Lili gina joseline bestfriends step brother at home

Lili gina joseline bestfriends step brother at home
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I wake up with a yawn and a stretch… thinking about how horny I am&hellip. when suddenly I hear a knock at my door… rolling over to look at the clock I realize that I had slept in and the maintenance man was scheduled for this morning.

I holler "One Moment!", jumping out of bed I search for something to cover my naked body… spotting my red silk nightie and the robe that matches laying on the floor I throw them on, not worrying about putting on any undies, forgetting that both robe and night gown just barely cover my ample ass. Running down the hall to meet him at the door.


I open the door… to find a very handsome man standing there never seeing this one before I smile and tell him to come on in. I apologize for making him wait and smile at him sweetly. Ushering him towards the broken sink in the kitchen.

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As I open the cabinet to show him the leak I feel a slight breeze flow up between my legs as the ac turns on right under my feet. Realizing my behind was being revealed I hurriedly move my hands to cover my now exposed bottom… turning with slight embarrassment.

Seeing the look of lust in his eyes knowing what he just saw. I couldn't help but stop and return to my first waking thought… suddenly feeling wetter then I could remember ever being in months. I started imagining him sweaty and shirtless pressing me against the wall kissing me with the hunger I hadn't felt in ages. His voice breaks my thoughts, as I realize he has been talking to me this whole time.

I manage a few okay's and yeah's not really hearing his words. I make up an excuse to get out of the room. Heading to my bedroom to take a shower. knowing my glass door shower was visible from the kitchen I left my door open. Turning on the water to start my shower I slip off the robe and dropping the nightgown to the floor at my feet glancing in the mirror to my side I see him sneaking glances threw my door.

Flashing a wanting smile I lock eyes with him for just an instant before I slipped into the hot steamy shower. I hear his tool belt hit the floor and his footsteps heading my way… trying not to be to expecting I continue with wetting my long reddish brown hair. Feeling the cold air hit my warm wet skin I know he has opened the door to my double shower. I stood there wet and exposed completely to this handsome stranger locking eyes with him before looking down to see his bulge pressing against his pants.

I ask him, "Honey, are you just gonna stand there and watch me shower or you going to get out of those clothes and join me?". Almost instantly his clothes are off and he is in the shower with me. The door now closed I sense his eyes following my every curve and his fingers running over my wet skin. Shaking at his touch I back against the shower wall. he follows, his lips find mine with ease and he starts kissing me with lust and hunger.

His hands exploring my whole body stopping at my breast cupping them in his hands attractive beauty is showing her stretched narrowed cunt in close up amateur and babe massaging them. Breaking away from our kiss his leans down and begins licking and sucking on my already hard nipples. The hot water still running over us adding to the excitement I begin to feel.

I cant help but let out a small moan when I feel his teeth graze over my skin. hearing my moan and taking it as a go ahead to continue.

He moves over to my other nipple and bites down harder. This time moaning louder my breathing getting heavy I press my self up against the wall trying to brace my weakening knees from dropping out from under me. Seeming to read my thoughts his mouth never leaving my breast his right hand wraps around me holding me up. My own hands running down his bare back my nails digging into his wet flesh.

Feeling him tense under the pressure of my nails, and hearing the sudden gasps slip from his lips. thinking I had hurt him I pull my hands away from his back… he stops mid suck stands up and looks back at me… pressing his body to mine whispers in my ear "Please do it again" as his hands drag down my back leaving red welts on my skin.

Arching my back at the pleasure it sends down my spine making my hips press into his I feel his already hard member against me. I reach my arms around him again and drag my nails down his back as I drop to my knees to be level with his harden cock.

Looking up at him Awesome erotic action on cam hardcore blowjob smile I see the lust in his eyes and so I bring just the head into my mouth sucking and licking pressing the ball of my tongue ring to the base. With a steady pace I begin taking every inch of him into my mouth one hand still placed on his lower back nails digging in the other wrapping around his balls and the base of his shaft.

I suck steadily bringing him pleasure with out warning I slam down on him swallowing his whole member feeling him hit the back of my throat. Hearing his gasp of surprise and feeling him grab a handful of my thick wet hair, I let out a moan of pleasure around his cock and continue to suck on him.

My teeth grazing over his most sensitive areas just enough pressure to send chills up his spine. His grip in my hair tightening I feel a surprising excitement build up in me I feel my self growing close to climax with out even so much as a touch from either of us.

As I climb to ecstasy I pull away from him and stand back up begging him to take me right then… grabbing my left leg and wrapping it around his hip he gently presses his cock into my soaking wet pussy with ease.

He presses his mouth to my neck kissing and sucking as he pounds into me as the water washes over us. My moans now turning into screams of pleasure. My hands at this point are around his neck holding myself up for my one leg is so weak I can not stand on my own strength.

I dig my nails into him neck and back screaming for joy for him to fuck me hard.

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As he feels my excitement about to burst out of me he bites down hard on my neck sucking and kissing going from pain to pleasure instantly. No longer in control over myself I feel my body completely tense up around him as I burst into climax my body bucking against his, my hot wet pussy trying to push him out with every jolt of orgasm but his hands on my round ass pressing me against him holding his claim to my hole, pounding harder bringing me to orgasm after orgasm.

Without any warning at all he stops gently places my leg down, makes sure I won't fall spins to turn off the now cold water. I begin to pout thinking he was done with me and now had regrets of what we had done. He slips out of the shower as I try to control myself from falling to the floor and crying. When he comes back two towels in hand he grabs my hands and pulls me out of the shower back into his arms and starts kissing me again.

Wrapping the towel around my still wet body. Taking me by the hand he leads me to the Master bedroom only feet from where we stood lays the other towel out over the bed. Grabs me into another passionate kiss just before turning me quickly and throwing me to the bed my back laying on the towel he laid out. The sudden movement made my towel fall off me and I let out a gasp of surprise as he dropped to the floor and started kissing my wet skin from my knees up. Sending shivers up my spine, instinctively my hands find my luscious 36 B breast and start to massage and pinch them.

As he grows near to babe with round ass gives a ride hardcore blowjob already pulsating and sensitive clit my body starts to tense again.

Feeling his warm breath over my wet skin I look down to see a teasing smile across his lips as he just barely sticks his sultry blonde babe natalia starr butt plugged and analyzed to flick at my clit making me jump and gasp. As my body spasms he buries his face and starts licking and tonguing my juices nibbling on my inner and outer lips not missing one drop. His tongue finds my aroused clit and as his sends row after row of pleasure he places one finger into my hole, pounding his hand in finger fucking me as he sucks and nibbles on every exposed part of my pussy.

As suddenly as he stuck his finger in he pulls it out using the juices as a lube he traces the small amount of skin between my pussy hole to my ass. Still licking and sucking he gently presses his finger to my anus, questioningly, I lift my legs to give him a better access point giving him permission to go ahead. His finger glides in with ease as my pussy is soaking and dripping into my ass crack. Moaning and breathing hard as he pleasures both holes.

After a few moments more of this amazing feel he stands up and grabs me by the hips and rolls me over making my ass point up in the air.

I'm bending over the bed at this point I turn my head to look at him trying to see what he has in mind… looking down at me he grabs his penis and glides back into my hot wetness slamming in hard and furious ramming me into the edge of the bed.

Grabbing a hand full of my long hair he pulls me back wrapping his free hand around to hold my stomach and pulling me up my back pressed to his chest. Letting go of my hair to turn my face to meet his and kisses me hard. Pushing me back to the bed he pulls out of my dripping hole and presses the head of his hard-on to my asshole.

Lubed with my juices he slides in easily driving me crazy with ecstasy and excitement. With a few pumps inside my tight ass it becomes easier for him to glide in and out, fucking me balls deep. Again grabs a handful of my hair pulling on it with every thrust.

Suddenly I feel his hand rubbing my right ass cheek as he still thrusts into me. I feel him pick up his hand and smack my cheek hard feeling the welt his hand left made me scream in surprise and joy, he does it again and again. Feeling the sting of his hand leaving a mark on my ass cheek he starts rubbing the spot again then moves over to the left cheek and repeats the same thing. Each smack makes me scream in pleasure wanting more of him over and over again.

I feel his hard cock start to throb as I realize he is growing near to cumming. He stops spanking me and pulls out rolling me over to face him picks me up and puts me further on the bed so that he can join me.

Climbs back on top of me and reenters my hot pussy his hot sweaty body pressing to mine. Our bodies wrapping around each other. not knowing where one ends and one begins. He begins to kiss me again as he pumps in and out of me with steady motion. I can feel his body tensing as he prepares to cum, as he speeds up I know he is going to. I feel my body tense as well knowing I will orgasm along with him.

My nails dig into his back leaving open scratches across his skin, screams of pleasure escape my lips. His grunts and moans running across my ear. We both buck at the same time, cumming together.


As we both collapse with joy and exhaustion. Our bodies covered in sweat. As we bask in the after glow I hear my husbands ring tone on my phone… reaching over I answer with as calm a voice as I can muster, "Hey Baby, having a good day?", "Yes, by chance has the Maintenance man come yet?

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he asks. With a smile I look up at my lover and answer "Oh yes he just did, Ill talk with you later love I need to go finish my shower." I hang up with my husband and start kissing the sexy stranger all over again.