Sizzling sexy cock engulfing delight deepthroat blowjob

Sizzling sexy cock engulfing delight deepthroat blowjob
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Making my way to the bed Jasmine stops me with a shake of her head. I stop at the foot of our bed as she looks up at my eyes with a grin. " As of now our room is a no clothes zone. So baby strip and show me that sexy body of yours." Jasmine says making my face turn red a bit I think of how to strip for her.

I chuckle before I grab the hem of my shirt slowly taking it off. I hear her whistle as I throw my shirt to her. I start dancing erotic for her seeing those sparkling eyes grow wide as my Jasmine gets on her knees.


I sway to no music except the beat of my heart. Her eyes are transfixed on my movements as I undo my belt around my waist. I notice Jasmine biting her bottom lip. She is getting turned on so much that when I unbutton my jeans she crawls over to the foot of the bed. I unzip my jeans then turn around like a stripper on some porn video. I bend over to slide my pants down to my ankles.

Stepping out of them I feel a sudden slap to my boxer covered ass. " Mmm baby take them off.


Please your torturing me being a tease." Jasmine tells me as I chuckle Once I turn around Jasmine's eyes grow wide as I am getting hard. I place my thumbs in the sides of my boxers only to slide them down slowly. I hear her moan to the sight she seems to be waiting for. Once my boxers are off I start to dance for her. My sexy Latina is memorized by the sight as I notice her biting her thumb. I step over in front of her looking down into her eyes that show desire and love.

I shake my manhood in front of her making her whistle.

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I smile knowing Jasmine likes what she sees. I place my left leg on the bed to only gyrate my hips making her more aroused. " Oh god I can't take it anymore." Jasmine says grabbing my manhood into her right hand I let out a soft moan to her touch. Jasmine starts to slowly stroke me while smiling up at me. She seems to want to play with it. So I nod as telling her ' Go ahead'. It's at that moment Jasmine leans in licking the head lovingly.

My mind goes on autopilot to her advances as I feel her licking the underside before going to my balls. Damn she is taking them into her mouth sucking on them while stroking what is hers. I moan again as her left had goes around to my right ass cheek. My mind starts to wonder how she learned to do what she is doing to me. Jasmine takes her mouth of my balls to only focus on my shaft. I am lost in the moment as I look down to see her looking up at me.

" Baby I want you, but I want to taste your cum." Jasmine tells me as I nod " Jasmine I thought you've never been with a man?" I ask as my beauty giggles " Baby it's called reading on how to please a man, watching porn, and sucking a dildo. So I am going by what I read as well as what I feel. So just relax as your woman gives you a amazing blow job." She tells me as I nod I watch as Jasmine takes the head into her mouth licking it with her tongue.

Talk about a eye opener she does it while massaging my ass cheek. Oh god she is sending me to that point I just want to take her fuck the foreplay, but she wants to make love to me as I want to love her. This moment is the start of something very true between us. I feel Jasmine working my dick more into that loving mouth of hers. I place my hands on the post of the bed as to keep my balance. All I can do is watch as this loving woman takes more and more of me deeper into her mouth.

I am 10 inches long and 5 round, and she is taking all she can take. I am surprised she doesn't gag as I feel the start of her throat.

It's not sexy teen cam girl eira emerald getting fucked till she can take it no more that Jasmine eases off before going back and forth working for her sweet treat.

I can't believe she is doing this like a pro. I have got to thank those books she read as well as the porn she has watched. I can feel a eruption coming soon as she quickens then slows down. Jasmine moves her left hand to my balls to cup as well as massage them.

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Her hands are so soft as she touches me. I place my right hand on the back of her head only to run my fingers through her hair giving her a moan. I feel her smile against the shaft that she is loving. I don't know how much longer I can hold back. " Jasmine.oh darlin.I can't." Is all I get out as Jasmine takes me out of her mouth as I moan " Yes baby cum in my mouth. I want to taste you so much so shot it deep in my throat." She tells me replacing my hard shaft into her mouth Jasmine makes a point to go faster and faster to get what she is waiting for.

I can feel my balls tightening up as I lean over a bit. It's at that moment I erupt into her mouth very strongly. " OH GOD JASMINEEEEEEE!" I yell with a moan as rope after rope of my cum empties into her mouth Jasmine gives off a moan taking my sperm.

Her left hand strokes my shaft to get every last drop. After a few minutes of Jasmine milking me she has me sit on the bed while taking a seat behind me. I feel her body up against my back with arms and legs around me. " Jasmine that was so." I started to say but get cut off " Amazing yes I know baby as I am so wet from pleasuring you, and your cum tastes so very sweet." She tells me as I place my hands on hers " So you like it darlin?" I ask feeling a nod " Yes baby I swallowed it all, and will for now on when giving that beautiful cock a blow job, but the next load I want in my womb." Jasmine tells me as I turn looking into her eyes to see love " Jasmine, what if you get pregnant?" I ask as she giggles " Baby if I do then we will have a baby to love and watch grow.

Heath I have thought of this night, and all the nights after. I love you baby so much. I want to have OUR baby so much." She tells flawless tiny kitten gets her yummy pussy and tight anal rode as I place my arms around her Picking her up I turn her around placing her in my lap. Jasmine straddles my legs placing her arms around my neck.

The wrapping paper she is wearing is in the way. I look down then back up to see her nod. I reach down ripping the paper off her crotch tossing it on the floor. I rip the paper off her chest doing the same with it.

Jasmine grins as I look in her eyes with a smile. " So you thought of everything uh?" I asks getting a nod " Yes I have honey as long as you want kids." Busty lesbo gets pussy drilled with big dildo in bath answers getting me to think I always wanted a family of my own. I had the home, money, and knowledge to keep it all together. I place my hands on her sext tight ass squeezing her cheeks hearing a moan escape her lips.

I smile at her response to my touch as I take her left nipple into my mouth. I start giving it attention as Jasmine starts rocking back and forth against my shaft to get me hard again. I feel her slit press against me feeling her wetness flow. Her moans fill the room as she places a hand on the back of my head. I think of us having a baby, and I feel my heart warm up to the thought.

I increase my intentions on her breast going back and forth between the to beautiful orbs on her chest. Jasmine also increases her attention on my cock getting it hard at the same time.

" Yes baby suck my nipples, make me more wet for you.oh god." Jasmine tells me with a moan I do just as she asks by cupping her right into my left hand. I squeeze her left ass cheek making her moan as she quickens her pace. " Baby.I.I'm cumming.I'm fucking cummingg." She tells me moaning as I know now how to get her going She cums squirting on my cock.

I smile as I hungerly suck on her hards nipples. I feel her reach down for my hard cock as she raises up placing the head at her entrance.

I stop to look in her eyes seeing her deepest love for me. " Jasmine are you sure about this as it will hurt." I tell her getting a nod " Yes I am baby, but it won't hurt as Sluts throat and pussy acquire rammed hardcore and blowjob made sure last week by using my dildo to break my hymen. I am still a virgin as I have never been with a man. I wanted to enjoy my first time with you my love so please make me your woman, and please let me conceive our baby.

I love you so much Heath my darling love." Jasmine answers stating to me as our eyes don't leave the other as she lowers herself I feel my the head enter her as we both moan.

Jasmine replaces her arms around my neck working her warm, wet, tight, pussy down on what is hers now. The moment is full of passion, desire, and love. I place my hands on her sexy tight ass spreading her cheeks.

Both of us smile taking this as our special moment. We don't leave the others eyes as this feeling between us becomes one. Jasmine moves up and down riding me with so much love. She moans filling the room as the candles flicker around us.

This is the most wonderful moment in my life. This woman I met so many years ago is giving me herself completely. She is true to my heart as I feel the walls start to fall. Jasmine leans to me placing her lips against mine. I return the kiss as we make love. Jasmine starts going faster with a mixture of grinding against me.

I feel myself wanting to lose control as I pick her up to only turn placing her on the bed. She hangs onto me as I start thrusting in and out of her wet love canal. She moans as I increase my pace as she meets each one. " Yes baby.take me.fill me up.make me yours.give me your love." Jasmine says moaning after each word Jasmine lets me go pulling her legs back.

Placing my hands on each side of her head I start thrusting faster and harder. The head of my dick is hitting her cervix. I look to see Jasmine's eyes engulfing a massive pecker striptease and hardcore back as her back arches.

I feel her pussy tighten telling me she is orgasming. I smile as I start jack hammering her beautiful chesty doctor candy sexton gets plowed by hung patient pornstars and hardcore spot she has given me. I can't help it by leaning down to kiss her neck, but to only suck leaving a love mark. Her moans are getting louder as my groans are too.


Jasmine gushes on my cock letting me know this is real. I feel my climax coming with each thrust as I make fist on the bed. I arch my back as I feel my balls tighten, and cock start throbbing. " JASMINE!" I say feeling her vaginal walls clamp down " YES BABY.OH FUCK.CUM IN ME.AND WITH ME!" She yells moaning as i let myself go deep into her womb on my last thrust I hold my pose filling her womb up with my love.

She milks my cock for it all it's worth looking up at my eyes with a satisfying smile. Yasmines solo metal compilation fingering and brunette hold that pose just enjoying the moment with each other. Our breathing is heavy as she pulls me to her for a kiss. Our tongues seek the other making our kiss more meaningful. I thrust as few times making her moan until my cock gets soft. It slides out as she lets out a grunt.

After a few more seconds of kissing I break it only to lay next to her as Jasmine keeps her legs up in the air. We rest for a few moments until our breathing is back to normal. I lay on my right side propping my head up in my right hand.

I see her smile looking at me. The candles are still flickering strongly as Jasmine speaks. " Baby that was so wonderful and loving. I always want to make love like that." She tells me as I nod agreeing " So what's with the legs still in the air?" I ask getting a giggle " So I get pregnant baby." She tells me getting a nod before continuing " So in the mean time bring that sweet tasting cock up to my mouth so I can clean it off by sucking it.' I smile as I do just that.

I move up onto my knees placing my cock by her mouth. Jasmine smiles opening her mouth motioning me to place it inside. I move closer placing my cock into her mouth. Damn she doesn't wait to start as I let out a moan from just her tongue on my sensitive head. I see her eyes show love as she bobs her head. I look down between her legs to see her clit poking out between the slit, as well as her hair.

I reach down with my left hand to rub it slowly. Jasmine moans while cleaning my cock nicely. Her clit is hard wanting attention by me. It's not long that Jasmine has my cock cleaned with a smile.

She has me get up in the middle of the bed the lays on top of me. It's a after love moment as I hold her. Jasmine has her head on my chest softly itrsquos been a while since wersquove seen such a perfect pussy like the one gina russel has with th. " I love you my loving Heath." She tells me holding my sides tight " I love you my beautiful Jasmine." I respond feeling a smile on my chest That night we slept like that naked, uncovered, but most of all deeply in love.

I slept so soundly that nothing woke me up. The days after were very let's say amazing as Jasmine and I couldn't take our hands off each other.

After that night on Christmas it was like the flood gates had opened up to us. We would sneak to our room and strip our clothes to only make love for a hour or two. Each time looking into each others eyes. Jasmine never wanted to do any other position except spooning with a leg up in the air.

Still in that pose we could still kiss. Faye, Adam, and Jack would tease us by saying ' Get a room' or ' Turn the volume down' or the one that became our favorite ' Save some for the honeymoon'. Jasmine and I would smile as we knew one day we would be married, but that day wasn't now. New Years was good as we toasted it in she knows how to handle a cock tube porn a family.

Two days after New Years Faye had a job back home to do for a couple that wanted a big wedding. We all gave her hugs with kisses on her cheeks. Faye stated she would be back in two weeks.

We smiled telling her to be safe for we loved her. Adam was the one that made a comment that made Faye show tears. He told her that he loved her as his mother. Jasmine, Jack, and I stood watching Adam break down not wanting Faye to go. She stood strong telling him she will be back with a promise that he took to heart.

As she left Adam came to us with tears as we hugged him tightly. I knew of his pain as he told me a part of it, but I sensed he was like I was wanting that motherly love that we could only find from others.

That day went by with us four being a family. As January came and went February was like the month that past. Filled with classes, my work online which Jasmine helped the most. As Valentines Day came the guys let Jasmine and I be alone in the house alone. We smiled thanking them making our way that day before to the beach house. That weekend was spent with us not wearing a single piece of clothing as it was just us.

I gave her a promise ring to show my intentions in which she surprised me with the same. We spoke of a future in our home that was built on love as May told me the time she walked this earth.

I also gave Jasmine another gift by changing my business name to HJ LLC. Jasmine almost came riding me as I told her. I chuckled as I flipped her making love at that moment. Our love making was becoming more then we thought as every moment grew us closer.

The wall that so much surrounded my heart was slowly falling. Jasmine's love was knocking each brick down with such intensity. As that weekend came to a close Jasmine and I knew we would be together always. It was the first week of March that all five of us Jasmine, Adam, Jack, Faye, and I talked about Spring Break. Adam was a bit concerned since he brought up not having the funds.

Faye stepped in saying she had her son's back which made him smile. Jack suggested Virginia Beach again in which I thought us being a family we should go somewhere a bit more exciting.

They all looked at me as I smiled telling them Myrtle Beach, S.C. All their eyes went wide as Jack and Adam looked at me very concerned. Faye smiled saying it was a nice place to go. Jasmine took my hands asking when do we leave.

I told them that coming Friday night. Adam tells me his car won't make it. I exclaimed that him and Faye would be riding with Jack as Jasmine would be riding with me. Jack smiled saying that would be cool to have ' mom' with them in which made Faye show tears to the thought. I told them I had already rented a 4 bedroom bungalow for the whole week in advance. Talk about excitement they all came to me with hugs. I laughed seeing my family were happy to hear the news.

The Friday before Spring Break was here as we all had our stuff packed that we were going to take. Faye took Jasmine bikini shopping days before so they could look nice. Jasmine told me I would have to knock the guys that made a move on her out. Adam and Jack heard her words saying I wouldn't have to as they would. I laughed knowing they were protective brothers as well as sons. Faye gave them both a hug knowing she wouldn't be touched by a man while on vacation.

It was the last part of January that she came out telling us she was into women then men. We respected her for telling us as telling her so.

Adam spoke up saying he didn't care as she was the mother he always wanted while Jack spoke up as long as he could just stare at Faye's girlfriends from afar. Faye laughed saying it was ok as some were bisexual which gave Jack hopes. Again Faye laughed saying if her girlfriend did get with him that she wouldn't be there as she didn't want to see her adoptive son's dick.

Adam laughed which got us all to laugh. After a long drive and some relaxing for the next day. We all got dressed around 11 a.m. that Saturday going for breakfast. It was a nice day as Jasmine and Faye wore their bikinis with wraps around their waist.

I smiled watching Jasmine's breast bounce when she walked. Our family laughed catching where my eyes were. I gave them a look of ' What' as they all three shook their heads as I smiled. After breakfast we walked by a tattoo shop which made Jasmine stop. We all stopped a second later to see Jasmine looking straight at me. " Baby can I get a tattoo like yours?" She asks as I look at Adam and Jack " Hey man we decided this was a family tattoo, and since Faye and Jasmine are just that I have no problem with it." Adam says as Jack nods agreeing I look to see Faye nod as my eyes go back to Jasmine.

" Fine with me, but where are you going to have it placed?" I ask as she moves the wrap Jasmine shows me her outer left thigh just below her hip. I raise my right eye brow as she giggles. " I have my reasons baby please." Jasmine says as I chuckle seeing her cute expression " Ok beautiful, but you have to keep nymphos nail dudes asshole with monster strap dildos and squirt cream doctored until it heals." I inform her getting a nod " Hell I'll get one as well, but mine will be placed somewhere that will mean a lot to me." Faye says as we all look at her before she smiles continuing " What?" " Aunt Faye where you going to have it placed?" Jasmine asked with concern " Well where is the one place that means so much to us women?" Faye says as we think I think of that question as a smile comes on my face as my beautiful woman speaks.

" Our hearts Aunt Faye, but you don't like men looking at your breast. As Adam, Jack, and Heath are men." Jasmine says answering her aunt " Honey yes they are, but they are also my sons since I took them in. I don't mind if they see it, besides I think it will mean a lot to them as crazy vacation clubbing and back at missouri condo Faye says getting nods in agreement Jasmine smiled knowing her aunt was right.

We all went in to see it wasn't as busy. The manager came up to us. He looked to be in his early 30's, 6'0, 213 lbs, long blonde hair and blue eyes. He came up too the counter with a smile. " My names Dalton how may I help you?" He asks as he looked at Jasmine and Faye " My aunt and I would like to get the tattoo's my boyfriend and brothers have on their arms." Jasmine says as I turned to show him " Nice tattoo so a tribal shark haven't seen that type before." He states as my brothers chuckle " Probably not as it's a one of a kind until now as it was our bro's idea." Jack says as Adam, Faye, and Jasmine nod smiling " Well we can do that.

I will have one of my artist come out to get a trace." Dalton says as I nod as he continues " Now ladies come on back so we can get the areas ready." Jasmine and Faye nod, but before they go Jasmine gives me a kiss before heading back. It's not long that a woman comes out to trace my arm. She looks to be in her late 20's, 5'10, 145 lbs, long brunette hair with brown hazel eyes. I catch her name being Diamond.

She smiles at me seeing how big I am. After she gets the design done she walks off only to make her ass sway getting Jack's attention as he speaks. " Bro she was flirting with you." Jacman tells me as I shake my head " Well she can just flirt with you or Adam as my heart is taken." I say as we make our way to the chairs nearby " True, but it doesn't hurt to look." Jack says as Adam shakes his head " Actually the only way that would work is if Jasmine was bisexual, and wasn't afraid to see another woman with Heath." Adam states as I agree with him " Ok your right, but if I was with a woman that was bisexual I would ask my girl what she thought as in a threesome." Jack says as Adam and I just shake our heads I think of what they both say while waiting for Faye and Jasmine.

My mind wonders if Jasmine would want to experience just once a threesome with another woman. As I know I couldn't see her with another man. That thought makes my skin crawl to even thinking of another cock in her. It's about a few minutes later we hear tattoo guns going and a small scream from Jasmine.

I feel for her as the place she wanted the tattoo was a sensitive spot. Then a few minutes later we hear Faye. Adam, Jack, and I chuckle a bit knowing they picked the wrong spots.

As the next few hours go by Adam, Jack, and I discuss life after college. Jack wants to do something that helps people out. Adam wants to be a counselor to help those that had a life like he did. He wanted to make sure they never did the things he did.

That comment gets Jacks attention as he looks at Adam. Jack starts to ask until we hear Faye and Jasmine. I turn to see Faye has her tattoo covered in a piece of plastic as does Jasmine.

They both have tears and smiles coming over to us guys as we stand up. Jasmine comes up to me having a big smile. " Baby look at my tattoo." Jasmine says with excitement as I look down I look at the tattoo closely as she asks of me. As I glance I see a male shark and female shark protecting a baby one.

My mind races as I take in her reason. " Heath bro what's wrong? You look like you just saw a ghost." Jack says as I shake my head looking back up at my beautiful Jasmine " Jasmine are.are you telling me what I think?" I ask seeing a nod " Baby if your asking if I am pregnant then no I am not.

Well not yet, but what I am saying is when we are ready I want to carry our child." Jasmine tells me helping me to my feet "You dodge the big one there bro. I'm happy for you." Jack says laughing it off only to cute roxy shaves pussy in shower masturbation amateur slapped behind the head by Jasmine, Adam, and Faye " Jack now I want lots of Grand babies from you all when your ready.

I want to share all this love I have and I'm glad I at least have you four." Faye says getting smiles from us all After Faye's comment I look down into Jasmine's eyes and see the love she carries in her heart for me. I smile showing I will be ready soon. I see Adam and Jack looking at Faye's tattoo with smiles and eyes wide. " Ok guys why you looking as if you want to touch our mother's breast." I say chuckling as Faye and Jasmine shake their heads " Bro you have to see this.

Her tattoo looks so fucking awesome." Jack says as Jasmine pulls me over to see Faye's tat I look at Faye's tattoo to see a mother shark that looks battle torn with 5 sharks swimming around her. I look up to see a smile on her face. " For my babies I will go through any war so they never feel pain." Faye tells us getting two stunning lassies have some kinky fun After looking at the tattoos a thought comes to my mind.

" Wait a minute I thought you both were getting the same ones as us three?" I ask getting giggles " Baby we did if you think about it. They are still sharks just in different ways." Jasmine tells me as Faye nods " She has you there bro can't argue with her there." Jack says as I nod knowing my party animal brother is right I take Jasmine's hand to head to the counter to pay. Dalton has a worried look as if the tattoos are wrong or bad colored.

" Everything ok I couldn't help but over hear." He says asking with deep concern " No they are excellent so I would like to know the damage." I ask as I see him wave me off " No charge bro as Diamond and Hannah already told me they will cover it." He tells me as I see both come out " You sure because I don't want to owe anyone?" I ask as Diamond steps up to the counter across from us " Honey we got it covered. Young cute girl with huge beautiful tits collection of best porn hd porn tube those to lovely ladies told us what they wanted Hannah and I decided it was a family thing." Diamond says as I see her friend nod " Heath hun we cherish family, and what your girl and mother told us some about it touched us." Hannah says as Diamond smiles winking again at me " Well thanks to you both as I always wanted a family that loves me." I say getting smiles from them I watch as Diamond and Hannah explain to Faye and Jasmine how to take care of their tattoos.

Jasmine and Faye listen carefully to the instructions as I walk up behind Jasmine placing my arms around the woman who will one the goddess of reverse rides in a webcam show be carrying my children.

Jasmine reaches behind to place a hand on my ass. I hear chuckles from behind from our best friends. Before we leave I notice Diamond wink at Jasmine and I making us blush. I turn to see Faye doing the same as Hannah blows her a kiss. Hannah looks to be early 30's, 5'9, 145 lbs, long black hair and brown eyes she looks to be a mix between Asian/African American.

If I didn't know better I say we were being flirted with. As we leave Jasmine takes my hand leading me out as our family follows.

It's around 6:30 p.m. after heading back to the bungalow and changing into our nicest clothes that I take my family out to eat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adam's POV: As Heath takes us to a nice restaurant for the evening I notice a woman across the way.

She reminds me of my own mother. My thoughts make me wonder if my mother misses me, or is happy that I am away. Faye I guess notices where my attention lies as I feel her motherly concern show. She asks if I am ok which I just nod not saying a thing.

As our drinks come before the waitress takes our food orders I let the others go first. Once she gets to my order I tell her I will have the steak with sauteed mushrooms with baked potato. The waitress nods walking away to let the cook know. I still notice the woman across the fat dildo makes a cute girl moan just to let out a sigh before Faye gets concerned again. I turn to look in her motherly eyes to see that love I always wanted from my own mother.

I see Jasmine also showing concern as I explain a little of my mother growing up. Of how she always considered me a nuisance as well as a waste of providing for. Big booty latina enjoys a big black cock my mother couldn't wait for me to graduate and leave.

I notice both Faye and Jasmine are pissed of how my mother treated me. Jasmine scoots over to me placing her arms around me. " I love you Abs." Jasmine tells me as I feel another set of arms around me " I love you so much son." Faye tells me as I feel tears come to my eyes It's at that moment I realize this family around me will help to heal the pain as well the hurt that runs deep in my heart.

As we wait Heath excuses himself to use the men's. I take this moment to do the same as I need to ask for some brotherly advice. We both get up from our spots making the way to the restroom. Once in I mano brazil and hungarian girl in jamaica stand by the sink acting like I am washing my hands as he goes into the stall. There is no one else in the restroom as I let out a sigh before I speak.

" Heath bro I need some advice." I say as the stall door opens Heath walks over to the sink to wash his hands before turning to look in my eyes. " As in what kind of advice?" He asks as he drys his hands " Do you think I should tell our family why I have my arms and wrist covered? Should I tell them of my scars from my past?" I ask him with the conflict that haunts my soul Heath steps to me placing a hand on my left shoulder.

" Abs I say yes as they will never laugh or hurt you, but it's your call man. Either way you do or don't I will support you having your back as you have had mine." My older brother tells me with a supportive smile " Thanks that is what I needed to hear." I say as he pulls me into a brotherly hug We both make our way back to the table only to return to our places.

Heath on Jasmine's left as I sit between her and Faye. We all talk of the coming week. Jack wants to check out the local hottie's to only be called a pig by Jasmine as Faye giggles. Jack laughs saying thank you to our sweet sister. Our food is delivered making me smile as it's fixed to perfection.

The whole time we eat the food in front of us. The family around me talk of things we can do. Sailing, swimming, relax on the beach with the sun shining down. It's a enjoyable moment with those that love me as a friend, brother, and son. I smile through out dinner hearing laughter from around the table. After awhile we made our way back to the place that was our home for a week.

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As everyone found their places to sit to relax. I stayed standing looking at each one knowing I needed to speak. Cute blonde babe blows a thick dong was the first to notice seeing my expression was of worry. " Adam honey come sit by momma." Faye tells me as I shake my head " I can't Faye as I have something to confess to you, Jazzy, and Jack as Heath already knows." I say as they all go wide eyed Jack and Jazzy look at Heath as he gives me those supportive eyes again.

" I told Heath before I told him of his condition that night in the hospital." I say as I notice Jack stand to walk away before I stop him " Jack sit down please." He looks at me before doing as so. Heath has him and Jazzy move over to sit on the couch by Jack. I look at them all before taking off my shirt. " Hey bro this isn't a male strip show." Jack says as Jazzy smacks him on the back of his head " Jack that was bad son." Faye says as Jack just shrugs I bring my wrists behind me as to take the watch rica licks and sucks stiffy and is fucked wrist band off.

I look over at Heath who nods letting me know they were there for me as we have been there for him. I bring my wrist back around to show them all. I see Jasmine is the first to see them as she speaks with some hurt in her voice.

" You tried it too?" My sister asks as I give her a nod " Yes Jazzy for so long I wanted to end it all.but after I reached a point I decided to leave after high school. Then I meet Jacman and Heath and my life started getting better. Then add May, you and mom and my life became awesome." I state telling them with honesty I notice Jasmine look at Heath who gives her a look that says ' Sorry I never spoke of his hurt' before she looks back at me.

" Are you still like that?" She asks me getting a shy nod " At times but not so much anymore since I have people that love me. your birthday when I told you I loved you and you laughed at me my thoughts slowly went back to that place." I try to finish but only to feel a slap across the left cheek of my face I look to see Jasmine standing in front of me in tears.

" DON'T YOU EVER SAY THAT AGAIN ABS!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.JACMAN AND HEATH DO TOO.AND WHAT ABOUT MOM! IT WOULD BREAK ALL OF OUR HEARTS IF YOU WEREN'T HERE ABS!" Jasmine yells at me before wrapping her arms around me before continuing " I love you saved my Heath and your my brother sweetie. Please talk to us if you need to that's what family is for." I hold her running my fingers through her hair feeling tears on my chest.

She breaks the embrace as I look down in her eyes. " You don't understand Jazzy.when you've been there as much as I have its easy to go back.but every time I've thought about it since I've found you all is what would happen to you. That's what stops me!! Not me chicken out but how badly would I hurt you if I did something so damn stupid.

I NEVER WANT TO HURT MY FAMILY.I LOVE YOU ALL WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING AND NEVER FORGET THAT." I say as both Jazzy and Faye grab me in their arms It's not long that Heath and Jacman join in the group hug. It's a emotional moment for me as I have the family I always wanted together around me.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After we comforted Adam returning to our original seats. Faye told Adam when he is home the wrist bands come off for healing reasons.

He looked at her for a moment then nodded agreeing with the woman he calls mom. Rest of the second day on Spring Break was filled with talk, laughter, and love. Around 11 that night Jasmine and I went to bed. We made love for the next few hours. Afterward we slept with smiles upon our lips. Sunday and Monday go by with us all spending it as a family. Faye and Jasmine work on their tans like they need to while the guys and I play some volleyball with some locals.

The nights are fun with Jasmine as she gets more into showing her love in new ways. That Tuesday we all went shopping at the mall just browsing at some new clothes. Faye and Jasmine bought some spring clothing as did Adam and Jack.

I just chuckled at their purchases especially Jack picking a shirt saying ' Kiss me if your Horny'. Faye and Jasmine just rolled their eyes before Jasmine stepped to me placing a kiss on my lips. Afterward I asked why she did that. Her answer was that she was horny. Adam and Faye laughed as Jack just shook his head in defeat. The rest of Tuesday was spent on the beach relaxing or in the bungalow watching movies. Wednesday found Jasmine, Faye, and I on the beach relaxing in the sun.

I was between the two with Jasmine on my right with Faye on my left. Adam and Jack thought they would go walk down the beach looking for girls.

If I knew Jack it would be more like Adam keeping our brother out of trouble. It was about 1 p.m. when Jasmine, Faye, and I got some surprised visitors. Standing in front of us was Diamond and Hannah with smiles on their faces. They both were wearing very little of nothing in very sexy bikini's. " Hey guys how is the vacation going?" Diamond asked as Jasmine and Faye sat up " It's going good Diamond. You off today or something?" Jasmine says answering with a question " Yes, Hannah and I are both off today and tomorrow.

We thought it would be a good day to relax on the beach." Diamond responds answering my Jasmine " Is it ok if we join you three?" Hannah asks as Jasmine, Faye, and I look at one another " Sure hun it's ok were friends I hope." Faye answers as the two women nod smiling Diamond steps over on Jasmine right placing her beach towel down.

While Hannah lays on the other side of Faye. We are all talking for awhile relaxing talking about nothing important when about two hours later I hear kissing going on. I turn my head to see Faye in a deep kiss with Hannah.

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I look back to see Jasmine with a smile as does Diamond. I look back to Faye and Hannah breaking their kiss to see Faye smiling big. " Ok I think I missed something Saturday." I say getting giggles from them all I see Diamond and Hannah's eyes grow wide to my reaction as both look at Faye and Jasmine. " Jasmine you and Faye didn't tell him yet." Diamond asks getting shook heads " No I been meaning to, but we would always be in the throes of love, or out somewhere public." Jasmine says as both ladies shake there head " Ok I guess there was a catch to the tattoo's." I exclaim standing up getting to my feet " Baby where are you going?" Jasmine asks me as I look at the ocean before turning around to see her worried eyes " I am going into the bungalow and get dressed." I say leaning over to get my beach towel " Get dressed for what Heath?" Faye asks with deep concern " To find Abs and Jacman for a guys evening while what ever you four made a deal to you can without us around." I say seeing wide eyes of shock " Heath it's not what you sex stories litil girl sex com. We just wanted." Diamond says before I cut her off " Sorry I don't want to hear your excuses.

Jasmine and Faye knew Teen girlfriends having sex in a bath don't like secrets or cheaters as I been through that shit." I say as Diamond and Hannah look at Jasmine then Faye " Baby please I am not cheating on you. Diamond wanted to." Jasmine doesn't get to finish " I said I didn't want to her the excuses.

Now have a nice day." I say walk away to the bungalow hearing them yell for me Once in the room Jasmine and I shared I got dressed in my jeans, muscle shirt, and shoes. I thought for a moment deciding of what to do about this mess.

Again I felt my life sank as I looked over at my duffle bag. I walked over picking it up going to where my clothes were in the dresser. I packed my clothes for later feeling maybe it was best to go back home. Once packed I placed my bag on the bed for my return back home. I walked out to the living room to see Faye, Hannah, Diamond, and Jasmine all sitting on the couch.

They all looked at me with great worry as I made my way to the door. Jasmine got up moving quickly placing a hand on my left arm. " Baby please don't leave we can talk this out." She tells me as I shrug her hand off me " A few days little to late for that." I say as her red eyes go wide " Please don't leave me I love you Heath." She tells me standing there crying " Heath don't leave let's talk about this." Faye says coming over " About what how she cheated on me, or how she could never just come out and tell me she wanted to just be with a woman instead." I say as Faye gets between Jasmine and I " Dammit Heath it's not what you think." She says as I keep my eye dead locked on hers " Then what is it then uh?

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Then tell me what it's all about then." I say with some anger " She wants to experience being with another woman with you. Have you thought of the same or did it compute." Faye says as I look past to see Jasmine nod I stand there thinking then laugh sarcasticly. " Yeah right, tell me another lie." I say feeling a hand across my face I see Diamond standing in front of me.

I thought to myself damn she is quick. She grabs my collar looking up at me. " Listen here motherfucker Jasmine loves you as she asked me if I would sleep with both of you. I told her yes as I find her beautiful and you sexy. I want you both as Hannah does to, but with Faye. They told us you were a good guy, but now I beg to differ.

As I see it she can do better then your punk ass." Diamond says as I feel my heart race I look to see Jasmine's eyes go wide to Diamonds words. I shrug the bitches hands off me walking past her to the hallway making my way back to the bedroom. I grab my bag once in the room only to return to see Faye comforting Jasmine who was crying.

Faye, Diamond, and Hannah see me just to notice my bag. " Heath where are you going son?" Faye asks as Jasmine turns to look at me " Going to make this slender latina looker has her pussy hammered. Since you all think your niece can do better I'm leaving." I say to get gasps from Jasmine and Faye " No baby please I don't want you to go." Jasmine says getting over to me " Heath I don't agree with what Diamond said.

You are good for Jasmine please don't leave her or me." Faye says with tears as Jasmine grabs my bag from me " Well I think I need to since I see my being here isn't wanted." I say as Jasmine shakes her head " You are baby I am sorry I never told you please lets talk this out.

I can't lose you my love." Jasmine tells me getting on her knees pleading " Jasmine, how am I needed uh? Diamond made it real clear you can do better." I say as Jasmine looks at Diamond then up at me " I did with you please I am begging you don't leave me." Jasmine says with tears streaming down her face " Jasmine I." I don't get to finish as I feel something hit me behind my head making the lights go out To be continued.