed with anger.

Janice tried to restore order. "That will be enough!" But the class was in disarray and Janice was literally saved by the bell that signaled the end of the period. As Erik turned to leave, he shot at her, "I'll remember what you said!" "I certainly hope you do," Janice replied, feeling that she had regained command. But now her young adversary was standing uninvited in her kitchen. She got to her feet. "What are you doing here, Erik?" As she spoke, she noticed that the back door, which she had left open to let in the Saturday morning breeze, was now closed.

He answered in a casual voice, with a smile. "I came for the set. You know, those tits you were showing off yesterday. I came to get my hands on them and suck your juicy red nipples. And there are some other parts of you I'm also interested in. I bet a smart lady like you can guess which ones they are." Janice stood frozen. Even a brash boy like Erik wouldn't dare to be so explicit strictly as a joke.

And he wouldn't walk right into her house like that, unless … she had to think carefully about what to say, how to act. She knew this was very serious. Erik didn't give her much time to think.


"I see you're at a loss for words, Mrs. Baker, which is unusual for you. May I call you Janice? Yes. Janice, how about showing me your bedroom? I assume it's up those stairs. I'm anxious to get at all those nice body parts and prove to you that I'm past puberty and have a pretty good manhood" He looked her up and down, very much at his ease. She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt that showed off her body in much more detail than she wanted at this moment. "Erik, I didn't really mean " "That will be enough!" he mimicked.

"Now, do you want to come nicely with me to your boudoir or do I have to drag your ass there?" "My husband will be home " "Some time this afternoon," Erik interrupted. "You told the class he's with the Boy Scouts on Saturdays. So I came here to keep you from getting lonely." Janice knew she could not match his strength and it was clear that her authority as a teacher had become non-existent.

She dived for the wrench on the floor. He was quicker. He grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and headed resolutely for the stairs. She had no choice but to follow the teens analyzed anal massage and assfucking brunette and blowjob in her head became excruciating when she tried to hang back. She started to scream, but the sound was quickly cut off as his other hand clamped onto her throat. "Yell and I'll choke the life out of you." She could hardly breathe, and this brought back the dreadful memory of when she had almost drowned while swimming at the age of twelve, caught in a strong riptide.

Engulfed by the turbulent water, she had held her breath for as long as she could, seeing the world go black and feeling her life slip away. A lifeguard in a skiff got to her in time, but she had been claustrophobic ever since and would not even venture into a closet. So as Erik dragged her up the stairs she did not try to fight him. She would accept anything rather than have that hand tighten on her throat and completely cut off her air.

At fat ass plumper seduces young lad big white booty and fat girlfriend head of the stairs her bedroom door was conveniently open. Conveniently for Erik. Continuing to pull her by her hair he forced her to actually climb onto the bed the last thing she wanted to do. Then he used his big hands to put her on her back and he sat astride her. He glanced at the window. It did not look out on a neighbor's house.

There was no one to see what was taking place in the bedroom. She tried to speak calmly, reasonably. "Erik, surely you're smart enough to know what will happen to you if you do anything to me. Leave now and I will let the matter drop." Erik smiled and spoke to her as if he was the teacher and she was the student. "Nothing is going to happen to me, Janice. And I am not leaving until I enjoy every inch of that hot body of yours, including those great tits and let's not forget your soft cunt and your nice round ass." He seemed to enjoy offending her with his crude language.

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Janice had heard that the best thing to do under these circumstances was to adopt a sympathetic tone and get the attacker to keep talking. "Erik " "There will be no more conversation." He mocked her use of that phrase she often used to get the class settled down.

She tried again. "Look " "I'll look, all right. But first, I want to taste that mouth of yours." He bent over her. She twisted her head to one side. His hands went to her hair and her throat again. "Turn your face to me and open your mouth." His voice was commanding now. She made herself face him and opened her mouth. "Now, Janice, dear put out!" His mouth was on hers, his tongue moving inside.

She did not resist, but her lips did not respond as he wanted. "I said, PUT OUT. Give me what you give your husband even more!" Her rage burst out.

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"You expect me to kiss you when you're assaulting me?" She had started to say "raping" but avoided the word, in the weak hope that he would not go that far. "I expect you to do what I tell you to do," he replied crisply, then added, "but it looks like you'll need what's the word you like to use?

Motivation. I'm going to cut off your air for two or three minutes. That will give you time to get motivated." His hand went to her throat again. He saw her fear and he knew he had the key to make her do anything he wanted.

Miss High-and-Mighty, at his command. This was going to be fun! He started to squeeze her throat. "No no!" she gasped. "Yes yes!" he mimicked.

"No please I'll I'll." She looked at him hopelessly in defeat. He was not satisfied with this incomplete message of surrender. "You'll what, Janice?" he taunted.

She made herself say, "I'll do what you want." He removed his hand and patted her cheek. "You're a good student. Not so swift as a teacher, but a good student.

Okay, what I want for starters is lots of sexy lip movement and your tongue all the way in my mouth. Like I said, as good as you give your husband what's the jerk's first name?" " … Elliott." "As good as you give Elliott, or even better." He returned his mouth to hers and she tried to do his bidding. The awful charade went on for a few minutes, then Erik stopped, but only to express his dissatisfaction. "Hmmm. I'll grade you a B-minus for that. Now I want an A-plus." Again he pressed his mouth to hers, his lips and tongue making further demands, which, despite her mortification, she did her best to gratify.

Finally, he seemed satisfied. "I'll give you an A for effort. You see what you can do if you really apply yourself?" he continued, mocking the stock phrase of encouragement she used in her class. "Well, thanks, Janice, I really appreciated that," he said, getting up from the bed.

"Have a nice day!" She felt a surge of hope. Perhaps he had climaxed in his pants and lost interest. But then he paused. "I have a feeling I've forgotten something what is it?" and she knew he was playing a mean game of cat and mouse. "Of course!" he cried, smacking his forehead. "The tits! Those beautiful tits of yours that I've been waiting to get my hands on. And those other body parts how could I have forgotten? Don't look so disappointed, Janice, I'll do my best to give you a good feeling.

Get it, Janice? A good feeling!" He laughed at his puerile joke, then climbed back on the bed and pulled off her top and bra. She couldn't help flushing as he gazed at her exposed breasts with the appraising look of a connoisseur. All this from a boy of 17.

Precocious bastard, she thought. He wasn't through tormenting her. "I know what you're thinking, Janice. 'Look but don't touch.' But those tits are so round, so beautiful, that I japanese brother sister incest creampie hentai erwisht want to feel them. Can I, Janice? Excuse my grammar - may I?" She knew he would keep taunting, and maybe hurt her, until he got the answer he wanted. "Yes," she muttered.

"I can't hear you when you mumble, Janice. Speak up, please." "YES!" "That's more like it. And now that I have your permission …" He smiled his wicked smile, then suddenly pounced on her breasts and proceeded to squeeze them with a frightening animal ferocity. She knew he could do whatever he wanted and she could not protect herself.

This boy, this immature boy, had her entirely at his mercy. He showed his teeth and clicked them together in a biting motion, then plunged down and stuffed a breast athletic blondie cherie deville has an ultimate bdsm session his mouth. Was he going to bite? No, it was another of his juvenile games, as he sucked away, while continuing to squeeze the other breast.

Then he reversed the process, sucking the other while squeezing the first. She lay helplessly, thinking about what was probably going to happen next. Thus far, Erik had concentrated on assaulting her mouth and upper body.

There were far more sensitive and vulnerable parts below. She was surprised that he was taking his time to get to them. Was it possible that he was impotent or even homosexual and had no interest in penetrating her, but just wanted to humiliate her for her remarks in the classroom? She was soon disabused of this hope as he released her breasts. "Very nice," he said judicially. "Everything you promised when you were exposing yourself to the class was really true.

No false advertising about those hooters. But there were some things you didn't show us, and with your kind permission I'd like to explore them now.

Do I have your kind permission, Janice dear?" "Yes," she ground out, knowing that she had no choice. "Thank you, teach. To save time and trouble, how do your shorts come off? Just pull them down?" "There's a zipper in the back." He reached behind her, unzipped the shorts and pulled them off. "Ah, nice panties.


I always like a bit of lace. Do they also have a zipper in the back?" "No." "Then how do I get them off?" Would there be no end to this humiliation? "Pull them down," she said. "Good idea! I think I will!" He did and she lay totally naked under his admiring gaze. Instinctively, she was pressing her thighs together for protection. Of course, that did not satisfy Erik. "You have a lovely body but I would like to see more of it, especially the cunt section. Spread your legs for me, Janice." It required a major effort of will for her to obey and expose herself completely.

"Ah, what a nice picture! I got a magazine that would pay you plenty for posing like that. And I'm getting to look for free." Erik ran his hands up the outsides of her legs and then up the insides. Next, he brought his face close to her vagina and examined it. Apparently satisfied with its appearance he massaged it briskly as she clenched her teeth.

"How does that feel, Janice? Wait I need a better angle. You know, for sucking 'n fucking." He reached for a pillow, ordered her to raise up, and placed it under her buttocks. "Now bend your knees. Point that cunt up at me. More! Good. Now it's time to eat some pussy." He reached under her, grabbed her buttocks and pressed his mouth against her vagina. His tongue slithered inside and explored around.

He nibbled at her clitoris, normally a prime source of a woman's sexual pleasure, now the site of additional torment for Janice. She tried to cope with this latest indignity by willing her inner being her very soul out of her body, as if she had died.

She lay inert, eyes closed, as he assailed her with his groping hands and sucking mouth. After a while it stopped and the sound of his zipper told her what was coming next.

"And now for the main event! Open your eyes, dear, and see what I have for you!" She opened her eyes. He was a big boy and had a correspondingly large penis, which he waved in front of her. "It's my manhood you said I didn't have. Take a good look!" He was fully erect. She braced herself. The one piece of good news was that his slobbering had lubricated her vagina and thus spared her some pain, because Erik did not spare her anything.

He raped her vigorously and mercilessly, adding further insult by forcing her to French kiss him while her body was being invaded. When he was finally done, he gave her the bad news. "That was a good beginning, Janice. You'll be happy to know that I'm usually good for three fucks maybe four if I'm inspired, and you are as inspiring a piece of ass as I've ever had.

Hey, speaking of ass …" He flipped her over and ran his hands slowly up the backs of her legs to her buttocks, which he squeezed and pinched in leisurely fashion. "I don't know which I like better, Janice," he remarked, "your tits or your ass. Your tits have those nice nipples but your ass is bigger, more of a handful." He spread her buttocks apart. "And it's got this other hole I haven't explored yet." He poked a finger into her anus. Janice cringed, then, in a pleading tone, "You're not going to to?" "To what, Janice dear?

You must learn to finish your sentences." "To rape me anally." "Rape? Rape? We're enjoying, I think it's called consensual sex. Isn't that right, Janice?" "… Yes." "So your question really is, am I going to fuck you in the ass, right? And the answer is, we'll see. It depends on how well you satisfy me with another form of entertainment I have planned. But right now I'm getting the urge to fuck you again in your cunt, you'll be glad to know.

Don't bother to turn around, just get up on your knees and spread those legs." He took her from behind and then crowed, "Boy, wouldn't the guys on the team piss in their pants to see Miss Uptight Coldbitch putting out for a student.

This is more of a turn-on than nailing a cheerleader!" She flopped onto her side, exhausted by pain and humiliation. But the energetic young athlete had no intention of letting her rest. He put her on her back again and moved up so his penis was practically in her face. She could see that his member was still relaxed, but any hope this gave her was quickly sunk.

"Here give me a blow job. The same kind you give what's-his-face." "I don't do that with my husband," she replied coldly. "I never did it with anybody." "Great!" he enthused. "This will be a two hot fillies share a thick member creampie brunette experience for you.

Put it in your mouth, Janice." "It will make me sick to my stomach," she protested. "I don't think you would like that," she added meaningfully. "You'll like it even less," he threatened, "so you better not lose your cookies. Come on, in your mouth and start licking and sucking." He grabbed her hair again for emphasis, and again she had no choice but to obey.

As she did, she felt his penis come to life, coaxed by her reluctant lips and tongue. This was indeed a new experience, and one she loathed especially, because of what she was arousing him to do in her mouth.

When the eruption came, she barely managed not to become sick. "Swallow it, Janice," he commanded, and somehow she did. She felt that she had lost a virginity of another kind, and not to her husband but to this revolting young predator. "Well, let's check the scoreboard. I made two touchdowns in your pretty cunt one through the front door and the other coming in from behind.

Number three was just now in your sweet mouth. Hmm, I promised you four fucks and I don't want to disappoint you. Where oh where should it be? I keep thinking you have another nice hole somewhere. Help me out, Janice, where is your other nice hole?" Janice was sick with dread.

She knew where he was headed. "Please, please," she begged. "Not there!" Erik was all innocent bewilderment. "Not where, Janice dear? Wait don't tell me. Of course, your cute little asshole. Turn over." Janice was practically in tears. "I beg you, Erik don't do that to me!" Erik smiled, almost in a kindly way.

"Okay, Janice, I like you and I want to be your friend. Where do you want me to fuck you cunt or mouth? You choose." Of course, Janice did not want to be assaulted again in any part of her body, but she felt she had to play Erik's nasty game or he might sodomize her, so she said, very tight body campus ex girlfriend lucy doll point of view a faltering voice, "My vagina." "What's this vagina crap?

I asked you, cunt or mouth." "My cunt." "Janice, you're an English teacher, right? 'My cunt' is not a complete sentence. I'll give you a hint. 'I want you to '" "I … want … you …to … fuck … me … in … my … cunt." "Okay, Janice, if you insist. After all, what are friends for? But now I'm a little embarrassed. Here you are, your ripe, juicy cunt just dying to be fucked, and my cock is not ready to rumble.

It's your fault, Janice. You're such a tigress, you're wearing me out." "Then don't do it!" "No, Janice, that's very considerate of you, but I promised you four fucks and four fucks husband watches wife fuck black guy are gonna get.

You just have to help get it up again." Erik lay on his back and ordered Janice to straddle him. Then he made her lower each breast into his mouth, which he sucked in turn. Then she had to kiss his nipples. Her next assignment was to lick his penis while fondling his testicles. Ironically, she found herself wishing he would become erect so this latest ordeal would end. At last, her "wish" was granted and Erik was able once again to satisfy himself between her parted legs. When it was over, he said, "Just one more little exercise and we're done." He reached for his shorts and from a pocket he pulled out a digital camera.

"What's that?" "It's a camera," he explained with mock patience. "What are you going to do with it?" His mock patience turned to feigned exasperation. "Janice, for a teacher you can be pretty dumb. I'm going to take pictures with it. Remember, I'm taking a class in film making and this movie will be one of my projects. You, Janice, will be the star aren't you excited? Now, I'll explain the action to you as we go along" Janice listened in disbelief as he assumed the role of film director.

"I want you to start out just looking relaxed on the bed. Then you get to feeling hot. I mean sexy hot. So you spread your legs nice and wide I know you're good at that. I'll come in for a tight close-up of your beaver. You take your fingers and spread it open to ww com sexy story jogi ji dheere dheere dala show it off.

Oh, and give me a nice smile while you're doing all this." Janice's outrage overcame her fear. "Are you completely crazy? I submitted to you, I let you rape me repeatedly, I did everything you wanted now get out of here!" Erik looked thoughtful, then shook his head almost regretfully.

"Sorry, Janice, we gotta do this. Look, I'll explain it to you. This is my insurance that you'll keep your mouth shut about our little romance. A teacher fucking an underage student? My, my. Think of my reputation as a young sports figure and role model. "I'm going to keep this little movie hidden in a secret place.

Nobody will ever see it unless you do something stupid like going to the school principal or the cops. Then I'll have to show this movie to prove that you are a person of low morals who seduced me and it's not my fault what happened. "Now come on Janice, just this one thing and I'll never bother you again. But you gotta do it or I'll have to choke you until you change your mind. I'm not fooling, Janice on your back and give me a smile. Now!" Janice realized that she had to undergo this final degradation.

She did not doubt that Erik would horny wife gets anal by black guy good his threat to choke her if she didn't obey and what if he miscalculated and cut off her oxygen until she suffered brain damage, or even died?

She lay on her back, forced a smile, and followed his revolting instructions. "That's it, Janice, now spread your legs wider. Bigger smile, Janice, I want to see how happy you are.

Good! Use your fingers wait, I got an idea. Rub your clit like you're jerking off. Do it, Janice, or I'll do it for you and you won't like it. There you go, rub faster now, like you're coming.

Yes now give me a satisfied look. Nice! Now spread the lips of your cunt. Wider, Janice, wider I want to see all the way into that pretty hole. Great just wish I had better lighting. Do you have a flashlight? Never mind, just kidding. Now, take your hands and pull your legs up way up, so I can see your nice round ass. Yessss!" Next, Erik ordered her to turn over, kneel on the bed, and peer at the camera between her spread legs.

"That's it big smile and give me a wink. Now, hairy man in office germany your cheeks. No, Janice dear, the cheeks of your ass spread 'em nice and wide. I'm zooming in close and I want a good rear view. Great!

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Now, one more shot and this time I'll be your leading man." He had her turn around and flourished his penis. "Okay, Janice, I think you remember what to do with this. Only, more enthusiasm this time. Lick it and suck it like it's an ice cream cone and you just love ice cream cones." He pointed the camera down. "Wait 'til I focus. All right action!" She performed the disgusting job with well-simulated enthusiasm, knowing that if mom dad sister brother full family sex was not satisfied he would make her do it again.

"Hey, Janice babe, you did that like a real pro! Sorry I couldn't come this time, but I used up all my ammunition, thanks to your truly awesome fucking and sucking." Now he was through with her, but he had a couple of parting shots. Adopting a respectful air, totally bored girl looking for a better entertaiment. Baker, I know that you're a teacher, but I visited you today to teach you a little lesson humility, which is something you sorely need.

I wasn't looking for payment, but I have to tell you that screwing you up, down and sideways had its rewarding moments." She heard the lecture with rage, thinking, who are you to give me lessons in humility, you cocky son of a bitch rapist?

but she managed to keep her face expressionless, fearful of triggering further abuses from the boy. Erik wasn't quite finished. "Remember, Mrs. Baker, not a word to anyone about our little lesson, or this movie will show everyone how much you enjoyed it. And I'll put it on the Internet with your name on it, and I'll email it to lots of students and people all over town. I bet Elliott will get a real hot college marvelous amazing girls hardcore reality out of it, especially the part where you're giving me that blow job.

Something you never gave him and he's your husband, poor guy! So let's just keep this between us, right, Mrs. Baker? "Well, gotta run. I cut football practice to be with you and I'll get chewed out big time, but your hot body was worth it.

Don't forget, Mrs. Baker, keep your lip buttoned and keep your shirt buttoned, too!" He laughed, gave her breasts a final insolent squeeze, and left. And she was left to think about her situation. She wanted badly to bathe, to get every trace of him off of her, but she also knew that the police would want to send her to the hospital for a rape kit, to get specimens of his semen, saliva, and other forensic evidence.

So she just lay there and thought. His idea that the movie would prove she was a willing participant would never hold up, once she testified that he had threatened to choke her if she did not cooperate.

In fact, he had choked her, repeatedly. She got up with some pain and examined her neck in the mirror. To her disappointment, there were no telltale bruises. So it was her word against his. "She said he said." It was inconceivable that he might get away with this!

She thought some more about the dreadful movie. If it became public, they would have to move. She could never return to the school, could not even go shopping, much less have the remains of a social life. And even her marital existence would be forever tarnished. She remembered Erik's cruel jibe about the the blow job that she gave him but had never given to her husband.

Elliott had asked for it once, she had refused, and he never asked again. Now he would see her performing it on a 17-year-old boy. One of her students. And all those other things she was forced to do exposing the most intimate parts of her body while smiling and winking and masturbating! She could explain and explain, but what was the saying about one picture being worth a thousand words? And this was a picture in full motion!

It did not matter that vicious boy could not get away with this. He had to be punished. Who knows how many other women, or even schoolgirls, he had raped or might rape if he were encouraged by her silence?

She could easily find a teaching job in another town. Elliott might have some difficulty his work was specialized. But it didn't matter they couldn't stay here once this thing became public. Everyone would look at her with curiosity and either pity or maid vs boss japanese xxx. The students would be snickering perhaps openly disrespectful.

The students. She thought about what Erik had called her: Miss Uptight Coldbitch. Was that how her students perceived her or was it simply a concoction of Erik's, to somehow justify his perverted lust for sex and power?

She began to think about how she would tell Elliott. *** "Hello, darling. Wow aren't you hot?" Elliott regarded his wife as she lay on the sofa. She was dressed in baggy trousers and a heavy sweater. which couple cums faster cunnilingus small tits I'm not hot." "You don't look well.

Are you okay?" "Yes." "What did you do today?" "I fixed the leak in the sink." ` "Was it hard to fix?" "Yes." Elliott went into the kitchen and opened the tap. He heard water splashing below. "Darling, the pipe is not even connected!" "I was interrupted." "I thought you said you fixed it." "I just told you I was interrupted." "It's okay, darling I'll fix it. Why don't you go upstairs and relax?" He put on what he believed was his sexy voice. "Remember what we said we'd do when I got home." Janice shuddered.

There was no way she would get back in that bed and give Elliott what she had promised him. But while she'd been lying upstairs, naked and brutalized, she had changed her mind. She was not going to tell Elliott. She was not going to tell anyone. It would disrupt their lives too much, and she was certain it would forever taint their relationship as man and wife.

She hated to submit to Erik's final threat, but she hated even more the idea of that disgusting movie becoming public. She would try to go on as if this ghastliness had never occurred. Among other things, it would mean facing Erik in class every day and probably receiving meaningful glances from him, which she would ignore at least, outwardly.

And he would have the satisfaction of getting away with a nasty, dirty crime not a very good lesson for him, but that was of small consequence, considering her own future and especially her marriage. She must somehow contain the damage that had been done to her.

So she took a soothing bath and washed away all traces of Erik's invasion of her body. That felt good. Now, if she could only cleanse the ordeal from her mind.

*** Her promise to make love with Elliott could wait. She would try to nap on the sofa for a while … The phone rang. Elliott answered it.

She heard him talking. Then he brought the phone to her. "It's one of your kids Erik. He wants to invite us to a showing tonight of a movie he's just made." -end-